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MYSQL Console Questions and Answers

Peter Fisher, Web development teacher and consultant

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5 Videos (31m)
    • Welcome to MYSQL Console questions and answers

    • How to select times and dates

    • What is a primary key? What does NULL mean?

    • How to back up a database

    • How to delete records without knowing field names


About This Class

Welcome to MYSQL console questions and answers from How To Code Well by Peter Fisher.

These 4 tutorials answer some of the questions that my students raised in the MYSQL console course.

If you haven't done so already the I highly recommend that you take part in that course to fully understand these answers

Checkout my MYSQL console course





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Peter Fisher

Web development teacher and consultant


My name is Peter Fisher. I am a freelance web and mobile developer from the UK.

I am the host of the How To Code Well YouTube channel where I talk about web development and have lots of coding tutorials on programming and web development skills.

I have nearly 2 decades of web development experience working with at web hosting companies, digital agencies and scientific publication companies.

Come and learn web development or brush up on your programm...

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