MYSQL Console (Command Line) For Beginners

Peter Fisher, Web development teacher and consultant

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18 Videos (1h 34m)
    • Introduction to the MYSQL console (Command Line)

    • MYSQL Console Tutorial 1 Basics

    • MYSQL Console Tutorial 2 Dropping tables

    • MYSQL Console Tutorial 3 Dropping Databases

    • MYSQL Console Tutorial 4 Create a database and table

    • MYSQL Console Tutorial 5 How to change null fields in a table schema

    • MYSQL Console Tutorial 6 Renaming and changing table columns

    • How to change default fields in a table schema

    • How to change the extra value in a table schema

    • How to insert records into a MYSQL table

    • How to select records from a MYSQL table

    • How to update records in a MYSQL table

    • How to use aliases in a MYSQL query

    • How to use the CONCAT function in MYSQL

    • How to use the UPPER function in MYSQL

    • How to use the LOWER function in MYSQL

    • How to use the CONCAT WS function in MYSQL

    • How to use the ASCII function in MYSQL


About This Class

Welcome to MYSQL Console for beginners from How To Code Well by Peter Fisher.

This is a beginners course in the MYSQL console. The course covers the basics of constructing a MYSQL query so no prior knowledge of MYSQL is needed for this course.

We will be focusing on using the MYSQL console and it is recommended that you are familiar with the command line.

Even though this course is based on the command line you can use many kinds of operating systems to access the MYSQL console.  This includes Mac Os, Linux and Windows command line interfaces

Practical Hands On Approach

My approach with this course is very similar to my other courses and that is to offer practical real world examples of the subject. Each lesson will be based around a challenge which we will accomplish together in easy to follow steps.

Why Should I Learn The MYSQL Console?

The MYSQL database is extremely popular as a data store for many web applications. It is therefore important to understand how to manage MYSQL databases quickly and efficiently.

You could use GUI tools like PHPMyadmin or the MYSQL Workbench to administer a MYSQL database but you will never be as quick as directly accessing the database via the command line. Using the MYSQL console you can create, delete, query and analyse databases far more efficiently than some graphical tools. 

This course will help you develop as a database administrator and as a web developer.






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Web development teacher and consultant


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