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teacher avatar FLOWTUTS ✔, Motion Designer & illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. SHORT TALK


    • 4. 3D illusion - 3D HOUSE ANIMATION




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About This Class

This class is for you to learn the fundamentals of Motion Graphics, and i’ll teach you my ways on animating

in this class you are gonna learn :

  1. Logo Animation.
  2. Fake 3D animation.
  3. Dynamics in animation.
  4. Most used effects in the Motion Design industry.
  5. Character Expressions.

if that's something you are interested in see you in class

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Meet Your Teacher

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Motion Designer & illustrator



A Professional Creative Motion Designer & illustrator with more than 10 years of experience i am also Motion Graphic Instructor.

You Are Here : To learn Motion Graphics the easy way


Check my Youtube tutorials : YouTube

Dm me on instagram if you have any questions : instagram

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1. INTRO: welcome to motion design Muscle class by floated. My name is Meadow. I'm a motion designer for over eight years now in this car. So you're gonna learn the fundamentals off motion graphics, starting with a short talk about design and ending with lovely animations. Keep in mind that discourse is for people that already have designed an animation knowledge before. Because I'm only gonna break down what I already animated. I'm not gonna make this morning by animated frame by frame. That's why I recommend you already have enough defection knowledge so you can follow along . The scores is separated into five parts. Part one is about local animation. Part two is about a three D animation, but three is about physics and animation. Part four is about how to use effects enough to effect. Part five is about character expressions animation. If that's something you're interested in, I hope you choose this class. It's so easy and simple to follow and they see you there by 2. SHORT TALK: Hello and thank you for choosing my class in this part. We're only gonna talk about graphic design and journals starting by colors and textures When we talk about colors and textures. Thes are to two main principles of graphic design on for you to start learning motion graphics. It's a must do at least know graphic design fundamentals half in knowledge off. Graphic design helps your workflow a lot by understanding color theory. Sorry, Teryn. On these interactions are simplicity Exeter Applying your graphic design knowledge You may be asking me right now how to use that in my animation workflow. Actually, it's so easy to things, always your sculler belt, and keep your animation simple and complex on by saying simple and complex is that you always keep your animation clean on one point, don't make the audience get distracted from the story or telling by adding a lot of unnecessary elements you're seen on complex is to make it so simple. They start boring too much by making the animation on transitions between sees interest in details here, where the textures comes handy with your creativity at in textures to your animation design . That's a lot of details and beauty. The scene. But don't overuse. Sometimes it hurts the puree off your creativity. No one must think you're needed to be a graphic design to be a motion designer, because most of the time you will be working with a designer as an example illustrator. But you will be thankful if you do. It's so helpful for you. That's it for the scuff design part. See you in a part one of motion design. 3. LOGO ANIMATION - DISNEY XD LOGO ANIMATION : hello and welcome to part one for a motion designed masterclass by float that's in this party. We're gonna take a look on how to animate a local and as an example, I'm gonna show you how I animated Disney extra Look in the previous part, we talked about graphic design on how we should focus on simplicity and complexity at the same time and how you should not distract the person. Watch from the main object and the main story your talent. In this part you will see all that and how you can apply in your local an English for the first time. When you see this X de animated local, you will think that it Z there is a lot of things that going on. But there is nothing but to share animated shapes the ones that make the X animation this one on the tea shape animation this one. And to explain on that, I'm gonna show you how I animated Or should I say I break down what I already did? Because I'm not gonna show you how frame by frame I made this local animation. Let's take a look on the but that makeup of extreme. The X shape is just this cube that go from a far off cube toe, another shape or another farm and how you can do that. It's just by animating the bath that you confined under the shape this one. You have a key frame here and 10 seconds or something later, 10 frames. You can grow up this three points that are supposed to be here, a star to start. And I made them to be, like to go from this part of time on this form of shape to another one like this, and I only have scaled our rotation animation. That's simple to make. This is go from 0% to 100 from 90 degree rotation toe ASIO degree. That's what makes this animation. Also don't forget about the graph editor. This is the place where you can be more creative than me. Let's go to the D animation, the D animation. It's just same thing, but animation that the all points at the same time with the key for him. 10 key frames later you conduct this points. Andi made them for this fertile or backwards that seem also, I have a position from here to here. That's simple to do on the opacity. Why have capacity in one key frame? Zero and in the second key frame, 100%. It's just that I don't want toe shape toe appear before the X appears so it's only a 14 affects starts toe make the she like so. And for the expert. I only showed you how to make the one part. That's all you need, because after that, just duplicate like this. Go just right. Click transform, flew horizontally. Move this like this. Put it under the another one and the old, and by re composing all the shapes, you will have this. But it's like morning to actually watch duplicate the comfort. When you duplicating the company will have this. I just had a tent to make black and white and find unjust with the invert. Select on on behalf of the outline, which makes more details, as you can see. Also, I did another duplicate, and they put it under the first become on this time I have Stark Low, which is 1/3 party plugging that you should buy. It's just I'm not gonna tell you to buy it or something, but it's so helpful if you they need to make this lines like, so you can make it with effects that came with after effects. But so far, this plug and make it so easy to do, as you can see also, to make this butter in the background animate butter this is so easy to make. It's just the ex shaper, and it's followed up with George Peters. The 1st 1 make a certain off a circle off X shapes with six copies. How much she won't on a transformer on half a rotation off 16. Because if I leave it at Syria zero I went out top. The other ex shapes go around in a circle, and they have another repeater. The 2nd 1 It's same six copies, but this time I have an animation on scale under rotation that goes from 129 to 135 and what that does is that keeps this circle off access further or closer to each other. Also, I have those rotation. The salutation. What what dissertation does it go from 13 2 35 and it's make way have here a circle off axis a circle off access a set off access, and this rotation makes each circle the further one. Go faster than the prefix one like you see. And that's it. It's so easy. This X D animation. It's basically made with 32 or three shapes. The one is for X, this one for the D. And this is that just a Britain that you put in the background. So you you don't have a clean background that have nothing going on. So you keep the watch, the person watch, entertained and have a lot of things going on in this scene. That's it for this part one. If you like that, make sure toe, I don't know like that. Follow me and see you in the part two. 4. 3D illusion - 3D HOUSE ANIMATION: Hello and welcome to part you from motion design masterclass by floats. In this part we're grammatical. Look on how to make fake three D animation and as an example, I'm gonna show you how I animated this bake three d house. And before we jump straight to the editorial, let's talk about types off three D animation. The 1st 1 is the real three D animation that used three D software's, like cinema 40 Blender on others afterwards. The 2nd 1 is the 2.5 D animation that use flat shapes that you can animate in this space. But it's still flat, and as an example, you conceive not in the escape animations. The 3rd 1 is the one that we're gonna take a look at, which is fake three d animation. You could achieve that. But by animation shapes in a certain way that the final result look close to three toe only made this three d house, you have to start with the front face off the house and end with showing the back off the house. And thats may do the illusion off fake three d rotating house like you see, I'm gonna show you how to do this all in after effects. It's so simple and so easy to make. Let's get starts toe. Do this, say let's start with the animating the front shapes, which is the door. The window from the face brunt the door bar upstairs, the door toe upstairs said. That makes the three delusion. And for this click people to reveal the position. Properties at the key frame go to two seconds on. Add another key frame. Now let's show the proportional. Great. So we put this in the middle off the same until you. I hope this the top off the roof and sent I So no, let's limit the back off the house, which is the bag for the roof back. We're gonna enemy the bath under the continent's shape. But at Key Fair, built in two seconds. Select the tool. I see that this point let the other two and, uh, until the I talked the through line that makes the rules, like do the same for the back of the house. Contrary rectangle. A key for in two seconds. This two points until they much with the light off the front face off the house uh, now we'll have a recent only wait. Let's look off key fame's I click keeping my system and time reverse key frames because we want to start with face bond, end up, Show me in the back of the house. No, let's animate the steps Those steps to limit the doorsteps. We're gonna meet the scale and to do they sit. You have to We should have the anchor point in the right off the shapes That's select all the players Click Scare s for scale and key fame. Guilty. Two seconds. Another key free at the start were me to see the shadow of the steps because you still not seeing three D illusions. Let's scan a lot of this down. Make sure toe klik strain property proportions so you can scale all lead vertical that scale Teoh this one also for the doorsteps. We need to have this much door like, so we don't need to prove to appear at the start because it's on top rule. That's, uh, the 1st 2 sevens, though. Frames or one. Now we have this fake three D animation. Let's a little bit for small Mr Risky fame, select or okay, frames flying for is or right click. Different assistance is go to the gulf at the tourists he looked right. Que frames and drug like so she looks the left, give names and give it I don't have this fake three D house. Anyway, if you put more time for it, you can add more teens and he would end up with this result. Okay, I hope you like this tutorial. If you like that, make sure to follow me for my YouTube channel. I have more tutorials like Theis there, and I see on the next part by 5. DYNAMICS (PHYSICS) DYNAMICS IN ANIMATION: Hello and welcome to poetry from motion design Masterclass by flutists in this part, we're gonna take a look on how choose physics in animation, and as an example, I'm gonna show you how to animate the shapes using dynamics. This part is gonna be short because it's easy to understand. First, let's talk about physics. Animation. Physics in animation is using real life actions and implemented in your animations on its can be done. In many ways, physics animation can be done in first way using third party blackens like the new teen and other plug ins. Second way, you're using expressions in after effects on expressions in after effects work by using JavaScript marriage. The Third way is using burned that shapes with a small adjustment in court. And that's what we are going to take a look at today. Okay, As an example, we're gonna take a look on how animated this shapes this example on this exam. First, let's take a look on the 1st 1 Here we have a simple two shapes animation. This one's to circle on the heart Circle one, and to animate this, you have to first have the circle using burnt and event and apparent in after effects. You have to stop the anchor point that you can move with the best tool anchor point like this and have it in here and bent your circle to the center off the half circle on animate irritation like I did here. It's so simple to do not nothing complex. Also, I have rotation in the half circle, which have the anchor point down below hair, because if I have it here, it's not gonna rotate smooth. And they have this animation. And, as you can see, if I say looked all these to see the world frame, you can see here how I make it's so simple. Now let's took take a look on how to use the simple adjustments in court. In other examples, like this one in this one, I only have a position animation for the circle that goes to theft. And right, as you can see here on, they have the rotation off the heart circle that it's in the top, and I also click on the key frame here on parenting to the position. If I do this, it's gonna follow the circle, but I want the half circle in top go the opposite way. That circle goes. So the only thing I have to do and go to the discord here in the end of it and wants to fight by minus one on this will do the thing you see. It's going opposite way that the Circle Girls if the circles goes that way, this goes that way. A super C. That's it for this certain story. It's so short and simple. You can use it in a lot off things. Use your creativity. It's not. It's. Sometimes you need a lot off coding toe. Make some stuff. Let me show you another examples like this one. It's I have a tutorial on my YouTube channel on this one, you confided in my channel. It's called floats. It's so easy to make. I just used the an echo effect here to have this me effect and the I and other things. This is just the dust so so simple to make nothing complex, this example to where you can see the rope, whatever it's called, I don't know. This can be done by the new Blufgan that after effects include in the later dispersion, it's called create. Nel's Create knows from baths. It's creates this five. This two once burnt it to the this circle on this three printed to this circle. So whenever the circles go this Nell's fall of them, as you can see, as I said, it's so simple to make. Just follow the steps and you will be fine. I hope you like this video. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel Outflow Tots and I see you in part for by 6. EFFECTS IN AFTER EFFECTS - SMOKE - OUTLINE - SMEAR: Hello one Welcome to part for for motion design Masterclass by floats In this parter, we're gonna take a look on how to use the most used effects in the motion design industry. On these defects are the 1st 1 is the outline effect. The 2nd 1 is smoke. The 3rd 1 is the echo effect. The fourth is set, Matt. The fifth is the invert effect. Let's start by the outline effect to achieve the outline Effective. Let's say you animate you're seeing and you have everything done. Select Senior wanna have outlined effect applied on goto effects and presets and served search for final anxious and to come. Now you have this outline effective but it will give you the inverted off your colors but we need it only black and white go to for effects and research and search fourteen's on this well turns for this scullers toe black on white on to have the outline infected, click or inverts But we still have a problem which is this block shapes. We need to get rate off this so we have the background colors shows up to do this camp tomorrow with on Goto life all shows screen. One of those will give you the transit, but and see effect. Let's jump now for the smoke effect for the smoke effect. I have Fisher this circles animated with the position and scale go from left to right, like so, and it's looked because I have the expression about circle on every each key frames on. I become tous circles animations, and they have a mosque on it. As you can see, he's the previous circles animation. I have a triangle mosque hair so I can only show the top of it. Onda have transformed with school access hair so I can have this spent lier depend to the right so it looks like smoke. No, let's jump to the echo effect. This is the echo effects. It's simply a simple information. It's called smear effects emotion design, because a coup turn is used mostly in psalms, effect in solids infection. This is the sound that comes after making another sound. This is an animation based on the same shape, and it's keep showing up for a few seconds after after the animation you can see here it's a simple circle animation and weigh apply echo effect. We have this and you can find the echo effects here. It's simple toe make, so any every heart so is too. No. Let's see the inverse effect that's an acquired years. The effort effects. It is so called because it gives you more options of colors because it gives the negative value off your colors. Sometimes it give you best results. It's applied and see. As you can see, it gives you more options. Sometimes you find something better than your colors you already used. In this case, it's not. Something misses school. Now let's talk about the effect called the Settlement said to mate this effect. When you wanna mask a shape, as you can see here, we basically use and not for mate. We're on the truck mate, but sometimes this make your timeline so busy and you you will have more layers on to to reduce the number of players. I used this effect called Set Matt. Let's apply this. I have this shapes animated, and I won't only show up here, which is this mosque. Let's apply. Set March, toe this gone and go toe. Take much from there on select mosque, and I don't hide the mosque. This would give you the same result of us the track, but gives I hope you like this tutorial. Make sure toe subscribe to my YouTube channel for more stories like these. And I see you in part five life. 7. CHARACTER EXPRESSIONS - EYES ANIMATION: Hello. Want welcome to part five from motion design Masterclass by floats In this part, we're gonna take a look on how to animate character expressions and we're gonna take a look on how to animate Theise eyes as an example. Okay, let's start on this ice expression elimination. Here we have a character ice animations that we are gonna break down How I need to make this simple. It's folks on only one eye. So it's easy for you to understand. Let's start from the shape. This is the main I'm May I shape which made using a bath which is close on open in three seconds. Four seconds. Like so. I have this duplicated as a mosque, which is this one and they have the main eyeball. The mine eyeball does not animate it. Follow No. And I have this as in all far made, because I don't all I don't want to shape toe appear when I made of made eye shape please. As you can see, if I can see Look, the Alpha mate like so it will appear all the time and I don't want this to happen, So I have the ultimate but something easy toe make. Also, I have the same thing happened to three times here. Well, on the left, here on the right, and they go back to the right. So it's keep looking. And I have this second any nation, which gives it the illusion off, going from right to left and it's not going from right to left. It's just a little animation on the path. As you can see. You see this, it's just these three points. You see, this little information gives it the illusion off going from my left. It's so easy to and it's just the animation talked about before. Same thing goes to this and I have thes eyebrows. Information. The top one is spent two line and I have the position of irritation. Elimination, the skills, toe bottom. I have a date invitation here, like so. Also, I have this three lines that you see. 123 I have these before because if I don't have this lions, it's gonna be empty when the eye blinks like so nothing happens here. I have this so it's keep the animation flow. It gives off details. Also, I have all this name spent to this small on what this no does. It's just a position. Animation goes from top to toe toe power when the eye blinks, so it gives it the secondary bonds animation. And these are full details I'm gonna show you if we don't have this song. Let's see. Look all my layers except this one because it's go for you. See how it's boring toe watch. You can see that it's missing something. They say. That's it for this exact expression. Animations. I hope you like it. It's short because it's not something about key fames and shapes. Animation. It's a boat tips n tricks and home to achieve this effects, which is the bone. See second, the animation, the illusion off. This shapes those phone right to left, but it's not. That's it for this part. This is the final parts. I hope you like the course. Make sure toe subscribe to me. You took channel for me on Twitter dribble and whatever you want. Thank you fortunes in this class and I see you in my next one. But