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MOM! Design an illustration for Mother's Day

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Remember coloring with Mom when you were a child?  Of course you do, and so does your Mother. The adult coloring book genre is huge these days.  How about spending time with Mom coloring an illustration you created yourself?

I wanted to create a class before Mother’s Day demonstrating how to create this illustration on adobe illustrator, so you and your mother can coloring together again.

This brief class is just one lesson that includes setting up the workspace + art board, selecting a trendy font, and creating the flowered background.

If you don’t already have Adobe Illustrator, you can download a free trial on

I also created a 4-minute YouTube tutorial about downloading free Adobe Illustrator CS2. The link is in the Class Project section below.



Meet Your Teacher

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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Intro: remember coloring with mom when you were a child? Of course you do. And so does your mother Theme. Adult coloring book genre is huge these days. So how about spending time with mom coloring an illustration that you created yourself? I wanted to create a class before Mother's Day demonstrating how to create this illustration on Adobe Illustrator So you and your mother concolor together again. This brief classes just one lesson that includes setting up the workspace and art board, selecting a trendy font and creating the flowered background. Your class project is to create a coloring page for you and mom and share it in the Project gallery. If you don't already have Adobe Illustrator, you can download a free trial on adobe dot com. I also created a form minute YouTube tutorial about downloading free Adobe Illustrator CS two. That link is in the class project section below, so please enroll and I'll meet you in class 2. Demonstration : welcome to class right here. We're going to fit our workspace with an art board. So let's go up to file and new. Let's call this mom's Day on going to leave it letter size. The units will be in inches. And because I'd like to use landscape, I'm going to leave it at 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall and click OK, and there's our Landscape art board. For now, I'm gonna leave the fill white, and I'm gonna leave the stroke black. And let's start right off the bat by writing Mom. Or you can write her name or you can write Mother. But I'm just gonna right, mom, So I usually like to go and get my fonts over at different dot com, and you can look at the usage on the right hand side. So if you're just going to use it for free personal use, you can ah, download and you just click whichever one that you like download on. Like any regular download, you just follow the procedure and then install it into your computer and it will go into your adobe illustrator. So what I did here is I just put brush lettering in my search and these air what they came up with. I like that bakery. That's a nice one I use. I use that quite a bit. And let's see a lot of these air really fun. Hand lettering is huge this year, so it's a lot of fun to see what comes out. And there's new stuff all the time. Let's look down here. Became I've used okay, so you can go through them. You can use ah thought dot com or whatever your favorite places to get fonts and especially if you're just using them toe mess around a little bit, then they're usually free to use for personal use. The thought that I'm using for this project there it iss it is such a pretty font, so you can use it for free personal use. So you hit, download, and it will come into your adobe illustrator and you can go ahead and use it for your personal use. So I'm gonna come over to the type tool. Just click on the type tool. I'm gonna start around here in my board. I'm going to go up to my characters to my fonts and look for my new favorite font. There it is. I know that we're gonna be using a rather large fonts. I think I'm gonna start with 200 see how big this goes. Okay, Gonna leave this at 200. So I'm going to just type Mom. I think I'm going to make it 300 sets the size. The font size is 300. Now I can mess around with it and trying center it if I like. That's if I want it centered. Sometimes you might want it anywhere on the board, but for now, I'm just gonna move it out of the way because we'll create our flowers next. So we're gonna leave her over there for now, and then we're going to start creating our flowers. These are very simple flowers, and they're really pretty and easy to color. Once you print out the sheet so over to our shaped tool, we're going to select the eclipse, which is our circle. I'm just gonna tap the board and I'm going to start with a two inch by two inch and just click, OK, it's black, but I want it white, so I'm gonna come up to the fill, which is the inside of the color and click white and the stroke, That C line. I want black, and I'm gonna leave it at one point. That's fine. It doesn't matter where it is on your art board, because we'll be moving it around later. So there she is there. While I'm here, I'm going to just click on it, right Click a range and I'm going to send it to the front. I'm gonna bring to front because we're gonna have our pedals will create like, these full shapes and pedals, and we want some of it to go in the back there. So that looks pretty good not coming back over to my Ellipse tool. It's still select it on going to click, hold and drag so I can get this very long oval. The stroke remains black. The Phyllis White. I'm going to select that and bring it over. Let's say about their Let me just moved the art board a little bit, so there's our first pedal. Let's see where it goes. See? Went right in front. So I click this to go in the front, but what I'll do later is. Just click all these to go into the back or click that again when I'm all done. So I'm gonna select that and copy and just paste it on the board. And I want to put this directly underneath our first pedal. I want to keep these and just start rotating it around to create the entire flower. So I'm just going to click to select hold down my shift key, move over to the second pedal, click with the shift key on so it selects both of these items. Now I'm going to right click, go to transform. I'm going to rotate. You can play with the rotation to see what you'd like to do. I know that I've practiced this before. That I like 15 degrees and that goes into 360. It has to divide into 360 to make it look very unified. If you don't want it to look unified than picking almost any number, you want to play around little bit. So we're gonna hit rotate. I'm gonna move everything around 15 degrees. So I'm leaving this original these original two pedals where they are and I'm gonna hit copy so I've copied are two original pedals to move 15 degrees. I can keep doing that. Right. Click Go to transform, Go to rotate, Put in 15 and copy. Or I could just do control. Or if you have a Mac do command d the letter d like Donald Duck D and it just copies the last thing I did. So I'm gonna do that again. Control de Control de And just keep hitting d until I go all the way around the stroke staying black, the inside is white. Let me show you what happens if you don't make the inside whites. I'm just going to select a bunch of pedals. And if I said no, I don't need any Phil at all. Then the lines will move over each other so we don't want that. We want to be able to color them all in. So we're going to make the fill white piece papers white. Our little circle in the centre disappeared. Okay. What I'm gonna do here is just create another circle to go over it, so I'm just gonna click anywhere on the board. Make that my two inches by my two inches and click OK, Make sure my fill is white. My stroke is black. I use this freeform Trant free transform to a lot. And I'm going to put that in the center. I can eyeball that. That's good enough. Okay, Super duper easy flower. Now what I'm gonna do is select everything and going toe object and group. So now I've created one. This is access one item now, so I could just select a little teeny bit, and the whole thing's going to be selected. So there we go. Ok, now I'm going to do control minus control minus, so I can just take a look at my board. I want to select my flower and with free transform, move it over to the left. Okay, that looks good. Now, you could play with this. The example that I'm using has three smaller flowers that are going to be placed here. You can do a number that represents Mom in any way you can if she's got one child or two Children or three Children or whatever her favorite number is, or you can just pick an arbitrary number and try it out and see what happens. Okay, so what? I'm gonna do here? They select everything and right click get my transform. I want a scale which is re sizing, and I want to make a copy of that same flower that we did but make it 50% the size so half the size of the original flower. I'm gonna hit copy if I just hit, Okay, the original flower would go small grabbing my free tool. And I'm just gonna move that over kind of just film page a little bit, copy paste, and then move that over. So you just do to you know, what I might just do to because is a really big flower which works out for me because I have two Children. My mother has four Children, so I might put mawr make or make these smaller, but I think I'm going to keep this the way it is. So that's good. Now I'm going to just go control. Plus, just to come little closer. Tap on, mom and move it over Now. I couldn't put it up high up. We want that in the front. So now what I'm gonna do Well, it's select. It is right. Click transfer or sorry. Arrange bring to front. So now moms in the front so I can leave it black. But I wanted to be a coloring page, so I'm going to make it white. Make the fill white. Remember if we didn't do that? America, If we didn't do the fill white it, we would see the flowers behind it so I could leave that anywhere that I want on the coloring page. But I do think I want it in the center, so I'm just going to click on our word. And if I go up to our X and why access? What I'm going to do it is to center it. I want half of what the pages half of the X access is going to be 5.5, cause that's half of 11. And then the Y access, because that's 8.5 half of that is 4.25 and just enter. And now Mom is in the center now. You can color that in the program right now, or you can color mom. Put that in black so you can just, ah, color there the flowers in pencils or markers or pens or gel pens later on. Here you go or add more flowers, but that's that's basically it. That's how we create a mother's Day coloring page for your mom. I'm going to go up to my file and I'm going to save us. I'm gonna leave it Mom's Day. I'm gonna save that in Illustrator. But because I also want a pdf to just print out or if you want to send the file to Mom, if you're not gonna be with her on Mother's Day, then you can just make it into a pdf and then send it to her in an email. But what you could do is go to file. If you want a PD era of J. Paige Export, and then you can save it in any of these. There you go. I'm gonna save it as a J pic so I could just go printed out Happy Mother's Day and have a great day