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Willem Du toit, Mel-Ce Jewelry

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4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro video Pendant making

    • 2. Pendant Lesson 1

    • 3. Pendant Lesson 2

    • 4. Pendant Lesson 3


About This Class

This class is all about making a pendant use of copper and brass plate , You will learn how to solder it and a more in dept look on how to solder and tips .With this classes you will see that we start from the basic jewelry making and work our way up , and soon you will feel there is nothing you can't do , because everything start with the basics.The classes is easy to follow , and the project is there so you can make it your own after the lesson 


1. Intro video Pendant making: good day and welcome to Mel C to living designs The project that we're gonna do today expended. And I didn't make a pendant in advance to show you I want us to do it together. The tools that began in need is the basic tools that we always use that he's a little being being full Sharpie. If you call it New Country Little Luna for all. Then we're gonna use scissors to cut the middle. You can use any systems that you I think that can cut your metal. I know you get different sponsors, Doesn't Samos that ending Skway, Small little Skway and Cruella being sold its But that's stools that we're going to use every time. Then we're gonna do some soldering. That's why I didn't do one in advance This little tortured, too useful for food. Just open and show you All that we need is that little boo blue flying. So this little thought is more than suitable for what we want to use for Andi. This is a soldering. It is late three. Let's three shouldering Ondas his flocks. Flux is awful. It three we will talk again about alternatives if you can't get your hands on makeup. Plight. Um, this is the corporate tube that they use for air conditioning. You can use that. Remember? Like a sit. Lost are, of course, you cut it off apart. Qatar you going doing? Make sure that you have to go to bed further said the east Room for you to put your project in, Get this parts in different thicknesses so you can see what sighs you need for your projects. Um, and then they see some cross fed things and stuff to use for water. A door handles window states that this in process that you can always implement into your jewelry pieces if it's really a battle for you to get the materials. Um, yeah, this is the basic tools didn't get everything together. And then we carry him from day professing that we do before we make any agility. It's always going to your agility off cut boxes. Uh, what I do is I don't throw any off the materials away because it's always a possibility that you can use some of the off cuts again in a piece. And you must always turn safe money as false possible. Um, so a little pieces. Units of tiny piece like this on. Do you really can't use it ticking contentious area like this. Then I've got a big bottle that I throw in all the cross pieces, all the copper pieces from all the aluminium pieces that I use on. You can go to a place with a boy, recycle metal, and you can get money for you. That money you can always put back into your business. You can buy some momento. You can, boy, at the tools. Andi, Believe me, you want belief when you start taking this off pieces in and see how much money you can get back just on the recycling part off Saving your your off cuts. Otherwise, you can use it back into your jewelry pieces that catch it while you cut a piece like this Unnecessary out off flight. If you have off a piece that's lying around, Um, we knew cut and foil and small finally butts. I'm not wanted about because this is not gold. It is no platinum. It is not so over that you buy pounds. It is semiprecious metal celebrities. Five ocular. So it is about 60 60 rand it's about $5 a kilogram or something like that. So, you know, that is not the issue that this really not the issue. You can read if you want to, but our personal don't do that. So what we're gonna do is you can a first look at the pieces. Like I said, it's always a piece off pipe or something that's also in between. Yeah. And then we can see if we can find something that we can use for our project are between through it already. If I can just move out of the way And there wasa a triangle that have fun and another throw angle on that waas a piece off competitors left from a piece I did yesterday. They stripped it That cut for previous project on thesis off piece, also from the previous project. So this is big off pieces. Um, that this Thursday But now you can always we're going a project. And when you see, But you need something else or it will look nice. If you can put another piece on day, please go to your off that box first. Have a look day. If you can't find anything that you can use if it's really nothing inside, they think gun. Cut a piece off, um, flight from a sheet, but if you can use, please implement it into your agility pieces. Um, yeah, that is quite important. Like a fit. If you don't have that, the luxury off getting this plight, then you're off pieces off Piper. Also do just make sure that we knew use off cut pieces off part that you implemented in a way that you can all hammer, eat or, um, sand it in a subtle way that you don't see the marks because, remember, I want you cut it and then they will be marks on the manufacturing side off this pipe, so sometimes you can get it out. Sometimes you can't get it out if it's difficult to get the nice since moved in. The try and make something different said that you don't lose value in your jewelry because the east marks that you can't get at or spend a bit more time and get it out if you really want to get it out, this is basically the introduction video. Um, we will start up tech soon. Thank you very much for watching 2. Pendant Lesson 1: Okay, so basically what? I did this. I am through the ages Sanded Nice flat. Ah, Hammerfest one. I wanted this one to be bit off picture if I could share like this. So now you can move it the way you think your piece will look nice. Um, this is bracing rot. Get it in sticks like this they usually Teoh on sold a bicycle, Cooper, and then you get another one that they do for cross. I just got the piece of each and I want to put this on. Yeah, so much peace will look something like this when it comes to soldering, you first have to have good on some priced. So I could have done a little Thanks much. And duck on a point where I think my piece will be. This is just started. The soldier can run easily, and it's cleaning your make The less well, so I'm gonna put it on day a little bit done here. Now, when it comes to soldering, you're not gonna use the wire like this. This is gonna make a lot off soldier onto your piece and then you have to send it off, and it's gonna take a long and it's not gonna be very nice. It's not gonna be a clean, clean. So what we're gonna do, we gonna cut some tiny level pieces. So you just basically cut funny little pieces like this? You can see Bill Daniel, show you now Small touch, please. Always cut a bit more if you think you're going to use This is how tiny these If you're thinking you're going to need four pieces cut at least pieces that if it happens that it didn't connect nicely that you have some extra. Otherwise, it's going to cost. You do basically leave everything and got some more. So even if you put a bit more, you can use it on a like this. So what I do you sy put two pieces? Yeah, and then I will just take the other side of this and just put some place this well, because the moment it's gonna melt, basically, you're gonna put it on like this and input to heat that cycle. Show you. Now this will make sure that the peace or then soldering is melting and this piece will just go down and it will combine to it's on to the platform where I normally do more soldering and I'm going to move to coming up so that you can see like me. So, uh, king the ease, um, the basis of solder and this piece of want to solder you book on, uh, remember Mandel torch the blue plan? I'm just going to warm it up. They go done Finished a simple earth. Didn't we gonna do the two other pieces for no kind of days are gonna put my new one. Okay. Hey, want to see? No way. He's that is going to be so going to be pretty anti from, right? I'm just gonna put 22 pieces on more on this one. This Here we go. Same story. Just gonna like up Move. I'm and dusted. Okay. And then we're gonna do there. What I want to do is is that these days just to not going to cut one of the strips Peace is one of the pieces in half, cause they didn't want such a big He's sold at the because it's around. It's going to stick up. I don't want Now we're gonna take the broads peas, and put that on. It's just not easy, because this is around. Let's see what we can do. Swan ticketed. It's sticky that can stick cause me every day. Just, uh, Jesus. Yeah. Think for this tiny little piece. Swarthy. Sometimes you just need a bit of patients. Okay, I can't leave it like that because I'm looking to get it perfectly done. Day, same story. And that's eat. That is soldering. This was quite easy. Um, what I will do now is quickly show you some more tips off, shouldering, and then 3. Pendant Lesson 2: Okay, this is hot piece. Look, like off the solder it. I have to change it a bit because I couldn't get the right angle to so very tests. I just had to do the talk. Peace again. Um, if I can show you the Bacchus well, you see the swollen rivers running through. So you just gonna clean that up a bit and good side. This will. That's why we don't put a lot. Because the moment you put a lot, he will see you're gonna make a big miss at the bottle, and then you can see a remember with a little bit. Um, I put on the ground cross piece. Um, it went right through at the bottom. So that is nice and secure. And then we just have to clean up, show you shift, you know, a little bit, but you concede it's overrun right through. That's why you put the flux. Because at the moment is all that is melting. It will run with a bit of flocks. Waas. And that's why it's expected to use two flocks, then actually, just make us put case a little bit that we need to clean out this beast Rest is quite manage. Poll this little bit so just out off personal opinion swing quite well, so there's not too much to clean up to do because even the back to stay a little bit and talk a little bit. So the work is quite less when it comes to clean up. Now you can see we are beat it with a hammer. The picture that I was slipping for I can see it again. This is just straight for with peace. It's just to get you the fuel off how it will be. Teoh sold that in the light stage. When we do the videos, we will start getting a bit more complicated, very pieces that need a bit more attention, focus and dedication. Then just put this a few pieces on top, and that's where the fun starts, because thing you re living and create beautiful pieces that you can be proud off. Note that you can be proud off one of these pieces. Like I said, it is a beginning speaks, um, it is very easy, straightforward, but, um, it comes all down to the soldering, and if you put too much so that you're gonna clean up a lot if you put the laces, you're gonna stick. And if you put just the right amount thing, you clean up will be a very little This is this is quite nice. Um, just doing a little bit at sandy down, polish it and they because Okay, let me excuse me. Didn't show you quickly what happened when you, um, play a bit of solder and what you can create out of it. Um, receive This is old piece that that waas playing around with. So we should We're going to use this, um, goon. Let me just get I'm gonna show you. I put some soldering day and then I'm not gonna put solar because I wanted to see what is the difference between the two, which is, uh, got again? I'm gonna cut a bit bigger pieces because I wanted to see what this happening when you put sold it. And when you know, nothing sold. Um, so painting moved this camera, but so you can see then I could look from the side. You needed a GTO way. We just get the ball. Not running on old you can like that brought us for Cooper Steaming, Not He's just gonna make a bowl located. Just cool down, Get something to show you. Um, do you conceive? Wait, um, Flux Waas being down and try and a nice big circle. They you conceive it. It was no flocks. Uh, just make a ball, and it was sticky. Did combine that. He didn't go and, um, melt so that you can have a nice, complete sold that, um, this one won't last because there's nothing that convey. Basically, hold it. It's just a little piece day where you sit with Holberton piece that this already combined with the, um because the copper. And if you have another obesity with pressure on top, it will automatically press at some copper. So off, soldier. So you will have a nice tight soldier. Yeah, You working to have a serious problem and your peaceful fall apart? Not very long off the you finish design in this example that I showed you is to show you how important it East Teoh half your, um, flocks. Then I want to show you something else. She stole the Beth Hart, but welcome. Play it out. No, no, I'm gonna use, uh that whole off We'll see. I want to achieve here. He's this one wounded way . Okay, What I did year waas Um I put some flocks on a bigger piece in where I actually wanted to shoulder on. The reason for that is I I used this technique a lot in my agility because I sit with at a medium and the medium you consoled. So to get the silver effect and, um, say for instance, you want Teoh, you just got for peace yet say, for instance, you were doing this that you said to a piece of carpet, the bottom initiative bras and you want some soldiers into give it a more three color looked just too. Then we'll used to solder to basically que me that silver color. So that is what you do when you want to achieve this. What you can do is you can take a fall off the words and fall it a bit flat and then start polishing it up. Take it a nice shine because you will see the capital teach hot. You will see the shine. But it is also some off the They're stuff that in the flux that makes this designed or what you can do. It is if you have one off the little machines that you can buy at the hard way that works with little tools. Um, your kid. But you can put on this level brush. I use this brush quite a lot. Teoh up my two little pieces. Um, here we have some. But I can tell you different diamond bits that time about it on and use it, Teoh. You can use it to give it. Ah, a rough picture, but no data rough. And then you can send it down. Or what you can do is what are like these. They say use one of these. Diamond hates what I basically do. The nieces. I just got that little machine and I just make little holes. Little bumps. Then you basically get a centric chest. That's the copper I can show you. Then that also looks the same as way second. Come on, beat it. All you can become and Billy titties. Whatever. It's the easiest resident of one of those machines you can take, and you can beat it. And it will give you the same effect as David. You see what I was stopping to you about the little ball that didn't melt because off the flocks do you have a good example? Thank you very much for watching. 4. Pendant Lesson 3: Okay, So basically, what we need to do now is to clean it up when I talk about cleaning up. It is wherever the solder waas flowing further than you actually wanted to eyes to just clean it up nicely. So what, You can do it. You can take one of these blades and you conveniently receive. You can get it off the excess solder. I don't really want to go in with file because I don't want to damage more than I have to. Um, they are Tina quite nicely. If you can see that is just they saw that it's at the bottom with the soldier. It was day I took off already. Yeah, it's quite a right center. If you will clean up day nicely. It's just one spot here that I knew want to clean it, but more, Um, but on it is quite clean what you can that you can take the small little file and you can put some sand by Perth because I really didn't want to go into the We have a small fall. Even what are they used? Sandpaper. And then you can I was just lean a little, but it is so small and few places that it's really not necessary to go wild in They were fault and created a new with more problems for used in Mississippi. You can clean it up quite easily with just fall in the sand by the same time you're publishing Just a pity could you see just a little bit We'll take that no brush and see what we can brush at this Well, the same time we assume a polish it is really could see the nice shine the to stand. If you don't have one of these, that'll cooled. You can just use a still brush You get different process You get the one that this golden like this that they suppress one and then you get normal steal one normal steel one will also work 100%. It's one a clean out have precious. I just don't never entities because I moved from one city to another one. I couldn't bring on my tools, so I just took what off? Think are gonna need, uh, Catherine plan I to be straight honest with you because there is some stuff left, and, uh, some of the stuff used on a regular basis on enough located back in because it was limited space is well, that at move is that one little tiny. One day that Priestess quit for, uh, it's you can get that. That will stick out of it. I don't want it. I work in the A because the moment I work on the table, the camera will shake. You're going to see. So that's why sometimes stop finished a project and show you because I work funny. And then you don't get the results you want. Still a little bit there. But you get the idea. You can clean it up nicely. Yet the Bacchus. Well, um, you can just take a because this was hammered again. Take a little knife. Don't cut yourself. If you're not comfortable, too. Work off a knife, then that other take the file. The soldier is quite soft so you can scratch off If you don't want to do that, they take a little fall and, uh, work it out today and in these little bit off, what they are doing now your piece is basically done. So stall to do. On this day, a separate off her shoulder A to the bottom. This a little bit off solar and in the back days to piece is gonna clean it up because it's much easier. If I do it. Then I can go to come with us in my way, and then I can show you. So you got idea. You know what to do. And then anything that we still have to do is he's a drill. A hole day for your painting to hang and your friend is done. Then we're just gonna polish it nicely over 2500 great sandpiper and 9000 just to polish it . Thank you.