MICROSOFT PROJECT Class #3: BEGINNER to EXPERT - 10 full Projects

Srikanth Shirodkar, Senior Manager at a Learning Tech Co

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Learning Objectives of this Section

    • 2. Project Exercise 3 - Office Shift Project Plan

    • 3. Task Dependencies - FS, FF, SS, SF - IMPORTANT

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About This Class

IMPT NOTE: This is Class #3 of a14-part series on Microsoft Project 2016.

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Class 3: You are here!
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In this class, you will dive right into the next Microsoft Project Hands-on Exercise - which we will start and finish over the lessons in this section. This new Exercise is more complex than the ones you have seen so far.

Before you start the lessons in this class, you should download the files attached to this video - Exercise Overview text file - AND the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Excel sheet for the exercises - to be downloaded now, before you start the next lesson. I have both of these open on the screen right now. If you find them in a zipped format - just uncompress them using your favourite tool - then store them on your hard disk - and use them along with the lessons.

The "Project Overview text file" - which you see here - gives you a brief overview of what you are setting out to achieve by creating the project schedule. Read through this scenario.

The WBS excel file - is exactly that - work breakdown for the Project Exercise. I have done multiple iterations to get it into this shape you see on the screen. When we build the project you will see the tasks in this sheet have been sorted in a particular logical order - both by task groupings and by chronology.  On an aside note - this is something you should aim for when building your own task list.

You will get maximum benefit from this course - if you want to put your learning into OVERDRIVE - then you should also fire up Microsoft Project - and follow along with the lessons of this course. Almost every lesson has downloadable MPP Project files which you can follow right along what is happening on the screen.

While doing the exercises, we will learn a lot more about task dependencies (there are 4 important ones!) - and then some more new and important concepts - Summary Tasks, Milestones. Finally, we will complete the project exercise - and then do a small revision of what we have learnt so far to close this section. Join me in the next lesson!