MEANINGFUL PRODUCTIVITY | Create Sustainable Habits

Julian Merten, Coach, Podcast Host, Psychologist

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6 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Who Am I And What Will I Teach You?

    • 2. Cues | Making habits obvious

    • 3. Craving | Making habits attractive

    • 4. Response | Make habits easy

    • 5. Reward | Make habits satisfying

    • 6. 2 Important Personal Tips on Habits


About This Class

This class is part of the Meaningful Productivity series and will help you to develop any habit you want and makes it stick so you can be more productive. 

Before you start this course, please think about a habit you want to establish and why it is that you want to create it. I'd love to hear what you are working on so share it in the comments and start the process of creating sustainable habits.

  1. At first, I'll explain what the course is about and why am I teaching you this
  2. I'll show you the steps of creating a new habit based on James Clear's approach

    1. Cue Make it obvious
    2. Craving Make it attractive
    3. Response Make it easy
    4. Reward Make it satisfying

  3. Lastly, I'll share some experiences I had with creating habits and give you the opportunity to dive deeper into the meaningful aspect of productivity

At the end of this class, you will master the creation of habits but more importantly don't lose the connection to your goal or your true meaning so it is not the ultimate failure like Tony Robbins said.

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Important Content:

"Atomic Habit" written by James Clear