MEANINGFUL PRODUCTIVITY | Create Sustainable Habits

Julian Merten, Coach, Podcast Host, Psychologist

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6 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Who Am I And What Will I Teach You?

    • 2. Cues | Making habits obvious

    • 3. Craving | Making habits attractive

    • 4. Response | Make habits easy

    • 5. Reward | Make habits satisfying

    • 6. 2 Important Personal Tips on Habits


Project Description

To get the most out of the course it is best to actually implement. Luckily, the start point for this is really easy. Begin with, after each lecture, to write down how you are going to implement it for the lecture you created. 

  1. Cue: What is the cue you are implementing?
  2. Craving: How are you going to make it more fun?
  3. Response: How are you going to make it easier for yourself?
  4. Reward: With what are you going to reward yourself afterwards?

If you feel comfortable with sharing your habits and also your steps, you should definitely do it. Not only will it help you to manifest your goals but it may also lead to finding more accountability in the group or even an accountability partner with a similar goal. 

Enjoy the process and have fun sharing it!

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