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5 Videos (30m)
    • Decide when to create named set and calculated member

    • Sum Function

    • Calculated Member Deployment starts with Dimension Name

    • Allmembers

    • Dynamic and static Named Set


About This Class

Till MDX Training Part 4 you have seen that all the calculated members starts with 


But in theMDX Training Part 5 i will display one calculated member which starts with Dimension Name such as 


This demo i will show with the help of Sum function

Later i will also discuss how can you deploy that calculated member in SSAS Cube.

I will also discuss the difference between Dynamic and Static Named Set





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Vikas Munjal

Microsoft Certified Trainer

I am Microsoft Certified Trainer. Having around 10 Years of rich experience.Successfully self-employed, i am a trusted consultant for businesses large and small. Currently working as a Corporate Trainer & Consultant for SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence . Also worked as a SQL Server Developer. Lives in Delhi,India.

My style is to teach in such a way so that student should be able to create images or diagrams of the concept in his/her mind . Because i believe we understan...

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