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6 Videos (40m)
    • Calculated Member

    • Query Scoped and Session Scoped Calculated Member

    • Multiple Calculated Members

    • Named Set

    • Orderset - One example of named set

    • The result of a Tuple will return a Set


About This Class

In this video series i will expalin what are calculated members and named sets

Calculated members:

Calculated members are nothing but calculations applied over the members of the cube. You may want to create members like Profit / Profit Percentage / Product Count etc which are  nothing but the measures you create based on the members.

Named Set

In some cases you want to use a set expression frequently. Defining it repeatedly is a burden for developers. So you create a named set and give an alias so that you can use it whenever needed

Suppose you want to use a set of members like "Top 5 Large resellers" in many MDX expressions. 

Calculated members as well as named set are Query Scoped and Session Scoped.
I will expalin you that as well





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Vikas Munjal

Microsoft Certified Trainer

I am Microsoft Certified Trainer. Having around 10 Years of rich experience.Successfully self-employed, i am a trusted consultant for businesses large and small. Currently working as a Corporate Trainer & Consultant for SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence . Also worked as a SQL Server Developer. Lives in Delhi,India.

My style is to teach in such a way so that student should be able to create images or diagrams of the concept in his/her mind . Because i believe we understan...

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