MDX Training Part 10 | Vikas Munjal | Skillshare
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4 Videos (36m)
    • Lastperiods

    • Parallelperiod

    • Rolling Average Business Scenario

    • Business Scenario using YTD and ParallePeriod


About This Class

In this video series following concepts are discussed using Time functions which are available in MDX

Make sure you have finished MDX Part 9 before starting this one

•Comparing current year sales with previous year sales

•Comparing sales of first 6 months of the current year with the previous year sales

•Comparing current month sales with the average of last three months sales





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Vikas Munjal

Microsoft Certified Trainer

I am Microsoft Certified Trainer. Having around 10 Years of rich experience.Successfully self-employed, i am a trusted consultant for businesses large and small. Currently working as a Corporate Trainer & Consultant for SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence . Also worked as a SQL Server Developer. Lives in Delhi,India.

My style is to teach in such a way so that student should be able to create images or diagrams of the concept in his/her mind . Because i believe we understan...

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