MATLAB #4: plotting and visualizating data | Mike X Cohen | Skillshare

MATLAB #4: plotting and visualizating data

Mike X Cohen, Neuroscientist, teacher, writer

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4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. The importance of visualization; figures, axes, and subplots

    • 2. plot, plot3, bar, and errorbar

    • 3. imagesc, contourf, and surf

    • 4. Improve your figure with get and set


About This Class

This class follows from MATLAB #1-3. The focus here is on visualizing data.





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Mike X Cohen

Neuroscientist, teacher, writer

Officially I'm Dr. Michael X Cohen, but I prefer just "Mike" or "Mike X" or "the mysterious X." I'm a scientist because I believe that discovery and the drive to understand mysteries are among the most important drivers of progress in human civilization. And I believe in teaching because, well, because I really like teaching. I've been doing it my whole life. I teach "real-life" courses, online courses, university courses. I've written several books about neuroscience and data analysis, which...

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