MATLAB #1: Introduction, desktop, and variables | Mike X Cohen | Skillshare

MATLAB #1: Introduction, desktop, and variables

Mike X Cohen, Neuroscientist, teacher, writer

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7 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. MATLAB as calculator, and the colon operator

    • 2. What are variables?

    • 3. Variables for structures

    • 4. Variables for logicals

    • 5. Variables for strings

    • 6. Variables for numbers

    • 7. Variable naming conventions


About This Class

MATLAB is one of the most important programming languages on Planet Earth. MATLAB is used in academic, industry, business, finance, and engineering.

  • Students use MATLAB for classes
  • Scientists use MATLAB for experiments and data analysis
  • Engineers use MATLAB for simulations
  • Physicists use MATLAB for numerical solvers
  • Financial analysts use MATLAB for prediction and forcasting
  • ... and on and on.

MATLAB really is the language of technical computing.

If you want to learn MATLAB, then this is the course for you!

You will learn MATLAB programming from an experienced teacher, scientist, and writer (that's me!). I have written several books about MATLAB programming (look them up on amazon for reviews) and I have been teaching MATLAB programming and data analysis for almost two decades. 

Course materials (MATLAB scripts, course reader, and exercises) are downloadable from the Class Project list.





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Mike X Cohen

Neuroscientist, teacher, writer

Officially I'm Dr. Michael X Cohen, but I prefer just "Mike" or "Mike X" or "the mysterious X." I'm a scientist because I believe that discovery and the drive to understand mysteries are among the most important drivers of progress in human civilization. And I believe in teaching because, well, because I really like teaching. I've been doing it my whole life. I teach "real-life" courses, online courses, university courses. I've written several books about neuroscience and data analysis, which...

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