Joseph Harwood, Makeup Artist

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4 Videos (16m)
    • Male Makeup Trailer

    • Male Makeup Routine - Polished

    • Male Makeup Routine - Basic

    • Male Makeup Routine - Signature


About This Class

Hi everyone and welcome to my first official teaching class.

As my youtube has hit over 25 million views from my signature transformative makeup style, I have been bombarded with questions asking when and if I will be going on a makeup teaching class and whether I'd work on models. Working professionally has always been the back bone to my work and I hope that this first class which features exclusively male beauty will be the starting point.

The looks I have chosen to feature include grooming at three levels. Basic, Polished and Signature.

Basic involved very minimal makeup that would be used on any regular guy day to day to cover a blemish, moisturize the skin or the simplest of corrections.


Polished really takes you to how the male celebrities are touched up for television, red carpet and appearances. It's definitely an enhancing style of makeup and I've thrown in a little of my own signature to enhance the eyes, the skin and the brows. 


Finally I cannot resist creating my 'everyday' Signature makeup look which is without question an over the top look for the everyday man. I however don't particularly like to look everyday and I thought it was an appropriate final. This can be applied to both men and women and everyone in between. It's an enhancing, contoured and corrective makeup style that I've coined the 'Ken Doll' look.


I am extremely excied for you to see, share and try out my techniques!






Joseph Harwood

Makeup Artist

Joseph Harwood is a beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist based between London and LA.

The first ever non binary person to ever win a reality based talent contest, Simon Cowell's the YouGeneration Competition. Product developer, Joseph has collaborated with the brand BeeGood which can be found across the UK in Waitrose Stores and QVC.

Multi Award Winning Blogger / CEO / Cosmetic Formulation / Visual Art

To contact please use [email protected]

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