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teacher avatar Christina Ng, Recipe Developer and Food Stylist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)


    • 3. VEGAN BEEF


    • 5. VEGAN FISH


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About This Class

Plant-based meats are becoming ever more popular, but it's hard to know what's really in it.  In this course, I show you how to easily make your own vegan beef, chicken and fish -- all using 5 ingredients or less. My contact information and outline is below:


  • Youtube: East Meets Kitchen
  • Instagram & Twitter @EastMeetsKitchn



  1. Intro
  2. Ingredients
  3. Vegan Beef Recipe
  4. Shreddable Vegan Chicken Recipe
  5. Vegan Fish Recipe
  6. Contact Information


  • Massel vegan broths (this is one of my favorites)
  • Kallo mushroom bouillon cubes

Meet Your Teacher

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Christina Ng

Recipe Developer and Food Stylist


Hello, my name is Christina Ng.  I was former pastry cook turned recipe developer, food stylist and YouTuber.  I specialize in making vegan, Asian cuisine and love sharing my interest in food and travel with everyone else.

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1. MAKE YOUR OWN VEGAN MEATS: welcome to this vegan D I Y meets class. I am going to be your instructor, Christina. I'm sure many of you know me from my YouTube channel East Leeds Kitchen, where we make a ton of really delicious vegan recipes over there. So I'll put my links in all of my contact information down below in case you guys have questions. Now, with the topic of vegan needs, it has surged in popularity over the years. You see everything from bleeding burgers to the KFC chicken made from mushrooms, protein. The reason that people are choosing to eat less meat these days. It's for a variety of reasons, be it or, you know, health the environment for animal welfare. So ah, whole slew of reasons be issue with vegan meat is like it's kind of questionable. Nobody knows really what it is. Is it healthy for you? Is it good for you? Like what are what are the ingredients? So in this course I'm going to show you three basic recipes one for beef, one for chicken and one for fish. What's even better is each of these recipes are five ingredients or less. I wanted to make sure that you guys knew what ingredients were in your food and have it be really easy as well. And in less and one, we will actually be going through each of the ingredients before going into the recipes. Now, if five ingredients these are going to be basic recipes that are going to be fundamentals, they are good by themselves. But there's certainly room for you guys to add in your own flavorings. Develop on your own textures for your vegan beef or you're vegan chicken and there will be tips along the way for how you all do that. So I hope you all follow along. 2. INGREDIENTS: Hey, so lesson one ingredients. What are the typical ingredients that are used in vegan faux meets these days and which ones are the ones that were going to be using? So when you talk to a vegan or vegetarian and you ask them how they get their protein, they'll say something like beans. Maybe tofu temp is another very popular one. And then they'll say something like the words say Thanh now state on is made from vital wheat gluten. So that is the same gluten that is inbreds. That is the same glutes in that, you know, some people are allergic to as well. But what gluten essentially is is you can actually make it from a ball of dough. It is simply be protein that is taken out from wheat, and that protein is very tough. It's very stretchable, is very elastic as well. It's it's why, when you are rolling a ball of dough that it gets harder and harder. It is that protein kind of working. So when you take out the protein from wheat, you start getting textures that are more similar to meet. Just because it is, it is tougher. It has a chew to it. And that is what I would say a majority of full meat products are based out of now with vital week. Wouldn't I told you guys before you can actually make it from a ball of dough just by could've rinsing it and washing it in in water. But for most people today, you can actually buy vital wheat gluten from the grocery store. And so it comes in a powdered form. Now are vegan beef. Recipe is completely made from vital wheat gluten. All you basically do is you add your flavorings and a liquid and you can steam it. You can bake it, you can boil it. You can fry it all, all types of different things for this preparation. So that is what is going to be used in are vegan beef recipe and then in are vegan chicken and are vegan fish. I'm actually gonna be introducing soy protein. Now, the easiest way to introduce that is obviously through tofu. I thought that everybody would have it in their shelves in their cupboards, so we're gonna be using that. But that will bring me Teoh the topic off soy proteins or being proteins now we talked about state on state on is actually 75 grams of protein per 100 grams with soy protein. It is actually 81 grams of protein per 100 grams of soy protein now with soy protein, and nowadays they're seeing a lot of other being proteins like pea protein as well. For people who are allergic to soy, the process is basically very similar. They're able to extract just the protein molecules from the whole food. So just the protein from piece just a protein from soy and the results are very similar to wheat gluten on the texture is tougher and so it makes me a little bit better. I will say that, say Thanh. If you're looking for a nice chew in a nice bike, that's gonna be kind of your hardest and most chewy substance the bean proteins, and to be a little bit softer. And we won't be using this but also touched upon maiko proteins as well, which are proteins from mushroom because everything everything has proteins in it, and when you're able to extract that, you're able to get kind of the textures from in, and obviously the nutrition from it as well. My go proteins. They do not have as much protein content. I think about 11 grams per 100 grams off of Michael protein. A lot of them will come in the form of powders in a package. A lot of you guys might drink energy shakes so that soy protein, that powder that is the same stuff only with the nutritional drink this usually flavored with something like cocoa powder or vanilla. So those air basically be ingredients currently that are mainly used in vegan meats and the ones that I wanted to showcase you guys right now and the next three recipes, we will be putting those ingredients into play, and I will be showing you guys how to kind of modify and change it according to your tastes . 3. VEGAN BEEF: welcome back. I hope he does all hungry because today we're going to be making vegan beef with vital wheat conclusion, as we had mentioned earlier. Now for this recipe, you can pretty much make a vegan beef or a vegan pork if you want. There's not much distinction in the plant based meat world. It's really how you decide to flavor it, and then how you decide to modify the recipes afterwards. And the way that I flavor it to make sure that a nice and meaty is I'm gonna mix it with a mushroom broth as well hasn't been called yeast extract. So he said, Trump is more of a flavoring ingredients, and it's basically it's made from yeast. It tastes very savory, very similar. To meet Ah, lot of you guys will know the name Marmite, so Marmite is actually used abstract with a lot of salt in it. So if you're able to get any sex directed, does not have any salt in it, then you can really flavor your recipe to your liking. So I did mention earlier that there are tips and tricks in terms of how you change the flavor of your vegan meets of well as your texture. Now with flavor, I would definitely say to keep the yeast extract that is a nice kind of basic meet a very mediate flavor. But if you want to add things like time, if you wanted Teoh, make it into a meat loaf and add things like tomato flavoring. Of course, you can bread it as well and put sauce over it. But the time to really flavor the meat itself is definitely in this initial state, where you are mixing the vital week lutin and all of your liquids together. Now, in terms of texture, I will say that there are two main ingredients that really affect the texture off. Be it state on wheat protein or pea protein, or any any really types of protein that is gonna be starch. And that is gonna be oil. So because, say, Tom tends to be on the harder side if you cut it with a little bit of starch, it makes the meat more tender. Same thing goes with oil. The oil adds a little bit of moisture and add a little better kind of richness of mouth. I feel so you guys can play around with those two if you want to play around with texture, so this is probably brand specific. But for the Kahlo cubes, I'm only putting in 1/2 a cube because I'm putting in right around one cup of boiling water , and the reason I use hot water is because it will melt the bullion and the yeast extract a lot better. When everything is all melted, I add in my vital wheat gluten, So the procedure, if you do end up adding in more flavorings of your own, is mix all of the dry ingredients in one bowl and then all of the wet ingredients in another bowl before you add them together. Now, with vital wheat gluten you don't need to need for a long time, I'd say 30 seconds to a minute or so just until it comes to a ball. Now we are going to steam this on medium high heat for right around one hour because this is a very thick ball and you'll notice that I'm in the ingredients list. I put baking powder as optional, and if you are someone who likes hear me a little bit softer, just a little bit more airy. Feel free to put in just a small pinch of baking powder when you were mixing all of the ingredients together. This turned out so well for just how few ingredients are in there. It gets the job done now. I let this cool for about 30 minutes or so before I cut into it, and you can see the texture. It's going toe. Have a nice bite to it. And remember that whatever you do to meet you can to to this as well, so slather it in some barbecue sauce. You can bread it. You can deep fry it. I mean, the options are limitless. This came out a lot less refined than I thought it would be, but I guess the whole idea is that this is supposed to be a very easy recipe. You can slather it with whatever sauce that you want, And when it comes to people who are used to eating meat, seitan is going to be your closest alternative in terms of texture. And then, of course, whatever you choose to flavor it with 4. SHREDDABLE VEGAN CHICKEN: Today we are making a shred herbal chicken completely cool recipe. We are taking vital week Luton like we did with the beef, and we're mixing it with pureed tofu, which everybody should have. And it's quite interesting because the blend of those two ingredients makes a different texture from the beef. And it's a picture where you can actually shred and rip it apart. So it mimics chicken quite well now, in terms of how we flavor and make this for us. If you taste like chicken, I typically recommend for newcomers to just stick with vegetable brother and vegetable bully on. But there are so many products on the market today with begin chicken bullion powder. Begin chicken powder, where it literally tastes like chicken. So I'll try to put a couple of my recommendations down below. But you guys should definitely check out all of your markets. Check on line because if the flavors are definitely on par with chicken, and I think it's really going to amaze so like yesterday, you want to mix all of your dry ingredients together first, and this is a good opportunity if you like to add spices of your own toe added into the dry mix. Once that's all mixed, you want to combine your wet, so I've already pureed the tofu with about 2/3 off a cup of water until it gets nice and smooth. So I'm just going to mix that and the oil together before adding it to the gluten. And the reason is because once gluten touches water, once it touches a liquid, it starts getting tough. So adding more liquid or adding mawr I'm kind of dry ingredients later is going to be very difficult. So just make sure that you do everything in advance before putting these two together. You don't really need toe need vital wheat gluten too much. Maybe about a minute or so. But here I'm more concerned with getting everything combined and all of the powders hydrated. So after about a minute or so, you just want to put a cloth over this and let it rest for about an hour. This rest is for the gluten. Teoh could have develop its strength and its stretch some moors all goes into the final product, and what I'm gonna do now is to just tear it up into small pieces and then put it into a food processor. Now you see that stretch, and that is basically the gluten at work. So all contributes to the final product and into the food processor. It goes medium speed for right around eight minutes. Now you should watch this mixer because at some point it becomes kind of one commode Jenness blob. And that's when it will shake the machine around. So that happens right around minutes seven or eight. So here's the blob, and along with the heat from the mixing and also all of the agitation as well. This has turned into a different being. The gluten is strong here. It's nice and stretchy as well. When I'm going to do is divide the dough up into two and then wrap it up in parchment paper first and then some tinfoil. - The reason that a lot of people wrap them up in parchment and tinfoil is because gluten expands in the presence of heat, and so by kind of double wrapping it, you're keeping everything compact because you don't necessarily want airy pocketed pieces of meat. So I put about four cups of water in this pressure cooker, and you don't want the meat to be submerged in water just touched a little bit and it goes in for two hours on on high. And if you don't have a pressure cooker, you can do this in a steamer as well. But I think it will take you a good maybe three, 24 hours. You just want to make sure that the state on insight is cooked all the way through After cooking. You do want to make sure that the rules are cooled before you start shredding it, or else it can get pretty hot. So now comes the fun part, the shredding of this vegan chicken and I'm not gonna lie. It's not as easy as everyone leads you to believe, like it's you comptel air it, but it's not as kind of shred herbal as normal chicken fibers would be. Now, the one good tip about this is you can see the strands of gluten and the direction of the gluten. So when you follow that, it's easier to kind of peel the shreds down so you can go ahead and bread bees. You can deep fry them. You can bake them, you can use them just like chicken, so just slathering it in a little bit of barbecue sauce is going to work really well as well. 5. VEGAN FISH: already. We are making begin fish today. And let me tell you, get this recipe could not be simpler. You basically take a slice of tofu and you top it off with a sheet of nori seaweed and we're going to dip it in some batter, so it's gonna mimic fish and chips. When I first started making this recipe, I could not believe that a sheet of seaweed would flavor tofu so well and really transform the whole thing into something that tastes like fish. Now, the batter actually helps quite a bit because some people associate fish with fish and chips or maybe fish sticks. So it just adds a really nice crunchy texture, something like tofu that can be a bit blend and maybe a little bit too soft for most people . Really, those two main ingredients actually do the trick. Honestly, you guys have to trust me on this one. I didn't believe it at first myself, So I hope you guys all enjoy this one. So I don't think I need to explain too much for this ingredients list. But I wanted to just in case you guys all know tofu. You want to get the firmer version so that it tastes more meaty. And then this is nori seaweed. You can get it in the international food section, and it's just the stuff that you'd wrap sushi and right, plain and simple. And then last thing is rice flour. So this is just rice that you have ground up, and I find that it gives a nice light crunch to the fish and actually a lot of beer batter fried fish recipes will use rice flour instead of normal wheat flour. So I'm just gonna divide up a package of drained tofu into three slices about 1/2 an inch each. And then afterwards, I'm going to put a towel over them for like, 30 minutes or so to further drain out the moisture so that the tofu will taste more meaty next. Because the two food doesn't have too much flavor, I'm going to use half of my salt and salt both the front and back sides off the tofu. Now, this is something where if you have additional flavorings that you want to put in, this would be a good step to do so. This is an optional step and something that might be fun to do with the kids, but sometimes when it looks more like fish at my taste more like fish. But I've also done it in just square sheets because naturally that that makes sense. But this just aesthetically maybe a bit more pleasing. So same thing for this seaweed and usually the little bit of moisture on top of the tofu is wet enough for the seaweed to stick onto. But if it doesn't feel free to just dab it with a little bit of water and it should stick fine. I can see those skeptical eyes right now because it's just ho fu and a piece of seaweed, right? But trust me when this guy comes together and it fries together, it actually tastes like fish so you can do this step with beer if you want. Maybe some old bay seasoning, but just whisk all of this together. All I added was the other half of the salt. So I used half of it on the tofu and then the other half on this batter. Okay, 350 degrees Fahrenheit, skin side down first. Sorry, seaweed side down first, and you want to fry for right around 1 to 2 minutes each side until it becomes just crunchy and slightly golden brown. - They are hot and crispy and delicious, and if you wanted to add like a little bit of tartar sauce that is going to be so, so good as well. Now many of you are going toe. Want to season it differently, and that is an option. But I want you guys to try these first, because it is amazing how just a little bit of salt, a sheet of seaweed can transform how tofu tastes. Yep, it's just tofu with a piece of seaweed on top. And no, it doesn't have the flaky nous of fish but the dryer that you can get the tofu, the more meaty it will taste. And you know, by adding different things like tartar sauce and different seasonings and, you know, putting it on a bun. It just makes this taste even Mawr fish like 6. COOKBOOK & CONTACTS: So I hope you guys all enjoyed this. Five ingredients are less meat and beef begin chicken and vegan fish. I really wanted to make it accessible for everybody so that you would know what was in your food and also be able to customize it. As you wish. If you have any questions, definitely message me down below. I'll put all my contact information and because our looking for inspiration, I have my begin Denson book out as well you guys are interested in. Begin them some. A lot of the techniques that we talked about with vegan eats are also in this book. And of course, you can also check me out on YouTube. East needs kitchen any time that you guys are looking for some really yummy recipes, so I'll see you guys back here soon.