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MAKE BEATS LIKE TYLER THE CREATOR: Music Production Masterclass - Piano Beats In Ableton Live

teacher avatar Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. Song Overview

    • 3. See You Again: Piano

    • 4. See You Again: Strings

    • 5. See You Again: Synthesis

    • 6. See You Again: Bass

    • 7. See You Again: Strings & Bellls

    • 8. See You Again: Mixing & Mastering

    • 9. See You Again: Arrangement

    • 10. Conclusion & Next Steps

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About This Class

Want to learn how to make creative piano beats like Tyler the Creator?

In this course I'll teach you the fundamentals of music production by walking you through the song "See You Again" off his Flowerboy album. 


How to easily warp, chop, and manipulate audio

How to easily re-create your favorite Tyler beats

How to design sounds for pianos, strings, and synths. 

How to mix and master a Tyler The Creator type track with mostly stock plug-ins

How to create melodies and recommended instruments to do so

How to achieve the gritty analogue sound you want without wasting money on expensive gear

How to make better decisions in terms of sample choice and sound design.


My goal is simple:

I am here to teach you a simple process to, warp audio, easily create Tyler the Creator type drums, mix, and make beats that you can sing along to. 

In this course I won’t overwhelm you with fancy software or advanced techniques. You’ll learn exactly what you need to get producing as fast as possible. 

In doing so, I have built what I believe is the most effective way to easily make beats.


My courses are effective, impactful, and include extra resources to help you level up.

In the Class Project section you'll be able to download all the files I use so that you can create your own beats and follow along with me. 

That being said, your progress is completely up to you. I can’t do the work for you. 

But I CAN lessen the learning curve, provide an easy to follow blueprint, and shave years off your path to mastery.

I hope to empower you with the knowledge, practice, and resources you need to realize that this isn’t rocket science. 

You can do this.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and commit to learning a few hours a week, I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve your goals with music.

You ready to rock?

Download the files, set aside a few hours for dedicated learning, and let’s make some beats!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. Course Intro: welcome back to another course with your host, Kia Ryan. I'm the man who is obsessed with making dope beats and teaching you how to do the same. If you haven't taken any of my courses before, you know that I am a firm believer in learning through doing and one of the big piece of advice that I give to music producers when the first starting out is learned how to recreate, beats, make a lot of beats and then learn what they're doing and incorporate those tools and techniques into your own production. So this course is going to be about how to make beats like Tyler, the Creator and specifically in his Flower Boy album. I know things have changed a little bit for Igor. They were different in Goblin, but for this course in particular are we're going to be focusing on maybe a few different beats of Tyler's. But the main one is going to be See you again from his Flower Boy album and we're going to do is walk you through that track kind of step by step. We're gonna break down the different elements and then make the be together and in doing? So you're gonna learn about the instrument choices Tyler used. When he makes beats, you learn about sound design for synthesis. You're gonna learn about arrangement, you know, about mixing all of these different techniques through it. The lens of Tyler the Creator. As you make this beat from start to finish. Now, you can download the project files in the stems in the course project tab, so make sure you do that. And if you don't know a much about project files, it's pretty simple. These are pretty much all the audio tracks that I'll build out throughout this course that put together for you in a file. Said what? You can take the files and search them into your own project and follow along with me. So if that sounds fun, grab your beverage of choice. Um, and get ready to rock and roll. This is a fun beat. This is Synthes, Tyler Creator. These air very often guard very different, super creative, as his name would ah entail. And I hope that you guys enjoy if you your first course with me. I have many others on how to make beats like the weekend, how to mix how to master arrangement Everything under the sun because, um, I run this, Unlike me, is a production school called Beat School, where I teach beginners and intermediate producers how to make better beats. So if that sounds fun, if I all my stuff at Kia Ryan dot com or I also run the website producer downloads dot com All of the things that you'll find in this course that I'm using are you able to in although so working any dog you can download, all those for my website have been able to template for you. Um, I have different beat making workshops. I have sample packs, all types of effect racks, guides, things to get you up and running as fast as possible that you could use an implement in this course as well. If you're using a Bolton to make this be so hope, that sounds fun. Follow along for free to shoot me any questions if you have them. I made this course because it was requested by a previous student. There's anything you want to learn. Let me know, and I'll stop talking so we can jump into it. Download the stems, Put him into your Daw. Let's get at it. All right. Check in a minute. Piece 2. Song Overview: What's up, y'all? It is your boy kilo back with another course in tutorial to teach you how to make some beats. And so today's tutorial and that we were gonna be focusing on now is how to make Tyler the creator type beats. Ah, some folks were question They want to learn how to make beats like Tyler. And if you take an enemy, of course, is that you know, when I walk you through how to make different beats from people, um, I two never exact replications. I kind of take their ideas and run with them and teach you kind of what I see is a producer that they often dio so as a Tyler, the Creator, because he's had such different beats from goblin upto Flower Boy and Igor. Um, I figured maybe I dip and dabble in the different albums and kind of pick apart different beats that I liked of his. Um, but if there's one thing at least currently that Tyler does a lot, that you can almost guarantee he's kind of just like Tyler ISMs that I see personally, One is a lot of piano, I think is a pianist. And so he makes all of his own beats, which is pretty cool. But you can tell that he knows how to play piano pretty well. So it's a lot of piano and the cords or a lot of different interesting chords. It's a lot of F major is a lot of sevenths and nights like F major sevenths G minor sevenths G Sharp minor seventh. It's a lot of seventh chords, which gives it kind of that, like cool tension and release that you don't hear a lot another music, which is what kind of makes Tyler Tyler another thing before we jump into this beat, Um, is uses a lot of similar instruments. It's a lot of piano. First of all, acoustic piano. He uses a lot of strings. He used a lot of sense, like those high synth Lido here. You also use a lot of sense kind of in the mid range and low end, like a lot of like grimy base, um, Richard kind of characteristic of Tyler, which will make in hopefully in this video and then another element. The Tyler does a lot is, um, he used a lot of bells and switch ups so like Hill, um, have a beat that he's making or have a beat or a song. And then halfway through, like switching to a piano breakdown and then come back to the beat. He also uses a lot of like different percussion rhythms and, um, like drum brakes that air pans to one year of the other stories. A lot of cool, different percussion rhythms or drum loops, things like that. So that's one thing that we're gonna jump into in this tutorial. So I just want to kind of lay that intro out for you guys before we jump into it. Hold that thought. Let's jump in. I found a couple of different ideas. We're gonna run with and make some type of the creator type beats. 3. See You Again: Piano : All right. So let's do this thing. The first thing with the Tyler beat, um, that I'm going to walk you through is ah, some sort of I like to start with. I found this really cool lutes f major seven. It's the school choir vocal loop, but I want to start this off with a little bit of piano because he starts a lot of his beats off with piano. Um, so these are just some F major seventh chords that are similar that I found, um, that I found with Thea that I found with a, um a p just a piano sound out of the art iria collection. So I'm just gonna play around. It's a little bit find just I'm just in some different I'm gonna try some different melodies out on top of this. What I might do a sense. It's a midi, um, velocity. I might torrent of the velocities. Just add a little bit of random. - Okay , So what I'm doing the range is, um I wanted it to be more. I didn't want to be quite such a I don't want to be quite so loud, So let's add more random, actually, it's cancel that, um, I want to. What I might do is I might come in here and just tweak this piano a little bit. Um, tweet this American on to see some different types of pianos, Some jazzy piano stuff. Cool. Um, so let's let's duplicate this. Just we have these notes. Still, it will turn that off. And let's print this. I freeze the arrangement, so it's a little bit easier on the computer. Hard to handle it flattened it. So I just convert into audio, uh, check off a little high end. The reason at the random just makes it feel a little bit more realistic. So I don't like that no one there, so I'm actually gonna, um I'm going to print that again, see if that helps and flattened. All right. So you know what? I actually like this some more. So try this. It's on a little bit of e verb to it. See if that makes the transition better. Course. So we have is a little bit of a piano, um, a little bit of p interaction going on, and then, uh, he will normally build that out with some sort of like um, strings or bells, things that nature so normally like the singing along with that. Let's try. Let's try some strings. Oops. No, What I meant to Dio was renamed this cord, so I don't accidentally delete it. Cool. All right. And now let's Ah, we've got kind of piano down. Let's have some strings. 4. See You Again: Strings: You know, I'm gonna duplicated this. The cords here for my it's gonna be my strings and these I think I'm going to just do a sustained chords. Um, Also deleted. Kind of the top, the melody, Um, the lead melody for the piano. Parker's obviously don't need that. So let's do this. Do this. Do that. Do that, do that. Do that. That debt, Uh, at least these kind of rain amounts you don't need. They did it. Let's see how that it's actually, that's bring these back and see how this sense of sounding. Alright, let's try this. - Do you normally use acoustic strings? I think I like that. Sure, some of the low in. And so what I'm using its kind of a base for this is to see you again. Track. So it's Listen to this real quick. I'm not sure if you can hear this, but at some bells in there, what I might do is I'm gonna actually try toe. Let me see what happens if I something. He has two different kind of string instruments. Two different things. The strings in there. Let's see what happens. Deputies down. Cool. So what? I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to duplicate that. Um, I'm going to print those frieze track. Actually, before I do that can duplicate that again. Just so we have, um, strings low makes you keep track of your joint. Freeze the track flat in it. We got some got some mid level strings on, then these strings. I want to, actually, I'm going to take him in. Just the high. Gonna pitch these up, actually. See what that sounds like. Stress in different strings on this too. - Still . Heavens, if I pitched these up one more time. No, I'm actually take these top notes because they do sound a little loud and actually turned those the media sound a little bit cool. So these are gonna be strings high. And then, um, duplicate those out court strings. I turn that off and bring toes. So now we have our piano. We have some low strings to some high strings that's had some bells. And then let's switch into, like, the meat of the beat. It's a bar for you. 5. See You Again: Synthesis: So Tyler normally has a bunch of different things going on which I don't recommend and that he's creative dude so he can get away with it. But I would not recommend normally having this money different layers. Um, unless it's an intro or something. But again, what I normally preaches keep it minimal and, um, use those things well, but since it's to Tyler be especially with Igor, he just has a lot of stuff going on. So it is going to keep going at it. Um, and so what? This, actually, I'm going to duplicate this ominous fear out. Gonna take that course strings high court strings low. They organize and bills. Tyler uses a lot of bells, a lot of Glock, and I think God contribute on that. I don't know my bills that well. I'm going to ask about a bell expert, but it sounds like to me a lot of glockenspiel type bells that was acoustic black and build . Doesn't that sound like don't have sound like Tyler bells and keep it pretty simple And that's and reverb to them. Kind of dreamy, a little bit more decay is either at a tune or so you have this eye picks those up. I was more pitched up. Okay, um, we'll come back to that mix those later. I'm not gonna were about keeping these notes because that we can always do those super easily. So I was gonna put thes bills in. Um actually, I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the reverb, offer them first, and then flatten them because I don't want the reverb to be actually in the audio. I like to have more control of my audio. All right, so now we kind of have So this is, um, this will come down to later on, um, arrangement. So So this will be like an intro that we build out piece by piece. So we have that sort of arrangement that is gonna look good for now, though. Next I want to do is so if you listen to this, um, if you can Here. So now what he does is Hill will switch the beat up. So I found these, um, a couple different drum loops. Uh, and he uses. He's like a lot of old school drum brakes actually do this one first. So what? Disease? Wrong. I gone So this is This is one, and this is where we'll arrange it out. And this would be, um this is when we start using the choir. So we've come in the choir, so it will switch the beat up in a little bit to the choir. You also have these old he's old school, luke. Still paying them normally toe one here, and then we'll drop the beat out thing will say something like snark your sarcastic there. Um, okay, now it's do ah, drum loop to and let's add in the 2nd 1 So this is gonna be more of our loaf. This is gonna be more of our actual drums. All right, so it's just Nobody adds back in here. More strings are some sort of a synth, some sort of a synth maybe up top. And I way. All right, so let's take this. Let's take these. And at another, let's add some sort of like the old school since two. This let's see what we got. So he rocks with some dope dope since, um, profit, maybe. Let's try it. This one. We can just have fun because it's ah, he just starts adding in cool stuff. - Theo feels kind of Tyler, like, kind of like some retro synth action. You know how to work this thing better? Um, let's try. I think it's better without the course. I just want a little bit and again delay. I dig it. But since I know it'll work, the delay enabled him better. I probably gonna use a little bit of this, but not much settle. All right, so let's do this. Cool. Um, I'm gonna keep this around, Um, just in case again. We want to change those convert that to print that. And then I'll make this. I'll make the sound a little bit more How I want it. Um, in my in that tail back with some effects clicks coming from, not their drums. Maybe there it is. Sometimes it just takes a little fade, baby. Let's see what else he has going. More bells, more bells. All right, so let's add some more bells. Some more strings base. That's what we need. We're missing a base. All right. Let's will jump into next 6. See You Again: Bass: so I realized that you can't hear it when I play through. Spotify went back, Check the audio and so I apologize for that. So I downloaded the, um, the audio version. So that way we can Ah, we can listen to this like a business without it. Have you been here that some people, I think listening to Nirvana up in this joint Dig it right way. So I'm hearing a lot of base a lot of lab and get my infatuation. Another former lasers much chasing. So, like I said, our beats not gonna be exactly the same. I'm not recreating this. You again. Beat. But I'm just doing some taken some tips from Tyler ISMs from it. Eso Let's get Let's get a clap loop. I actually have one in here. I was looking for one earlier. If you listen to a lot of his tracks thing, I want to go keep going back through Spotify. But if you listen to a lot of his tracks, he has, um he doesn't only have his kicks like really like punching through the mix much. He normally has, like, a lot of base, kind of covering up those coming up a lot of the kicks. So, um, let's out a base, actually, let's do it. Let's let's just do a simple get out of here. Um, let's do a deep German pause. Uh, - Theo A little bit. A little bit flat to me, Trump, if I can't tell, but a little bit like it's out of tune yourselves . Historian. With these a little bit, he again is just like it's this kind of Tyler beats a kind of It's like chaos, like ordered chaos. It still sounds off to me. - Let's see him and I pitched this down. I think those notes are wrong. Yep. And these, whether we can tell, is if we steal these, um, cords. But those there and I like to do is I'll take the low I'll take the low notes. Just at least is a starting point kind of bass notes for these, and then we'll be at least have a ah, at least know what we're working with. Cool. Okay, so let's see how this sounds. Ah, I still don't love it. Cool. Simple. But it works. Have these really kind of depending on the song? Like in, um I think earthquake or maybe some of the others. Une Gloria's like this really intense saw based. The base is actually the leading instrument, but I'm not in the one that we're kind of recreating or following the ideas off. It's not a super intense base in this one. Cool. Something simple for the base will come back, maybe touring with that some of the effects that some effects to later on. Listen, Minister of the other instruments. 7. See You Again: Strings & Bellls: All right, Let's see what else you got went on in here way chasing like you don't understand me. What the fuck do you ring is posted in six years ago? I really saying, Yeah, kind of like things like long sustained. I don't want to say cheesy, but almost like machine strings. So let's let's do one of those has pushed these up. Unfold them, pitch him. I think these records like I think this hell normally just have, like once or the lead synth in this part. - I want almost find another note that that's more like it cool . And then we add some bells. Let that some bells this again. It's this ordered chaos and I don't hate it. Um, print those this'll come down toe mixing. A lot of this will come down toe an interesting arrangement in mixing. - Um , that's audio. That makes sense. I wonder why. All right, let's just do this, then. All right, let's take this and this. Go back to our bells, bills and vibes. No, no. I use Bill's acoustic back giving this Les Belles. Nah, maybe maybe we'll come back to our glockenspiel. Let's do that. - That's like that No, no. I think also had made out a little bit of random because I have more control over this one. I'm just gonna do it myself. Shots for us, Brent. That and we're getting there under the next one. 8. See You Again: Mixing & Mastering: So I think we have most of our most of the elements for both our ah intro and our verse section. The key with a lot of Tyler tracks is if you if you even just look at the way form of his track. Where to go? Tyler, Where'd you go? Deleted already. Now, there it is. Look at how much the arrangement changes. Right? So none of these sections are identical, which is kind of cool. So here he has something going on. Either in the low end, I believe, because that that's not here. So listen, I think many breaks down back to the intro where it's just the strings in live trumpet there, which is cool. I'm not gonna dio I see. So he takes this section, but it does, but it sounds like halftime jumping back again for outro. All right, so we're not going to get quite that fancy, but we still going to do some things. So let's just take what we need. Drums. Ah, See you again. All right. This is gonna be our clap loop. I believe so. Decaf for the collapse. This is gonna be our perk, which already had an drum loop. Um, cool. So we require here and then we have not short. This is That's just a little tail. No joint. Yeah, I don't think we need that is gonna be keys. He's audio cords. Since these aren't necessarily samples, let's put these down here in the instrument section Strings low intro todo intro. Let's make these a different colleges so that we know not to the lead thumb strings high control, and we'll bring this intro back. But how? C figure out what's going on core. Just make those also What were these? I was just leaving his courts. Oh, these are the strings. These the cords for the strange school. And do you know what, That reds a little bit brash A. I don't love it. Rule number one don't spend a lot of time on your colors. Cool. All right. And then let's bring this profit up. This is also an instrument, actually. Know what? Here's what we gonna do, because we really gonna get fancy with it. Um, this is gonna be Let's make this. I'm like, guys, don't spend time on your colors and then just go around coloring things. Um, let's go like this. Make those. Ah, And then these will be our This will be our, um just as you never know when you might need a little tail And then this will be our verse in a reversal be cords profit. Let's go, synth Since first strings versa Bells verse Cool, cool, cool, cool choirs or the universe don't need that sweet. Okay, so this makes this, like, guys don't spend time on your colors and then go around rearranging pony things. Hypocrite. All right. Rule number one about music is it's always subject. Ah, changing us into it. His Since his his bases aren't unless they're like suit. Not in this track is other ones. They'll come through intense, but not in this one. So I'm not gonna makes this one super loud. Uh, - his mixes air also different. Like it's different than the way I'm used to mixing. I'm sure making like, a lot of room for your low and exciting center. But his stuff and all blends together things were panting, could be really useful because you're gonna have Ah, it's a Tyler. But you have a lot of crazy things going on. So panning things he pans a ton of different things. So you can. You don't have to boost the volume up a lot, but you can still you hear things a little bit more distinctly. If they're paying to one year than the other way, you have a lot going on the highest. I'm gonna save that for the strings in the bells. - A little bit cool . He's unnecessarily Tyler drums, but it's more just a Tyler. Bob usually gets pretty creative with his drums. This is a pretty standard, like hip hop sounding drum loop, but I think it works for this beat sounds, master limiter. - Beautiful chaos. - Cool . OK, so that's our kind of a general verse. Let's mix our general intro. Take me back to the master plan. All right, Take off the limiter for this again, and this makes our intro strings low. Actually, start with our keys, keys, keys. It was important. - Let's see what? Uh, I think it's from the Do these out. Que some room for the high strings, but cool . OK, so that's our basic mix. Um, down. We ever kind of a different elements. And now the key is going to be the arrangement making this sound interesting, pulling different pieces in and out. It's a basic mix, something really simple. But as you can tell, making beats like this very different. You're seeing any my other tutorials. But I I think the the strike through or the common theme you can tell making beats like this This just a lot of fun. Like you can tell, Tyler just gets inspired by things ideas. His name really is tired of the creative for a reason. You just kind of like it sounds like a mosaic of all these different things, which is very different from other type of beets that I make sure you guys have to make. But I think that school and is a lot about him for making it work. All right, let's jump in an arrangement and then get you out of here. 9. See You Again: Arrangement: all right, this when we can start to have a little bit of fun with it. Um, I was gonna mess around, has come with some cool, different arrangement. Ideas. Um, this isn't gonna be an exact science, because when it comes to Tyler beats, it isn't an exact science. So that's kind of the cool part. Um, but a lot of the times, I think you just build them out. Um, he builds them out and just a different. Rarely will we have the same Well, we have, like, ah ah, straight eight bars with everything the same, even Earth. I want to make earthquake, earthquake, Um, later for you. All for this course, if I can. In this someone to where it's constant, his arrangement is constantly changing. So let's join these. All right, let's start with piano. You hear me and yelling in the background. Don't be worried. It's only Mexico. Okay? And then he's He's singing during this part. Bring those India, think of rebels. And next, - it's a little bit more time. Take the bills out. Bring our maybe this percussion in their collapse. - Oh , actually, instead of that, instead of print, bring those keys back in. Let's let's, um, see, if we bring the squiring, make this filter, - okay ? And then we'll bring in little tales like to say those little tails. You never know when you might need a little tail. You feel me? All right. Um, So let's grab this back and let's come on, I And let's do this. And let's start building this boy out. - Actually , that's Tyler. He's just going to drop the basin. - It seems we take that out. - Let's see how he manages this. Decide to lead it already. And a leader already. Um, let's bring that. Bring that. Bring that back. Let's see how he manages how he drops from read. I have a PC read. I have a PC. Read a Have a PC. Okay, so then he drops from the, um, the collapse. So e need to bring ah, forgot my collapse or still filtered. - Read a, have a PC, and then he drops back in a piano, read I have a PC, strings and piano. Uh, I lost 2020 to keep him in with precision way chasing one that's always running my day tree. I can only see your face close so then what I would do, um is I'd probably There's a Melouk based creator, so he then breaks it down. Theo brings in a trumpet. He brings in some other instruments, or I probably do. Is I break this down? Um, I'd have this play for a little bit. Um, here, let me actually delete these. Get these out of the way in a probably, Um, I would just toy around with these a little bit, so just a simple breakdown. I probably do something similar over here, like I did where I take out the keys. And maybe it's just the strings and some percussion again, actually, let me take this drum loop that way. Drop back into the a drop back into my verse section since I'm not quite is ah, creative side of the creator. We're gonna put trumpets or anything in there, But if you have a lot of instrumentation and stuff, that's dope. Please do that. Spend some time and do that. - And then for some sort of outro, I might just bring in. He's in some of these instruments. That's really how I do it. Did I Let me see if I cool. Yeah, something simple like that. Ah, little bit chaotic, little bit all over the place, but, um, kind of two verse sections and again when it comes to attend the creator type beat, um, things deep in mind. Your arrangements gonna be different. A lot of strings, a lot of bells, a lot of piano. You already know what it is. You sat through this entire thing, and I appreciate that. So hopefully more Tyler creator tutorials and courses come in. So I appreciate you tune in it until next time piece. 10. Conclusion & Next Steps: I hope that you enjoyed the course. If you did, please leave a review. If you didn't, please leave a review as well. I'm a grown man. I understand that I am not for everybody. But the only way to improve is to get your honest feedback. If you did enjoy the course and you want more materials like this, find all the resource is either below or at Kia Ryan dot com slash resource Is anything that you saw in this course I have available for free download. I have a built in templates of free, able to crash course. I've got sample packs. I've got free guides, everything that you need to level up. I guarantee that I can help you do it. So that being said thank you again for taking the course. It means a lot few tuning in. And I appreciate you for watching. I'll check you on the next one. Tell me again, keep making beats and I'll see you at the top. All right. Check you in a minute.