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MAGICAL SUNSETS - 5 Easy Watercolor Sunset

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Everything You Need

    • 3. Project 1 - Beach Vibes

    • 4. Project 2 - Into the Pines

    • 5. Project 3 - Magic of Nature

    • 6. Project 4 - Bold And Beautiful Mountains

    • 7. Project 5 - Sunset in Myanmar

    • 8. Afterword

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About This Class

Watercolor Sunset are always magical, they spread a positive energy and everything during that time looks so amazing. We will be working on 5 watercolor sunsets, each sunset is handpicked and across different landscape exploring the beauty of nature. We will learn more about composition from viewers point and the techniques used are - wet on wet, wet on dry and more. Each of the landscape is easy and can be painted quickly.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. Rightly said by Kristen Butler. Hey, guys, I am pretty gonna not an artist Instructor hand, Scotia teacher. In this last, I would be teaching you five magical sunsets in different landscapes to lift up your day on . The landscapes are hand picked and selected to highlight different elements off the landscape, mostly using wet on wet, wet on dry techniques with watercolors in a very easy and simple way. I would encourage you all to paint along with me because it would help you to understand all the watercolor techniques that we will be learning as well as you all can use that later in any other painting. In case you want new watercolors, you do not need to worry, as I will be covering all the materials and step buys take you through the complete process , which makes it easy to follow. For any level of artist you remember. It is not at all necessary to use any of the supplies that I would be demonstrating today, so go ahead with anything that is available that you pick up your pains brushes on watercolor people. Let's jump on to our first lesson 2. Everything You Need: Let's discuss everything that you need to make this painting. You can use whatever is available with you. I'm just giving a walk through all the materials that I'm using toe complete this painting . We will start with one inch mosque intake. This is absolutely the carpenter tape that you get in the market. There are five brushes I would be using size six and size force of a black velvet brush. There is call often inch flat brush by Princeton. You can either use this Princeton half an inch brush or this round more brush to blend your colors. I have specifically shown you both these pressures so that you can understand whichever is easier. Do you use in future? Then I have taken zero size rosemary that is a script liner brush. Or you can also say rigger brush or you can have immunity Deal of brush. As per your choice, we will go ahead with archers. 300 GSM 1 40 l B people now 300 GSM and 100% Corton is really important. Whenever you are doing a watercolor paint. Instance, we would be doing many heavy washes. The ceramic palette toe makes your pains take two zeros off water. One would be first supply of water and one would be the jar in which you can wash your brushes. We will be using Majel Omission Gold paints. You can go ahead with any other, like Winsor and Newton or White Nights or even Van Gold. Kenny. Kind of pain start is available with you, preferably artist rate pains. In case you don't have artists. Great pains, you can even go ahead with student rate Bates. 3. Project 1 - Beach Vibes: sunsets are the most magical moments would spread the positivity in our lives. I can sit by the beach for ours and absolve the sun. No pending can actually imitate the beauty off nature, but let's make an attempt and start with our first painting measure with help off your fingers. How to divide the people. You can even use the skill. Divide people into 2.5 parts and make one part for the sun on the sky. The people is 16 into 24 centimeter. You can go ahead with any other landscape style off measurement. There is a greedy int wash that we would be doing for a sky. The first is the lemon yellow Dennis, the permanently Elodie permanent red, red violet on brightly, or while it always know that the lightest value off the sun would be in and around the area off the sun goddess, my lemon yellow will be just in the middle of the painting wearers. When I am going out from the middle off the sky, I would have more deep iTunes that is my read or the orange, and then I'm going towards the top off the sky. I will have more off red violet on brightly. A while it I love toe. Add two colors that respondent Hello deep on Opara They help me toe aren't the vibrancy into my paintings, but in case you do not have these colors, you can go ahead with Gamboa it orange. Or else you can even use crimson. I always use a flat brush for planting as it is bit off to blend with a round brush or, to be precise, it takes a bit longer time. You can have a round brush or flat brush for planning, asked for your preference or even mobility. Keep lending your colors, and if you are not happy with the sun, go over it and apply some water and up off the X trappings. With help off the tissue, I will add one more layer off permanent Elodie on permanent rate towards the side off the sky on blended well with the lemon yellow before we paint the waters. I would go ahead on first marked the waves where I want to define it with the darker tones . So go with your pencil sketch on March. These areas, when you are painting leaves far off there will be close to each other compared to the waves which are near tow. US. The middle area off the ocean will be lighter with permanent Elodie Poor Campbell Joran Jonno Bra mix. Along with it, you can apply some red violet. When you go towards the side of the painting, there would be more of darker value Starters. Your violets, the reflection off the sun on the sky is directly falling into the water. On That's the Color, which appears. Water doesn't have any collar off its own. I often come across this question why you paintings are so bright and minus thought. I have just one answer in Depends on the Quartey off the pains that your use so student rate pains will have more pine Doran Fellows percentage compared toa the pigment, whereas an artist great pain will have more pigment percentage. In case you have student rate pains, you might need to apply two layers to get the vibrant colors I have been towards and deadly on. It's really cold due to which my paper remains moist for a longer period. I would go over the sky toe, paint the clouds only when there is a light sheen, and it is not very humid that way. We can avoid any blooms on the sky idea. While we keep painting the clouds, you will have solved. Those strokes are larger on the edge of the people. But when I moved to the middle, they are smaller and only a few small strokes with the help of the silver Blackwell with size six brush. First we painted the sky and then moved to the water that we went back to the sky. This helps and saving a lot of time. Asprilla's leaves me with some timeto think what can be done next? Like for the sky it was looking to empty without the clouds and adding it helped to add more dimension as well as shapes. I will now go over the water tow. Aren't one more layer off valid or the purple shade to give the effect of the sun? I will take a bit off a dam, brush with some violet on it and start from the edge of the people and pull the brush in words. I keep repeating the step till the bottom area off the beach is covered with the wild Kahlo we will be painting the waves on the dry suffers, so it is important to check the humidity off the paper before applying the brushstrokes. The paper should have zero humidity. We have to order between two colors to paint these weaves. I would ask you to take comics off red Wallert on, then take another makes off deep violet, which is some amount of po Po and some amount off neutral color. Or you can even add some pains. Great toe. Get that deeper tone off the purple. Keep mixing these colors on. Make these short and small lines when you're waves. Arca far off pistons They would be near to each other on when they are closer to you. They would be more distant from each other. I will always start from the sights and then move inwards to paying these waves because that helps me toe get ah, better control over how I want to paint my waves in the middle. Off the painting, we will only cover 50% off this beach area with the's short on small lines to depict the waves. The rest off the area we will keep for showing the sand on beach. Your lies a small trick about how I would be mixing my colors. I would go ahead and take or damp brush off, huh? Orphanage on start from the left and from the right, mixing up those short on small lines. Do remember to leave the empty spaces in between, and when you goto the bottom off, the painting makes some dry brush lines. It would be only with the public alot that we would be the wing on, and it would help to create the texture on our sofas off the beach. Start adding some more Lou strokes off purple to enhance the beach area on. We're going ahead with the deepest going possible while we keep painting the B Shadia, I would like to talk a bit about color harmony, which is majorly or joint effect off two or more colors. Those are the colors I want to see and feel as well as it helps to set the mood of the painting. We can also please are painting with one color that basically influences unites as well as completes this painting. Like right now we're trying to do with the purple color, the three meter colors for this meeting is yellow. Crimson. I'm bubble. Let's go over the radio off the peach once more with the poor piccolo on, we will apply again the dry brush technique. Take a damp brush off orphanage on, start applying the pope a color over it, but that brush should have very, very less humanity. Adding some dots on the small lines at the end helps. So show some pebbles or some small rocks on the beach is now. It's time to be loved the tape and see if we have got that Chris until ing edge on the paper. 4. Project 2 - Into the Pines: fines are one of the subjects that are love myself, and when it is sunset and finds its just the perfect thing, I can teach. Start by making the mountains with help off the pencil. Try to use light refight mark so that it doesn't show off after applying the water colors before we start painting Lee and even coat off wash and then leave the area around the sun has white. If you accidentally apply water to stop off the extra water with the help of the tissue, just as I am doing right now, take out some lemon yellow and yellow CO. For painting the lights. I love to make my watercolor stance and wait on where does the best technique to explore it ? Take the biggest brush available. More pressure or flat brush and user To apply the colors. I will use a mix off yellow cocoa and them in yellow. Lemon yellow is about 80% whereas the yellow oco is about 20%. Keep applying the yellow Rocco in the areas that I'm showing right now and then go ahead and add on some amount off red. Where do we exactly apply? Red is very very important. It is just above the 80 off this guy. And it has to be a very light shade off red in case you see or people don't off. Read that you have applied. Go ahead and some yellow oko on top offered and then again blended with your flat brush now adding some more violets onto the area, which we did leave as white. Another important point that I want to bring to your notice is how you interpret a photo like if you are painting ways, I would like to capture the energy off the water. If I'm painting sunset, I would like to show the strength of the light seeping through the trees on the mountains. First impression off. Any painting is basically let you of. You are See what you want to interpret from that painting. Through this painting, I want to show the contrast off colors. Warm is my lemon yellow. Under other is the deep violet as well us the beauty off the lights since we are allowing our colors to do all the magic. So it is possible that the colors will also get into the area where we want to believe it us wide for the sun, So go ahead on don't think before you want to apply the wash, but only apply the wash when the area is completely dry. I'm right now. What I'm doing is on the semi dry kind off its office, where we have about 60 or 70% humidity. I'm going ahead and adding some clean splatter off being water. We will be using a simple bending technique, adding some deeper tones off brown on surface of the people and then blending it with help off a clean brush. So keep two brushes ready one to paint your mountains with Van Dyke, a brown and another flat brush to seem that's the blended with the background. The light off our son is so strong part from within the mountains you can see the white so we will be pain. Take only two mountain ranges, one in the foreground and another in the background. The foreground one will be more people in value compared to the background. One. The first rule finds will be in an order, so we will go down in the hill, load your brush with some lighter values. Open that Kapron on paint your pints in a random manner. Mark a small line from the top. Move your brush to the left and to the right to make the points so these fines will look like a triangle, but without symmetry because it's nature, and then you come in between the painting, start making some more pines, but absolutely random placing. I am not going toe. Make a lot of pints after. Just go ahead with one or two in each of the areas on, have a mix and match my colors like I would be using more off yellow cocoa on and then some more, and I cape around on again, going ahead with some jello, aka Do remember that time. Is there a sense off the Spain ting Because we need to blend all this finds that we're making right now and blended well with help off a blending brush. Blending your pines well with the background is really important because we are going toe show that the light is very strong and all our pints are not visible clearly because of the high intensity off. The light on mixing and matching off all the pines with different colors is equally important. Now it's time to paint our for crown trees. The four countries will be in the deeper tones off men die K. Brown. Go ahead and stop marking a few areas where you want to pay into your pines. Try toe, preferably use the darker areas that have marked it and purple. You can also go ahead and use a mix off purple and when di k. Brown to paint them or else you can take as an option. When I came round to paint all your foreground trees, very the signs of the pines, even in the foreground. Few off the points will be dollar, and they will be even slanted rather than or having straight. And look at that background, which has been created because off the Sprinkle clean water on the Hume its office. Don't forget to blend these foreground pines. Go ahead and use any off your blending brushes and blended well with the background. In case you are not too confident about adding these finds on the foreground or in the background or simple and smart trick is to go ahead on ad, the's small pines on toe are off piece of paper and see which of the fines or the shape and size is you in particle alike on. Then you can always go ahead and at the pines on this final painting and half a final look at it. The important part off painting fines is not to get it, so the perfect or not toe actually do it perfectly. It has to be uneven in that has to be more random. Don't go overboard while you paint your pints, because that's what I have observed myself doing more often. Try toe, have less find. Spend behalf here. Local. Oh, because hardly anything will be visible on the way off the strong light. I sometimes even find it hard to blend clearly with a background. In case you also have the same issue. Go ahead with some plain Clearwater. I'm just blend in tow a larger area, let it dry before adding any further points. Always know our balance composition is one which is really simple to follow an pain in case you want to add some more background trees. Go ahead with a lighter tone off yellow cocoa on. Keep handing that onto the back room, but it has to be really light in the color on it should not show off from the background much. You cannot even ID if you have them in the foreground. To add some more dimension, go ahead, hand peel off the tape. Once you're satisfied, that's actually the moment off. Truth on, it's really important for us to understand how the final outcome off this particular composition has turned out. 5. Project 3 - Magic of Nature: Let's take a moment to create the beauty off nature. Start find. Make marking the line. Don't mark the line in the middle of the painting, 40% should be the sky and 60% should be water. Start by applying and even coat off. Wash on the sky. I will use majorly four colors for the sky permanent yellow deep. In case you don't have the scholar, take 5 to 10% off red on. Add it in them in yellow. It would match upto the color you are seeing right now on the paper, then had some Popara and red violet. We would keep this guy really simple and not add much of drama As I want this painting to be peaceful skies always said the mood of the painting. I prefer toe mostly use my largest brush, which can paint the sky with only few brushstrokes. Here, the technique is Britain. Bert and I always allowed the pains to flow freely and mix on its own in case you find it difficult to mix the colors. You can always go ahead and tell your border, but it would help the colors toe automatically move towards the bottom of the painting because of the gravitational force. Take the deepest shade right now into your brush riches, your purple or any other valid that you would like to apply for the Spain ting on. Then go ahead and apply it at the bottom of the sky on the right, as well as on the left side, along with the key planning it with the red pilot that you have. You can also use crimson as an option. Every sunrise or sunset is different. S k D lang has rightly said skies and in finite movie to me, I never get tired off looking at what's happening up there. But only one constant factor, which I myself have also off top of studying the skies in great detail is gradation off good colors to warm. As we approach the sun, go ahead and apply the deepest Kahlo arto corners off the top half off the sky, a DEA, and then we will go ahead on start making the waters. I would like to remove the heart it just off the sky area and just with help off the damp with more brush, soften it a bit by applying the Clearwater makes the color of the sky to paint the water. Go with the lighter shades to depreciates, going from light to dark always leaves. And, unfortunately, to go back and edit in case acquired. Use the biggest fresh to make, not just jokes to cover the water area Middle a year would be lighter compared toa the areas on the side. We need to make some lines now to show the way Sandra reports were not going toe. Overdo it. So start with a few, and when you feel the need of farting motor would go ahead and add it. But even before we on anything, we need to check the humanity off the people as it should be completely dry. Just like our new people. These lines are absolutely random. On we will move between colors like red, violet and deep shade of violet or purple. I will blend a few ripples with help off my damn more brush. Also, the black velvet crush. This will have toe actually give our dimension toe your ripples, and even you can go over it and add or deeper tone off violet, painting some small holes on both the sides off the sky will have to add an extra dimension toe the sunset, keep the middle part empty so that we can paint the sun. There. I will use somebody course to paint the sun. The secret off painting any realistic waves ripples is that they should be following a consistent pattern. And invariably this pattern involves perspective, like enough force painting where we kept on decreasing the distance between the rules off the waves as it went far away from us. You do not need to worry much about the waves as it put beam or in the background, and it is not the main subject. We are going to observe the sun from in between the fields and the rupee reflection off the son in tow, the water. So go easy and paying these waves and ripples on the loose and simple stuff. Now go ahead and paint your son with help off the white wash or any other white water colors that is existing with you corals. Even you can use the poster colors for painting this son. I always like to have a better control for the feasts that I would be painting and usually as a practice I will be straw the rough outline off the lines over which I would paint my fields so you can also do the same on draw these random lines on. Then go word with the black order depreciate whatever you have to pain. Though fields, there is one mistake that I'm about to come in now, which is painting my fields even before I paying the reflection off the sun into the water . To show the perspective, there will be a vanishing point into the sky, so my reflections will be smaller. Near the sun on would be larger as we get towards the bottom of the painting, keeping the reflection in an interlocking, wave like line so that it gives a realistic feel off the moving water shapes and lines. Most important when we painted fields, there is no restriction on the line size or the shape you want to add, but I have decided that the sunset is going to be really peaceful and the grasses will four randomly on the left and on the right. We will be combining long and short lines long and short leaves hand keep parting them. You are satisfied I would make some new true shade along with the Wyler to paying these fields. You can keep painting these fields in the Meanwhile, I will give a bit, often inside, into how we approach watercolors. Many off, you might think, Why do I come up with such a variety of sunsets or landscape within a single class? So I've seen in a soda toe with the time I have been painting that there is a tendency toe over work on one painting, if that's the only one on which you are concentrating. If things are not going well and sometimes when I am not sure what to do next, put one painting away at work on another one. When you return to the original painting, you would exactly know what needs to be done, and you will have a very fresh on new outlook. It's important to stop when your paintings are going well, walk away like a king who has won your backing, and you will be very eager to return to it soon, whereas you will quit when things are not going well. If that's the only single painting you're working on, the feeling is like off being defeated and then. Usually we don't get back to paintings for many, many days. We can always use the same technique that is wet on wet or wet on dry mixing, and matching is very important. Weight on weight is more free and spontaneous kind of work, whereas bet on dry helps to get a better control. Both East techniques helps you to remain open and react with intuition, leading to exploring more possibilities. Ending pour freely without thinking much, and taking chances is really important because it leads you to growth as well as helps you learn much faster. The last on the list is not if you're making mistakes, making mistakes, waste paper pains. We all have been doing it by wasting paper pains. We often open creative doors, which we did not know ever existed. - Keep painting these beautiful fields, and once you are happy and satisfied, go ahead and peel off the tape and have a final look at your painting 6. Project 4 - Bold And Beautiful Mountains: The first point is to form a deep down your people always, and then start with a bit of sketching. People have one flower field on the hills and the mountains on a few background mountains. This is one of the paintings that helps us to understand how we can play with your bold and vibrant colors in the landscape. Every landscape needs to be balanced on. There should be a good contrast, so we will select colors from the world side, like the yellow I'm the cool bond like to cerulean blue. Stop by painting your son on how you would be painting your son deepen area that is white hand, then paint around her in case you go over the sun, so don't body. We have the power of the tissue, so dub off the X trappings with help off your tissue on. Then start painting in and around the sun with the help off the lemon yellow. Once you have out of the lemon yellow, aren't some permanent yellow deep that Opara red violet on day followed. Even after you have added the permanent Elodie, you can go ahead and add some red because that would help to give more warm toe this painting, but do remember that we will move from light of values to darker values. As I am demonstrating now. Keep lending the color so that the blend looks absolutely seamless, just like it appears in the landscape Photograph. Once done, leave the painting for a few minutes so that we have about 70% humidity on the paper, then a goddamn brush and move from the start of the sun to the outward area. Keep repeating the process throughout the sundries. I will explain it a bit more indeed. Deal Once we each there, keep repeating the process toward the sun. Grease has explained olio individually. Whenever we paint each of the sun rays, the brush needs to be clean enough. So take your best friend, which is a paper toe ordered. Issue Mandab off the brush after cleaning it in water, and then again make one of the sundries we need to paint the sun rays and all the direction , so we'll make it a bit more symmetrical and even keeping each one off them from the middle toe works the other side. Let's take some deep cerulean blue in our flat brush and start painting our mountains. You can also use ultramarine or any of the shade off your choice. Try toe. Take it from the cool side so our remaining will not be the best choice. You can even use approaching you are any other. Depreciate like indigo and not take a lighter value, often to go or like the value of pollution. Do if you're selecting any off the sheets. Once we fill up the complete space off the background mountain and blue go ahead and make the sun rays beeping as well. US cutting through these mountains. But do keep in mind we need tohave only 70% humidity. So wait for about 3 to 4 minutes, but don't know what kind of paper you are using. If you are using 100% cotton paper than 3 to 4 minutes is okay as well as it depends on the kind of humanity in that particular place where you are living, therefore, do judge it. Let's pain the mountains now a bit more in Dhaka value so that we can show very faintly, each one off them as well. A show how the mountains have some ridges and valleys. But do remember to blend all the colors with the background with your blending brush. Don't go over the sun rays and paint over. Just go along the mountains. Rangers on, then blended well with the background only very the values off the colors, which you have chosen city idiom speak or pollution do according to Goto pain. These quick peeks off the mountain on some valleys that you want to show inside it in case you want to keep it simple. Jews who had on darkened off you off the areas like I am doing right now. No, we have come to the fore grounds on this is the most interesting part that we would be painting for supply and even coat off water and then add some lemon jello into it. Do and lemon yellow with help off your flat brush pickers That would help you to cover a lot off area along the lemon yellow. Add some yellow green Ordell's. You can take any shade of green and mix some more yellow in it, and you will get this light shade of green leaves, a media in the foreground that is absolutely white because we will go ahead and paying some lose flowers. Onda, when you are applying the Sapporo do keep in mind that we have to leave some white spaces. We would apply some green in tow those white spaces. I am using two different sheets off colors. One is my red violet and another is toe open up because that helps me to are more dimension and kept in tow. The flowers on the painting keep applying it till you're satisfied, but don't overdo it. And once you were done with it, go ahead and apply some green. Not since the paper is still wet, so wet on wet is doing its magic on the paper and you can see the greens coming up so beautifully. I have used some hooker screen toe paint these deeper areas, but you can go ahead with any other green that is available with you and then allow the people to try. Now we will. Paying some lose flowers on this is one of the most easier. Stand the beautiful part off the painting. We will go ahead on and apply some glue strokes not too much off you here and there and then blended with our blending brush again. People go ahead on the spaces where we see more of corporal on, go ahead and blend it with up lending gush. I would load some more Hooker's green on my brush on it is the rose many brush mini deal Oh, that I'm using. You can use any other mini deal of the R script line a brush, anything off your choice that is available with you toe being these small, small lines on, they are basically underneath the flowers over the green Start traded paint all your in the western where technique You will just hard some more lines as well as to show more ridges on valleys On your here we will hide some green loose trucks. If you're green flows into your blue, you do not need to worry like that area was tryout. Then go ahead and add some more surreal and blue. They if you have you some any other color, you can also go ahead with it on our that. Okay, go ahead and kill off your tape. Fancier pains has absolutely dried on the law fut pattern angle so that the paper doesn't deal off on. You can get complete crisp edges 7. Project 5 - Sunset in Myanmar: Finally, we have made to the last painting off the day. And I'm very excited to teach you this lesson because it's all about Sunset and Myanmar. How beautiful it can be when you think about sunset in something which has some architectural shapes and sizes, and that's makes a most interesting from the viewers point off you. So let's just start with a rough sketch. We will just draw a mountain on. Then we will go ahead and draw some architectural shapes and sizes. Once you are happy with the architectural shapes and sizes that you have made, go head on, bake some bushes in the background. That's the all that I would be painting. I will not be doing much over here. Don't keep in mind that we will have one group off fully gauge that is your trees and loose please in our four grounds to complete the Spain ting I would be doing Oh, wait, don't write technique When I start with Sky Idea Now I live in our area where it is very cool or if you are even building in a very human area, then wet on dry would be the most preferred method for the sky. In case you are living in all very drive area, I would ask you toe forced with your sky to read the area off the sun where we have sketched on. Then you can start planning your colors the lemon yellow with your permanently Elodie on. Once you have a good blending off the permanent Elodie, go ahead and apply some bone. Sienna, My bones, you know, has an underlying red in it. You can also use a bit off red with your bones. You know, toe, get this exact color, Orel, even whatever color is available that you should be good. So start the sky you get actually two colors and middle omission gold said 24. They have this a drag brown as well as they have this ponsi. And also you can order between this red crown and bones. You know, they are very, very similar. But still, in case you want to explore, these would be the two colors that you can explore. Then take something. I keep around and paint the edges on the left as well as on the right. Clean your brush on the load. Your brush number for that is so I'm loading my civil cat Filbert Brush size four with something Tiki Brown and I would directly go ahead and paint below my son. My son is setting in this cloud. Andi, I would go ahead and pain some more clouds on the right hospital is on the left. These are just random strokes that I am rd. Don't my vet, Sofus. Once you have added all the clouds, even on the left side off the sky, I would ask you to blend, though Follow that is below the sun. Well, with the lemon jello off the sky. Load some CPR in your civil black brother Tsai Score brush on. Start applying it in the few here years off the gloves below the sun. It is really important because the sun is setting inside the clouds. Time. This some one more layer that we are riding right now on our slots helps to add a bit more dimension on adds that amount of beauty to end. It'll make something and small small strokes now for the smaller clouds lie and even goat off. Fresh and clean water on the radio where we would be painting are architectural shapes and sizes and foliage. I will use only two colors that is your lemon, yellow and burnt sienna. Or you can even use lemon, yellow and red brown, depending upon whatever is available with you. The middle A DEA will be more off lemon yellow on the sides would be more off branzino or red prom. We're using a wet on where techniques, So our pains are going to dance. Blend well. In case you are finding any difficulty with your planning. Do not need to worry. It is going to be absolutely random, so go ahead. Place any paper or any small object under your jaw boat that you are using. It would hurt your border bit on. Because of the gravitation, you would see the magic happen automatically. The pains will blend with each other. Let your land area or dry completely take somehow. Mahato and I keep around and start applying on the sky. All my brown has an underlying reading it because off which you would find it up. It reddish in nature. Keep one more brush ready to plant the colors. Just take some clean supply off water. That's one of the reason I have been stressing all base to keep one clean jar of water on another water where you can wash your brushes, blend the mountain into the background completely and then again, pink on all the sites off the mountains, status on the left as well as on the right. I am not going toe paint the whole off the mountain. Only the top aide here, I'm going to paint with help off my branzino Ormond, ikey brown or any deep shape that is available with you. Only one thing to keep in mind is that you have to do this painting in layers. So once you are done with the mountains on the planning part off the mountains, you have to let and try before you are the second. Layer off any architectural shapes and sizes. We have already done all sketch off thes architectural shapes and sizes. You need to just go over it with help off your bones in orbit like a brown or CPI, or whatever you have chosen. I'm just again blended with the background. Who's your Videla brush like? I am not now using my Rosemary script liner brush to add those don't like architectural shapes and sizes my background on. But this is our real small plane thing, and that's the reason I'm using my little brush. In case you are making a pickle painting, you can go ahead with size four or size to brush whatever is so the best, use it or whatever is available that you make the best use off it again. The rulers that once the slayer drives, then only you can paint over the next layer. I would go ahead and add. Oh, mix off Bonzi now when I K. Brown or CPR or Van Dyke a. Brown asked for your availability on a still odd this next they are off the foreground home architectural shapes and sizes. Now it's time to add some foliage in tow are four grounds. So go ahead and make some random sizes and shapes in tow. The backgrounds for our foliage can blended well with help off your flat brush. Formal brush. Whatever is available with you, we reach the final and the last year off. This painting makes two colors that issue Orban Sienna or Sepia or U Bahn Sienna and then Nike Brown and keeping thing some loose trees. And this four crown. Now these knows trees would bay simply two or three branches on. We would add some loosely on top off it, make it absolutely random in nature. We have or be made one sketch during the initial sketching session on, we would just go over it on. Start painting these loose on random strokes for our foliage. Okay, now is the moment to step back. Why I see you need to step back is you have to understand how my composition is going. If you see you are not happy, you are. There are a lot more on new spaces at some foliage. Use some gradation techniques to paint some off your architectural shapes and sizes, which are more towards the four crown and then lend it well with the background. This is how you can create more dimensions into your paintings on. It would look really appealing to any spectator who would be having our first look at this painting. Take some whitewater Kahlo in your brush hands. Start painting your son if you feel the need in case you do not feel the need. No need to our English for any whitewater Kahlo on to your son. I would love to soften it a bit So I always go ahead on id some water with help off my brush That iss my blending brush on blended well with my background, remove the tape and have a final look at the painting. 8. Afterword: I hope you had fun and enjoy painting along with me. These five beautiful sunsets I have always loved teaching different subjects on all my 10 classes on scale share helps you to pick up different tips n tricks that can be applied little in your own big things. If you happen to paint these projects along with me new tag me on instagram as what? Color dot illustration dot letter as well as uploaded in the Project gallery. I read through all your feedbacks as it helps me not only to improve as a teacher, but it's a big source off motivation on support, so keep them coming. Thank you for watching. My class can see you soon, guys.