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Luxury Spa Facial Course-Start Doing Facials Today

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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13 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. Luxury Spa Facial Course

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. Analyzing different skin types

    • 4. Preparation

    • 5. Cleansing, Steaming, Exfoliation

    • 6. Cleanse,Steam and exfoliate from Above

    • 7. The Mask

    • 8. Foot massage

    • 9. Hand massage

    • 10. Removing the mask

    • 11. Neck massage

    • 12. Full Facial sequence

    • 13. Congratulations! you have completed the course


About This Class

Excellent and expert instruction. Beautiful facial videos. These methods are far superior to what we were taught in aesthetic and spa training classes."

Wouldn't you just love to know how to do spa facials either at home or in your massage clinic?

Well you can from best-selling massage course instructor , Mark Perren-Jones.

Mark is an Approved Continuing Education Provider(APCE) with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork ( NCBTMB #1805)

Whether you are a massage therapist or just someone that would love to learn how to do a facial, you have come to the right place

This facial course will not only teach you the basics to skin analysis but also shows you step by step how to perform our luxury facial that we used in our massage clinic. As with all of our massage courses, it is different from other facial courses. Not only do you learn how to do our facial, but you also will learn how to incorporate a fabulous head, neck, foot and hand massage as well. A touch that will make your facial so much more memorable for your clients and have them returning again and again to your massage clinic.

There are also 28 different natural D.I.Y. recipes for facial masks and 11 recipes for different facial scrubs that you can also make from home(or in your massage clinic) so that you can give your clients and truly unique experience from the facial to the products you use.

There is also a section on facial equipment so that you know what we use and can then make decisions on what you choose to buy for your home or massage clinic.

If you have already purchased one of our massage courses then this facial course is a must! In our spa our most popular treatment is the massage and facial combination treatment. We offer a 1 hr. massage followed by a facial- a 1hr. 45 minute treatment in total that is pure bliss!

If you are doing massage then offering your clients facials as well will take your business to another level!


1. Luxury Spa Facial Course: my Name's Mark Jones and welcome to the award winning Isla Very spire facial Cause in this course, I'm going to teach you how you can do your own luxury facial to your clients. This is the exact same facial that we do in Aspen, who in Isla Verde I'll show you step by step what you need to do so that you understand every step in the process of doing a fantastic luxury facial. As with that other courses, these facials really stand out faces. These are one of our most popular treatments in the spa. Now you can do the facial just by itself. Or, as we do in the spire, we provide a one hour massage and then a facial afterwards, such a look of one hour, 45 minute treatment. I'll show you the message that we including their facials and also we have in the course recipe so you can make your own scrubs and make your own master if you want to. Okay, so let's get started 2. Welcome: Hi, My name's Mark Parent Jones and welcome to the award winning Isla Very Spire facial Cause in this course, I'm going to teach you how you can do your own luxury facial to your clients. This is the exact same facial that we do an aspiring Isla Verde. I'll show you step by step what you need to do so that you understand every step in the process of doing a fantastic luxury facial. As with that other courses these facials really stand out faces. These are one of our most popular treatments in the spa. Now you can do the facial just by itself. Or, as we do in the spire, we provide a one hour massage and then a facial afterwards, such a look of one hour, 45 minute treatment. I'll show you the message that we including their facials and also we have in the course recipe so you can make your own scrubs and make your own master if you want to. Okay, so let's get started 3. Analyzing different skin types: Now, before we get started on the facial, I want to just go through different skin types and conditions because important for you to know what time of skin your client has now, the good news is, when it comes to most women, they generally have an idea of the skin type. And they'll tell you I've got oily skin or dry or what have you men? Maybe not so much so you might be out of be helped out a little bit with when it comes to women. But the face was, They say they will probably tell you it is important that you know the skin types and be able to analyze them. However, this is a massive subject. Aestheticians will study for years on this and skin analysis. So it's a very big area of information, big body of knowledge that you need on. I'm not gonna pretend that I'm gonna give you alot this knowledge, but I want to give you a brief overview so that you have a generalized idea. So now look, there are four types of skin is normal, oily, dry and combination. So you have someone with normal skin. Let's get is well balanced. Um, there might be a little bit earlier across the T zone, which is your far of the chin and the nose. But overall, your their moisture and the CEB um, the same is the oil. So your motion oils balanced. Okay, so it's neither too oily or dry in the Goldilocks Zone if you like. So how do you say, See if someone's got normal looking skin? How do you identify that? Well, when you take a look at them that they'll have very fine pause that have good blood circulation, we'll have a the nice, silky texture. Very smooth, silky texture of the skin will have a nice rosy color not to read. There won't be read blemishes, and this skin is not normally prone to sensitivity. So be a well balanced skin. And although even people with normal skin, the skin can become drier as they age. But as a rule, these are the things you look for when it comes to someone with normal skin. Now, next we have oily skin. Now I talked about the balance with normal skin, but the being the balance between the oils, the Seebohm coming from the spacious clans of lipids and the moisture content because the oils from this even keeps the moisture content into the skins. That's why it won't dry out. Now in fortune with oily skin, you've got a heightened Seebohm production. Okay, so this will be an oil. Your skin will have blemishes such as acne, blackheads, whitehead, these sorts of things there a number of things that will trigger this over production of Seagram. This could be genetic that might be hormonal changes, medications stress on also some actual products that people might be using that caused these irritations. They actually got the wrong cosmetic product. So if someone comes in the oily skin, why do you identify these? Their pores will not be fine. Like the normal skin. They'll have very large, enlarged, clearly visible pores. You'll be able to see the ports much more than not find like the normal skin that also have , because it's oil, have this glossy Shane to it and will be more of a thicker in a more pale skin on the blood vessels you might not be able to see so easily now. As I said, the oily skin is much more prone to blackheads, white heads and various types of Agnese. So these are the sorts of things you want to be looking for now. There's also the combination skin. Now, as the name suggest, it's a combination of factors. It could be a little bit oily, as I said through before, through the T zone may be dry through the cheeks, so it's a combination, all right, So when you see someone that there might be a little relief through the through the nose area through the followed might be drier to say through the cheek area. Okay, so already T zone with a combination and they might have in large pause and maybe some blemishes, like black kids and white heads and their cheeks and say might be normal. But they might also be dry. Of course, the reason they have combination because the oil your parts as you know, with oily skin. Ah, a problem because of the overproduction of Seebohm. Um, and of course, the lack of CIB, um, in the areas where it's dry and finally we have dry skin. The fourth type of skin so dry skin, as I said before, is a lack offs. Even the lack of the oil. So then it loses that moisture in the skin, and that's why it dries out. It doesn't have enough see them, enough oil. So we need that oil. This, even the lipids that that the war retain the moisture we could just get is constantly losing water. I foot through perspiration or through what's called trans epidermal water loss, which is the natural way that I skin just diffusers around about 500 milliliters of water a day from the deepest skin layers. So there are various things that can affect dry skin now. But first of all, how you gonna identify dry skin? Well, obviously, it's a little bit dry it now just the first stage of dry skin you might just see. It feels tight. It doesn't snap back like it's not so elastic. Little bit brittle looks a bit rough on, and it might look a little dollar. If you've got dry skin and then the next person has really very dry skin, then it can actually evolve into some sort scaling or even flakiness. There might be sort of bloody a period appearances on as I've said it might might be a real feeling of tightness in the skin and they might have skin condition might be itchy as well . You know, when your skin gets dry, it can get very itchy as well. And people dry skin to go to heaven. There were a lot more sensitive, you know. They might have irritation risks of infections, and there might be redness. And if you could get someone with the body for a really extremely dry skin, it it produces even further. Let's say the feet and the elbows. Then it'd be really rough. It could be chapped on being might be cracks might be callouses scaling on again. They'll be generally really have areas of itchiness. Okay, so there you have it. The four types of skin, the foreskin times normal, oily, dry and combination. Now I suggest you have a look on Google it. Check out different skin types, maybe find a book if you want to get more into it on and but as you as you progress you, you'll get a better understanding and you'll get to know what to look for when you start off. What I suggest you do is buy products or make products on did you see in the course? I've got a lot of different recipes. You can make natural recipes for masks for scrubs, that sort of thing, and you use the ones that are good for all skin types. So that way, if you're not quite sure, at least you understand that safe zone because you've got products that are not gonna do any harm and but that still be beneficial to the client. So if you like, stick in that area with products that are good for all skin types, um, and the knocking of how people with sensitive skin 4. Preparation: Now, before we start the facial, the very first thing we would do is get the hair out of the way. So you can see here. Dire therapist is just pulling back the hair and then putting the headband on here. You can see we have a headband with little Velcro. You don't have one of those. You could just wear normal user normal headband. So what you would do is get the hair out of the way there. It's just another angle. We'll head back. It's very simple. Make sure you use nice, confident hands. Thanks for your fine. It was assured. They're in the hands of a professional. Take the hair to the way you don't have product in your client's here, and they, uh, now we're ready to start using products studying the facial. 5. Cleansing, Steaming, Exfoliation: Now you see dire and my therapist is just putting a couple of drops of essential oils into her hands. Rubbed them together. And she's just in her hands above the client's face there. So it's a really nice touch to start the facial. Did you get this lovely wolfed of these essential oils again? It's just it makes you stand out from the crowd just doing something very simple like this . But again, it's all about the sensors when it comes to these sorts of treatment. So it just makes that person feel like, Wow, this is gonna be something really special. So OK, so she's done that now. Now what we need to do now is to cleanse the skin. So this is the cleanser we're using here, and you'll notice all the way through. They're always lifting, structured, say she starts the neck and chin works through. So we're cleaning up any impurities. Any makeup that might be on their Do you want the face nice and clean for the facial, obviously. So this is your first step here, want you but the headband on, We're going to clean the face. So you see, is working around there and again, you'll see diarrhea is using recently firm touch. That's nice again. It's like massage. You don't want to be too soft. Obviously, if you have someone who is, you know, older person has thin skin. For example, you back off the pressure a little bit, but really nice firm movements of the firm. Pressure's really feel great. So now we're getting the sponges. There's a little sponges have been sitting in warm water again because it's nice to have warm sponges on. You wouldn't put them in cold water because that's not gonna feel so good unless you're extremely hot climate, no air conditioning or something. And it might feel better having cool. But on the whole, you want to use nice. They just dipped in warm water and squeeze the water out before you use them. Of course, now what we're doing here, Diarist is getting at it's toe cleansing lotion for the eyes, especially, it helps to take off mascara. I just ran the eyes. It just puts us on the little sponges to spend another special part that we use. I just pushed it on there. Okay, so the next step is to use the steamer. Now this happens to be an ozone steamer on a very, very good toe. Open the pause. It'll soften up any blackheads, the steaming process that is soften up blackheads, white heads for extractions if you got to do extractions, and so that's what you do. You put this steamer on. Now, if you don't have a statement, you could You want to do the home facial, you could have a warm water. Get the person with a talent like luck when you have a cold. If you're gonna put your head over, whatever the town of your head, you could do that. He was doing home for yourself or a friend and put them essential oils. And if you want to like what, you could have used a warm towel life with a person sitting here. I have ah Tao that's been in hot water. Obviously test the temperature you could put that on there said. They can also get the benefit of the steam just from the warm tower, but you can buy these machines from really $35 are members on this one's a little more expensive on, uh, but you could get very cheaply on suggestion for a small amount of money invested in him on , uh, they're fantastic and just makes your life a lot easier. Obviously, before you put steam on someone's face, you're going to want to tell them that you're going to now have steam going over their face that they know. So you don't scare them. You don't want them to be shocked in. Suddenly they get this big first esteem on their face. So you little know and also you want to just check for temperature, make sure it's not too hot for more comfortable. Just take that. Why a little bit more and she just distributing this across the face. Major is getting it all over the base. There. The person has sensitive skin you might want to do. It's just for five minutes or so. Otherwise, you could do this for 10 minutes. So just to go back again, we put the headband on, take the hair away from the face. Then we use the cleanser. I'm not cleaning the skin to take. If any makeup and he might do it, might be. Then we took off the cleanser. Then we've used those little white Ah, I pet there. Had a emotional depth to the eyes. Take up any makeup around the eyes, been stained, opens up the boards, softens up brackets of white heads. Now we're ready for the scramble exfoliation and, as you see as always, starting at the neck, coming up across, up through the chin, across the lips, through the nose, and said she works right around those nostril areas. We tend to get a lot of blackheads after it's called the T Zone. Across the fired, always lifting structure. You see there always same direction, pretty much all the time, lifting up through the neck up through the cheeks. So this is sloughing off the dead skin cells. Now, of course, we're using expensive products that we use in the spa here. But you can use natural products from your kitchen, your oatmeal scrub, salt scrubs or different types, and you'll see them in the course. The recipes that I have you can make so you could make the actual facial very, very inexpensive. That course would be natural as well, and you can see she still using firm pressure. Now I'm showing this side angle so you can see Dia. See the machinery behind us. See what you're doing from this side, and then we're gonna change the angle and you'll be able to see, uh, have an angle basically above her face, so you get to see from a different angle. But with this, we just in the side angle here once again, Nice form sponges. Takes him out of the water opposite. Squeeze the excess water out of them and take off exfoliant the dark. Just renting those back in that water again. Rich in love, crews have the excess water. And once again, yes, that's cleaning our export Now, okay, Just to be entirely sure, what does that is, just the cleanse that we used earlier on the roof start to clean the skin. He's just using these little pads we used over the eyes opposite Cleans it on. She's just making sure that everything spotlessly clean before we go into the next stage. So this is the cleanser being up. Anything that might be left over there really have any nice and clean. Yeah, another face and neck. One. A wonderfully clean. You can see that strokes that there is using nice confidence stroked all the time. And now it's time for the next step 6. Cleanse,Steam and exfoliate from Above: now, After I left you in the last lecture, I did say that we're onto the next step. But I forgot to tell you what I mentioned before. We're going to show you from the different angles, so you get a better look at all of the strokes. So here we have the therapist. But we talked about the central oils before just waving them across the top of her face there on starting off the face with that. Once you do that now, we're going to put on the cleanser we talked about before. Let's say I want to give you two different angles so that you could getting understanding looks like from the side. And now you get a really good understanding. Uh, just looking right at the strokes on what's going on with face close up. So remember, we put the headband on, then I use essential oils. Nice a way to stop facial. Then we use the cleanser. Gets rid of any makeup dirt grease, planes that skin nicely. Then we just take friends are off there with the warm sponges. As I said before way, just have a little dish right next to us sponges. here in the warm water, one of the important things just to have everything close by, going to set yourself up well before you start your facial so you know where everything is again. As I said before, you see, always wouldn't up the neck up through the chin, across the lips, up through the cheeks and across the fired is lifting strokes. And those of life has There just goes on there, - just a bit of scalp massaged there as you're seeing the move along, the course would like to do massage when the when the mask is on the time. Do you have rather had do facials on? What they do is just leave the room when the mask it's on 15 minutes. I really don't like that. You just It's so much nicer that you stay there while the masks on. And as you'll see, we do foot massage. We do handed our massage. It's really lovely, so the person really feels that you while you are with them the whole time. But it's so much better value for money on Do you find your client of becoming back time and time again? Because the message is such a beautiful part of facial. After all, who doesn't like a good message? It was steaming. Now you see the steam going over there we talked about before. They open up the pores, soften any blackheads and white heads, and that makes it easier to do extractions where I'm not doing extractions in this video in his course on day. But, uh, if you wanted to do them, uh, this is that would be your next step to use it. Use your tool to extract. Make sure the stage going all over the person as it again. I said before here, let the person know that this is what you're going to be doing next. So they're not. They understand unless they've had several facials with you. But it's nice them to know. Okay, We're gonna be using some steam now. It just makes them feel comfortable. Now, wipe off any excess moisture there. That skin's been claimed now being steamed. We have an ozone stem, which is very nice. Uh, as I said again before any type of steaming it like and now to get out of the dead skin cells, impurities be exfoliation, face working old around again . As I said before, we're using expensive products, but you can spend as little or as much in life. You can make your own scrubs make your own cleanses the things you can do from home. But Pires and honeys, all sorts of different types of things you can use fruits, vegetables, oils. Well, you can just use your favorite products. If maybe you got five Brand. What have you give me? Just using. The sponges are now. Read ipsum into the water. Squeeze out water and planes again. Gonna get all of it off. And now, just to make sure it's all off dark. Now, using a a little bit a cleanser on the little pads, their little white heads using a bit of the cleanser that she used in the very first stage . Mr. Clean Skin. Make sure it's sold perfectly clean, Ready for the mask once again. All right. And now we're ready for the next step. 7. The Mask: all right, now it's time to get the mask on. So you see, with the mask you just painting on the mask here again, Always the structure always going up with lifting strokes. A Z they are course, once again, you could make your own masks very, very simple to make. We'll buy them there many times. Marks you can buy peel off mask or different types. The one thing you do want to do is make sure that you invest in a nice, soft bristled brush. You don't go cheap on the brush. I don't have a something. It's very nice and soft. So just work you up the face there around the eyes. Very simple. You can see the importance of the headband here. What you will see is when we have the mask on, we're gonna live 10 to 15 minutes. Onda, Um, what, you generally finding a lot of facial treatments. So we just put the ipads are now and that's when would leave the person. And as I was saying, once we leave the person for the 10 to 15 minutes with the mask on, we would then do as we're about to show you uh, foot massage and hand message. Now, many places might just I believe the person with the mask on for the 10 to 15 minutes and then leave the room. Um, and they come back when you know the 10 or 15 minutes up. It is so much nice itude. Give that person massage while the Masters is doing its work. It's just such a much better experience for the person rather than having to lie there by themselves, even if it might be a nice environment. I know what I'd prefer if I could live there by myself, where I could live there, get massage of my feet and hands on. Uh, it just they feel much better value for money. It's again. It's a much nicer experience, as you can see from this angle. Just painting it on there obviously be kids. Would you go around the eyes? There you have it. You put the I pads on 8. Foot massage: all right, so we have the mask on now, and it's time for some foot message. So if you've seen any of my massage videos, you would no that certain techniques with doing foot massage, one of things you want to keep in mind When you are doing massage, it's used good, strong pressure. There's nothing worse than what I call a skin polish. So you wanna have. There's nothing more annoying than having, you know, a massage where it's just so light, you think, boy, I just got but get me out of here So you can see here working these thumb presses under the end of the soul of the faith. She does have just a little bit of oil on her hands, just just to work with the feet like that. And she's just squeezing through with her fingers underneath the faith and not between those tendons in the toes there. So you can imagine, like I was saying before, we were doing the mask footage that rather just lying there as person leaves the room. This is just so much nicer lying there, getting your feet massaged. I know what I'd prefer if I was getting a facial massage or no massage, you can just see it. You're just working through here. Just nice massage techniques. And you could really do what? If you've got different techniques in the feet, you could just do what you like in some presses, working with your fingers, squeezing, just working through the toes there. I'm just lifting off through there and then you work through to the hands. Would you show this other angle so you can see what she's actually doing? Their lazier? I say we start with the foot massage and then we work over to the hands and what you'll see . Also, we also going to do a beautiful hidden neck massage later as well. So this when you're getting a factual, it's he also getting a foot massage, hand massage, neck massage, head massage. It is so much more than just a facial. And again that's upset you before. It's all about the experience, you know, something might get a nice patch in l. That was great. The next person says, Oh, do you get a foot massage? Uh, no. Mike, no, Mike. Their offense doesn't give me a foot message. Oh, yeah, When we get a facial. That spot I get. We get foot massage, a massage hands. How it feels fantastic when the mosque is on. So really are. My therapy just leaves the room comes back when it's ready to take off. Oh, yeah? Do you get your neck massaged? No. Huh? Well, I get my feet, my hands and my neck massaged, and I get a head massage as well. No part of the official you can imagine. It's It's a completely different toe facial experience and that will fill your spiral clinic. What? You'll find that, like, if you gotta rest on, um, or any any sort of experience, really. But it's a massage restaurant. A lot of people, myself included, generally won't say if I don't like it. You know I don't want 1/4 fast, for example, but just generally won't go back. You know, if the food was pretty average or the massage was average, and you'll find this happens a lot of times, people will just they have said how good, but they won't get back. So you really, really want to give a great treatment each and every time. Then people will talk, then you'll find you'll be flooded with fine coast. Okay, so we're just working through the toes now. Once we finish up through those, then we go to the hands, you see good firm pressures. 9. Hand massage: Okay. And now, as promised, it's time to move on to the hand massage again. Nice burn Pressure is just working between the tendons. You're saying just using her thumb, working through the top of those tendons. They're just between the tendons. It really feels divine. Take the hand of the way. And now work with about this feels fabulous. Just open out the hand again if you've got other to This is just said some very simple but really fabulous feeling. Massage strokes, they just work through. Obviously, you can add other things. If you have other techniques you want to use, honey, remember just the base of the hand there, Right around the wrist again. That was really lovely. I just work down along each finger. What you finished that you go and do the other side? 10. Removing the mask: Kennedy. Now it's time to take the mask off. By the time you do, five minutes on the feet had anywhere between created five minutes on each hand. Little Bay between 10 and 15 minutes with the mask on said once again we got the nice, warm sponges out of the water. Squeeze the excess border off hand. Wish that cleaning off the mask so dire did. There she is. Just watch much the sponges back into the water. Give him a rent offset in the water, bring him up again and then once getting going about taking the My Scott. Depending on the mask, you might do several times. Just give them washing the warm water, and now it's time to moisturize. Now we use a vitamin C serum, which is really nice. You can choose your own type of more. Try the product you like. It's not nice to have something to greasy. This is a This vitamin C serum is really beautiful. You feel your skin, really Soak this up. It's just delicious for the skin. And then we put a moisturizer as well. Way have the serum first, and then we put on a moisturizer against a very light moisturizer. It's not greasy. So as you say, the steps that we've used, we've cleaned the skin. He just said, I'm sorry, Did you just, uh, just see the techniques just used here, this work it in? So we played the skin. We use the Stephen A weapon, the pores. We explore you to get rid of the dead skin cells and impurities. We have put a mask on to draw anything out of the skin, and now we moisturize just again, working up through the neck. It's a nice work through the temples here, loosening up the muscles there, I said, lifting technics message signatures lifting up. You can see just with Dyer's work with her fingers and hands. Here. It's so nice to have a great massage techniques. It just that makes the experience of having this fish was so much nicer when you about someone using confident hands, lovely strokes, it really just changes the whole experience. Now this little bowls did you see here? We keep in the fridge visit from France, and it's really nice to tighten up the skin. Something's coat. It's cold. It's refreshing, I said. We keep them in the fridge. Nice and code. What is love? Little dance coaches Times that skin up makes makes the person feel fantastic. And once again it makes your facial stand out from the rest. These little touches, just like in my massage courses, these little things make an enormous difference. No least things as I said to you before. It's the difference between someone having a facial and coming back on the next person destroying. Yeah, it was OK. When you do all these things that it just love little touches, that person is going to go out and tell their friends, and you are going to have a very busy spot. So that's tightened up the skin and now a beautiful head massage. Now you see how Dyer's fingers are working on the skin. They're not. Here is one of the most hate hates when it comes to head massage. The technique. We're sort of scrub their head and they're really moving across. It's it's your finger to moving all around the head. You see her fingers touch the scalp and then they moved the scalp of fingers. Don't move under, if you know what I mean. That they move across it. This is so much nicer than when you get this sort of scrubby technique across the head, being a grab hold of the scalp, and they just moved that scalp in the muscles underneath it. It's a world better than any other technique, a good firm pressure. It's not. I want one myself, very nice. 11. Neck massage: OK, now it's time to do some glorious Nick massage. Yes, it works through the pectoral region around the shoulders and then you see, lift up through the neck. There, come across under and your station. Really Get those fingers so you can see the head actually lifting up. You want to get right underneath? There's I didn't see you get those fingers and nice, strong fingers underneath the neck That feels fantastic. You see that body actually lifting up there, a little bit attraction. Now you can see the way she moved. I mentioned this in my, uh, relax ation massage course, the way I wouldn't You go back and have a look to see the way she turns the neck on this to put it into the cradle it into her head. So many people do this so clumsily. I was taught in massage school. You put on the one hand, turn it the other way to another one. It was just a really clumsy method of doing this. When you have along the way says it, just grab it and then just roll into a couple into the hand and it's just so much nicer. Now I'm gonna show you a different angle of this, but it just talk your C against massage. Technique her shoulders it down. You don't be careful. Don't lift your shoulders up What she's doing here again, you get to see this better going across the shoulder and we're just doing some just gentle work down flat parts of the knuckles. There he is, that structure that come around on you go right to the base of the skull. There the OC support nice, strong fingers, but not rigid. So using body weight come down forward and again, like I mentioned before that to give a great neck massage head massage, fate in hands When you're coming in just for a facial, it is just such a massive bonus to the person they go. Well, it makes this is again. I'm repeating myself, but it can be more important to do A great massage at part of their facial just makes it so much more special. You can imagine you come in for a facial and you come out with Nick loosened up and just feeling so much better and looking much better, of course, from the facial working, it's important to work down through the front of that. The pectorals there across the, uh see they across the front of the chest. There we spent so much time in front of computer. That's good to loosen up those muscles because we get so far forward with their shoulders, just a little bit attraction. There she comes down. It's the base of the skull. Just leans back in just a little bit of traction. See that lift up each other angle. So just working through sitting the head, their position through and then around the shop, introducing some finger circles there, right deep underneath the base the neck and then draw up up towards the head. That is very, very nice just working through there. And then you see the tip just tips it gently. Very, very simple way. By the way, when you have your hand, the hand, it's cradling the head. Make sure you're you don't have your your hand cupping the ear. It's really it doesn't feel nice. Utkan. Have it done yourself. If you want to test it out that make sure your hand, your thumb and your four fingers will sort of wrap around the year. But don't cup the don't put it over because it muffled sound, but it's also warm hands and years. Trust me on this one. It's not a nice feeling. She works up through the exit of fingers working up through to the base of it. By the way, you don't want hit another one of my pet hates, um, when you're mass. Ah, Jing. Some therapists would just really get what the greasy hands through your hair on That's awful. So work up to the to the base of that hairline there, up to the border people just really just not that I have much anymore. But adduced used to really, what? The greasy hands through my hair. I felt like I was cleaning their hands with my hair. That's nice. Fluid strokes. Was he working down there for the trapezius, scaling on the muscles through there? So this. Look what we call the luxury fairy shorts. It takes around about a Nower from start to finish. Sex around about now, 50 minutes to an hour, the heat just using your thumbs to work the trapezius muscles across the top of the shoulders. It's a pressure point work. Working through those muscles, as I said before, personally looks great. They also now feel great 12. Full Facial sequence: Yeah. - No , no, but no, no, - you know. 13. Congratulations! you have completed the course: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.