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Lumion 10 What's new

teacher avatar Filip Gorzka

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Trailer Lumion10

    • 2. 1.New_Interface

    • 3. 2.Render_Preview

    • 4. 3.New_object_library

    • 5. 4.New_Material_Library

    • 6. 5.Landscape_cutter

    • 7. 6.Real_skies_aurora

    • 8. 7.New_Render_Style

    • 9. 8.Ease_in_out_dwg

    • 10. 9.Photo_Matching

    • 11. 10.Exercise

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About This Class

Lumion 10 builds on the tradition of making 3D rendering a stress-free part of architectural workflows. Simply imagine how you want to show your design and Lumion 10 can help you quickly bring that vision to life.

In this course you will learn all new features that can be found in Lumion 10.

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Filip Gorzka


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1. Trailer Lumion10: Hello, guys, and welcoming the next port about the Lumen this time will be about the women. 10 Lewington is the new version that has been released few months ago. And right now I can tell you that there is a lot off new improvements and a lot off new feature that can be very useful in your every day work. So we will start with the new interface because Bloomington make some improvements in it. And there will be also a chapter about all the new objects and that you can find in the Bloomington Library, for example, there is a lot off new object with high resolutions. There will be also about the new material and the bumper displacement. So now you can make your material look more realistic. And I will also teach you about the new effect and one of the new FX 2. 1.New_Interface: Okay, So this time we will start with the new interface that you can see in Libyan. 10. So, as you will probably notice on the many on the left sites has been now divided into two difference. Some money. Right now on the left side, we have still the same icon that's on the loom in line and on the right side. We have also the same icon from your nine. But this time we have some gap between them. And this is only some improvements with better quality on the right side. On there is the same icons that in the long run night off course, there is no Aiken for important mother. We have also for the tree and there is also find it a tree A about this. I will talk later. But I can only tell you that here we have ordered trees on natural that can be used and place it close to the camera because it had They have very good quality and resource of some information about that. And we can also hide on this sub money and we can see the some preview or we can show again everything from the beginning. And there is also a new feature in the Paradise mint, the grease and now bank placement Very useful. And this is really nice feature. I will just move camera far away and I sell it, for example, some unnatural and I will reduce the density. And now, as you can see with the bang brush I can and many elements in the very fast white. So this is one off the future and that will be used very often because it would speed up your work. You can also remove or the elements with this function with this paint placement. And okay, there is also a new option. Have we plays object on the landscape and I would just move this up, okay? And I will select it in the lumia nine. There Waas Onley option toe snap, object to the ground and when you hit it, them object will be placed directly on the landscape. This is okay. I will just under it. And there is also object toe. Place it to the landscape but, for example, in the landscape ease with some angle, it will try to place it perpendicular to the landscape. So this is also were interesting and maybe sometimes it could be useful to use it. Eso This is OK, so this will be everything about the placement and now we're going to the materials in the materials. There is also some changes. Right now you have new five battles. You can very fast just copy material and based this material into other objects. And so this is quite interesting to remember from Logan nine and to copy anything you need to go to the money that was placed just here. And you need to select with few Klay, few more kicks. Now we can also save our custom materials to the gloomy in database. We can lot the material from our PC and the results option to safe the material into our computer so we can just move this material from one machine toe another. So this is also quite interesting about the materials. I will also tell lighter. But some of the materials also has the D and let there. So this means that there is displacement mapping included. So when you selling this material, there is no option displacement and displacement in its usedto give more depth for your material but about this, I will also speak later. So in the landscape there is no any changes. I hope that team maybe in Lumia nine they at more or they will fix the control on the landscape because right now it's not good as it should be. A end in whether there is no option to tour on Turn off Rheal skies addressed from this money. So if you turn it on, turn it or turn it off, then you will see that. Or so the Prevue there would be changes. Okay, so this is about the weather and there is also a new information in the right corner. Before, there was also on information about the FBS. Right now we have also and more about, for example, natural lights in the Roederer elements. So, for example, if you need this, you can check it directly here. Okay, So this is everything about the Lumen 10 new interface 3. 2.Render_Preview: Okay, so this time we're going to the photo render aren't here. Interface is almost the same. When we heat the realistic style, we have still the same and there is also toe at effect. And you can see that we can switch between on the efforts that were you seen our work or to display all of them and now affects our with new window. So we can just which all of them and there are some refuse. I will tell about them later. And there's one interesting feature that has been added to the gloom. In 10 you can see click inside the previewing go to update. So when I hit Mouse on this preview, you will see that now loom. Ian will render it very fast and it would make some preview. And this preview is really nice off course. What you can see. Some of the trees that are far, far away from the camera are not render correctly. This is because this render must be speed and give you some A B in some shoe key. And you, of course, sick or not, some object will not be rendered toe speed up these protests. But this is quite interesting and worry a useful if you need some previewed during your work. OK, so this is how it to look like in the small preview and after render it You can see that this is our final Orender. So to compare it, you can see the both of them are look or most the same. And on the smaller preview, you can see that for example, the three and that is some order. It's not fully render on. This is because ah, it will take too long to my fast radio. So this is everything I knew about the render window. 4. 3.New_object_library: Okay, so this time the new library object. So in union, we have a lot off new object that we can use. And there is also some switching between categories. So, for example, if you normally use some tree and that waas on page 15 this time it could be placing another category or on other parts. So this is good to know. And we have a lot off new car, for example, sports cars or soups. They are also with high quality. This is because they're from a promotion component. Artists will know from selling the pretty models and with very high quality. And there is also I come that tell you if object can be and customize. So for example, I will add this car. I will select it and you can see that have the option to turn on or turn off the driver We can entrant drove the lights or change the color for this outside to side surface of the car and very source of a lot off new object for interior and some new people, and that we can add to our project and many, many more, So a. So you can see that the race. Really nice looking library. And what this morning union it is. Everybody know that some of the mothers look really good. Some off them are leaving really wars, and it is not re commenters. This is why Logan decided. Toe add object. Fine detail. Natural. Those objects are we rehire, called high quality. And as you can see, there is not many of them. For that, we would have only two pages and there is also subcategory plants and that we can also wet those objects. It is good to place s close to camera as it only possible and you must use them wisely. So this means that you cannot put many of them because your PC will be very slow down. So, for example, I have here the bomb which is with the high quality room. This find it in natural library. And if I mean you can see that the texture is very good and there is also the shapes off the trees to come per I will add standard three end. As you can see, there is no any modification In moder, there is only text. So, for example, if we create some fast for you can see that there is a huge difference between them. So it is good to use the fine detained natural close to the camera and in the objects are far, far away. It is recommended to use the standard toe from the library. Okay, lets we go to our building. And so this is good to know that there is a new category and it is worth to use it. It was all you remember that if you add more and more those objects your PC will be your work with human will be much harder because you can feel some slow down in the settings. You can also increase the preview off each objects. And so it is also good to know and you can always use the height and show toe and displayed this library. And there is also fix the search in the library. And now it is much is it to find some objects because Lumen decided toe fix also the index for each objects on Now you can easy find water. Really a neat There is also some tips for it work not for each category. If you, for example, good in terror and put new Ah, with this above symbols at the beginning and the end, and you will get displayed only objects that are available in Bloomington. So in a very fast on his way, you can see what has been added toe some categories in room 10. So this is everything about new objects, and it is good to check what its new on to find out if the race really needed to use object from the library or toe import, for example, from your own collection from other stock that, for example, both from other company. So this is everything about the objects. 5. 4.New_Material_Library: in this part of you teach about the new material in there. 11 library. I prefer some broke here and we are in my bra objects. So as I told you before, only new battles have been added. And right now we are in a library and the race a lot off new material in human Then So, for example, you can seeing the soiled Reese Mawr material from the category landscape that you can use to create more advance scene. And and as I mentioned before, there are new type material. We've displacement properties and I will apply those material to our block. And on the left side's, there will be materia Ah, we've displacement torn off. So I will just add it to our sin. Okay? And I will just turn off displacement to the left side and on the broke on the right side, I will, at the same material part off course with the displacement do enough. So I would just move these slider the right side. As you can see, when I change it, you automatically see the changes in the preview, and I will zoom in. So as you can see the texture without the displacement is flat and the texture with displacement on has some additional shape, has death. And this is what make displacement very interesting and useful. And I go to the first preview. You can also see that there is some difference between those toe material, so displacement material will modify the mine object, mine shape and at physical death. And without this ah, options. We don't have any depth and not cereal look really fake and flat. And this is what you need to know about the displacement. But some of you can ask ah, words with normal mop in Freddie graphics, we have normal maps. You can see the Lumen AIDS has is some ah violet color, and there's also bump up. But my mom is not used in aluminum. A bump mop and Noah are almost the same. You know, my mom has more informations, a and normal map in the moment he generated automatically based on your standard color, and this will give some depth to the material. But it's on visible on render, and this depth is not as good as this place. Its placement map will also give you a depth to your texture but off course, thes death ese or so in preview. And it's much better. We've higher quality than normal or bump up. So this is the mind difference between displacement and bam per normal. Off course, there is one of the adventure. Thes advantage off using displacement, texture or displacement. Texture will take more resources from your PC, so this is one of the most important thing that you need to know. And this is the same situation. Like we find detained material, so its mean that display it's meant texture and material with displacement. It is good to use only on the objects that are really close to camera. If some objects is far, far away, it is better to you stuff that material because if we only use the displacement them and there would be a lot of problems with fluent work in ah Lumia and what it's more in room. We have a lot off new materials in the version products, probably 1229 new materials A and those material we can use to our work. But maybe from experience, you many times find out that metiers in women we can invite into two categories. One categories are matters that are really nice to use and give us a lotto for my effects and the second category loose lis material. So it's mean that it is not even worth toe applied toe our thing because they will make our sin look really, really fake. Eso and many times will probably need toe at your own materials from her own collections. And ah, it is really good to have some of the materials from company that specializes only in texture. And what's more, if you are interested in the texture with displacement maps, so we'll probably also not stop those materials from the company That sort of texture. You will find that with the displacement material are much expensive, but they will also give you much better re final render and what it's more because in Lumia on Dimension don't have many really good materials. This is why we can build our own library, and then we can share this library. We've other computer off our other friends or we can exchange the material and largely elected toe our A. So this is also features that we can use in our work. EDS. Will off course, speed up our work row because if we already have defined some library, this could be very useful to use it in our product. So this is everything about the new displacement maps that I recommend to use, but to use it wisely only to the object that are really closed toe camera. 6. 5.Landscape_cutter: okay. And right now we are in the preview motor for our scene. And as you can see on the bottom, where we have the wood material, there is free liquor. So it means that in some area you can notice that the Caracas also go go through our texture that waas very often seen in Lumen Nine. And to solve it, we need toe reduce the high off our landscape. Or, for example, we can just move up our building. But to speed up our work looming on 10 there is a new feature the new options to fix this issue in a very fast way. So if you go to meetings and and Teoh click on the place, there is new landscape cutter ah, feature. And this options will give you a possibility. Toe cut something. This is not the same s clean plate, but this really only cut the landscape in the area. So as you can see, if I put this rectangle on my texture, everything that e that he's landscape, it will be removed so you can see that in a very fast way. You can remove, for example, the grass from the wood texture This is also very useful. If you have the basement in your scene or for, for example, swimming pool. Um, you can also modify and shape and since select, which area will be removed. Okay, As you can see now, I'm going a little forward from my foot, and he also removed the grass. What is the most important thing? You can only add toe landscape cutter for your scene, So this is good to remember about this. I don't know why this imitation has, Bean added. Maybe because it's vory ah pc consumptive, so you must use it mostly for the object that are close to your camera. Now we are going to the render, and as you can see the truth, grass has bean reno from my wood texture but also from the place below. And this is what I exactly don't want to make. So you must look out where you put this landscape cutter on your scene buses. As you can see, this will speed up your work, especially if you need in a very fast way remove landscape from your area. So this is everything about the new feature in utilities. Many 7. 6.Real_skies_aurora: Okay, guys. So this time there would be the night scene and gloomy on 10 off her A two quite interesting features, like a really sky at night. So we just it in normal sky and that top night we can add the rial sky and that would be displayed during the night. So if you like the scene and like this one so this would be quite interesting toe to use. Also, the rails can be called. This will improve the quality off your render. So if you create not only seen during today, you will probably use this one. And there is also Aurora and effects. So if you want to end quite interesting new features, so you can use it with the brightness, you can increase the brights off the scene and there is also cooler shift. So if you move this lead up to the left one, you will get more green scene and the right side you will get more red or orange, and there are also speed and time offset. And those parameters are only used for creating the animation. So if you had some key frames here, then you will get some animation off the Aurora during cure a movie scene. This scale to increase the size off the Aurora effects and heading and to choose the correct position in according toa your camera so that you can see this is also quite interesting. New feature. Maybe some of you will use it. This is most indicated for people who, like, create the night scene in bloom. Personally, I don't use it, but who knows? So this is everything about their new FX in Lumen then. 8. 7.New_Render_Style: and there is also one new render style ethic that you can add at your final stage off work . So if you go toe at effect in artist oh, there is new ai arty style, so by clicking on it, you will apply defects. What is the most important effort will not be displayed in the first review. You need to make the full render off your work so you can also go and click on this icon and you can say like the artist's style. And as you can see, there are title off the artist that you select e for me. There will be more on its state and after click Render Lumen is working and during the render you will get in the visualization like this. And this means that Lumen generate the final stretch. OK, and you can see this is their final surrender of my work. So for some of you, it could be quite interesting. What is also good to know that 16 gigabytes off rahm is required for this effect. This is because Lumi on drink rendering generate on this image. So if you have less rum there, we will be situation the afternoon. We'll not give you any results. So this is everything about the new style effect in Bloomington 9. 8.Ease_in_out_dwg: in animation. There are also some new and nice feature, and I must mean that they are quite useful. So let's we go and create some camera shut and my B something like this. Okay, And the second shot. So if we push play, you can see that our animation look like this. And as you will noticed at the beginning, at the end, the camera just move slower or faster. So this is because in London, tender is new feature called Easy. If some of you work before we video assembly or production, probably, you know, words mean easy and if not so this is on the properties that issues toe speed up or slow down the camera movement, especially at the beginning. Right now, I said it toe leaner and you can see the camera from the beginning to the ants is almost the same in if we just on both sides, switch toe linear. Then you will notice that the camera eyes for her lymph the same, but to give him some nice looking KFX. Mostly it is recommended toe at easy small, so this means that the beginning their camera will speed up, and at the end, it will slow down. So this effect, it's quite nice and it's quite interesting. There is also one that in your updates about what a. D w G file and there are from outer cots. And if you work with those files and there was a new improvement in Logan 10 about this file, and they are right now loaded in tow, Lumen 10 A much better. Because before there was some issue, sometimes there was some problems right now that this has been fixed and about any problem , you can lot and those files in tow. Luminant. So this is everything about movie feature and about the and D. W. G fight in tow Bloomington. 10. 9.Photo_Matching: Okay, So a dent. We talk about the new feature. Future dirty is quite interesting and that make a document 10 is worth into interest. This is photo matching, So probably many times you create a lot of differences organization and after create the building and the materials, you spend a lot of time for creating the landscape and or the objects from surround. Mostly, you can use some assets and buy from the online store, or you can do it manually. And this waas how you do before. But this time in our days we have the vory speed computer, and we can use orginal photo or animation recorded with the physical camera. And then we can compose and some renders into animation or into photo. So right now there is possibility to create Onley. The photo and toe insert our visualization from Lumi in tow photo, which will speed up our time with the composite composition. And there is no information about the camera. But I hope that in June, maybe in some updates for going on 10 who will be this new feature, if not, maybe in loony in 11. So if we already have the buildings with all the materials texture on, We want toe make the final renders We can add the photo matching 11 10 and toe our presentation. So this means that we'll at some background and we'll try toe assembly every think toe finally get one and image with the visualization and toe with the rial photo. So ah, we are going to the render and we need to add the effect which is court photo magic and in this part I'm gonna talk only about this. So the first thing we need to go is toe click on it it and this will automatically load image from the London 10. So, on the left sites we have some an option and the 1st 1 which is located on the top, is with the name examples and tutorials. When you hit on it, you will get display Some seen and examples how to use the photo magic in the next one. What you need to do east a lot. Your own reference image to find the correct reference image is very, very hard and what this more probably will need to pray for some reference with high resolution. Okay, I will use this one for my building. You can also find it in the folder with the exercise files. And we have some options that we can a use to compose. Oh, to compose eyes our his organization into this image. So on the left sites, the first option is orientation normally, and these books will display your house or your building. But a first we need to select the reference placement because normally is located on the zero access in the 00.0 on exploits that so we need toe move it. And in our building, for example, toe the this entrance and we just hit on entrance and hit the okay or bad battle. And now, as you can see in the reference point, is right now place on our entrance and we've orientation. We can rotate our building, and with the scale, we can re scale it. So we need toe scale it to get the correct proportion between our building and the landscape. About the scale. You can see that you cannot choose exactly a some value for your scale, how it's done in drawings. So as you can see that this scale in Bloomington ists it's something new, but some options are still missing. You can use helper, for example. Books are the great. This will help you toe set the correct position for your building in accordance toe the landscape or image that Joe's okay, and now we have the transparency. So this transparency will also help us to place the building correctly and in the dark and make more right or more dark. Our reference each and those options are everything that we have. And there is only one thing that we need to do is tow. Find the correct perspective in our landscape and to use the access and so set the correct view for our building. And if you have some reference image without the buildings, it will be really, really hard to find the correct perspective. I have some experience with the drone food teacher and video footage. Let me and image so and in this, uh, image that there will be, ah, go to use the road. It's my ex access and for Z access, I know that there needs to be set perpendicular to our ex access. So now you need toe only, said the correct direction for your access. So you need toe Try with many, many way how to set it correctly on there will be also needed toe again re scale it and again to set the correct orientation. Okay, so for me, I think that this should be okay on right now you can see that the bending displaced mostly correctly according to the road onto the perspective off this image. Okay, this should be nice. So unless we go back and he the preview So everything look really nice. So the next step is to select the correct style. So I will just use the realistic. And an exception is to set the correct position for real sky So we can see on the image that the shadows are located to the left side. So having probably also need to be set in the same direction maybe will increase the brightness on there. You probably need it. Some tweaks in color correction to make this building more worrying as our landscape. But first, I need to get some tree. So we are going to the build on this. Cool. You can see we have some types off three. So we need to select the same from the Lumen library. And we can use the point to mass placement. So as you can see, this is really nice feature off course. The problem is that when you hit on the building, the three will also appear on it. So we need to remove it. It's nice that we can also not only to let the object, but also removed with the banks. This is quite interesting. Okay, so this is how which Look, right now we can go back to our photo. Maybe I will also add some tree just here. Okay. In this position to cover on the connection between building and ground. So I mask right now on this area. So now we are going to the photo. And there is the problem that I put some trees on the road and because in a litter I can't see my reference image. So I must manually remove some of the trees. And I need to guess which one should I Ah, removes probably some of them. And on the right side. Okay, so now it's look quite nice. Eso a super cool. You can see this is quite interesting feature that in a vast way it could key give you chance toe assembly your visualization with image in London. Nine. And there wasn't this feature, but you could use some additional software, like on Top Replica or Cuadrado and those software and give you possibility. Plot any image from your PC and set it in the front position off software that you use. For example, you could let your editor in, Luton said the correct camera in accordance to the image that was displayed it with those software. So if you still use nine, you can use those software because they are probably both of them are free, and you can try toe use it and to make also the composition off the visualization in Lumia nine and later in photo shop, you can assembly eight together with some referencing in Lumia in 10 and this option is already included. A za new feature. So it is quite interesting, but there is still missing. They come around tracking so we cannot use the animation and brought it into Lumi in and then and to make some composition so you can see that photo matching keys Quite interesting . It is useful, but I don't know Personal. If this is really good, feature toe by or upgrade from Ruben lying toe 10. So you must calculate it by yourself. If for you, for your company is it worth to operate to London. 10 Onley for this one feature, which is for the matching. So this is everything about the Lumen 10 and photo matching. 11. 10.Exercise: And in the last part, I'm gonna make some practice. Example how to use loom intend to create some nice looking visualization in this part. I'm gonna use the scene from the Lumia in 10 that you can find toe a new youth example and some model from the sketch up three D warehouse or those fights you can a use in the father daughter attached to this exercise. So let me start first. I would just remove for those two buildings that ah have been added to the scene buildings that has been added to the scene. Okay, just he ran to you and they were also removed this Prell ice because it's useless for me. Okay? And the tree, I will leave right now and I'm going toe sketch up and I will start license. Okay? And after a few seconds, we get there moulder loaded into union. So everything that I will modifying sketch up, it will be also automatically updated in Lumia. So some rotation for my motor and I will also move it a little. Okay. Oh, this is still rotation. So back and select. Okay, so I think that this place will be on the best. Okay? And now I need to work. We've landscape because you can see that there is a lot off gap. So I will use the landscape editor and with the bang brush, I will dress used the flat. And And I would just write to flat hold Aria on that are below my building. And you can see that in some place I will also need to use Ah, Hey. Okay, so, no, it's look good. Sometimes you can see the ab my computer Just freeze. This is because when you flub the surface or you some hate and you already have their some tree. So blue moon need toe snapped the tree to the ground. So it is good to use the landscape editor and if you'll still don't have any object on it, so then the work will be and much smoke. Okay? And I will just read use the landscape here so you can see the up. This is quite easy and fast. Okay, so we are almost ready. And now I will place the three, so I will use the fine detain. And this is because I really put the camera something in this position. So as I mentioned many times before and the fine detail elements are good to place close with a camera. So I will use the parts that are on the first page. Oh, okay. This one. So I will put it here. Here. And the 1st 1 will be also something like this. And I need toe rescate. Okay, so this one days and last one, okay. And now I need to play some plant on the front, off the view toe cover and the landscape. I would just remove also this stream. This one will be moved here and now we can let the plant to our you. So we are going to nature and place. Okay, so okay. And maybe from the plants. I will use this one and with the mass placements. Okay. I also have some or objects we will address first. Remove it. Okay, so we have from the left sites. I will praise the number on the right side. The place on. Okay. And we're done. Okay. So we are almost ready now about the texture on materials. You can load it to the scene and check by yourself. I will not show how to Obama care because this is easy. And I will also only tell you about the situation that you can see in the front off the view that there is some flea Curtis's because it's ketchup. Sometimes you put two wars or so surface in the same place in the same position. So to remove this issue, we need to go to some material for example, concrete. Okay, so I will say, like this one, and then you can see that there is flickering. I will also change the color for with the visualization. And to remove this issue, we need to goto advance setting. Some need to hate this small arrow just here and go to the settings in the stop and there is the flicker. So if you push this to the right side, you will get display one surface. If you go to the opposite side, their second surface will be used, okay? And we are almost ready. I'm just set up the camera, and now I'm going to show you how to add effects and render it Okay, so this is finally valuation. I also at some more plants and some more in a tree And this is settings for my weather. The sun on the clouds. I select this one from the center. Okay. And now we are ready to go to the photo. So let's we just switch toe the render moat, okay? And we are in the render remote. So the first thing we need to hit his store camera and at the style so it will be realistic . And now I will just modify some effects. First, the rial skies Morning on morning free. I will just increase the heading and maybe the brightness we blower. So this is really sky ground Sky sees one of the most important FX. So remember about this toe edit for the time, the next I will and more I will need to shore. And we're going toe artistic one okay. And vignette in the vineyards. You I would dress radios amount on and increased this one and the next effects. I will also add the pretty mutation. Okay, I removed this one the size. Okay. They'd be us. Okay, so I think that this will be enough. And now my being we need to fix the exposure. But I will just at one more effects the layer visibility because in this scene we already have some layers and I didn't remove them. So we need to change the layer visibility. Okay. And one more effect. Oh, perspective. To put perspective, mostly use a in or the seen and the weather the folk to cover everything that is far, far away from our come around brightness to the marks. Okay, lets we go back. And now the exposure And I would just it'll increase the brightness for my sin. And now coral correction color correction is one of the most important effects. So you need to spend a lot of time here and tweak or the options to get the better result. This effect is one of the most important and remember always to add it to your scene. So things toe maybe treat blue brightness contrast to increase the contrast between colors separation. I would just like to remove it and limit low. Maybe will increase it. I discuss about all this effect in the curse before, so you should know how they work right now. Okay, so the next one will be reflection sowing the reflection that it we need toe at the area. Where is the reflection? So this will be four. Or the glass that we have in the scene and in the preview qualities Depends. Have us this. Your computer. We also increased the officials, and it depends about your PC. Normally, I used the normal pretty fuel. If you don't have quite fast computers, just stay with the low. And for me, the normally will give me a better preview in. Okay. The hyper light on the skylight in the skylight we increased the brightness and separation where maybe will be down and render quality for ultra. It will increase the render time throughout. This will give you the birther results. Okay. And the shadows. So essentially run to the max and coloring. Okay, the brightness is shared. Oh, okay. And this is everything for the shadow. So let's go back and we'll add also chromatic a relation so distance will be march ream off again. So let's go bank. And we have that off field to make the sharp and image Onley in a range. Okay. So that I would increase the amount reduced for a background. Okay. And this should be okay for me. Okay, So we like to use the new feature with their fast preview. Yes, it's look quite interesting. Okay, so in the next part, we're going toe photo shop, render everything and make some postproduction. Okay? And we are in the photo shop. We've renter the image. So and this time I'm gonna use the unique collection plugging that you can also used for your photo shop and Juries. One plug in court, A V vessels to and I try to use it for my post production. Okay, so when you hit on it, you will get the new windows in photo shop. So I will just move the screen to the right side. And I would also reduce the size. So then that first we need to at the control points So corner point will be in the building and I increased the brightness in this area. I will also increase the contrast. Yes, some consider this is now quite interesting. You're saturation. Maybe we're going in more in tow, blue one and texture to increase the texture. Ah, looks So we increased the structure and maybe right now we're going to the curve so we will increase the curve on the high and we reduced the kerf on the bottom. Justo increased the more dark color, and this is how it finally look. So as you can see, I used existing seeing from Louis in. I just put my building. I just at some FX, I tweak some four meters and never fast way. I get the final result, which is really, really nice. So this is everything about the women. 10. I show you how the new features are, the new options, how to use it and or so we make to get there some exercises.