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Lumion 10.3 New Features

teacher avatar Filip Gorzka

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Lumion 10.3

    • 3. Bump, Normal and Displacement Map

    • 4. Create Displacement Map

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About This Class

Lumion 10.3 builds on the tradition of making 3D rendering a stress-free part of architectural workflows. Simply imagine how you want to show your design and Lumion 10.3 can help you quickly bring that vision to life.

In this course you will learn all new features that can be found in Lumion 10.3 and also I wll show you some tps how to create your own map from scratch.

Good Luck

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Filip Gorzka


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1. Trailer: Hello guys again, this time in Lewington for free. And the last version has toe nice looking features. The 1st 1 is Displacement Mop. This time we can lot any displacement map to our custom texture. The next nice feature is the life since for AutoCAD. So if you work without took up this time, you can also have the rial time preview in your aluminum. In this part, I'm gonna explain exactly how to use the displacements mop water, The difference between displacement happened, normal texture and how to create displacements. Math for any texture in Photoshopped. So everything will be cover in this school. So let's get start to work. 2. Lumion 10.3: Okay, guys. So right now we are in bloom in 10 point free because there was a new updates for your existing version. So you can update for free to do mountain pine tree. And here we have to mine updates and to mine feature that has been added. And this is off course displacement maps, custom displacements, maps for any object. And the second future is the life since for outer cut. So if you still use out a cut in your work right now, you can use it together. We flew immune, and every change you will make, you know, toe cut. It will be reflected in lieu, immune and directly. So this is those two futures are really cool, especially these displacement map. And right now we will try to focus how to build displacements, maps. What is displacements? Map and how to use it just in room 10 point free. Okay. So as you can see on this teeth there about the union, there is information that we can right now import our own displacement, Mom. So after applying material for some rock, we have a billeted toe import normal. And after that, we have the first, I want to report the displacement, and we have the ability to change the depth for our displacement. So this is how it's finally look and off course before we have the option toe at the displacement mark. But it was only for dedicated Montreal problem. So right now we can just make that our material will look more realistic because there is right now option toe applied displacement material, even for custom texture. So this future is available on Lee in Lumia in 10 Point Free and as I said before, and this update is free for everybody who already have a gloomy in time. So in the next lesson, I will explain you the difference between and the bump, texture and displacement mop and how to create your own and displacement and mop. Okay, so let's start to work. 3. Bump, Normal and Displacement Map: Okay, so in this part, I'm gonna describe three different type off texture. So the 1st 1 is bump balm from abuse Grace Kyle Value to provide either up or down information. So this is why you can see that Onley great colors are visible in bumper. This type of material is not available in loom in any version. Bloomin. You cannot apply the balm texture. The next type of texture is normal map. The normal map is available in lumia in and just from us. I remember from the six probably version off Lumi in you can apply the normal and Norma pews energy. Be so it's mean red, green and blue color as the information that corresponds directly with the X Y and that excess in three D space. So its mean that the color tell a gloomy in how depth is texture in different area. So if you have more darker or more lighter, this will mean that in this area will be more depth or less so. This is normal, and the last type of material is displacement. Displacement texture was available from Louis in 10 but you could only use it in some texture that and we're already built in Lumen Library. From the version 10.3. You can apply displacement, texture for any material that you would like toa import. So this is very nice feature, and the displacement will make that your texture. We look more and more realistic. So as you can see, we have free different type off texture that will get the death to our Ah, so we have a bump, which is not available in Lou Ian. But he takes this in any other software like Forget do Marks Blender, Maya score even in sketch up in Lou Ian, we have displacement and normal, and the different between displacement and normal is that the normal will only create the depth for the render. But the displacement will also modify in the physical elements that you created in your software and off course. The mind different is also that displacement is very, very, very a resource is consumptive, so it's mean that you need to have really good computer toe render everything that is generated by a displacement small. What's What's more, you can see that bomb up and displacements are very similar and sometimes it is very hard to find out which one is switched on and we're toe boot each offered this month. Sometimes it is also very often that you can find that one texture and the same texture is applied toe bumper modifier or sometimes toe displacement. Modify because, as I said, those texture are very similar, so you can apply it or toe displace man or toe bump. But off course during the render, it issues different if you use on the bump or on the displacement, because, as I also said, those mops displacements are vory PC consumptive. Okay, so this time to better present how the texture are used to create material in computer graphics, I will use Freddie's to you months, the example on very because those off to work is more advanced than union. But the method off war keys almost the same difference. There is only one different that these do marks, allowing toe act more and more difference texture to get and better find out Materia. So I have some plainness fricassee with some light source, the same you can doing union and after render on the right side, you can see that the plane is straight without and death, any texture, any material. So the first picture that I would like to apply to my plain ease displacement mostly with the short name as a death so you can apply for K A k a. K will be better. But of course it would be more PC and resource is consumptive. So, as you can see, after I applied the displacement, you can see that my texture has been also modified in the bar below. You can see that there is surrender image and its takes more and more longer than without and destruction. So this is what I told you can just apply the discretion to modify the plane and we have also hear the value toe radios or increase the death. The same is in blue. We decide where you can increase or decrease the death, so it's mean that you will get the higher peak or the lower in your and finally render and off course. What I mentioned. The texture for the displacement is also with the gray scale. OK, but as we know, the displacement is not only the one picture that issues right now, I will use the roughness and I will apply this texture, which is very similar to displacement Bats, has more exposure color, and this would make that with the roughness will get more imperfection for our texture, and this is one off. Also very often news texture in more advanced graphic. And this is what you can use to create really nice looking material. And in Ludhiana dysfunction escort really So where you increase or decrease the relief. So it means that you also do something like increase or degrees there roughness. The next two texture is gloss and high close, and those are similar toe close and reflectivity in looming. So in this example, I will mix both off those texture high gloss and nose, and I will connect them to my mind as a ref elect mop. So if I will decrease or increase the glossy in the reflectivity in Logan, this mean that I changed those texture also and in other software. So they're very similar in work. Okay. And the next one is bump, so I already have applied displacement. But I will also add the bump and this will look that my death will be much smooth for so if I want to add more small for my displacement. I came at the pump as I told you the bump up. It's not a variable in human, my being future and there would be some possibility with the material. But I must mention that toe. See FX from our bump, we need to as, um our view. So mostly in linen, you create exterior or interior. You don't focus on one elements, so you don't need such a zone. This is why probably the bump texture is still not available in Lumia. Okay. And right now you can see the example on Lee with the bump applied so you can see that we have this death. But it is very, very small. It's only give you Sam Contour, Onley toe our final render. This is why this render we've bomp or with normal he's very fast. And if we only applied the displacements, it's will give more that to our texture and this depth make that the render will take much longer. And this is the mind difference between beaten happened mama and normal and to compare it with displacements, okay. And the last texture off course is the diffuse or normal texture that we apply in Luton, and the last texture is mostly called color or diffuse, or sometimes there are so called albedo. A albedo is the new format. It is mostly toe mostly use with. The people are material with me in physical based material, and the practical difference is that albedo maps are the pure color. Often object, while diffuse is both color as well as shaded with some diffuse lighting. A PPR material are steer not available in German. Maybe in future they will be, and there would be possible to add them. But you must know that people are material are very expensive and they take a lot off size on your PC. Okay, so right now you can see that I applied the diffuse texture and mop, and this is how our final render it looked like. So, as you can see, there is no physically any death, any materials like leaves or the muddy. And there was only the Blaine and on my physical camera in three D Spice in three D Studio Max. But after applying a lot off different structure I create, and some on grounds that look really, really realistic and what is the most important has death. Okay, so right now, with the lightness, I can increase the brightness and contrast introduced with your marks. It is the same option in aluminum escort colorized. So if you just change coral, right? So it's me that change the brightness and contrast in more advanced program. Like pretty secure marks, I can separately change the brightness and contrast in Lieu Me on. You can only use colorize toe change the color off any texture. So this is how the texture are built in more advanced software like released to do marks Meyer and the same workflow is also used in bloomin. But we cannot at so many different texture. And this is what we have. Huge difference between the final render in Maya blender and free studio Max to compare it with, for example, looming or even a twin motion. So those softer like women into motion are very helpful and very fast to render. But off course, you can see we cannot apply so many materials. So this is why sometimes it is very hard to get realistic. Final render. Okay, so this is everything about the more advanced texture and how they are built 4. Create Displacement Map: Okay, so in this part, I'm gonna show you how to very fast create any displacements texture for your project. So to do this, I reuse the other be Photoshopped and I will apply the standard diffuse texture that you could see in the lesson before. So after we apply it, remember toe double click on this new layer toe Look it And the first we need toe descent right on the image. So we are going toe image adjustment and descent rate so we can also heat the on keyboard shift control. And you So this is the first step that we need to create two d separate our image. The next one is we need to add some adjustments so we can click on this stop on the right side and we need toe select levers. Exactly. This'll icon. And to do this to create the contrast, mostly we need to decrease the value on both extremity on the left side, on on the right side and maybe something like this, because we need to get the exactly different bits between the beak and lower area. Okay, so the next address mint is the brightness and contrast for further and finish enchantment , so this time will increase the brightness but will reduce the contrast between them because we have a lot off small details elements. So we need to also remove them by applied the filter blue and gauzy, so by increase it will remove the edges on all of those small details objects, so it would be easier it to apply. Also, apply on this texture in tow. Our objects. You can also at some customs Russia's shape and size if you need more adjustments. But you must remember that you can only use black and white and use their hardness. So, for example, by just burn the edges will tell our future objects that here we will get less that so it's will be more flood. And so right now we are almost ready and we can off course applied those texture toe our objects in London or in any other Freedy and software. So this is how we create the displacement. Okay, so I hope you enjoy about this part about this loom Jahn then point free and we will see in the next classes