Luminous Watercolor Mixing: No more mud | Kate Amedeo | Skillshare

Luminous Watercolor Mixing: No more mud

Kate Amedeo, Artist & Illustrator

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10 Videos (35m)
    • Intro to luminous watercolor mixing

    • Primary colors

    • Secondary colors

    • Tertiary colors

    • Mixing Blacks

    • Browns from blues and orange

    • Browns from reds and green

    • Browns from yellows and violet

    • Mixing out of the triangle and extended color palettes

    • Your project


About This Class

Welcome to Luminous Watercolors Color Mixing class. I’m Kate Amedeo and in this class, we will create our own unique color wheel and learn how to consistently mix vibrant colors from our limited palette. We will talk about what primaries and split primaries are, how to mix secondary colors and what complementary colors are and why temperature matters so much when mixing our watercolors.

By the end of the class, you will create a 15-color color wheel based on your favorite colors.

If you are tired of dull muddy mixes then this class is for you! So grab your brush and watercolors and let’s start!

I want to say one more thing, I love the book Exploring Color Workshop by Nita Leland. It has taught me very much and if you'd like to dive into the color mixing I would strongly suggest you get your hands on a copy! :)

P.S. I hope you find this class useful and have as much fun mixing colors as I do because sometimes it's not the painting that matters it's the process.

Here is a free access link to the class!





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Kate Amedeo

Artist & Illustrator

Hi there! I'm Kate and I am an artist and an illustrator (and a mom of a wonderful 2-year-old). I live and work in Cornwall, UK. 

When I was very young I went to art school but did not finish it as I got really tired of everyone telling me what 'the right way' to do things is. I believe that in art there is no right or wrong :)

I returned to drawing and then painting after I started having problems with my health. Right after I gave birth to my daughter I was in pai...

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