Luminous Watercolor Florals - Cherry Blossoms for Beginners

Trupti Karjinni, Artist, paintmaker, cat mom

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9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. What's this Class About?

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Color Palette

    • 4. Brushstrokes and Petals

    • 5. Petals to Blossoms

    • 6. Blossoms to Branches 1

    • 7. Blossoms to Branches 2

    • 8. Finishing Touches

    • 9. Your Turn!

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About This Class

Get ready for some therapeutic florals time! Together you and I will learn how to not only paint watercolor florals but to paint transparent, luminous loose flowers.

Quite often I see beginners (and the occasional experienced artist) struggle with how to use watercolors for what this medium is known for - it's transparency. So instead of capturing the delicate luminosity of florals, they end up making highly saturated florals that look "heavy", if you get what I mean.

If you ever wanted to learn how to paint glowing, delicate loose florals, this class is the one for you! We will learn how to get over our fear of adding WATER to WATERCOLORS and learn how to use the tints of a color to paint delicate cherry blossoms.

This class is for anyone who has struggled with florals ever (I know I did VEERRRYYYYY long time). At the end of this class, you'll be able to paint any florals in a luminous, transparent way.