Luminosity Masks: How to create and use Luminosity Masks in Photoshop. | DENIS LEMAY | Skillshare

Luminosity Masks: How to create and use Luminosity Masks in Photoshop.

DENIS LEMAY, Photographer

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4 Videos (56m)
    • Introduction

    • Creating Luminosity Masks

    • Digital Blending With Luminosity Masks

    • Making Adjustments Using Luminosity Masks


About This Class

Having Luminosity Masks as an action in your Photoshop arsenal, for precise selections within your image to make blended adjustments, along with digital blending with multiple images, is a valuable tool to have. This class incudes four segments: Introduction, Creating Luminosity Masks, How To Use Luminosity Masks In Photoshop, Digital Blending Using Luminosity Masks In Photoshop. You need to shoot raw to use Lumisosity Masks.

Check out my blog: Luminosity Masks

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Great class! I have been looking for information and courses for luminosity masks! A bit hard to follow at times, but I think that is probably my ear and your voice. Having taken some other classes about luminosity masks, yours is, far and away, much easier to duplicate and understand the process. One that I took was very mixed in with 'theory' and it was really hard to follow along with the steps and the other one was just vague and they seemed to assume more knowledge of everything. That being said, I can understand why that is. Most people interested in luminosity masking are not beginners. Looking forward to more!
Teresa Trimm

Get Healthy Again

I knew very little about luminosity masks, and this was a great next step for me. I learned a lot.








Denis G Lemay was brought up in a little coastal town of Biddeford Maine, served in Vietnam in 1968 in the army corps of engineer, then in 1971 went to school in NY to persue the field of professional photography, and relocated to a little Dutch town of Kutztown Pennsylvania where he owned and operated Rembrandt Studios in two different locations. In 1998 Denis relocated to Wilmington North Carolina where he now owns and operates Ocean...

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