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Lucrative Design Trend Forecasting for Creating High Demand Wall Art

teacher avatar Delores Naskrent, Creative Explorer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Intro Lucrative Trend Forecasting

    • 2. Overview, Inspiration and Examples

    • 3. Looking at Timeless Categories

    • 4. Abstract Art and Beyond

    • 5. Looking at Trends in Color

    • 6. The Project - A Gallery Wall Mockup

    • 7. Outro

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About This Class

Have you been wondering how to create home decor wall art that is sought after and in demand? Do you want to add to your income by producing gorgeous, large wall art pieces? This class will help you figure out a strategy for doing that…

In the mass market of wall art, being in the know on the latest trends is essential to staying relevant and up to date with our work. It is hard to ignore the trends we see running through modern new visual art work. There is a reason we see certain subject matter and themes become trendy.


For instance, there is a current trend of alcohol ink and marbling, a very sensual and organic art form surging in popularity right now. We are also seeing a huge movement in bold, expressive, textural and simple abstract art.


And what about color? It is hard to ignore what is currently “in style”.

I want to go over several of the trends I think can be long-term design shifts that will last not just for months, but for years to come. If you are a visual artist or photographer who has wondered how to transition from selling only through your POD sites, your personal retail store, your e-commerce site, galleries and art and craft shows and sales, this is the class for you.

Learn how to produce the type of work licensing agents are looking for. Help them make the deals you need to start profiting from the sale of your art on a mass scale.


Knowing the trends is important to build a successful body of artwork. It is good to be informed about the trends, but how can we research them?  Every year there are a variety of trends that emerge. There is something for everyone, and fads which last more than a year or two can become recognized as trends. Those which have lasted more than one year are those I focus on in this class. Every trend discussed in the class is backed up with examples and explanation.

Being a designer comes with an innate responsibility to be in the know of the latest creative developments, worldwide, as this directly affects our choice of products, colors and styles. My hope is that after seeing all the examples and explanations, you can better grasp how the trend will look on the art pieces you plan to produce. The focus for this class is mass appeal large wall art.

Are you primed to create artwork and paintings that will become wildly popular and help you build up revenue? That’s completely achievable once you’re able to forecast and research using the methods discussed in this class. It has worked for me, so why not you?

The key concepts I will include:

  • Review of my techniques and variables affecting today’s market
  • An overview of what is trending now in home décor artwork
  • Methods to predict color trends early
  • Approaches you can take in your creative work moving forward

This is a great course for you to take no matter what your purpose for the artwork you create. Start straight away, so you can be benefitting from your knowledge immediately in your art practice!


This short intro will give you an overview of the class.

Lesson 1: Inspiration, Examples and Overview

In this lesson, I will show you how I am inspired to create art for wall décor. I will show you what I get for inspiration from my licensing agent, what the publishers send out for inspiration, and how to search out trends that lead to both publishers and interior designers.

Lesson 2: Looking at Line Art and Statement Portraits

Here we will look at my work as it has evolved over the years and we will talk about three popular current categories, line art, statement portraits and botanicals.

Lesson 3: Abstract Art and Beyond

In this lesson, we will look at abstract art and talk about why it is an important and timeless trend. We will also discuss why we look at trends in general. Finally, we will look at specific trending artists to observe their techniques.

Lesson 4: Looking at Color Trends

Within this lesson, we will look at color trends and I will teach you how to find out about trends for this year and a peek at the future. This is a key skill so you can help yourself in the future.

Lesson 5: Project: A Gallery Wall Mockup

This is the project I suggest you do for fun as you begin your journey of looking at trends in wall art décor. I will walk you through all the steps and show you where you can find more reading material.


We will conclude everything in this lesson with a chat about next steps.

Concepts covered:

Concepts covered include but are not limited to trend hunting, trend spotting, color trends, style trends, home décor wall art styles, the importance of color in home décor, mockups, marketing your art, working with design supplements, finding online reference, Pantone Color predictions, using Shutterstock for color trend hunting

You will get the bonus of…

  • around an hour of direction from an instructor who has been in the graphic design business and education for over 40 years
  • knowledge of multiple ways to solve each design challenge
  • handouts explaining key concepts
  • a list of helpful online sites to further your education into surface pattern design.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Delores Naskrent

Creative Explorer


Hello, I'm Delores.  I'm excited to be here, teaching what I love! I was an art educator for 30 years, teaching graphic design, fine art, and theatrical design and video production. My education took place at college and university, in Manitoba, Canada, and has been honed through decades of graphic design experience and my work as a professional artist, which I have done for over 40 years (eeek!). In the last 15 years I have been involved in art licensing with contracts from Russ, Artwall, Studio El, Trends, Metaverse and more.

My work ranges through acrylic paint, ink, marker, collage, pastels, pencil crayon, watercolour, and digital illustration and provides many ready paths of self-expression. Once complete, I use this art for pattern design, greet... See full profile

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1. Intro Lucrative Trend Forecasting: guys. Thanks for stopping by. My name's Delores NASCAR. I have been an artist for over 40 years. I was. One of the things I've been doing in the last 10 years has been to produce really large wall art pieces. There has been a definite change in the way people by art for their homes, and this is what a things that has become a really important part of my income. You probably could remember your mom or your grandma having the same art in their homes for 40 years, right? So what's changed in this industry is that now art is being mass produced. Nowadays, people can change the artwork in their home, and it's because it has become a lot more attainable and a lot more available. So that's good for a person like me who is pretty soon this kind of art. There's nothing more personal and authentic than the art that we select for our homes. It's all part of being an individual. Our homes are a sanctuaries, and we want our art to be just right and set a mood that is just so. That's why wall art has become so mainstream and you've seen the rise of sites like Society six, Red Bubble and Canada here, part of where gone are the days where you pic no art, and that was the art that you have until the end of time in your home. Now we can buy affordable urge. We can change it up, and we're buying art from the artist that we love. Let's hope that you or me, right that gives artists a lot of freedom, but kind of a lot of responsibility to. It's important that we as artists are able Teoh Fitch the trends that people are looking for currently that fit their decor. That fit the mood that they're trying to portray as artists. We need to complement the trends and fit a certain niche. Luckily, consumers are buying lots of different art for their home, and they're willing to change it up every couple of years in this US I want army with all the knowledge necessary to fill the current trends or to fit with the current trends. I want to show you this for 2020 but I also want you to have the skills and you can use the skills year after year I'm gonna show you exactly where to look. It's important for you to have an awareness of all the trends because they affect absolutely everything that is visual. From surfaces to wall art. Teoh fashion Each industry affects the trends one way or another. I'm sure you want to be very successful with Waller that you produce. You definitely want your art to appeal to a large majority of people out there. You can start by visiting the retail outlets that sell your kind of product like WalMart Target, possibly winners. Or you could do this research online. Check out the websites I mentioned, like Society six and Red Bubble or waker is a good place to start. Home Depot has a great art selection. You can check places like Overstock dot com. All of these retailers sell mass produced artwork. What you need to dio is try to figure out what's going to be on trend next year. It's really need to look at how the trends have changed the last few years. That can give you some clues. If you can predict what the next big trend is going to be, then you'll be a successful as people like Tom Reeves or Isabella Z. We'll take a look at their work a little bit later on in the course. All right, so what you're gonna do with me in this course is take a look at the contemporary styles that are out there right now and take a look at color and a few other influences. And soon you'll see a pattern for the kind of work that is being produced right now. Are you ready to get started? All right, let's movinto less what? 2. Overview, Inspiration and Examples: Hi, guys. Welcome to lesson one. In this lesson, I'm gonna show you how I get inspired to produce the work that I do. I'm gonna show you what the publishers send out for inspiration, and I'm gonna show you how to find this kind of inspiration online. So we're gonna focus on transporting more to talk about buyers of canvas art. Though our buyers choose affordable art prints created by illustrators like us or able to fill in ish and work with the trends, We're gonna take a look at what's hot and what's not. What are the current art Trans here in 2020 and beyond. I won't necessarily be covering things that I do. This particular style of art is not something that I dio, but I want to put it out there because these are the kind of things that clients are looking for When I'm about to start on a Siri's. I am sent document by my agent. He says he's to us all the time, and these were sent out by the different companies that produce and distribute our work. So this one here is from P. I creative. This is I think this was in 2019 June of 2019. This was kind of look that was out there. This is what they were looking for. So this would be something that would have been inspiration for me to look at and get ideas from. I could draw inspiration from the style of the colors. Basically, just going through these gives you the feeling that they know that they're selling and the kind of thing that we know we have to produce. Nature is, of course, one of the biggest selling, all time trends for Wal Mart, and we're still seeing that that is something I could still produce and still sell. And, of course, there's the subcategory of botanical. If you do a search for botanicals, you'll see tons and tons of reference there. And from these companies like P I creative, you'll see botanicals here still figuring quite prominently into the trends. I like these documents because they give you kind of a story, and this story is lovely, bringing you contemporary color stories, friend driven collections and perfectly composed gallery walls to inspire you to curate your own collection. The perfect piece is all set and waiting for you So I flipped through this and I take a look at the colors, the styles, and one of the things that seems to NGO over the years is a line art technique. So in every one of these or many of these, you will see lying art featured quite prominently. So as an artist, I take all these things into consideration, and I'm seeing that Leinart here again, this something that can be presented in so many different ways. There's plenty of white or white space negative space on most of them, and I will show you some examples that I found just by doing a quick search online. So what I entered in my search field here was Wall Art Leinart. So here you can see quite a range. What we're seeing now in 2020 is a lot of statement. Portrait's like this. And of course, nature always sneaks its way in there. So if that's your jam, then by all means you can still be producing and submitting this kind of design, and you could be sure that a company like P I creative is going to be looking and supplying that kind of work to their customers. This is a piece I found on society. Six. That's August Lee. Something that's still on trend will something that you could still consider doing. The other category I mentioned was thes statement or trick. So here you see many different ideas for her statement. Portrait's I love this one. I think this is very trendy. This is something that you're seeing from the difference Canvas art suppliers and P O. D. Sites. Now bold abstracts. This is the category that I mainly provide art for. I work in the field. I guess you'd say there are some examples of my work. This one is sold through a company called Arch on Tile. So these air tile backsplashes that people can buy and put into their kitchens, for example, behind a stove or something. Here I am on Overstock dot com, and all of these are large statement pieces and sets. They also sell wallpaper and many other products. So this is my category that I mainly try to work with. So what I would dio I'm about to send through a bunch of artwork to my agent, and what I would do is go through these and find all of the pieces that I think are the category that I want to produce And I would take a look at them. I'm gonna look at the most recent one here that I got. This was the best sellers sent out by world art groups. The world are grooves. Ah, Candice Company that does sell my work and take a look through these. So these would be the kind of things that would be my inspiration and her I would try to figure out what color schemes are trending and what I want Teoh work with. So I'm currently working on a series that are, like, Alcohol Inc or Marbling. I'm going to show you that in an upcoming lesson, and I'll show you the kind of inspiration that I would look at something like them marbling or alcohol in cart that you're starting to see right now. So I'll show you a little bit of that. But later on a couple of places that I would go look at and starting or looking for inspiration. One of them is this canvas site, and of course, they always have the categories here that you can look through the God is one of the companies that has purchased work of mine in the past. So I like looking at these and they've got these inspirational articles as well. So this is supposed on their site. This was the 2019 art trends. You can look up 2020 2021 whichever you're working towards. And, you know, check out the trends that they're talking about here. So they've got to new neutrals. So it looks like any colors that are very de saturated are considered neutrals, living coral, the dark side onto earth. Art Deco revival, oversized art. Love that, and a navy and kind of looks, iconic artists and painterly abstracts and so on. So that was there. 2019 are trends that see if there's anything on 2020 art trends and go back to my Google search. So much reference here. This was just a Google search. I did, and here comes the Leinart again in the botanical maps, definitely seeing a lot of maps. Japanese inspired arch Audie inspired arch edgy curves, lots and lots of curves and circles. Like I said, if you are looking for reference or a starting point, this is all you need to do is look up. Current trends in Waller go back in the day before the injured I would have done is looked at all the latest publications My go to was Always Communication Arts magazine. I would go and flip through that slowly, sketchbook in hand, just trying to be inspired with what I saw in the pages. Now finding this kind of reference in this kind of inspiration is a lot easier, and every year it changes. But every year there are styles that endure the challenge for you. It's figuring out exactly how to make that look current and trendy. All right, so in the next lesson, what I want to do is go through and show you, Ah, couple more of the popular groups and then we're gonna break it down. I'll tell you why some of those still work in today's market and what kind of work you can focus on and how to make your work fit the trends. I'll see you in the next lesson 3. Looking at Timeless Categories: Hi, guys. Welcome to lessen too. So I'm gonna show you hear my work over the last few years for large wall art pieces, and I'm gonna show you a couple of the main categories that are out there and are really timeless. All right, let's get started. So I thought I would just give you a quick scroll through my portfolio of art. As it has evolved over the last, I'd say probably 10 years. They can see here all kinds of different trends that you have seen in this. Like I said in this past 10 years, it's past decade. These are different things that I produced based on whatever was trending at the time. So you could see here tons and tons of florals on back up here. These bold abstract pieces, for example, this Siri's here was one that was picked up by studio El Onda. If you search out my name there, you'll see the pieces that they had taken at that time. I think that's about five years ago, but you can see that I've covered all kinds of different stuff over the years, and that's one of the things as you get older I mean, I've been in business inducing graphic design for most of 40 years and illustrating and doing this kind of work for probably at least 20 of them. And I have tried many different things, and that's pretty common when it comes to graphic designers. And while arch designers, you know, you pick up whatever's going on at that time and you try to produce work that will sell at that time. So we not be something that you continue to do forever. It could be something that was very trendy at the time, so not that long ago. And it's still actually quite current, and something you see out there is this kind of word art with weathered wood in the background. And everybody, I'm sure, could still remember this watercolor kind of work because it is still out there and being sold a lot of these, I still see out there and again a lot more geometrics, Cesaire getting or in more recent, as a work my way down the list here, and then you see this sort of line of mid century modern inspired artwork that I did, and that is still something that is selling out there. These pieces here are still currently on the market. Recently. Got a contract that took a few of these pieces here. These sort of botanical inspired collages. I guess you'd say they're all different pages there. Parts of some of the journal art that I do. And I put it all together and created these large art pieces 48 by 32. As you could see here, it's common size that I work with 48 by 32 again, some more water color kind of looks these I've sold a Lache. So that would be this sort of a look here. That's something that's been a very good seller for me. And then now we're getting closer to the kind of art that I'm doing now, which is a lot of old abstract pieces. So these were all done very recently, and the moment I sent them in, I got a contract for them. So that's something that is very, very current. And I worked with current trending color schemes and we're gonna talk a little bit about that later on. This is the work that I am currently do end. I have a bunch of these ready to go? But then I've also switched and am doing. Like I said that sort of what you call alcohol ink kind of art and marbling. So these are current pieces. And if you were in my last class, I show you how to produce these digitally. That might be something you'd be interested. I got a whole bunch more of these on the go. I am submitting about 30 of these on, and I'm working in the categories of color that are currently trending. We'll talk a little bit more about that as this class proceeds. All right, so let's just have a quick look again at those different art trends, and we'll talk about why each of them it's still working at this time in this market. At that Leinart again, I see this kind of work here. I think I would even consider this kind of a Leinart technique with this black background and here two or three other ones that are featured in this world group Bestsellers document . I did a search online and you know, there's all of this stuff, which we kind of went over in the last lesson, and I think the reason it works so well is that the raw simplicity of this look. It's freedom to experiment with interior style so it can work with minimalist styles, eclectic styles. Almost any inter decor style will work with this. Leinart. You could say that these have been inspired by the likes of Matisse or Picasso, and I think that they will endure many, many years to come, if not forever. I am going to search out Picasso Wall art. This one here is probably one of the most recognised of Picasso's line Our cheeses. I went to a gallery showing off because it's work in Vancouver BC many years ago, and I saw many of his pieces. He did hundreds of line art pieces such as this, So I think it is definitely something that will endure forever. And let's try peace, because he is also incredibly famous for hiss wool art. Here's some Picasso course, which is something that will never stop seeing this this kind of a style from Matisse. Many artists today are still working in this style, so it's something that you could be sure if you produce this kind of work, you will be able to sell it. Next, we'll take a look at statement. Portrait's statement portrait. It's are beautifully styled, really strong pieces of artwork. The fearless faces speak about emotions and human connection. I think that's why they will always be central and available on campus. Arch styles changed, no doubt about it. But I would think that if this is the kind of work that you like to do, then look at what is trending Now what you see out there, what you see being produced. It's a very, very popular style. Right now I see this on every P O. D. Site. Look for some really strong examples and infuse your own originality into it. There are a lot of really great new looks that are out there, and you can add to that I producing something super unusual and very unique. That really speaks to your style. Now, botanical art is also a category that endures forever. Honestly, this is just a quick search that I did for 2020 wall art, botanical wall art. And if we were to look back at those documents from some of the wall art suppliers, this is the one from P. I creative scroll more than one or two pages to find botanicals. So that's something that you can always worry us and create. What I see when I'm observing these kind of botanicals is just the new kind of looks that are out there, things that have been done recently that are very different than what's been done in the past. So that would be the key is finding a way to represent botanicals in your style. The next category I want to discuss is old abstract styles, but there's so much to cover here that I'm going to leave that to the next lesson, so I will meet you there. 4. Abstract Art and Beyond: hi guys. Welcome to less than three. So those two categories were interesting. More they. So in this lesson, I wanna go through and take a look at abstract art that's trending right now. Let's get started. So what is abstract er and why is it still so trendy? Abstract art could be almost anything you want it to be. The main thing is creating a statement. It is art that doesn't attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality, but instead it uses shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. Let's take a look at the main current abstract art trends that we're seeing out there. Abstract Expressionism, minimalist, abstract, abstract, Florida botanical, geometric landscapes, abstract watercolor, which is super popular right now. Abstract maps and photography to kind of specialty groups. And then you see a lot of black and white abstracts right now, and blue abstracts are super hot because, of course, everyone knows blue was the hand tone color of the year, the kind of abstract that I create. I do a lot of these black and white ones, and I've done a lot of these geometric caps, tracks these air considered minimalist abstracts, and you can see there are many, many different styles. The reason that abstracts are so popular right now is that they use a lot of negative space . And the bold abstract art combines different shapes and colors to create a tactile, loud statement from dramatic street art inspired shapes and colors all the way to soft feminine marks. NGO metrics many of these air reminiscent of florals that they just aren't quite florals. The beauty of abstract art is that it can really tie together all kinds of different aspects of home decor. You could have a lot of stuff going on in your room with your fabrics and finishes. And then having a bold abstract piece is what brings it all together color walking like this, like this. And even this this kind of art is perfect for bringing visual stillness to a room. It marries a throwback culture with the contemporary aesthetic to create an impressive modern look that was very common themes shapes, and we're seeing a lot of this sort of geometric with metallic trim. Look, right now, I've been planning a class where we find the marble and alcoholic textures with geometric patterns like this pulled abstracts just look great on large size canvas and within gallery walls. So if you do a gallery wall type of look like I showed you here abstracts Mary well with other techniques. And that's what I'm loving about thes gallery walls now is this eclectic sort of look. You may be watching this for just kind of general information about how to spot trends, and I know you probably have your own distinct style. I want to take you through a quick walk of looking at some very popular and specific designers and their look so one of the things that you can dio when you are doing your research. Let's take a book like this, for example, a supplement that has been sent or that you have found online with ideas and these air quite current. These were just the fall of 2019 so these are probably items that you're seeing in the stores and online and available right now. And let's just say you are interested in new saying one of these styles. Let's start at the top here and let's take a look at one of the first categories so This is a beautiful color scheme that is very current, has become one of the very hot and trending color schemes. Take a look at the names of the artists that you find that are doing this kind of work. So these two artists, Tom Rees and Isabel Z, I see in these supplements all the time. What I would do is go to my browser, and then I would start looking up these particular artists. So this artist Tom Reeves, has been around for quite some time, and as you scroll through his work, you know how hard on we want to go here. But you can see the kind of style and the kind of work that he has produced over the years . You go to tools and size large, and you will find nice big thumbnails to take a look at here. Take a look at the style and how he's putting these together. He's a popular artist for a reason, so it's really good to do this kind of research to see what is out there and being sold. Another popular artist is is a Bill Z to take a look at Isabel's E. I've already got large specified here. And let's take a quick look at her work so you can see that she is until she's a very versatile artist. Has the kind of work ranges from these abstract landscapes to geometrics, florals, map arch, abstract watercolor with foil trim. Quite the range. Let's see who else we confined here if you're into florals and abstracted florals. Asia Jensen is very popular, so let's check her out to What you're doing is research. I'm not proposing that you copy any of these artists, but knowing what is out there and trending is a really good way. Teoh. Narrow down the kind of stuff that you would be submitting. I love this work by Nathaniel. Neither is collage type pieces. I am going to specify abstract, and you can see some of those fabulous work that he's done. I absolutely love this piece, and there's many more of this kind of thing if you really take a good look for this particular artist. Another favorite of mine is Jane Davies, also a super popular technique super popular style. There she is in her studio does the kind of thing that you would do for research when you are presented with this sort of a document from your agent, especially if you are an artist like me who's very versatile, who's tried just about everything over the course of 2030 or 40 years, and you're just looking at what is out there and what is being sold. What should I focus on? So I have poured over these and I have a very good idea what I'm going to be presenting this year. Like I said, I'm starting with that kind of abstracted marble arch for my next Siri's. I'm gonna wrap up this lesson and I'll see you in the next one bye for now. 5. Looking at Trends in Color: Hi, guys. Welcome to lessen. For So in this lesson, we're gonna take a really good look at color. And I'm gonna show you where you confined color Resource is online. Whether you work with an agent or not, you're gonna be able to find these color trends this year and every year. Let's get started. Okay, so we have covered a lot of the design and art trends that are happening. Currently in this early 2020 season, I haven't really talked too much about color. I wanted to just kind of touch on how I go about researching this. As you can see here in my search bar, I have typed in color transit. Home decor are 2020 and you can see there's a lot of articles that come up here a lot of reference that you can use, and I'm gonna talk to you about the two main ones that I use. But first, let's just take a quick clip through these, and it's very quick for you to see some of these colors that are currently trending. And I see a lot of blue, quite a lot of yellow. So back to the inspirational supplements You can definitely see colors that are very trendy and current, and they fall very similarly to the search that I did. It's now of general color trends in wall decor. Now, I mentioned earlier color forecasting by Pantone's. So let's take a look at that. Gonna look at the Pantone color forecast for 2020 and specifically what I have searched out here is Wal Mart color trends. Okay, so once you get to the Pantone site, just hit their little search here and type in color of the year 2020. And all of these different articles come up. I'm gonna check out this one here. Then you can read all this cool information about color of the year. This is a fun site to actually explore a little. You can go into a lot of these different categories here. And I went Teoh the shot. I went to trend forecasting and this even has home and interiors 2021 book with papers, watches. So already they're working into the year 2021. So it's kind of fun to explore these sort of sites and see what they have to offer. If you register here, you can also get emails from them. You can also join their mailing lists, and they will send you periodic emails. And I like them because the LA times they're full of really great information. That helps me with my decor kind of art that I produce. And for forecasting what might be coming down the line for color trends. My suggestion to you is to go through and find some very who'll examples here online and perhaps, visit one or two of these sites and use them to help you shoes colors for your current collection. There's so much reference out there for color and current color trends that you shouldn't have any problem finding some really good reference. This is a great color scheme. I love this one. This is something that you see a lot right now, and another way to checking out would be to go to shutter stock. I like going to the shutter stock blawg because here they have a ton of inspiration for you with the color friends, for example. Let's take a look at this one now. There's lots of wonderful reading material here, and great ideas and just looking at these pictures fires me. How don't know about you, But look at this great color scheme you could take This color scheme creates, um graphic while our TV, some geometrics use this exact palette and, you know, it would be something that would sell well at this time. This is a color scheme that you saw in the work that I showed you off my marble and foil kind of artwork that you see here. I've actually got least half a dozen of those created in this particular art style. And then I have used this color to produce these pieces, which I have sent off and have already sold this year. So that is something that's currently trending end. From what my agent tells me, this is a color that the companies that sell my product sell My artwork can't get enough. So I'm gonna focus on this color scheme for a lot of my upcoming work. Now, another place that I sell here is Society six. And what I really like about going to society six itself is that you can search out wall art using the popular parameter, and you can see what selling right now I'm going to use canvas prints and I am going to sort by popular and just a quick scroll through this and show you art that is really trending. Right now, these are the top sellers on the society six site and just by scrolling through this is very quick for you to see that color plays an important role and that there are certain color schemes that seem to be trendy right now. You could narrow your search. I think something like geometric and again you're seeing not only popular art styles there in that category that we talked about the geo metrics and again you can see the colors that are really trending. Right now, I'm seeing a lot of this sort of a caramel brown color, a lot of blue and basically everything that we looked at in this document that was sent to me by my agent. So they have already categorize those and provided color palettes. Here is the one with the caramel and you often see soft turquoise with this. This is a really nice soft color green and blue and gold palette. This is bright, very neutral, and yet still in keeping with the other color schemes that we saw still get the soft greens and blues. You still get that caramel in there. This is the indigo, which I think is definitely influenced by a Pantone's color of the year. You see a lot of that. So, yeah, interesting how the supplements and the resource material sent to us as artists reflect the current color trends, Don't you think again, The caramel that ray blue little bit of that great green, soft kind of a minty greens age and a blush pink basically the same thing. Combining different ways. Sweetened soft blues and greens. Asia's same colors just a deeper one of each of those colors and again a little bit more vivid but still in keeping with the same soft greens, soft blues and beiges. And I would suggest you go to this site definitely P I creative website, because that's another spot that I go to Teoh. See what's currently trending, and they have this category here with color ways, and you can flip through and get a really good idea of what's current and trending there. If there's something you particularly want to work with, you can actually denote by that particular color. So let's say you wanted to work with the blue. You will get a huge selection of different types of blues to look at. So that's my advice on trying to suss out what the best color trends to work with our. And like I said, I get sent these creative brief spy by agent. But even if you're not working with an agent, you could do this kind of research on your own. You really should find the information so readily. So I'm gonna be cheating next lesson. And there were going to talk about, I think would be a great project for you as you start into your wall art production. 6. The Project - A Gallery Wall Mockup: you guys welcome to less than five. So it's trying to think of a good project that you could do to reinforce some of stuff that you've learned in this class. And I thought of a mood board as one of the projects, and that's definitely something you could still explore. But I think what would be more fun would be to put together this sort of a gallery wall of a bunch of your own work, or possibly just example that you have sourced online. I'm gonna walk you through the steps that I took to create this gallery wall. I kind of have an ulterior motive here because my next step is going to be to produce this kind of a look book showing interiors, combining many of my artworks in the last few years and bring them all together in a gallery. Well, that works based on color, technique and style. If you wanted to do a little bit of research before starting out, I really love the blawg on Society six, where I just searched out gallery wall and a ton of articles came up. So I think these air be a really good read for you both in helping you produce this project . And also in just general information about how people choose while art for a gallery while how they put it together, ways to save money, doing it all, that kind of thing. My next move was searching for a really nice mock up. So I went here to create a market, and I did a search just based on a gallery wall mall cops here and the one that I ended up choosing was this one here, and I've purchased Julia mockups before and I find them really easy to work with. So that's the one that I ended up choosing so top over to four to shop here and you'll see my finished wall. So I think what we could do right now is I could help you by just showing your real quick how I went about using this mock up. So what I like a boat Julius mock ups is that she's usually got a ton of variety in here. So if I was to turn off the whole frames layer and see the blank wall there and there were several choices so you could have a blue green a lovely read, a nice, soft white or neutral or a yellow living room. Kind of funny how all of these mock ups reflect the current color trends that we've been talking about. Hate. So, of course, I ended up using this kind of soft blue high, those other two and then in the Frames folder, So she's got a huge variety of shapes and sizes. It opened up a couple more for you to look at Here are not the ones I'm using, and you could see that there is a really huge selection of different shapes and sizes. It's easy to move them around. You can if you do auto select. You can move one frame at a time when auto select by layer. So just indicate that you want to do that here and position it wherever you want. I like having my smart guides on because it made it easier for me. Teoh end up with a really pleasing way out, as you can see as you're moving around the individual elements. If you've got your smart guides on, you get help in doing this positioning. You could have them line up really nicely. So to use the actual mart objects you'll see here in the layers palette. She's air all smart objects, and what that means is that you can double click on that particular smart object here in the layers palette, and it will open up the Associated PSB file. Now these were two layers or two files deed, and by that I mean that in some cases the artwork is a second smart object. Let me open one that still is here. Let's try this one. And this one is an example of another smart object embedded in the document, and you come across that you just need to double click on it when you are in the document, and it will take you to the Associated PSB file. So my next step was to just open up artwork that I thought worked with that particular color trends that I was working on. So I went to my main file for my thumbnails, and sometimes it's easier to just look at them as icons, so you can quickly see the colors or the artworks to get an idea whether or not they'll work with your layout so you could see this color scheme that I was working with, Probably any of these kind of softer feel colored images would work. I think this is the one that I use is the main image yet. So let's try. Maybe this one here. I'm gonna grab this once. I think I can cross this one to work in that critical sort of a layout copy and then go to the PSB file and paste. I'm going to enlarge edge and move it around till I find a spot that I think works well in that crop. Once I save, it will update the PSB file, which I'm also gonna save. And when I go back to my mockups, the new images in there, that works pretty good with this color scheme. And I think I would go through and do that, probably finding several that would work but so many years of work. That's pretty easy for me to find things that can coordinate together. And I think that's what I would do and go through when I'm making ages. For my look book, I would possibly go into the difference colored background layouts and then coordinate prints to go with it. So in a case like this where I'm working with yellow. Then I waited. Switch out. Just switch over this one. Find double click on the smart object. Let me open up and find something that works with the yellow. Go back a little bit further in my work. Let's see how this one looks and you can decide whether or not you want to have it fits within your frame. How exactly you want to work it? Like I said, this is that this could be a two part. I'm gonna actually go into the PSB for the matted print, save it, save the actual main PSB and then go back to my walk up and check it out. So I probably go. It'd change a bunch of these other ones, too, to make them work. But that's basically the steps I would take. And it won't take me long to get enough together to create a look book. And I think this will be fun for you because it makes you stop and think about what kind of things work, what the trends are, what can be put together. What styles work well together. All the kind of things that are probably important to buyers out there who are looking to purchase works like what you are producing. So it's just a great fun exercise. So good luck with that. And please post anything that you've created. I would just love to see it, so I will see you in the next lesson. 7. Outro: in this lesson, I think I just want to talk about using your powers of observation, but I won't leave you with a couple of other methods. My favorite takes you back to society. Six. In their blawg. I've put a link in the project page. A link will take it to this page, and if you type in 2020 here, you'll get really relevant information that's basically just come up since the beginning of this year. What I really like to go to is thes creative briefs. If you were to click on this creative brief here, you'll get some really key things that a site light Society six is looking at. And, of course, that's really relevant to you. If what you want to do is create all art that's very trendy, it's a lot of information about color schemes, and you can see that That's a lot of stuff that we talked about throughout this class styles a light looking at this category. This was pretty cool. And yeah, if you look at something like this with the search terms, these are things that people are specifically looking at on this site. But I think it could be a really good clue for you. Also, the kind of subject matter people are looking for now. Check this out. They took a deep dive into the numbers, and these are search terms that people have been looking for. So had to laugh at this one. Trippy and you've got examples, so it's kind of neat. I really think that this is probably gonna be one of your best resource is here, so I definitely suggest that you check this one out, maybe start creating some mood boards. Follow some creative people on Instagram like Behan's as well. That's the adobe one and then take classes about designs really cool to learn about pattern and color. Like I said, go into sites like Red Bobble in Society. Six. Check and see what's new and what's popular. And then, of course, it just it retailers that you're interested in because of my recent experiences decorating my home in Florida. I found it very interesting going into places like big lots and pure one, and another one called Tuesday morning. So those were three that you could check out really obvious to see that a year ago or two years ago when these retailers were creating the theme, they shopped and found artwork by artists that fit the exact Colors game they wanted the exact style, the exact subject matter. The really key thing is to be observant. All of this can feed into your creative process. There's nothing wrong with looking at what's out there and been trying. Teoh hold your work to fit that particular category you're not copying. What you're doing is being influenced by what you see out there, and that is just something that as crucial artists we do. You don't have to be the number one trendsetter, but you have to be aware of what's out there and what people are buying in order to produce a product that's really relevant. That will be popular that will sell. So that is something that will eventually translate into dollars into your pocket, right? I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my whole class and to listen to my ideas. There's a lot of information out there. I recommend that you do out of searching and a lot of reading to kind of try to predict the trends that might be coming down. The line. Take a look at your favorite artists. What are they doing? What kind of work do you like? And what do you think you'd like to have in your home next year or in two years? Take a look at everything from home to court to fabrics to fashion, and you might be able to predict the next big hot item out there. I really wish you luck. My idea for a class project here is for you to create a mood board. That kind of reflects what's going on in your head right now. Finds and colors that you like, find a whole bunch of different support material and decide on maybe a direction for your next project. I'd love to see you share your mood boards and give other people ideas. And if you post anything on social media, please share. I'd love to see it. If you have a second, can you leave a review for this class? I have lots and lots of ideas for classes, so please follow me up here. You'll get my latest information. Also check out my stores on Society six and Red Bubble, one of things that's really fun to for yourself is to set up your store and start posting some of your art. There's nothing more gratifying than getting an email telling you you have just around $5 or you have just turned $20. It's coming up to Mother's Day here, and I just had an order yesterday where somebody ordered four of this particular artwork on a coffee mug. So that's kind of cool anyhow, bye for now. We'll see you next time and make sure you post your work. Thanks for watching.