Lucidchart: Boost Your Productivity Across Sales, Marketing & Products | Krista Banuelos | Skillshare

Lucidchart: Boost Your Productivity Across Sales, Marketing & Products

Krista Banuelos, Process Improvement Consultant

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8 Videos (2h 6m)
    • Intro to Lucidchart

    • Sales and Marketing Funnel

    • Digital Marketing Strategy

    • Product Service Roadmap Launch

    • SWOT Analysis for Proposals

    • Sales Customer Onboarding

    • Describe Your Services

    • Publishing Your Diagram


About This Class

Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes have one thing in common: they all need to have sales and marketing plans in place to ensure their continued success.

Lucidchart is an excellent, web-based diagramming tool that helps users to develop and share strategies in a visual format. Teams greatly benefit from seeing what exactly needs to happen & when, hence improving plan execution and communication. Anyone can start using this tool today to start mapping their content as it is very user-friendly.

This class will demonstrate how to use Lucidchart to create diagrams/flowcharts from scratch for the below specific use-cases:

  • Build your sales funnel
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Create a product launch road map
  • SWOT Analysis for client, management, or investor proposals
  • Sales customer on-boarding 
  • Describe your services - walk prospective customers through your process!

Once you start using this tool you will find many other valuable use cases across your organization!






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Krista Banuelos

Process Improvement Consultant

You will be learning with the best of both worlds: an experienced IT Professional & Business Analyst/Project Manager rolled into one! My specialty and passion is bridging the gap between business needs & technical requirements. I believe that a process should be easy to understand & technology easy to use. Process-mapping (use of flowcharts/diagrams) is integrated into all of my services because it's critical to be able to first fully understand what is happening in a workflo...

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