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Lucid dreaming masterclass

teacher avatar Jon J., Happy testing.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intronewvideo

    • 2. 1whatdild

    • 3. 2dreamemory

    • 4. 3dreamawereness

    • 5. 4dreamdiary

    • 6. 5dreamsigns

    • 7. 6dreamgoals

    • 8. 7rc1finger

    • 9. 8rc2clock

    • 10. 9rc3text

    • 11. 10rcfreq

    • 12. 11roadtosuccess

    • 13. 2moreFinal

    • 14. 3moreFinal

    • 15. 4longerFINAL

    • 16. 5longerFinal

    • 17. 6awesomeFINAL

    • 18. 7awesomeFINAL

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About This Class

You want to control your dreams? You want to have your first lucid dream? You have already tried lucid dreaming but had no success?

Lucid dreaming enables you to control your own dreams and do whatever you want. Lucid dreaming is fun and simply awesome. Anybody can learn to have lucid dreams.

In this course I will teach you how you can have lucid dreams with the help of the DILD technique.

DILD is a powerful and easy to implement lucid dreaming technique. I had my first lucid dream within 14 days using the DILD method. You can do the same!

Enroll now and learn in this course:

The basics of DILD. How can you increase your dream recall. How you can increase your dream awareness. How you can achieve lucid dreams fast with the DILD technique.

As always 30 days refund is applicable.

What are you waiting for? Learn lucid dreaming fast with the DILD technique!

I am an experienced lucid dreamer for many years.
Lucid dreaming is a wonderful habit which allows you to fill your life with fantastic dream memories. You can explore your own world every night and be a superhero. You can transform into animals or have amazing lucid dreaming sex with celebrities. There are no limitations existing in the dream world. This world belongs to you and you can visit this world every night.

Everybody has the possibility to learn how to lucid dream as this is a natural gift.
Unfortunately mass media, schools, universities do not communicate this awesome topic.
Thus not many people are actually aware that such a wonderful thing named lucid dreaming exists.
Luckily you have now found a course that will teach you step-by-step how you can learn to have lucid dreams fast and easily.

Do not waste your precious dream time anymore and learn to lucid dream.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jon J.

Happy testing.


Hi there :)


My name is Jon Joseph. I like learning, going outside, cycling and everything related to personal growth,  finance and software testing. I am really happy to live in these days where technolgy allows us access to so much useful content that can help to better our and the lifes of others.  

Make sure to check out my courses and let me help you on your to become a great software tester.

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1. Intronewvideo: lots of easy way dialed its compact cause You will launch. How do you have laxatives? Fastly and easily tired. The basics off the diet technique. How you can increase your recall how you can differ between waking reality at dreamy reality and many more. I had my first NASA dream within 40 days and so can you. So what are you waiting for? Start spoke of shoulder these today. 2. 1whatdild: Welcome to the first lecturer where we will talk about the DIA technique diet. It's one off the most popular lucid dreaming techniques. It is very simple to learn and especially recommended to lucid dreaming beginners. When I heard about Dive for the first time, it was thanks to their technique that I achieved. My very first was a dream, and it took not ages but only two weeks. I was really, really excited and glad and surprised that I really had the capability to control my own dreams just as simple like that. And the awesome thing is that I can guarantee you that you can do the same to So what does died actually stand for died stands for dream initiated, Lucid dreaming. What's that supposed to mean? Well, it just means that with this technique, the lucid dream is achieved within the dream. It's health. You may wonder how on earth you should and use a looser Jim outside the actual dream. Well, I can tell you there are also other lucid dreaming techniques, but in this course we will just focus on the DIA technique. But yes, it is also possible to initiate a lucid dream from the waking reality. So the main question for you now is how can I alone died the fastest way possible. Don't worry. I will show you the most important competence off the Die Technik. And we're teacher The Die Technik, Step by step, so stay Stoute. 3. 2dreamemory: The first basic component off the dye technique is your dream memory. To be able to have lucid dreams at all, you will need to remember your dreams. So you maybe think at the moment? Well, what a pity. I do not even have dreams. Luckily, this is just a false belief. Everybody dreams a lot every night. We just tend to forget all of our dreams and then assume that we did not have any. So for now you need to realize that a good dream memory is a crucial foundation for lucid dreaming. Using the dye technique and this course, I will show you how you can easily in Greece your dream memory. But for the moment, let me introduce you the second basic competent off the Die Technik. 4. 3dreamawereness: the second basic competent off the Die Technik ISS. Your dream awareness tohave a lucid dream Initiate from inside the dream. You will need to recognize the dream first. So the main question for you now is what is the difference between the waking reality and the dream reality That's not so easy to distinguish as you might assume. Just remember how many dreams you had that felt smelt looked like reality. Your senses and your brain can do an amazing job and creating a virtual reality. However, we are able to recognize the dream metrics and awake within the dream How, Luckily, this is no rocket science. All we need to do is to exercise reality checks. Reality. What reality checks are little habits that you can implement within your daily waking life When you exercise those reality checks in the waking life, the results are obvious. When you exercise those reality checks and the dreaming life, the results can be completely different. Thus, reality checks, also called our seas, are perfect indicators for you to distinguish between waking reality and dream a reality. Later. In this course, I will explain you how you can implement our season to your daily waking life and how they exactly work. Now that we have discussed it to basic competence off the Ditech click, namely the Dream Memory and Dream Awareness. Let us take into the details and check how we can increase our DRI memory very easily. 5. 4dreamdiary: the most effective tip toe increase. Your dream memory is to write down your dreams, get a nice dream diary, which motivates you to write down everything you remember about your dreams every morning. Once you wake up immediately, write down everything you remember about your dreams. It is crucial to do this right after waking up. Otherwise, waking reality impressions and thoughts will make you forget dream memories. Very fastly. Place your nice dream diary and a pen right next to your bed and write down your memories as soon as you wake up at the beginning, you can start by rate writing down notes, and later you can write right down entire dream stories. Even if you do not remember a single thing in the morning right down Nothing into your gene diary. This will help you to develop and establish the habit off writing down your dreams. Believe me, it is really worth the effort. Your dream recall will increase and you will have a lot off funny, interesting, exciting dreams in your personal dream diary. 6. 5dreamsigns: Once you have filled your dream diary with life, you can now start to analyze your dreams. Let's say you have now written down two weeks with one dream per night. You now have 14 dreams. Read them again from the beginning to the end. Chances are very high that you will see some similarities which a cure in many dreams, we will name those similarities. Dream signs. There are plenty off dream signs existing. They can be persons, objects, emotions, places, creatures, times and so on. You may often dream off your best friend off your classroom, off dragons or whatever. You may often dream off night times or you often feel surprised in your dreams. Highlight all these dreams signs which are cure often in your dreams. In your dream diary. This will. From this way you will see which team signs can be an indicator for you that you are currently within a dream. Make a list off all these dreams signs and write down down on an extra sheet off paper. You have no a perfect overview off your gym science 7. 6dreamgoals: well, why should you invest the time to fill your gene diary with life? Why are you interested in lucid dreaming anyways? Something and you had the urge to learn Luis. A dreamy. So you want to learn us a gym in using the white diet technique? That is why you are viewing this course. But what exactly do you want to do once you have a list of dream, Dream goals are awesome to motivate yourself to not give up so early route right down on an exercise sheet. What you want to do in your very first lucid dream? There are no limitations, as in the dreaming reality. No rules and no loss exists. Here are some examples for lucid dreaming Beginners fly like Superman, travel into space, discover Atlanta's speak with moments, travel with aliens and so many things more. If you are a newbie, let me suggest you not to pursue the goal off. Lucid dreaming sex, as this requires more experience, and it will probably lead to a lot of frustration and wasted in quotation marks. Precious. Listen, time when you are not able to reach the school, just a few tips for you. How toe set up your dream calls there should be smart means specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and time. So, for example, you get sent. You could sent this goal for yourself in my very first loose regime. I want to fly like Superman, and I want to have to lucid dreams in the next 30 days. This seems realistic, and it's also a bit ambitious. It's timed it specific, and you can measure it. So what dream goals do you have for your first lesson dreams? 8. 7rc1finger: I have a little exercise for you. Please count your fingers Now. How many did you count? Please come count them again. Well, that the results change. No, please count one more time. Do you still count the same amount of thing off? If yes, then you are probably in the waking reality right now. If no, Then you are probably dreaming at the moment. Counting your fingers is a very powerful reality. Check. It is very easy to implement into your daily working life. And you can do it everywhere without catching the attention off your environment. In waiting life, he will probably have always five fingers on one hand. Please always count them regularly. If you count your fingers in your dream, sometimes you can have more or even less fingers on one hand. The unexpected result is a clear indicator for you that you are having a dream at the moment. 9. 8rc2clock: I have another exercise for you. Take a look at your watch. What is the current time? Please check again. What's the time now that the time change dramatically? If no, then you are probably in the waking reality. If yes, then you are probably dreaming at the moment. Checking your watch is also a very powerful reality check. It is also very easy to implement into your daily waking life, and you can do it everywhere without catching the attention off your environment in waking life. Your time all the time will not dramatically change when you check it once you look away. If you check your watch, especially your digital watch in your dream, time changes in not logical order. Sometimes the time doesn't even make sense at all. Like there are letters like a quotation marks 06 all the time, just moves very illogical on logical. And this unexpected result again will be a very clear indicator for you in your dream that you are having a dream at the moment. 10. 9rc3text: Hey, I have another exercise for you. Please read Text on the image Now look away. Peace! Check the text on the image again. Did the text change? No. Please look again away and check it again afterwards that the text changed this time If no Then you are probably in the waking reality. If yes, then you are probably dreaming at the moment. Reading text is also a very powerful reality check. It is easy to implement and you can do it everywhere without catching the attention off your environment in waking life, That text will not change when you check it once you look away If you issue if you check the text again once you look away in your dream, chances are very high Did to change that the text changes or it simply disappears. This unexpected result again is a very clear indicator for you that you are having a dream at the moment. 11. 10rcfreq: as you have seen, reality checks are really easy to exercise and easy to implement into your daily waking life. If you do them very often during your daily working life, you will do. This habit s well in your dreams. Thus it is crucial that you develop and establish the habit off doing our seas very often in your daily waking life. I really recommend you to do at least one off the previously mentioned reality checks 15 times daily. So you really increase your chances that you will perform a reality check. Also in your dream, the more assists you do in your dreams, the higher other chances that one off this our seas will have an unexpected results. For example, one day you will have a dream where you will count your fingers again and suddenly you realize that you have eight fingers on one hand. Once you see this result, you immediately know I am in a dream 12. 11roadtosuccess: so no, you know the basic competence off the dire technique and how you can implement them. So it is now really important that you start writing down your dreams. You start doing your gym diary and you start doing frequent reality checks. And if you do so, I will guarantee you that you will have your very first lucid dream. Because for me it was exactly the way like this before I had never heard off Lucid dreaming . I researched about a bit. I came across the dye technique. I started writing down my list of dreams. A my sorry, my dreams, and I start started to do reality checks very often daily. And one day there was a special night where I waas, apparently in a dream, but I did not know what yet, but I was counting my fingers in my dream. I was doing this because I was counting also in waking life, my dreams, my fingers very often. That's the reason why I also did this habit in my dream. And when our checked my fingers within the dream, I realized I only had three thing us. I was really surprised and shocked and really wondered. That's the reason why I again counted my fingers and again there were only three fingers on one hand. Then it came into my mind and I was totally shocked. I had my full attention and my conscience within the dream. I realized I am within the dream at the moment, and that was the moment when I had my very first lucid dream. Once you realized, with your full attention conscience that you are within a dream. Then the dream becomes a lucid dream, and you can do whatever you want. You can fly with moments. You can have awesome travels to planets and countries. You can transform yourself into animals and everything you can imagine off because there are no rules and no limitation and lucid dreams. And in my very first lucid dream, I just started to fly like Superman, and it was super awesome. I did this just by doing my gin diary and doing the reality checks. So if you do exactly what I told you in the last lectures and then I am pretty sure your very first lucid dream well, not be very far away, but I will have also a few more tips for useful Stay tuned 13. 2moreFinal: Let's start with the first section and this section, I will tell you how you can simply have more lucid dreams. The first advice is easy but crucial to have more or less the dreams you need to improve your sleeping habits. Luckily, there are dozen off tips to do so Take a warm bath before you go to sleep to calm down. You may also drink a glass of warm milk. Meditation is also very useful to have a better rest. Generally, you should have. You should have a comfortable, dark and silent bedroom. Stay away from drinking caffeine before you going toe bed or eating too much before bedtime . You may also not watch TV. Use your computer on my mobile phone one hour before sleeping. This is just the tip off the ice book. I am pretty sure that you can think off dozen other hex to improve your sleeping habits. 14. 3moreFinal: Besides, you're sleeping behaviour. There are even more tricks to guarantee that you have more lucid dreams. Do you know why you want toe lucid dream? Why do you want to master your list of dreaming skills? Lucid dreaming goals will help you to stay motivated and does help you to have more lucid dreams. Make sure to note your lucid dreaming goals and place them next to your bed so that you can check them every night. Furthermore, I recommend you the Die Technik toe, all dreamers. It is, in my opinion, the most effective, lucid dreaming technique. Thanks to diet, I had tons off awesome lucid dreams over the years. Other techniques toe work as well. However, in my opinion stars, that's the best. Make sure to always right on your dreams and your G memory. More dream memory means automatically higher chances for loose. Itri's another powerful method. We have more lucid dreams is the so called Wake back to Bed, also called VB T B method, simply said to alarm a few hours earlier than usually if you sleep usually at our stand city alarm after five hours. Once your work, once you wake up in the middle of the night. Get out off your bed and stay awake for about 30 minutes. And this time, do something related to Lissa dreaming, for example, like reading Elicit Dreaming book. After the 30 minutes past, just go back to bed again. In this second sleeping face, you will have more intense streams, and it will be more easy for you to have a loose it. Terry. Another trick for more lucid dream success is to be super tired before going to sleep. If you have a day off the next day, try the following. Try to stay awake the entire night until you are extremely tired in the morning, then go to sleep. This trick has also worked dozen off times for me. But of course I would not recommend this. To do this daily just would if you have the next day off, for example, 15. 4longerFINAL: Hello, everyone. And welcome back. This is now this section section on this section I will tell you how you can easily have longer and more stable streams. Lots of dreams are really amazing. Especially your first Lissa dream will blow you away. It will be an experience that you have never experienced before. Realizing fully Toby in a dream for the first time will be overwhelming for you. I remember my first Lissa dream. I was super happy and excited. However, due to the fact off being too excited, all my first lucid dreams ended instantly right after I became loose it so the most important advice, especially for lucid dreaming beginners, is to stay calm off course. You can be happy and excited, but try to stay as cool as possible or otherwise. You will wake up the next week. To have a longer list of dreams is to simply observe off your hands every now and then. As soon as you realize that you're lucid, dream is fading. Just what your hands For a few moments, the dream will become more stable than this trick is really super easy and yet works every time. If everything seems to be lost in the lucid dream is crashing. You can use the so called spinning technique. Just open your arms and spin yourself like a helicopter. This was stable, the lucid dream again, and most likely you will teleport yourself to another place within your loose. ITRI. The next week might sound strange, but yet it work also trillion times for me. If you realize that your dream awareness is starting to get away, just they don't on the bottom and close your eyes. This will lead very often to the effect that you will wake up somewhere else in your lucid dream world and having again good dream awareness, I have mentioned them already about it. It's wealth to mention them again. Listen, dreaming goals will also help you to have longer, lucid dreams. If you have a specific goal in mind, then your intention to realize the skull will help you to maintain a longer loose a tree. Finally, another great advice for longer and more stable, lucid dream is to shout out this intention loudly as soon as you recognize that a lucid dreaming is crashing, just scream out loud and your dream the following command to your subconscious lucidity. Now, it may not always work, but it can work, and it is definitely worth the try. 16. 5longerFinal: hi, everyone and welcome back. And this next part I want to tell you what you should avoid to make sure that you have aligned more stable, lucid dreams so forth. You should avoid alcohol and drugs. There is a saying which says Don't drink and dream and that's true. Alcohol and drugs will lower your awareness level in the lucid dream, or will even prevent you completely from having a dream. So just a way from it, if possible. Also, how not recommend you toe Purcell. Goal off. Lucid, dreaming. Making love for as a beginner as this will require some sort off experience and expertise for you, and you will waste a lot of time as a beginner. So just try toe become a more experienced this a trimmer before starting tohave passionate love in your loss. A tree also, you should avoid fear. There is no need at all to be afraid off lucid dreaming. Nothing bad will happen to you, and it is just wrong to believe that lucid dreaming is dangerous. So just stay positive and this will have you to have from all of the dreams 17. 6awesomeFINAL: Hello, everyone. And welcome back through the third section and this part I will tell you how to have amazing lucid dreams. I just want to give you a quick overview off some off the things I have done in my little dreams to inspire you. First we will talk about the fund. Lucid dreams. So how about flying like Superman? Flying is just one off the most awesome and yet simple things to do in a lucid dream. It does not matter how you do it. You can do it like a bird. You can do it like Superman or Ironman. It doesn't matter. Just get out there, go out in the air and enjoy the freedom. It will change your life. How about having an epic martial art fight with gently or some go go. Best thing is nothing can happen to you and nonetheless, it makes a lot of fun. My favorite fights were against veg ETA, where we would fight with energy balls, weigh a pie in the sky. Castle travel is really awesome. Traveled through the world and discover far away countries. If you do not have to time or the money in the waking life do some traveling than then, just with any elicit dreams. One time I teleported myself to Africa and really enjoy the sunshine there. If the world is not enough for you, then just meet some agents on Venus and enjoy the fantastic light off the stars in the universe with them. How about some relaxation time? Do some wellness in your the surgeon. You may relax on the beach and drink a cocktail or visit a Sona spa. One of my favorite lucid dreaming goals is to enjoy some awesome moments in the Jacuzzi. It just feels so good. And after working up, I really failure Super relaxed, then course. How can I forget about the awesome part off making off in Luis a dreamy truth, any partner or even more, and make passionate love with them? How many times you want, Once you have come to the stage where you are able to do so, you were truly realized how realistic release a dream can be after dozens of trials. There was finally one night when I had it this goal in mind and I succeeded and well, I don't want to go into the details, but I just want to say it Waas Far beyond my expectations, it waas realistic and hot end a memory I will never forget in my life ever again. So try it once you are at the stage and enjoy it and you will see what I told you As you have seen or hurt Now there are dozens off fun things you can do an illicit tree. It's your Lissa gym and you can write your own script. Anything is possible. So just do whatever you want to do. Just always remember whatever you want to achieve, you will achieve as there are no limitations in a dream. 18. 7awesomeFINAL: Hello, everyone and welcome back. And this is the second section regarding awesome, lucid dreaming goals. Now we will talk about he useful elicit dream, lucid dreaming goals for the waiting life. Yes, lucid dreams can be way more than just entertainment. Use your lucid dream as a source of inspiration. Many loose agreements composed music tracks or art in the lucid dreams. Or visualize these things there and then take the results with them to the waking life. Lucid dreams are also very powerful when it comes to overcoming nightmares. I also had often toe fight with night males. One night, while I was having a nightmare, I realized I was treatment. Then I decided not to run away or to wake up, but face my feels. So there was I. And there was this change antic, dark shock in front off me who wanted to eat me. I literally looked him into the ice and showed him that I was not afraid of him. But off course I waas, since although this was a lucid dream, it was still very frightening to me. Then he attacked me and I woke up with my heart shaking like help. But I was super proud off myself that I faced the situation. Ever since then, I really rarely had any more nightmares. Your lucid dream can be your own personal metrics, where you can transports or develop your personal skins skills and improve your physical and mental health. I know that this may sound very exaggerated. However. It is true there are really lucid dreamers out there who train in the lucid dreams as they have additional time there and can create the perfect training conditions. If you are a shy person, you can train in your lucid dreams to speak in front of people are contacting people dozens off times. This will ultimately have a positive effect in your waking life, and I swear that I had lucid dreams where heels myself off temporary pain, which I had in the waking life. For example, I just jumped into a wall during a lucid dream, then opened up my knee and threw away all the garbage which was inside it the next morning . The pain was not there anymore. If you have troubles believing this, then I really suggest you to read some books about lucid dreaming, healing. Furthermore, I am pretty sure that you know the placebo effect. This works for patients as well, as long as they believe that this works. So it's pretty much the same with loose dreaming healing. You can also use your lucid dreaming time to spend time with people that you have not seen for a while. Yes, you can also speak to people who already passed away. This way you may tell this person some things you were not able to tell anymore. This is really good. If you are having, for example, subconscious issues. And finally I want to tell you about a very mysterious Lissa dreaming technique. I have to admit that I was not yet able to achieve this. However, many lucid dreamers out there report that they succeeded, and I do believe them. I am talking about the so called shared dreaming, also known as music mutual dreaming. Apparently very experienced, lucid dreamers are able to have a shared lucid dream with another loser Jima. This means both lucid dreamers, meat in a lucid dream and cool and can do whatever they want. The next day, when they wake up, both can remember what happened in them. Mutual Lissa tree. Seriously, How awesome is this? Just imagine that every night you could meet with your best friend or your partner in a lucid dream and you could discover the universe together. Have you ever seen the movie inception with Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, it does not seem to unrealistic to me anymore. By the way, Leonardo DiCaprio and the director off the movie, Christopher Nolan, are both hello, said Remus. So maybe they really want to tell us that inception can be true for everyone. Again, this is just the tip of toe ice book. Lucid dreaming can be much more than just fun Lost. The dreaming will improve your working life too. And in my opinion, it will prolong your life since you can spend your sleeping time also with full awareness. So please do me a huge favor on Do not waste your potential. Everyone has the ability to lucid dream. You should try it. At least it's definitely it has definitely made me a better person and whiten my horizons so much. So go ahead and do your first steps in the fantastic world off. Lucid, dreaming sky isn't a limit. There is no limit