Lucid Dreaming the Easy Way with the DILD technique | Joe Claire | Skillshare

Lucid Dreaming the Easy Way with the DILD technique

Joe Claire, Trainer

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14 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. What is DILD?

    • 2. The first basic component of DILD

    • 3. The second basic component of DILD

    • 4. The most important habit to maximize your dream recall

    • 5. How to analyze your dreams

    • 6. How to motivate yourself for better lucid dreaming results

    • 7. One very simple method to recognize the dream reality

    • 8. Another easy method to check the dream state

    • 9. The third easy trick to check if you are dreaming

    • 10. Road to lucid dreaming success

    • 11. An awesome lucid dreaming app

    • 12. Important note about those tricks

    • 13. Another awesome lucid dreaming app

    • 14. One last thing


About This Class

You want to control your dreams?

You want to have your first lucid dream?

You have already tried lucid dreaming but had no success?

Lucid dreaming enables you to control your own dreams and do whatever you want.

Lucid dreaming is fun and simply awesome.

Anybody can learn to have lucid dreams.

In this course I will teach you how you can have lucid dreams with the help of the DILD technique.

DILD is a powerful and easy to implement lucid dreaming technique.

I had my first lucid dream within 14 days using the DILD method.

You can do the same!

Enroll now and learn in this course:

The basics of DILD

How can you increase your dream recall.

How you can increase your dream awareness.

How you can achieve lucid dreams fast with the DILD technique.

What are you waiting for?

Learn lucid dreaming fast with the DILD technique!


I am an experienced lucid dreamer for many years.
Lucid dreaming is a wonderful habit which allows you to fill your life with fantastic dream memories.
You can explore your own world every night and be a superhero. You can transform into animals or have amazing lucid dreaming sex with celebrities. There are no limitations existing in the dream world. This world belongs to you and you can visit this world every night.

Everybody has the possibility to learn how to lucid dream as this is a natural gift.
Unfortunately mass media, schools, universities do not communicate this awesome topic.
Thus not many people are actually aware that such a wonderful thing named lucid dreaming exists.
Luckily you have now found a course that will teach you step-by-step how you can learn to have lucid dreams fast and easily.

Do not waste your precious dream time anymore and learn to lucid dream.