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Lucid Dreaming in 10 Days – Dream Yoga with Mindfulness

teacher avatar Peter Torok, Lucid Dreaming Expert | Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

64 Lessons (2h 60m)
    • 1. LD Course trailer 2020

    • 2. About me and my Mission

    • 3. How did I become a Lucid Dreamer?

    • 4. The amazing Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

    • 5. Class structure

    • 6. Day 1 Practice Activity

    • 7. The Levels of Lucid Dreaming

    • 8. Case study dream: Insights about Your Life

    • 9. Creativity, Positive effects on Wakeful life

    • 10. Day 2 Practice Activity

    • 11. Scientific & and Spiritual background

    • 12. Action step: Join the community!

    • 13. Case study dream: Architecture of dreams

    • 14. Day 3 Practice Activity

    • 15. Natural Lucid Dreamers

    • 16. Mindfulness and Lucid Dreaming

    • 17. DILD vs. WILD - Comparison of Techniques

    • 18. Day 4 Practice Activity

    • 19. Sleep Cycles and Remembering dreams

    • 20. Remembering Mastery

    • 21. Dream Journal

    • 22. Dream Recall Simulation

    • 23. The Power of Autosuggestion

    • 24. How to use Affirmations

    • 25. Bonus video - Kundalini energy for Lucidity

    • 26. Everything you need for Lucid Dreaming

    • 27. Take Action!

    • 28. Day 5 Practice Activity

    • 29. Training - Morning routine

    • 30. `Magical` Dream Diary

    • 31. Training - Daytime routine: Reality Check

    • 32. Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming

    • 33. Physical and Mental energy

    • 34. Training - Familiar Scene Visualisation (FSV)

    • 35. Training - Dream goal cultivation

    • 36. Day 6 Practice Activity

    • 37. The power of our Intention and Willpower

    • 38. Training - Evening routine: Setting Intention

    • 39. Training - Evening routine: Secondary

    • 40. Personal Development and Therapy

    • 41. Senses Induced Lucid Dreaming

    • 42. Wake Back To Bed Technique

    • 43. Training Conclusion

    • 44. Day 7 Practice Activity

    • 45. Inside the Lucid Dream - Dream Control

    • 46. Case study dream - Stabilising & Deepening

    • 47. Maintaining and Lenghtening Lucid Dreams

    • 48. Day 8 Practice Activity

    • 49. FAQ: Opening your Dream Eyes

    • 50. Misconceptions, Beliefs and Fears

    • 51. What is Sleep Paralysis?

    • 52. Case study - Subconscious Messages

    • 53. A few words about Supplements

    • 54. Day 9 Practice Activity

    • 55. Lucid Dreaming in Buddhism

    • 56. Let`s create your personal training schedule!

    • 57. Astral Projection & Out of Body Experience

    • 58. Day 10 Practice Activity

    • 59. Recap 1 - Technique: Evening core

    • 60. Recap 2 - Technique: Evening secondary

    • 61. Recap 3 - Technique: Morning core

    • 62. Recap 4 - Technique: Morning secondary

    • 63. Recap 5 - Technique: Daytime core

    • 64. Recap 6 - Technique Daytime secondary

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About This Class

Get to know your Inner Self or manifest anything! Step by step methods + Binaural meditation MP3. Listen to my personal journey and lucid dreams. 

What you’ll learn

  • Look into your soul through direct communication with your subconscious mind
  • Discover the dream world`s architecture and eliminate nightmares, fears & anxieties
  • Live out any desire and fantasy in the lucid dreamworld including flying and sex
  • Learn to remember your dreams and how to interpret what they mean
  • Learn the science of sleep cycles and the REM phase
  • Learn about the greater philosophy of lucid dreaming and how it boosts one`s self-awareness
  • Have a life changing spiritual experience in the form of `astral projection`
  • Take your mindfulness practice to a whole new level by gaining a unique perspective of the world
  • Solve issues of Sleep Paralysis and PTSD
  • Explore spiritual concepts in a practical way, for example `Karma, Spirit guides, Channeling and Past lives`
  • Begin conversations with characters in your dreams
  • Find your life`s purpose or get inspiration for your art, invention or business.


My name is Peter Torok and I would like to welcome you to my comprehensive Lucid Dreaming class. I have taught this skill one to one, online and on retreats.  I am dedicating most of my time to researching lucid dreaming, psychology and consciousness.

I personally think that we can learn so much about ourselves through lucid dreaming! Moreover, it also enables me to live out any desire I have, to look into my subconscious mind and to explore spirituality in a truly experiential way...

This course teaches the following methods: DILD, SSILD, WBTB, MILD and FSV. Lucid Dreaming leads to the skills to:

-Experience the exhilarating freedom of flying or manifesting a dream person

-Prolong and deepen the lucid state, plus really get to know the dream`s architecture and it`s mechanisms

-Reach a new perspective in your mindfulness practice

-Gain access to an amazing spiritual experience. (I guide you through a once secret technique of the ancient eastern and shamanic traditions and I`ll show you the scientific research behind it too)

-Explore concepts like `Astral projection, Past lives and Spirit guides`

-How to remember and interpret your dreams

-How to use affirmations correctly to program your mind

-Explore worlds beyond imagination (Travel through space, walls and portals and many more)

-Face your fears: discover their root causes and how to overcome them

-Improve your confidence levels by practicing a life skill or scenario. Try something you would not dare in waking life

-Do healing on yourself. (Lucid dreaming can also complement therapy; it is the bridge that leads to the depths of our mind. While being conscious in the dream state we can access repressed memories and tackle the source of emotional conflicts and manage PTSD)

-Eliminate sleep paralysis and nightmares

-Unleash your creativity (Famous creators like Einstein, Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Stephen King, Salvador Dali and many more reported that ideas would come to them in their lucid dreams) 

Why choose my class?

-You can learn from a qualified teacher (PGCE), who is dedicated to both lucid dreaming and mentoring

-You can learn the methods, which allow me to lucid dream on demand

-I show you custom made, animated demonstrations of complex phenomena, e.g.: the laws of the dream world, out of body transitions, etc.

-I provide detailed dream analysis and troubleshooting through my own examples

-I share my own transformational lucid dreams

-The training is clear, to the point and has step by step instructions

-We`ll create a personalised training schedule for you

-I provide binaural guided meditation, dream journal template and course notes

-You gain access to my Facebook community, in which you may discuss your progression with other lucid dreamers & mindfulness practitioners

-I`m always happy to answer your questions


What does Lucid Dreaming feel like?

You may experience previously unseen colours, sounds, scenery, surprising interactions and 100 fold amplified blissful feelings. Spoken language proves to be insufficient to explain this. In lucid dreams, and `astral projection` things behave differently. One may be in multiple places at the same time and have multiple points of view simultaneously. It is like going beyond three dimensions. In the state when we are conscious beyond our wakeful body, everything is controlled by thought, intention and expectation. One moves around by thinking/wanting to do so and experiences things by intending them to manifest. It may sounds mystical, but the number of people who have this skill is growing fast.

Would you like to dream about anything you want, while being 100% self-aware, exactly as you are in your wakeful life?

The course shows you how to realise that you are in a dream world and how to change things as you see fit. Fly, meet a special person or revisit memories: just as you have seen in Inception or The Matrix. It is your inner space to create and experience anything you want.

I'm confident that you'll love the class and that once you take action, you will revolutionise your sleeping, dreaming and wakeful life! 

I hope to see you soon,


***This is my level 1 Beginner Training, centered around Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness, which are prerequisites of Dream Yoga.

***My level 2 Advanced Training focuses on Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, the `Astral Projection` technique and Dream Yoga practices. (Launching soon)

This is what people said about my material:

Hi, I have just finished listening to the material. It`s absolutely professional stuff, seriously. Now I understand lucid dreaming. I must listen to it once or twice more. You know very much, it is clear and not only about lucid dreams. So, I will practice and practice.    -Leslie K.

I like everything that you are saying about lucid dreaming very much. You demonstrate the levels through which we can progress…and I think that only the sky is the limit! Thank you for sharing this, it contains huge ideas!   -Valeria Zs.

“I can`t believe it, but tonight I managed to lucid dream! It was an incredible feeling! Thank you very much, all of this couldn`t have happened without you. Again, thanks.”    -Dr2cube  (One day after listening to the material)

This material is so genius. I recommend lucid dreaming to everybody   -V.P. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Torok

Lucid Dreaming Expert | Author


Achievements in Lucid Dreaming

-Over 700 lucid dreams since 2010, and corresponding experience to interpret dreams

-Experienced user of the Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming aka `Astral Projection/OBE` technique

-Received Dream Yoga initiation from Chogyal Rinpohe (Karma Kagy Buddhism)

-The ability to enter lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition

-Clear light lucid dreams, in which one may manifest freely in the absence of subconscious projections

-Dream yoga practice, e.g.: thoughtless meditation inside the conscious dream state

-Dream control skills, e.g.: summoning anyone, going through walls, flying, creating objects, communing with the subconscious mind

-Thorough knowledge of lucidity increasing herbal suppl... See full profile

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1. LD Course trailer 2020: Have you ever had a dream in which you knew that you were dreaming? Maybe you could event change things. That is the first level of lucid dreaming, which is an ability that lies dormant in all of us. For me, it was doing meditations and also reading about shamanic dreaming which somehow awakened this skill almost overnight. It made me remember that when I was around 16 I had a strange dream in which I was walking around town, fully conscious while my physical body was asleep, which was fascinating because in the dream I had the exact same mental faculties and senses that I have right now in wakeful life. It was nothing like a dream. So lucid Dreaming is not some kind off imagining video with our eyes closed, but it is literally like being in an alternative reality. And the methods to achieve that have been hidden an ancient spiritually traditions. But today it is accessible to us in a modern scientific form. One of the crucial questions I get is what is lucid, dreaming good for. And if we're looking for self development than lucid, dreaming really lets us look into the depths of our mind. For example, we could begin conversations with the characters in our dreams. We can get to know our in a self. We can look into our sore. We can even get rid of any fears we may have. This topic is so exciting for both psychology and neuroscience right now, because we can measure that when we are in the lucid state. The bring is producing very special brainwaves, which enable extreme creativity and self awareness that we don't even really have in wakeful life. Because of this lucid dreaming and mindfulness practice goes hand in hand. For example, if we do a lot of meditations during the day, that will increase our chances of becoming lucid in the night. Also, if we become a lucid dreamer, that will help us to be more self aware during the day. Additionally, after lucid dreams, we tend to wake up supercharged with joy and energy. So one of the key benefits of lucid dreaming is that we can explore our mind to healing, become more mindful, get inspiration for our art, invention or business Well, maybe find out purpose. Another use of lucid dreaming is that whatever desires we may have we can experience them in the conscious dream state. So in one word, fun, you gain access to a virtual world, which has no limits similarly to what we have seen in the movies. Inception or matrix Physical laws do not apply that we can fly, explore space shape, shift, manifest, object to magic. Believe it's unimaginable music or colors and, of course, what people love to do to someone, someone they really fancy and live out erotic fantasies A lot of people don't know about Lucid Dreaming has a relative called astral projection or out of body travel. If you're after a truly spiritual experience than advanced, lucid dreaming techniques give you access to these, imagine that you're lying in bed and meditating. Suddenly you begin to sense, Ah, vibration of feeling going all over your body. It's like all of your cells are vibrating in union. It's nothing like we have experienced before, and we can reach a point when we begin to feel a sort of duplicates of our physical body, which I like to call the energy body. If we can spend some time like that, that is when the mind blowing thing happens. You feel that your energy body literally pops out of your physical body, and then you're seeing yourself from above, and meanwhile, you are fully conscious. There are no dreamlike creations around you, so you're just standing there and looking at your physical body from outside for me when this happened the first time, that was a life changing experience. After this, it is up to you how you want to explore your spirituality. Depending on one's belief system, 1 may attempt to talk to a spirit guide. Or, for example, Buddhists use dream yoga to explore the illusionary nature of reality. As part of my lucid dreaming, I've created a series off online video courses, which turned out quite personal because I wanted to invite people to listen to my own transformative, lucid dreams. In the first course, I talk about the science and the dreaming juice method, which is about how we can become conscious in the middle of a normal dream. On the advanced course, I teach about waking juice, lucid dreaming, which is the method that allows me to enter these ordered states of consciousness from wakefulness by our specific meditation. This is really cool because we can do it whenever we want to. The course is also going to detail about how we can prolong and deepen the states, how we can remember and interpret our dreams. And they give step by step training in how we can navigate in this so called Astra world when they working with our minds, our focus and intention can become powerful tools. And I received feedback that's just listening to the course, caused some people to become lucid, which can happen sometimes to. But the important thing is that with proper dedicated training, I believe anyone can become a lucid dreamer. 2. About me and my Mission: Hi, My name is Peter Torok, and in this training, I'm going to show you how to become a lucid dreamer. I've been practicing different dreaming and Altobelli practices for many years, and I'm going to walk you through my own techniques, step by step. Have you do my best to help you establish regular automatic conscious dreaming? Thank you for letting me be here too happy on this journey. My personal aim is to draw everyone's attention to the fascinating abilities of our mind and to spread the benefits of expanding self awareness. This is very personal to me. It is kind of my life mission. That is why I'm going to share some of my own lucid dreams video with the hope that you will find them both interesting and inspirational. This lucid dreaming courses part of my training, Siris, in which each course focuses on learning about a different aspect of our mind to gain practical skills which we can apply in our everyday lives. The complete discourse or you need is a notebook and an alarm clock. Well, I need from you is to comic to your practice. I'm going to show you my step by step formula, and if you follow it, you could achieve amazing dividend sensual, lucid dreams in a matter of days. I have designed the training based on how I progress from beginner to advanced level, and I would also share case studies and show visuals to demonstrate have to do the training . I found that reading books and lucid dreaming can be sometimes overwhelming because many off them give us a long list of methods. I have tested many techniques over the years. I mix them in my own mindfulness practice, and I've created an easy to follow structure which enabled me to continuously increase my lucid awareness. I have prepared notes for you to download so you can lay back and enjoy the course. Some parts of the training are similar to the tutorial, and sometimes I talk about mindfulness because I really wanted to give you the big picture about lucid dreaming. Lastly, I have done live workshops before, but this court is the very first of my own line material, and I have to say that it took me a while to figure out the best way to talk into a microphone. Because of this, you might notice that my tone somewhat varies from section to section. I hope you won't mind 3. How did I become a Lucid Dreamer?: How did I learn to lucid dream? In 2000 and 10 I read a book about Mexican shamanic practices. The ofa claimed that he told the true story about his initiation process into the shamanic tradition in the book. At some point he wrote that we need to become aware of our other life while we are sleeping . And he described The dreaming is a gateway to another world, and he also described how we can become conscious off that and how we can live in two worlds at the same time. I remembered that when I was a teenager I had an experience which at the time I just could not understand. The following has happened. One night I woke up on the street quite far away from home. When I opened my eyes, it was dark and I had no clothes. I got up and I was like, What? What is happening? I stood there confused and my first thought was that I probably had a rough party and maybe my friends took my clothes is a prank. I had no explanation. I had nothing on me. No phone either. I looked around. I couldn't see anyone so I decided that I would go home. I walked about half a mile. Meanwhile, trying to find an explanation, I knew that part of town had passed by some clothes, shops and the ice skating place. Then suddenly my vision began to fade and the surroundings have transformed. I found myself in the local shopping center. In that moment, the realization hit me. Oh, I am dreaming. But wait In our dreams were passive characters. Something was out of place here. This was an entirely different experience. I had the same conscious awareness that I have right now. When I'm explaining the story, I possessed the same ability to think, reflect, make decisions and to move around as I pleased. There was nothing dreamlike around me that would influence me. I wasn't dreaming about anything. There was no dream event, no unfolding story. I was completely free to do whatever I wanted. I just to their observing my surroundings. I've walked around and I looked into certain stores in wakeful life. We know that we are awake, right? We are certain we can test it. This was the same experience. I had the same wakeful consciousness. Yes, I was wondering about my situation. Suddenly everything went blurry again. I woke up on the couch in our living room and I saw my mother walking around. I thought to myself, Well, that was a weird dream, and I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. My mother passed by me twice, which was strange, because normally we say hi or good morning to each other. And then again, my vision faded and they woke up in my own bed, this time for real. And I was sweating and my heart was racing. And I didn't know whether I was in the real world or still in a dream, because the physical sensations and my over nous on the street, in the shopping center and in the living room everything was the exact same as now. It took me a few minutes to work it out to make sure that I have woken up for real or free locations. Prior to the real awakening felt like I was really there. I had the same conscious awareness that I'm having right now. After this experience, I asked a lot of people about what may have happened to me and no one could given answer. So I kind of moved on. I stopped thinking about it, and I guess I forgot about it. 10 years had to pass for this thing to resurface again. The fact of reading about the shamanic ways have brought this memory back. This was exactly what the shame and was teaching his disciple about how to carry his conscious over nous into the dream world and beyond. He said It's possible to visit other worlds, end to the dreams of others and even observed a physical world from our energy body. The book triggered something in May. From that day forward. I had such similar lucid dreams every single night. I knew that I was dreaming in every dream and I could do anything I wanted. I could relocate, reshaped my environment, salmon dream. Copies of people live out my fantasies and fly. After this, my research began about lucid dreams and oh, bees. I read a lot about scientific studies and case studies about near death experiences. I became really interested in what happens in the brain is such ordered states of consciousness. I also began to meditate daily, which massively increased my skills in my lucid dreams. My practice became so intense I was focusing on it all day and I was improving rapidly. My control of the state became better and better until one day I was meditating and for the first time I went out of body. This means that I kept my wakeful consciousness as I slowly transitioned from an alert meditation into this so called energy body. When I did that deliberately for the first time, I knew my life wouldn't be the same anymore. That is such an intense spiritual experience. Like I have no word when you consciously separate from your body and then you observe your body from the outside. That is like, Okay, what are we capable off? Can we really perceive other dimensions? If I had any fear of death that was gone? What was also fascinating that the learning curve laid out in a shamanic book matched my early experiences. But the end of the book is talking about really fantastic stuff which is quite difficult to believe it a scientific mind. And here I am, a maths teacher having an out of body experience. I have decided to continue my training until I find out what the limit off the out of body experiences. If you continue listening to this lecture, you will understand the benefits off such out of body journeys. I'm going to lay out a step by step training program, and if you follow those steps, you will be able to experience a conscious will be yourself. 4. The amazing Benefits of Lucid Dreaming: What does it mean to be a lucid dreamer? Live out your fantasies live or mountains or journey into space. Dive deep into the ocean, jump it from the roofs of skyscrapers, witness colors, sounds and sensations that you've never seen before. Passed through wars. Talk to strange dream characters. Baird landscapes, video thoughts, someone, anybody and become intimate with them. Look into your subconscious mind to learn about yourself and access your memories. Believe me, the only limit is your imagination. Fancies some spiritual exploration. Find out what's possible in the out of body state. Attempt to communicate with spirit guides, explore other dimensions. Try to answer other people's dreams. 5. Class structure: let me guide you through the structure of the course. I will begin by discussing what lucid dreaming is and why we should learn it in the first place. Then I will explain the levels of lucid dreaming which is essential to develop our understanding off have to progress, Fidel practice. I will also explain the science behind it. After that I will talk about the various ways of achieving lucid dreams and I will teach you how to remember our dreams. The main part of the training is about the step by step techniques and tapping into the power of our mind. And lastly, I will also show you how to manage and prolong our lucid dreams and discuss the next level which is the out of body experience. 6. Day 1 Practice Activity: day one. I hope that the introduction awakened your curiousity and you're thinking about lucid. Dreaming is potential. I have created some practice activities for you. I recommend that you do these each day because they really have you to become lucid. You can make the most of them. If you do them right before you go to sleep for today, I would like you to write a list of your significant dreams. Have you presume that you do remember at least a couple of your dreams from any point of your life? If you can't remember any, don't worry. The course will also go into detail about how to remember dreams better. If you use this least throughout the course, think of dreams which were somehow memorable to you, for example, especially positive or negative ones, strange dreams or any dreams which you couldn't make sense off. Did you perhaps have any pre cognitive dreams? I highly recommend to start working with your dreams is off now because doing so, we warm up those important brain areas which we make lucid dreaming come easier 7. The Levels of Lucid Dreaming: the levels of lucid dreaming, The amount of self awareness we have varies from lucid dream to lucid dream. It's not like we achieve a standard lucid dream, and then jobs done. We really want to progress. Reach higher and higher. Imagine the extent off self awareness we have in dreams as a many story high building at every level regain access to an even more exciting an eye opening world. Even more freedom. The more awareness, the more access. For example, in a lucid dream, 1 may have relatively little self awareness just enough to recognize that one is dreaming that is very far from our goal toe. Have 100% control over the Lucy Dream to maintain self awareness equal to the the wakeful life, or perhaps even more. This is the state we are after. This is when we have godly power to create and explore. I found that having a system to measure how self aware of er, how lucid we are really helps without training. We want to know how much consciousness we managed to bring into the dream and how to increase that even further every time. Let's look at the following example you are having a regular dream in which somebody is chasing you. I will use this example to explain the levels of lucidity and I we refer to it as a dream story. So in this story, the first level of lucid dreaming is reached when you realized that something is out of place, that the chasing situation can be really, and you just stop being afraid. This awareness manifests as you not buying into the dream story. To some extent, you have control over your emotional reactions to the dream story, the chasing event, and you may do minor reflections. However, you are not changing anything about the dream. You don't have that much of Venice yet. The first level is called realization. On the second level, when someone is chasing you, you have enough self events to think just enough to make limited intentional changes. For example, to stop running or to confront the person who is chasing you, you are dreaming the same dream story, but now you play an active role in it. I call this level action. Let's discuss the for level sticking to the same dream story. You are being chased. Suddenly you realize that you are dreaming and start reflecting. I am being chased. This is a dream. I don't have to dream about being chased the tour. I don't even have to fight back. I can dream about anything I want to. Let's fly up and see what it's like to be above the clouds. Did you notice the difference? In contrast to level two, you may go from story to story, person to person, environment, environment, acting as you like, making choices. At this stage, it feels kind of like a theme park. You may go from one ride to another. You select which one you prefer and what you want to do in each experience. Training, therapy, exploration, meditation, action, sex. It all depends on your desires and motives. At this stage, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had, and we can staff reflect reasonably, but we still have limitations. The environment may change and you may meet the new dream person or dream story. You engage with whatever the dream is offering to you. You react to what you see in the dream rather than what you intentionally created. You are acting within the framework automatically projected by your subconscious mind. Let's call this level choice. On the fourth level, you may begin mastering the lucid state. At this stage, there is nothing in the dream that you did not intentionally create. There are no dream stories, no automatic projections. You are the creator. You are as conscious as if you were in wakeful life. You remember all your intentions from wake for life. Everything you wanted to do in the lucid dream. Abiding in the state is pure bliss. In fact, I cannot describe it. It feels like you are in another dimension. The state must be experienced to know what it's like in this very conscious state. You can download anything. Access the memory, shape, shift. Sing someone, any person, dead or alive. Go to any place on Earth, visit another universe. Talk to your guides, do energy healing. You can create anything. It is also one of the door based on out of body experience. That is why I called the fourth level freedom in the dream. The level of lucidity can jump up and down, blurring the boundaries off these levels. Depending on our skill in anchoring our self of anise, this kind of progression is available if you continue training inside the lucid dream, I think to master these four levels is an appropriate challenge for us now. If you wish to take your practice even further, I continue with the progression in the advanced course. 8. Case study dream: Insights about Your Life: the following dream was not a lucid dream, but I decided it was worth including it because it was a beautiful experience. I was in a facility with a few others, some I knew some I didn't old friends and strangers. There was no way to exit the facility, and it felt like a large warehouse or building complex in more than one levels. It seemed like they were stuck there or perhaps imprisoned. But it was clear that we had to stay in that limited space For a long time. Everyone began to look for a place that they could create a private area for themselves. We were looking inside box rooms, boiler rooms, electric cupboards, shower rooms basically in search for any space that could be separated off to create a small area for sleeping and to have some privacy. Some have been born like structures from whatever they could find somewhere extremely creative and successful and build amazing structures. And they seemed happy. I was impressed with the perfection and detail of some of these private areas. A summer made of surreal material designed and created in futuristic rays and other ones look like that they would have required free D printers and so on. I didn't build anything. My only aim was to find a room which somehow led to the outside world. I felt compared to do so I looked into every storage room, every toilet, open every door, looking for an opening as the dream progressed, as dreams often change in some way shape of form. Suddenly we were small birds rather than humans. But this change did not impact dream. Everyone carried on like normal. No one was flying, though I have been struggling for a very, very long time until I found some tiny crack through which I could exit. My frustrating search has finally ended. I was free. It was amazing and accelerating, and I could also fly. I flew over mountains and forests. I had a lot of fun and I fed the rays of the sun of my father's warming me up. It were truly liberating. After a while, I remembered that everyone else for still inside the facility and I had to go back to somehow get them out to free them. I went back in through the same crack when I arrived inside. I have noticed that a lot of time has passed decades. Instead of the abandoned empty warehouse, I found a large closed in space of modern living community with completed homes as well as some tiny parts with some more lakes. It did not look bad, certainly didn't look like a prison anymore. It was still in closed and limited, but it looked cozy and nice, with everyone having quality private space. I felt a wound there, and I saw that many of the people who my left behind have formed families and have created a pleasant life for themselves. In one of the homes I saw my friend with his female mate in front of a nest in the nest on anger is about to hatch again. We were sometimes birds, sometimes humans. They were really excited about welcoming the new offspring. It became clear to me that they have established a life here and did not intend to leave this place. They were happy. I also met a girl similar to me who did not enjoy life in this enclosure. Wanted to come with me to the outside. Also, my friend had a teenage son who was not satisfied either. My friend told me to take him with me, and I promised that I would look after him. Getting out of the facility was a struggle yet again. Catic as a pit. They wanted to catch us, the ones wanting to leave. But now I knew the tricks, and I pretended that I would go to a certain area to do gardening, which enabled me to get out of their sight and thus find a crack through. Vitry escaped upon waking up. I instantly knew that this dream was a response to my recent thoughts about choosing my life path. Yet again. I was at the point in my life when I left everything behind and started a new life somewhere else. I asked myself questions such as How my doing the right thing. I was comparing myself to others. My subconscious mind reacted to my feeling state by creating a representation in the form of a free, dimensional, full sensory virtual reality. That is how the Dream state works. It was awesome and extremely detailed. They experience the feeling, said dialogues. They gave him more than what I could just figure out during my week for life illogic, reasoning and overthinking I forget the comparison between, but I have chosen for my next year's the kind of free life without commitments and the ability to do what I want and travel in contrast to a life of staying within a warm, safe and secure place and working within that to achieve happiness without wanting a big change, the ability to remember long dreams to descend, fine details, to go through vivid sensory experiences to record complex emotional states. And to find out what our dreams mean. All are the results of becoming more and more lucid, and I'm grateful to have this skill. The dream has reassured me in my decision, and I woke up arrested and content. 9. Creativity, Positive effects on Wakeful life: you can use the lucid dream state as a catalyst for creativity. There are so many famous people in history like Einstein, who said that the idea off their inventions came to them in their dreams. Lucid dreaming is an especially wonderful to for artists. For example, if you're a musician, ask your subconscious mind violent, elusive state to show you an amazing melody. Listen to it, then wake up and compose it. Music in the lucid dream can be extremely special. It is beyond imagination. Sometimes it feels like a perfect, an epic melody, something that I've never heard before. And sometimes it's like an orchestra made up of hundreds of people playing a heavenly symphony. On these occasions, I really wish that I had musical talents. I really wish I could show it to people. And there is more. I can also sing in a lucid dream with absolute perfection. I can sing in the style and voice off any singer. Yet in real life I cannot sing it all by looking into the subconscious mind threw lucid dreaming. You can access your hidden potentials. They're using the gamma brainwaves in the lucid dream, which is a hyper creative mode. You're using the brain in a very special way, which will influence your creativity in your waking life, too. What ask? And we get from Lucy dreaming. Sometimes when we wake up, we can feel that the last dream we had is still influencing our mood. Other times we don't even remember anything. Yet something is still affecting us when we experience feelings of happiness, excitement or being content in a lucid dream, or will be the amazing feelings often stated as four days. This happens because we can access our subconscious mind in the lucid state, and we can imprint these positive states, like installing a new program. Also, many out of body travelers, including myself, report a spiritual sensation that cannot be compared to anything for me. After an OBE, I feel that all of my cells are vibrating with place and energy. It is truly an otherworldly sensation, so the positive effects accompany us and influence us in our wait for lives. The point is that the quality of our dreams has a direct effect. On our next day, Lucy dreams have an even greater impact because they tend to be much more vivid, forbid powerful sensory experiences as their ability to be conscious in our dreams increases. So does our ability to be mindful in our wakeful state, because lucid dreamers activate those parts of the brain which are responsible for self of Anna's and creative thinking. Also, we can wake up refreshed because it's Lucy dreamers. We can choose to have only positive dreams, get feed off nightmares and carry over positive intentions from our conscious dreams to the next day. You could really one of your memories, for example, a nice one, which is there to you or exciting. But you could also activate an unpleasant one with the purpose off analysis and learning from the situation, perhaps to gain closure to let go. Lucy dreamers have access to a virtual world in which they can look at them memories. A safe Davor of free dimensional movie. 1 may pause fast forward, rotate the view or assumed the viewpoints of others. You could ask your subconscious what is the purpose off my life or what is holding me back from a happiness. You may receive the answer in different ways. The subconscious. May someone a dream character who can give you a direct answer. You may also receive visions, or you may witness an event which gives you the inspiration you needed to find your answer . We can find out about potential limiting beliefs we have, or get reassured about certain decisions we've already made. In the next clip. I show you what I mean by this. 10. Day 2 Practice Activity: on Day two. During the course, we will establish Ah, high energy goal for you and the following exercise. We build the foundation for it. Create a list of goals that you wish to achieve in your lucid dream. What would you like to try? Do you want to explore a fantasy? Do you have a creative, artistic or any other goal? Anything entertaining? Anything spiritual do you want to do healing? What would benefit you in your personal or professional life? Think about this and write down a bunch of dream goes tonight over the course you relearn to select and refine a specific goal which will become few off for your lucidity. If you already have such a goal, the make sure to hold it in your mind while falling asleep. Tonight has a second practice activity. I would like you to look at the list of your dreams from day one and look for any level of lucidity in them. 11. Scientific & and Spiritual background : what is actually taking place in the brain by lucid dreaming. When our brains has communicated each other, they produce electricity. It is done by the use of neurotransmitters. This process can be measured by E. G. The results are shown as different type of brain waves as you can see. The higher the frequency or amplitude, the higher the brain activity. A beat a wave describe on alert state. For example, When we are working, the awful waves describe a state of relaxation over, and they're watching TV. We're also highly suggestible in this state, and that is what TV commercials take. Advantage off the theater wave describe meditation, dreaming and deeper relaxation as well as accessing memories. The death of waves have produced the deepest levels of sleep and meditation, and lastly, we have gamma waves, which have been discovered quite recently. The gamma waves are the most interesting for us. They are the fastest brainwaves. They don't occur on their own. They're more like supporting lives. The fact is that we rarely produced ease. The gamma state corresponds with special brain activity. All of the brain says communicate with each other. At the same time, it is like an orchestra being led by a conductor. Everything falls into sync. You may imagine it like so from the middle of the brain, activity or information is being sent out through of the brain into every part simultaneously. And then this information comes back and gets processed again simultaneously. Operating from this frequency allows the brain to link and process information from multiple parts of the brain old at the same time, which leads to increased attention learning, creativity and intuition. Also, we can re program the brain access memories, create associations. We can get rid of old habits or establish new ones. On top of that, the gamma waves send signals to activate the frontal lobe, which is the human part of the brain responsible for intellect and control. Also, the gamma waves deactivate the emotional centers of the brain, so we're more likely to react to situations with reason, compassion and understanding, provident, becoming upset, taking offense or being controlled by negative emotions. Having gamma waves active is a really constructive way of being. Interestingly, studies have shown that Buddhist monks, who have been meditating for many years, exhibit large amount of gamma waves in contrast to beginning meditators who show more offer waves. It has been also found that gamma waves are highly active in states of universal love, altruism and other higher virtues. The fact is that most of us don't operate anywhere near that frequents in our normal wake for state on. Do you know who do loosen dreamers when lucid, dreaming the brain produces a lot of gamma waves. To add to this, an average dreaming the door. So lateral prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for cognitive processes, is deactivated but for lucid dreamers is remains active and even more. The lucid state also shows increased activity in the inferior period lobe, which is directly involved in the sense of consciousness to summarize. Lucid dreamers have more active brain areas than regular dreamers have. And Lucy dreamers also access the Gamma state, which is rarely available for us in a wreck for life. This combination can make people more self aware, in a sense, more conscious by lucid dreaming than while being awake. And lastly, let me explain how researchers first proved the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. The first experiments were done decades ago. People who claim to have the ability to lucid dream were invited to take part in brain studies. First, their brain activities were measured by doing a certain physical activity, for example, running. Then the subjects were asked to perform their running in their dreams. They went asleep, and after a certain time the scientists signaled the dreamers by lights or touching that they should begin their running in their dreams. Then the subject's brain activity were measured by dreaming. After that, the scientists compared the brain activity of running in the real world to the brain activity of running in the dream. They have found that the two states matched completely. This means that the subjects could choose what activated to do in a dream, and they could also choose when to do it. This was proved that a person could carry out the chosen activity in their dream, which makes one a lucid dreamer. This experiment served as the first scientific evidence that lucid dreaming was. Really, I find a science of Lucy dreaming very exciting, because it opens up new ways to research the human mind. And now let's take a look at more spiritually users of lucid dreaming. There is so much literature on the topic. Dream travel and out of body experiences have been reported all over the globe, Shamanism in the Americas, in Africa, the Mayas, Egyptians, Buddhism and Hinduism, and even some parts of Christianity. Most of the ancient traditions mentioned conscious Dream, traveling in some way, shape or form. There is a whole path dedicated to it in the East called Dream Yoga, and we also have the hundreds of thousands of reports off near death experiences. As I said before, I read a book many years ago about the shamanic tradition of lucid dreaming. And in the book, the Shaymen was talking about specific gates of dreaming, which can be understood as levels. Perhaps, he describes, the first level was becoming over. That one is dreaming, he says. The second gate is reached when one is in the dream and they are able to wake up in another dream. This means changing the dream according to one's liking. The forget means having the ability to look at one's physical body from the outside, implying that one's consciousness actually leaves the body. Reaching the fourth gate means achieving the ability to travel within this world to places to travel into other words and to enter the dream of other people. So as you can see from gate free, the whole thing becomes quite spiritual. The interesting thing is, though, that's when I was developing my lucid, dreaming and all be abilities, as I have reached Gates want to and free. I have achieved everything almost exactly how it was laid out in the book. I don't mean that I dreamt about the things I read in the book. What I mean is that I faced the same challenges and I went through a similar learning curve , which I found fascinating. 12. Action step: Join the community!: before we move on to discussing the techniques. Please join my Facebook group in the group. You can discuss your progression with others and organize meetups. 13. Case study dream: Architecture of dreams: case, study dream. In my dream, I'm in the worst part of the city and my intention is to get home. As I look in the distance, I can see that there is a mountain to my right which does not exist in real life. I'm feeling intrigued and confused. There are footpaths leading up to the top and I estimated by going through this mountain I would get to my destination. I make my way towards it and I suddenly find myself on a wide road going down here. I begin to accelerate. It feels like I'm riding a bicycle. I feel the resistance of the tires touching the road and everything. Except there is no bicycle there. I'm experiencing the right s being the bicycle itself. This is weird. So the sensation makes me realize that I am dreaming. I have reached a level one lucid dream, their realization The dream continues. I speed up and I'm moving really fast. A Dodge cars by leaning left and right, turning out off their rated powerful movements. I see railways to my left the mountain to my rights and I noticed that the road is going to end and there are buildings in front of May. The following thought enters my mind. Something must be done. Otherwise I'm going to crash into the building ahead of me. At this point, I begin to enter level to Lucy dreaming because I realized that I can take action. I make on intention would change first I fly up a little and I also slow down time itself. You might have seen movies with slow motion in them. This fear is very similar. You could save time in a The first thing that I'd like todo is to say, every day, 10 eternity, waiting just to spend them with you. So here I am, drifting through the air in slow motion, looking around and thinking about my options. I am reflecting. It's a level to Lucy Dream. The sensation is amazing in itself, but I have urgent need to come up with an idea about how to stop myself from crushing into the building. I decide to become ghost like transparent instead, off solid matter. Immediately, I noticed that my dreaming body is fading, becoming e for like the next moment I passed through the building in front of me without any resistance I see the rooms insight, and then I come out on the other side. When I'm fruit, I returned my body and the flow of time to normal. You can notice that if I was even more lucid, if I had even more awareness, I could have just thought. I don't have to worry about how to prevent the crash because it's just a dream. I could have changed the whole story. That is why the dream so far is a level to lucid dream. Only I acted within the provided story. I would like to point out that if you become a regular Lucy dreamer after a while, these type of Level two awareness Lucy dreams can become your standard dreams if you want to, even without daily practice or intention to become lucid, carrying on the dream continues in the next moment I find myself in a square. It's some tour buildings surrounding me. I don't recognize this new part of the city, which is lying ahead of me. I'm curious how it looks like, So I decided to take a look from above to check out the view. I tried to fly up first, but I'm unsuccessful therefore, I attempt to climb up than the rest skyscraper. First I tried walking up on the side. Then I try pulling myself up by visualizing a rope. Both of these attempts are unsuccessful, which was surprising at the time I gave up and decided to take the elevator instead. However, I never go to the top. When I left the elevator, I was in the new part of town already. The dream continues from here. I visit the new areas off town where I find amazing modern and green streets, but that is not relevant for us. Now let's do some dream analysis. It is clear that on this occasion I did not achieve a level free, lucid dream. I did not achieve the freedom to change the story. I was caught up in trying to discover the new addition to the city. The reason I decided to share this particular dream is because of the insight I gained from it. Upon waking up, I reflected about why was I unable to fly up This time I'll get to that up of the high building. Flying was usually an easy thing at this point of my Lucy dreaming practice so was walking up wars and changing the direction of gravity. So why was I unsuccessful this time? Then suddenly I understood my expectations stopped me from reaching higher. If I only wanted to fly up or walk the vertical war for fun, that would have been possible for me. But I attempted to do these actions with the aim to see the whole city from above the city which did not exist in a dream world. Yet see the paradox. I thought that there was something which I could see from above, so I wanted to fly up to look at it. But what I wanted to see didn't exist yet, and that fact made me unable to fly up and take a look at it. This is a delicate thing, so I think I should take my time to explain it. In Frida Graphics, Audio and other media production, there is a word views Randa ring in certain computer games, for example, it feels like that the players character is moving fruit, a virtual what? But in fact, the character is standing still in the middle of the screen, and the environment revolves around it. It means that the computer only draws the images, the models, the environment that you are actually seeing in each moment as you move from one location to another in the game, the computer draws the next relevant environment for you to see, and so on. It can be said that the computer is only rendering the immediately relevant environment, and the character is always at the center of the world. That is a structure of dreams as well off virtual world with the dreamer in the middle of it, feed the dreamer as the projector in Wake for life. A city is real. We are traveling in it, and every part of it already exists in the dream. The subconscious is creating an experience for us. It is projected from our point of view and only which is immediately relevant for us. But we can actually see around us in a 360 degree is projected at any given time. Again and again, this leads us to interesting metaphysical correlations. I'm thinking about how Buddhism and other philosophies see the wall is a projection off something like a higher stuff or sore. It also relates to quantum physics, but it's parallel words and holographic universe theories so exciting back to my dream, so I could not see the whole dream city from above because my mind did not created yet did not Randa rate yet? So my attempt to get high was unsuccessful. This happened because I had a fixed expectation that the whole city was already there to see more parts of the city. I could have just moved from place to place and let the dream gradually create each next part for me. Or, if I had more awareness, I could have voiced my intention. For example, I asked the dream to build up the whole city and so on. In our dreams, our expectations define our experience. 14. Day 3 Practice Activity: they free in their freeze exercise river, shape your attitude towards automatic dream projections and begin to develop yourself reflective dreaming abilities. To do this, I would like you to look at the dreams on your lists and reflect on the following what could be a good question to ask myself by dreaming, which would add more awareness to the dream? What if that question came up in my dream? How can I add similar self reflective questions to my day? Your second task is to think about whether you have any expectations or beliefs which may hinder your perception in your dreams. If you find any fears of limitations than imagine that the next time you encountered those in your dream, you will connect them to the realization that you are dreaming. 15. Natural Lucid Dreamers: In my experience, there are free, distinct ways in which lucid dreaming can be achieved. The first way is a kind of natural way. Some people exhibit a certain brain activity. Why sleeping? The parts of the brain, which are responsible for self awareness, remain active. Let's look at another natural way. I personally believe that the evolution of the human mind is accelerating due to the use of computers, Internet and social media. We are exposed to so much more information than the previous generations ever were. Thanks to YouTube, for example, we can learn a skill or quite a few professions just by watching tutorial videos. How generation and the following generations, even more so. We're working with interacting tools and be processing so much information, we can practically run a business from our phones. Compare this with life from 50 years ago. According to experts, this kind of change in technology has a direct effect on the human brain. We are adapting to it and evolving. We're not only processing information faster. We also have access to people's ideas from everyone all around the globe. They're aware of international events, global concerns, positive developments everyone can share their opinions. The more people can see the perspective of others, the more we can witness and learn from each others successes and suffering. The more mindful and compassionate the human race becomes the summarize, their processing information faster, and they're becoming more mindful of others and about what happens in our body and mind. Let me give you an example and show you the connection between self reflection and lucid dreaming way. Bobby. No, no, no. If someone is nasty to us, we usually do not pose and think that now we want to be angry, which has become angry automatically. Similarly, if we see an attractive person in the street, we don't stop to think we don't make a decision that we are going to be attracted. We just our subconscious takes care of it to clarify. In wakeful life, most of our emotions and reactions are emanations off the subconscious mind. They come automatically. Similarly, the dream our dreams without us wanting them, the subconscious is projecting them based on our desires, fears, intentions, focus and so on. The automatic reactions in wakeful life are close to lengthen the automatic dreamy environments we are exposed to, Why we sleep. In both cases, the subconscious is running the show to be mindful during the day or two believes it during the sleep are the same thing. We recognize our automatic reactions to real life events and are automatic dream projections. With good practice, we can program ourselves, always react positively or constructively in negative wakeful experiences. As for dreaming, we can decide what we want to dream about as well as maintain our wakeful consciousness inside the dream. I think it's very important that we understand the relationship between our wakeful on Dow dream of an US, so I'd like to give another example. Let's say there's a person called John who has an argument with his partner. After the argument, John reflects and asks himself what led to this situation? How could I behave differently? How does my partner feel next time something like this happens. First I repose and think of a constructive response instead of reacting from the space of anger. Bobby. No, no, no. If we engage in self analysis frequently, that is to stop in the moment and see what is going on inside our heads. Then this attitude leads to spontaneous, lucid dreaming because when we dream and something, what happens and there's a situation to deal with, which is often the case in dreams, then were more likely to self reflect inside a dream as well before, in a normal dream, it were being controlled by the dream story to subconscious projections we bought into them as reality. Now as Lucy dreamers have, you become conscious and explore a whole new in the world. 16. Mindfulness and Lucid Dreaming: I believe that when someone is really into lucid dreaming, it does become a lifestyle. Lucid dreaming gives us a whole new perception of the world we can see and perceive in the ordered states of mind as if you were, ah, higher, dimensional being. We can have multiple points of view at the same time being conscious in a lucid dream which feels like being in a virtual world, experiencing sensations beyond what can we explain in wakeful life, accessing our subconscious mind, for example, sing out desires, fears, judgements and challenges visually represented as the dreaming environment around us. All of this makes us question things. It makes us question. What is the mind capable off? What happens after death? Lucid dreaming helps us to become increasingly open minded because of this. As an effect, we become less judgmental, and we begin to see other people's viewpoints more often, which in turn increases our self awareness. So as you can see, there is a circle there. Mindfulness practice can lead to lucid dreams, and lucid dreams lead to even more mindfulness. Being free now daily life free from the constant internal monologue, automatic reactions and judgments recognizing them, really also recognizing whatever is happening in our dreams 17. DILD vs. WILD - Comparison of Techniques : the next category of learning to lucid dream is the dream induced method. In my opinion, many techniques belong here, but the common theme is the same. We rely on techniques which we carry out in our wake for life. Like a reality check. They can trigger sudden realizations. If you repeat an activity many times during the day, we are likely to dream about it. Did that happen to you before we can take advantage of this to achieve lucid dreams? If you ask ourselves the question, am I dreaming right now? If it posed during our day frequently enough to make a genuine inquiry, sooner or later, this question will show up in our dreams. In the dream, it is difficult to answer such questions and also what things can happen. Frequent reality checks during the day. We lead to dreaming about doing a really to check inside the dream. And because our dreams are often strange in some way something you probably stand out and you will realize that you are dreaming you will become lucid. I would call this method the foundation technique for two reasons. First, we don't have to be advanced meditators. They use the method, and it is relatively simple. And second, if you want to use the advanced method of the later pointing out training, that is to enter the lucid dream from meditation without falling asleep. The foundation practice will prove to be invaluable for good dream control, which means to navigate in an already lucid state on to prolong it. The third category is the raking juice lucid, dreaming, in my opinion, the advanced method. As I said, By using this method, we don't have to fall asleep, begin transition from a fully wakeful, meditative state right into the fully lucid, conscious Dream state. We can learn to jump into a virtual world like you may have seen in the movies, Inception or The Matrix. This will feel a little weird. The transition itself. It's phenomenal, and it is often referred to as an out of body experience. Although on out of body experience can mean other spiritual journeys to master in this method is extremely rewarding. Consequently, we must be able to really come our minds in meditation. It is a different kind of approach, lucid dreaming. Therefore, I have created a separate training course dedicated to learning, meditation and the advanced method 18. Day 4 Practice Activity: Therefore, today's about connecting your wake for mindfulness vigil. Dreaming self awareness. Recall an experience in your daily life when you use the mindfulness when you posed before reacting and first self reflected and therefore created a better, more constructive outcome for the situation. Think about what changed the direction of your reaction. Make a note of up to free such events after that. Record one of your significant dreams from your list. If you have a recurring dream, use that one, then visualized the following. How would it make your dream more lucid if you apply the same mindful pools and self reflective attitude by dreaming as the second activity? Imagine the following. If you were a dream guide who could enter people's dreams, what would you say to your dreaming self, which would have them to realize that they are dreaming? 19. Sleep Cycles and Remembering dreams: naturally if we wish to be lucid dreamers, that means that we also need to remember our dreams. You could think of the wakeful state and the dream state as two sides of the same river. If we wish to cross from one side to the other freely, we need to build a bridge. The bridge will allow us to a communication. They want to remember what we've done in the dream state. We also want to transport ideas from the wakeful consciousness into the dream. First of all, our intention to become lucid and secondly, to remember our goal in the dream. Ideally, we want to make use of both sides of the river. We want to have an active, harmonious and conscious life both during the day and the night. So let's build a bridge. The metaphor of the bridge is not so distant from what is actually taking place in the brain. Learning to remember dreams as well as being in the lucid state creates a new connections in the brain. New neural pathways in which information is traveling like a bridge. This is how new habits are created. The more re practice, the stronger the habit becomes in time, we will require less and less effort to achieve a lucid dream until finally, it becomes virtually effortless sleep cycles. To remember our dreams is an inherent ability for all of us. Everyone dreams motor put times every single night. This is a fact. Even if one doesn't remember, I'm sure that we all have nights when nothing disturbs us and we wake up feeling refreshed . Other times we sleep lightly and we may make up tired. This can be explained by the different stages of the sleep cycle. When you fall asleep in general, you enter a light sleep stage, and over time he progressed deeper than even deeper into deep sleep. After that, you come back gradually to light sleep and then you enter the dreaming stage. There are two main stages of sleep the ram or rapid eye movement, sleep, in which dreaming steak space, which accounts for 20 to 25% of our total sleep time. And there's the and Ram or non rapid eye movement sleep. The Amram stage has free distinctive sub stages is free, together with the dreaming stage. Total four stages, which together last around 90 minutes, which we repeat 4 to 5 times every night. If you wake up in the middle of deep sleep, you are more likely to feel tired. If you wake up in the middle of the ram, sleep in the middle of a dream, you are very likely to remember your dream. It is also true that the longer asleep, the less time is spending the deep sleep on more time in the REM sleep. That is why long snoozes in the morning are beneficial for lucid dreaming. For example, you have decided to sleep from midnight to 10 a.m. Set up multiple alarms from 7 a.m. Own words one alarm every 15 minutes, all the way up to 10 a.m. When the alarm turns on in the morning, it's news and go back to sleep. This will increase your chance of waking up in the middle of a dreaming face of your sleep cycle. Also, snoozing will keep us in light sleep. It will allow us to stay on the borderline of sleeping and wakefulness. If your body become sleep deprived the next time you go to sleep, it will try to compensate. Interestingly, the rapid eye movement or R E m. Phase of the sleep cycle in which dreaming takes place is essential for the body. So when you go to bed with sleep deprivation, you spent more time in the ram face than usual. This is called the realm rebound Effect. So this will help you to remember your dreams. And also it will help you to learn to stay in this borderline state, which is one of the gateways for both lucid dreams and will be ease. 20. Remembering Mastery: if you have already achieved the skill to remember your dreams, that is a fantastic step in moving towards having a lucid dream. In this section, I would give you techniques to help you remember your dreams. These tips for contribute towards becoming lucid. Two. Our aim is to stop the separation between the wakeful state and the dream state to create a sort of connection. A back and forth communication. The last intention were holding before we fall asleep has an extremely powerful effect on our subconscious. You can think of it as a very powerful command, depending on the person. The ability to remember our dreams can take various times to awaken. It might take a few days, but we know that the brain conform Very strong. New connections establish a new habit in just one month. What is important to keep up the practice every day because in time you will definitely start having some level of dream recall 21. Dream Journal: number one Definitely use a dream journal. This is how I do it in the evening. I leave my dream journal next to my pillow. I should be able to reach it in the morning with minimal movement. After waking up, I attempt to stay motionless. I didn't want to do any movements which would suddenly put my brain into wakeful functioning. I want to spend time on the borderline between sleep and wakefulness while still lying. I make a mental note of my dream. I tried to hold on to the images in my mind. Then I make a mental note off the individual feature of the dream. How did I feel? What happened to me? Who was in the dream? Where was I in a dream. Then I focus on the colors, sounds and so on. When I reached the maximum amount of what I could recall, only then would I reach for my journal extremely slowly. Then I write down everything quickly, again. Don't even sit up only slightly. Open your eyes. You can even try opening one I only because you want to stay on the borderline of awakening . Make sure you've write down your dreams before getting out of bed. Sometimes all it takes to forget them is going to the bathroom. When writing your dreams into your dream journal, try to look for dream signs. Try to analyze your dream. What unusual or what things did you see? Two or fail? Being aware of them can lead to a lucid dream, because if something comes up frequently, you may begin to associate that with the realization that you are in a dream. If you do this consistently, eventually you will have a dream map of your own personal dreaming habits and dream signs. 22. Dream Recall Simulation: If you don't remember anything in the morning, here's a trick you could try. Think of your previous day. Go free mentally. Think of significant events like repetitively, actions and emotional situations. There's a good charts to dreamt about something that happened yesterday. Think about recent previews, dreams or recurring dreams. There's a good chance that you dreamt something similar. These techniques can have you triggered the memory of your dream. 23. The Power of Autosuggestion: before you fall asleep in the evening. Take a moment and clear your mind. Imagine that it is next day. Morning. You're just waking up. Pretend that you're Dave was your dream. Recall the events of today and pretend that you remember everything mentally. Comment. This is what I dreamt. I remember going to the shop. I remember driving down the street and so on. 24. How to use Affirmations: before you fall asleep, do some informations for 5 to 10 minutes. One of the rules is to always focus on the outcome. The words were saying should always be positive. Let's say we want to avoid fair in a real situation or in a dream. In such case, we shouldn't say things like, I'm not going to get scared because then the focus is unfair on something negative. Remember, the subconscious mind doesn't communicate with words. It understands feelings. Therefore, the correct information should sound something like this. I am brave and invulnerable. I trust myself. I am powerful. We should prove this to ourselves by thinking off past events in which Weaver powerful or brave, even if they were little things. Additionally, we should use present tense whenever we can. For example, I remember my dreams in great detail. I trust that my subconscious receives my message and it will make me remember my dream. I can program my mind, and I am doing so right now. I am more than my physical body. I realized that I am dreaming. I'm in a dream and I can do anything I want. I have a strong resolve to remain conscious by my mind, is projecting images like always. Affirmations take effect when Mary enthusiastic about them. So use your emotions and believe in your affirmations. If you get worked up and super excited by affirming that you remember your dream, how awesome how new has such exciting thing, then your results will come really fast. Also, remind yourself that your mind is your own. When you give a commander your subconscious, it were carried out for you. Trust in this. Expect positive results, and your information's will become a strong catalyst for becoming lucid. 25. Bonus video - Kundalini energy for Lucidity: specialty How to build up their power. Sexual energy is a very strong source of power. For some, going for days without education can cause feelings of other tension or accumulated power. If you wish, you may try to experiment with using this power and turn it into resolve A strong intention that you carry into your sleep channel the accumulated energy into the wish of becoming lucid in the dream. 26. Everything you need for Lucid Dreaming: that's summarize our training. So far they're free. Distinct ways to learn to lucid dream one. The natural occurrence of lucid dreaming due to special brain activity or heightened Safa Obama's to training ourselves during the day with the intention that it will make us become Lucy lively sleep a dreaming juice method and free entering the lucid state from meditation without going to sleep. The Waking Jews method We have learned that reducing stress being emotionally balanced and to be able to calmer minds absolute lucid dreaming. Therefore, any kind of mindfulness practice is very beneficial. We have discussed the importance of using a dream journal for both remembering our dreams and to become lucid dreamers. Additionally, I would like to emphasize again that ultimately it is our intention, the message we give to our subconscious mind, which will lead to lucid dreaming. Therefore, the most important learning point to take away so far is to pay attention to your thoughts before drifting off to sleep. Hold your wish of becoming conscious while dreaming every single night 27. Take Action!: Let's take an action step towards becoming a lucid dreamer. Put it on your things to do list. To get a brand new notebook to create a nice cover for it and turn it into your special dream journal. Thank you for listening to the preparation module. We have covered a lot of things in it, and I believe that we are ready for the practical training. I will do my best to create an easy to follow. A daily schedule for you has been any training. The more time you spend practicing, the faster your results will be. We all have different lifestyles, so you will have to decide how much time you're willing to commit to your training. For this reason, I'm going to show you reach techniques have priority. These are your core techniques, which should be included in your practice. I am also going to give you secondary techniques, which I recommend using on top of your core techniques. If you have the time, I have divided the training into three parts. Morning Routine cracked is during the day and evening routine, so this will make up the main part of the training, and I'm going to explain the techniques and their purposes. Let's begin 28. Day 5 Practice Activity: Day five. We're half a food, of course, here learned some important foundations, and it is time to get serious about the practice activities. From now on, we will focus and lucidity induction techniques if you don't have a dream journal yet this time to get one. Look at your list of dreams and look for patterns across your dreams, recurring things, expressions of your psychological state and visual metaphors. The best way to approach this is to contemplate how we felt in our dreams in what way, shape or form were out. Desires and aversions expressed by the dream environment, the dream story or the dream. Characters make note of anything that stands out for the second task. Tried to identify. When is it easiest for you to remember your dreams? For example, What time do you go to bed? What time do you wake up? Think of what you had for dinner. Does it influence your dreaming in any way? What are you last thoughts before you fall asleep as your main task, I would like you to begin to use lucidity induction techniques right before you go to sleep today use affirmations and the dream recourse simulation technique 29. Training - Morning routine: morning routine after waking up, There is one court technique we are going to use writing into our dream journal. There are multiple purposes of writing down our dreams in the morning. First, we're practicing to recall our dreams, which is creating new neural pathways. Do long enough and your brain will be trained to naturally remember your dreams every single day. My working without dreams. By paying attention to them, we also caused them to become more vivid over time. Second, we get a structured way of trying to remember our dreams were more likely to take time to record our dreams if we have to write them down into a notebook. Third, if you go to sleep knowing that the next morning we are going to write down our dreams as soon as we wake up. If we are committed to that already in the evening, then we already send instructions to the mind that it will have to remember the dreams. Upon waking up, it prepares the mind to actually turn on those processes which will enable us to remember. It builds the seriousness off the whole lucid, dreaming practice. It is creating a communication as I said before, we are building a bridge between the wakeful mind and the dreaming mind. Also, writing may have to remember even more details. The bonus reason. We can use the dreams victory everything down for a number of reasons, such as checking out progression, reading previous dreams and imagining that now we're conscious in them in case a similar dream comes up again. This often leads to a free, lucid dream. Lastly, to sport expressions of un integrated emotions recognized subconscious patterns, which we can work on to make our wake for life happier. So do you keep writing into your dream journal every day? It is a nice and also really important to toe idea progression, So recording your dreams is your core technique in the morning. Depending on how much time you have, you may write down a long, detailed dream. Maybe you can do this in the weekend. If you have to rush to work, then just spend one minute making quick notes. Believe me, that even a little effort can go a long way. Additionally, I recommend that as a secondary technique to sit in relaxation and prepare for the day by setting your intention tell yourself that your first lucid dream is on the way. Tell yourself that you are going to remember to do reality checks during the day. 30. `Magical` Dream Diary: if you'd like, create your own magical dream journal, wrap a notebook in special paper or color the front cover in one word. Get creative by making the notebook personal and special. You are committing to your training. It will assist you to get in the mood and to establish a habit of writing down your dreams . First thing in the morning. Learning to lucid dream is a mystical discipline, so treat your journal as a term of knowledge and have fun with it. 31. Training - Daytime routine: Reality Check: practice during the day. Reality Jack this This isn't real. What is really how do you define? Really? If you repeat in activity many times during the day, we are likely to dream about it. Did that happen to you before we can take advantage of this to achieve lucid dreams? If you ask ourselves the question, Am I dreaming right now? If he paused during our day frequently enough to make a January in inquiry, sooner or later this question will show up in our dreams. For example, you could ask the question whenever you change your location, let's say when you cross the street or enter a building, he could look around. You check the environment and spend a moment by Look at objects and people around you. Question yourself. Why am I talking to this person right now? Is this realistic? Why am I doing this? Is this the right time for it? Does it make sense? What I'm seeing around me or a my in a dream spent half a minute January wandering. Think about whether it is realistic to be there. Try to recall how you go to the place where you are. Can you tell the time you're checking whether you are in reality or in a dream. Hence, this technique is called a reality check. This is the core technique for achieving lucid dreams for the foundation method. In the dream, it is difficult to answer such questions and also what things can happen. Frequent reality checks during the day. We lead to dreaming about doing a reality check inside the dream. And because our dreams are often strange in some way something you probably stand out and you will realize that you are dreaming you will become lucid. I suggest that you set a notification in your smartphone to remind you every hour to carry out the reality check and to do one whenever you remember. The classic way to do this technique is as follows. Whenever you do a reality check, look at your hands. Do something weird with them. For example, counter fingers or try to put your fingers for your palm. Counting is often difficult in regular dreams. You may not see clearly how many fingers you have at the same time. Do a self suggestion. If I'm looking at my hand, that means that I'm dreaming if you do this many times. Sooner or later you will dream about doing the same thing. And if you manage to put your fingers through your palm and you will realize that such fingers not possible therefore you will realize that you are in a dream on a side note. It is a classic way to look at our hands because it's simple and quick. However, you could use any significant object for that matter, like looking at a specific crystal that you associate with dreaming. Or you could imagine that your dog is talking to you, telling you that you are dreaming. Really, it's up to your imagination. 32. Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming: pneumonic induction of Lucy Dreams and Reality checks. Pneumonic is something that assists remembering and memory, pneumonic induction or mild means to incubate a lucid dream with affirmations and also to program your next dream, contain a predetermined dream trigger to prompt lucidity. It is similar to the auto suggestion technique. My wood goes hand in hand with reality checks. They want to remember in our next dream to do a reality check. It is our prospective memory, which is responsible for the task of remembering to perform something in the future. When should we use the mile technique? Anytime. And we're about to sleep and want to lucid dream before going to sleep in the evening, or when we wake up in the middle of the night or at dawn, when we want to go back to sleep. So after waking up, say your affirmations, like in my next dream, I realized that I'm dreaming. I must do a reality check and then go back to sleep. It is crucial that we must do these affirmations with heart. We should be enthusiastic about our intention. That is how we communicate our message to the subconscious. Mind if you wake up and remember your last dream. Say your affirmations generate a strong intention and imagine that you are in the same dream. But this time is a conscious participate. Er, visualize the recognition that you are dreaming. We can make use of our sleep cycles and wake up ourselves when we are likely to be in a dreaming phase. I go into detail, but using our sleep cycles when we're learning about the wake back to bad technique, my wood has an important element which is often left out of the explanations. Any kind of reality check we do during the day is very beneficial. But to remember to do them in our dreams with a high success rates there is a prerequisite . First, we must train our prospective memory or PM to remember. I advise you to do this in two ways. The first method is called folk OPM task. Your objective is that whenever a chosen que happens, you've you do a reality. Check some example cues could be. If I see a cup of coffee, I will do a reality check. If a colleague asks me a question, I will do a reality check if I'm looking at my hand, I must do a reality check. You are associating their Q e g. Seeing your hand with the implementation strategy that is doing the reality check. The second method is scored the time based PM. You should remember every hour on the hour to do a reality check. This should be done by you, naturally remembering not by setting your alarm. It is okay to look at the time periodically to make sure that you will remember when the time comes. According to research, these two methods combined seemed to yield the best resorts for training our prospective memory. If you develop the habit to naturally remember to do reality checks during the day spontaneously, that is an indication that RPM is prepped and that's the reality. Checks were soon show up in our dreams. If we are really dedicated to PM training, we could create four different remembering tasks for ourselves every morning for a week. This is what Stephen Loberg, the creator of this technique, recommends. For example, we have to notice when they drink water when we see a dark haired woman, when we take out our credit card and when we write a text on our phone. We have to notice when these things happen the first time, every day. And then we have to do a reality check in the evening. We should take account off. How many be remembered next day, Repeat the task with four different cues. And in the evening, check how Maney you remembered again. 33. Physical and Mental energy : energy and intention. Think of the mind is a warehouse. We can only produce limited amounts of goods at any event time. If your mind is occupied by negative thoughts, worries, or if you are spending your time and energy on overthinking or constant from the nation, then you are using up most of the valuable resource. Lucid dreaming is something quite new for most people. We learn it by activating new functions of the brain. And if your mind is too busy than the focus and energy you can spend, a lucid dreaming will be limited. We learned lucid dreaming by communicating with deeper parts of our mind, which is done by directing our focus and intention. For this reason, I think it is highly beneficial to tidy up our mind space, so to speak. It's some kind of mindfulness practice calming the mind conserves Ah, lot of energy 34. Training - Familiar Scene Visualisation (FSV): secondary techniques. If you have time to sit down to do a visualization, here's one of my favorite techniques for you. Think of a space or location that has special significance to you. Perhaps it's a mountaintop on garden or anything that feels positive and safe for you. You want to really enjoy being there. Perhaps it is a place where you meditate or where you had a realization in the past. It could even be a magical forest from a fantasy movie. I'm going to call this place your power place. Choosing a power place is common in the shamanic tradition to strengthen intention and habit. The idea is that if you practice this visualization, always using the same power place, then sooner or later you will dream that you are in fact sitting there. And if you find yourself sitting there in a dream, you know that this is your power place. You know that you are dreaming. As such, the lucid dream is achieved after you have chosen your power place. Sit comfortably or lie down, calm your mind and visualize yourself being in your power place. Visualize yours have dreaming that you are there but also being conscious and lucid. Think of ago that you want to achieve in that place and visualize that. For example, you will be observing the surroundings by mentally commenting periodically. I am in the dream state. I can do anything I want. I can see clearly my power places a room sized empty island surrounded by the ocean my island has wide sent and there's a palm tree standing in the middle. The sky above is very clear and bright blue. The sun is extremely bright. I have done this visualization so many times that if I dream about it, I instantly know that I'm in a dream. The reason I chose the island because I really like water. So first of all, I feel comfortable. Additionally, on my island there is no destruction. It is easy to keep my focus and Lucy divine us. Moreover, the white sand careers great contrast with the blue water and sky, which makes it easy to visualize this power place. It is a very clear image and we need clarity for lucid dreaming. As a bonus, I can even combine it with listening to the sound of waves by falling asleep to further enhance the visualization. Whatever you choose is your power place. It should be something that is meaningful and something that allows you to keep your awareness focused. He don't want to get lost in the environment, so to speak. You don't want to indulge in any dream story, so come up with something that makes it difficult to fall back into a regular on Contras dream. 35. Training - Dream goal cultivation: the previous two techniques. Focus on locating an object or a place within the dream by using the third technique. Visualize an actual story happening on activity or a meeting with a desire person statistics does about the top human desires. One of them is flying the feeling of freedom and acceleration. The other one is the desire for sex. Both of these are easily achieved in a full illicit dream. So as for the technique, visualize, for example, running on a Greenfield faster and faster, jumping higher and higher on. Do you finally lift off the ground and fly away above the city above the forest or into space? Tell your stuff by lifting off that I am dreaming. I am conscious. I can do anything I want in general because it is one off the top desires we have. It will be easy to generate a feeling of excitement in the genuine longing for the experience. As for sex, it works the same way I believed. It's up to you to experiment with, do it once or twice every day, and soon you will be dreaming about running, jumping, and when the surprise comes that you lifted off the ground. You've you know, you are in a lucid dream. You've grown stronger here than I ever could have imagined. The only way to know how strong to keep testing your limits. 36. Day 6 Practice Activity: Day six. Today's practice activities about developing your reality checks. I would like you to look around you rights. Now recall that you learn in this module and spent two minutes questioning your reality. I have to emphasize again you must do this totally sincerely. Otherwise it won't work. I will continue in two minutes. Today we learned about prospective memory training, which is one of the most important exercises for dream induced lucid dreaming. Your task is to create four different cues for tomorrow. If you aren't going to begin tomorrow, then select a suitable date and make note of it in your dream journal. Your third task is to look back on your dream goals, which you chose on Day two and based on what you've learned so far, think about how you could make those go is more potent, even more motivating. Additionally, you could also consider trying the power place method 37. The power of our Intention and Willpower: the secret to become a lucid dreamer is to understand the power off our intention. What is intention? Really, It is challenging to grasp it. It is our desire. It is to want something. It is our purpose and focus. It is our creative energy. When you really want something, that intention turns into power. We achieved great things. If we have strong intentions, all other techniques are supporting our main objective. Really, To create a powerful intention to become conscious in the dream. Take passable, for instance, or look at this classic example. If you have something really important the next day and you need to wake up at six AM and you are focused on that before you go to sleep, you will wake up at six. AM or earlier. Even without having an alarm, you would jump out of bed. I am sure that similar things have happened to most of us and we're working with the mind, like learning the lucid dream we have working with intention. So when we are conserving energy, we can channel that into building a strong intention. Our intention is a direct message or even command to our subconscious mind to carry out our wish. And here is the tree. The thoughts and emotions we are holding by drifting into sleep will determine our dreams and even our mood on the next day Here is the second tree. Subconscious is motivated by emotion, right? Not reason. We need to find a way to translate this into an emotional concept. We need to communicate our intention, our command, but emotion. If you only tell yourself mentally that you want to become lucid, it is not going to have much of an impact. You have to remind yourself, Why do you want to lose the dream? What are the benefits? What is your goal? Is it a fantasy you wish to live out? Do you want to fly? Do you want to access on memories? Do you want to have a whole date with a celebrity? Do you want to meet a spirit guide? I will tell you that the simple act of being fully conscious in that order that the reality is mind blowing and it compares to nothing in wake for life. So visualize your goal, feel as if you are achieving your goal right now because that is how you build up your intention. For this reason, you can make the most out of your training. If you become obsessed with lucid dreaming, I suggest you read about the topic online. Read book chapters, articles and you discuss your lucid dreaming with others. The secret is that if you are able to build a super powerful interest and excitement, that in itself may lead to your first lucid dream. That powerful intention is the key because it is a specific instruction to your mind awaken you living the dream. 38. Training - Evening routine: Setting Intention: evening routine. The court technique for the evening is the hold. Your intention of becoming conscious from the dream by falling asleep. Try to make this the last thought before you drift away to sleep. I mentioned this earlier, but it is so important. The last thoughts and feelings before sleep would have a massive effect on what the dream, how lucidly become. However, we will remember our dreams and even on our mood in the morning. Read about Lucid dreaming what to YouTube video, Talk about it on forums or in my Facebook group, read about other people's lucid dreams, anything so that your mind remains focused on the topic. Before you go to sleep, you may increase the effect by saying informations. Some of my favorite ones are my wakeful life and my dream life are connected. I am in control because I recognize that everything I see while I'm sleeping is projected by my mind. I have a strong resolve to remain where by my mind, is sending images to me. Use the visualizations you've done during the day, the manifested activity, such as flying or meeting a person. Secondary evening techniques. Look at the major events of the day. Visualize your day and attempt to think of it as if it was a dream. Ask about each event. Is this realistic? Am I dreaming? You might dream about something that has happened today, and the visualization may have to ask these questions in the dream. 39. Training - Evening routine: Secondary: secondary evening technique read from your dream journal, then they're learning to lose a dream. Recurring dreams are very lucky thing if he imagined the returning situation multiple times daily and associate it with the realization that it means you're dreaming. You can train yourself to become lucid in these situations. So if you have a nine marriage dream, perhaps a recurring one, I suggest to spend some time recalling the dream before going to sleep. Well, you're remembering the dream. I'd like you to introduce a change to it, visualize and attempt to feel that you are in the same dream again. But now, he noted, the nightmarish thing means that it is not really It means you're dreaming. Connect the negative situation with the realization. Wow, this again, this means that I am dreaming. We are taking advantage of denied more. It will become a trigger for lucidity. Get excited about this and decided the next time you're having this recurring dream, you know that you are dreaming if you're bad. Dream is about being attacked. Visualize that the next time you retire your attacker, you're not really I can dream about something else. Laugh about it. Turn your back to it. Move it out of your side with telekinesis is if the bad dream is about a negative emotion or, ah, hostile environment shouted into the dream. This is not logical. This is a dream and I can change it. Remember that the negative figure or scenario is only the expression off something which is bothering you in your life. It is a virtual representation of a negative past or current event. Something you have not that ID yet emotionally. Must you have some practice in becoming lucid? You can just visual way anything unwanted. You will find that you don't have to resist anything. It is enough to just intend the change. 40. Personal Development and Therapy: we can learn so much about ourselves by communicating without dream figures. A dream figure can even tell you about what causes you stress on a deeper level, something that you wouldn't notice by yourself. We get to really understand what causes changes or difficult in our lives. We get to understand our still active in a conflict. Imagine going to a psychologist or hypnotherapist who guides you in the relaxed state to access old memories like a regression. And you do that In most cases, you recall memories by visualizing memo by thinking back. If you reach a high level in lucid dreaming, you can take such practices the whole new level, because in the Lucy Dream, you don't imagine things like in wakeful life. You simply give the command to access a specific memory, and it is provided for you. The surroundings immediately become it. You can be in the memory. You can choose to relieve it with emotions, or you may also observe the whole thing like a viewer instead of a participate. Er, if you want to, you will be able to play. It's like a movie pause. First forward skip parts, anything you like, you could gain a different perspective. I cannot express how awesome this is and how seriously I mean it. This experience feels like being in a higher dimension. I tried to explain how this feels to me over and over, but words don't seem to be enough to describe it. I believe that this virtual environment could be a massive complement to therapy. You can access and relieve memories if you want to. You can even play them out in different ways. For example, you may introduce changes in your perception you could forgive someone or do something you didn't do at the time, or ask the person in your memory toe act differently. This time you could make peace in one word. You can integrate your soul. I think that's with proper guidance. This ability would be unmatched when it comes to healing and understanding ourselves. I am confident that in the future such practices will become commonplace. Same psychology. I could talk about this for days because this made my life so much better. But hey, let's get you lucid first. If you're interested in learning the self healing methods, I talk more about them in my advanced course. 41. Senses Induced Lucid Dreaming: senses induced, lucid dreaming. Who s s I A D? This is a very interesting technique that I recommend for you to try. It is simple, and for some people, it can trigger lucid dreams surprisingly easily. You can do it when you go to sleep in the evening or combine it with the wake back to bear . Technique it down or in the middle of the night. What you're going to do is very close to daytime mindfulness techniques because it involves paying attention to your senses. The first step is to go to bed and be ready to fall asleep. Get comfy, but try to keep performing the technique for at least five minutes before falling asleep. The second step is a room up. Close your eyes and observe the darkness behind your eyelids. Just be aware. Don't try to look with your eyeballs. Don't visualize anything. After five seconds. Divert your attention to your hearing. Notice the sounds far and close. External and internal ones. What can you hear? Do this for five seconds, then shift your attention to your bodily sensations. Do your bodies can. What can you sense and feel? Notice your skin. The blanket your heartbeat or a kinetic sensation like thinking. Dude is also for five seconds. The free tasks. Five seconds vision, five seconds hearing and five seconds feeling. Form a circle. Repeat this circle five times. The third step is to repeat the same cycle, but this time slowly. 30 seconds Vision, 30 seconds. Hearing 30 seconds feeling. Repeat the slow cycle five times and fall asleep. It is also okay to fall asleep in the middle of doing the technique. It is important to note. Try to combine the technique with other techniques. Don't have any expectations. You're not waiting for any sensations or images to appear. You're not anticipating anything to happen. If they do, that's okay. Just observed them and continue this mindfulness technique this nice that can lead to becoming lucid in your dream. Direct transition into a lucid dream through hypno Gogic images or even force awakening. So make sure that you set your intention to do a reality check upon awakening 42. Wake Back To Bed Technique: wake back to bad technique. We already know that we go through various stages of sleep every night, record the dreaming stage, the ram face. As we sleep the lengths off, the Ram faces become longer and longer and their frequency increases how chance to become loose. It is highest when we're close or in the middle of a ram phase. Therefore, in my opinion, the wake back to bad technique is a kind of bread and butter for the Lucy Dreamer. Because no matter which technique we use, we were most likely benefit from waking ourselves up in the middle of a ram face. This is called Wake back to Bed. To do this, we can calculate the time when we're likely to be in ram. One sleep cycle last around 90 minutes, and each cycle ends with Aram face. So if we go to bed at midnight, we should be in or close to RAM phase around 1:30 a.m. than free am and 4:30 a.m. 6 a.m. and so on for best results tried to wake yourself up 4 to 6 hours After you go to bed, you have to find the right amount of time for you personally because you we want to sleep just enough that you can still fall asleep after waking up, so you shouldn't be too a lot. Alternatively, sleeping for longer than eight hours also lets you spend a lot of time in RAM. So if you do this long sleep, you can set up multiple alarms every 20 minutes and repeatedly go back to snooze. That way you will be likely to pop in and out of RAM phases. My special tip is that you record your own voice on your smartphone and set it as the alarm sound. You should send yourself a message like this. For example, you are dreaming recognized that you are dreaming. You have to do a reality check when you wake up in the wake back to bad method, you have two options. Method number one. Try to stay motionless and don't open your eyes when you wake up. Maybe have your phone or your alarm close to your hands so that you can turn off the alarm with minimal movement. This way, you don't get joy to the wake. Your brain activity is likely to stay very close to the dreaming state. You can take advantage of this because you might feel vibrations or the sensation off sinking into your bed. Or you might see hypno Gogi images. And being aware of these phenomena can care you into a lucid dream. If you're observing things like this and nothing happens, that is a time to do a technique. You can choose any technique. For example, the mild or auto suggestion S s I. A. D and family are seen visualization. All of these techniques are covered in this course method number two. After waking up, get out of bed and spent 20 to 40 minutes away. Try to spend the time focusing on Lucy dreaming by reading about it or meditating on it. You could even read from your dream journal. You can also solve a puzzle to warm up your brain's frontal lobe, then go back to bed and use any of the mentioned techniques. Alternatively, you can also try listening to dream inducing music, take supplements or attempt conscious transition into the dream state. With the wild method, I cover all of those in my advanced course 43. Training Conclusion: or rights. We have talked about many things, so let me summarize the training for you. Depending on how fast you want results and how much time you have, I suggest to including your practice as many secondary techniques as you can. If you're on holiday, you could dedicate a whole day to your practice or more days. Meditate on Lucy, dreaming free times a day, visualizations free times per day. Do a reality check every 15 minutes. If you spend your whole day with such focus on lucid dreaming, you have an extremely high chance of achieving a lucid dream the next morning. If you're interested in coming to a meet up or attending a fast track, lucid, dreaming retreat to join my Facebook group. Also, you may contact me via my website. 44. Day 7 Practice Activity: Day seven. Today, I would like you to create your own custom made alarm sound for lucid dreaming. You will be able to use it whenever you use the snoozing type. Wake back to bad technique. Let's do this now. It will only take a few minutes. Take out your smartphone and look for an application that's called recorder sound recorder , speech recorder or something similar. If your phone doesn't have such a nap, then go to the APP store and download the free voice recorder rap. Once you've done that, launched the up press record and then record your alarm sound. For example, Am I dreaming right now? Is this a dream? How many fingers do I have? Once you have recorded this sound, save it as my lucidity alarm and then launch your alarm application, set up a new alarm, go to settings, then go to select either ring tone or alarm. Sound can find the option for custom ringtone or local ring tone or downloaded ring tone that will let you choose your own recording, either from the fire manager, the music for order or from the recorder rap. Use this alarm whenever you're doing this news technique. Additionally, to this, I would like you to begin using the SS iron technique tonight 45. Inside the Lucid Dream - Dream Control: inside the lucid dream. I would like to give you an idea about what to expect once you become lucid and also to give you a reference point for your progression. After that, I will show you how to increase the amount of time we can spend in the lucid state and how to develop our within the dream abilities to maximize our control on now losing awareness, something this being in that alternative realities so exciting. In the beginning, we tend to live out fantasies and fulfill desires, often impulsively. If you manage to become lucid, that is fantastic. But I must say that there are so many things waiting for you. If you continue your training and progression while we then the lucid dream state. In the beginning we achieve lucidity for a short time. Relatively two hours of lucid dreaming. We make some choices, but because we are not used to this mode of the mind, we can fall back to normal unconscious dreaming. To understand this, please try the following technique right now. Close your eyes and stop thinking for two minutes. Your target is to have absolutely no thought in your mind. We'll come back How long did you last without thinking? Most of us, Unless we meditate regularly very soon. Perhaps just after a few seconds we start having thoughts. Sometimes we don't even notice that an internal monologue has been going on already. For a while. It feels like these thoughts are just coming automatically. It is challenging to stay present. The automatic thoughts are the same in the dream, but they come in the form of pictures, environments, characters and so on. Whatever subconscious chatter is going on, it will manifest in the dream. It is challenging to stay present and conscious because our subconscious projections attract our focus. Been dodge. We engage with them, and then we forget that we were dreaming. Same as in wakeful life, when we attempted to remain thoughtless. But we forget about it and began thinking just after a few seconds. Imagine this as building a tent. You must build the foundation. First, you have to establish a stable structure before you can go into the tent. Otherwise it may collapse on you. We have to build a foundation for our awareness. Otherwise elicit ity may collapse. We can practice this awareness in wakeful life by meditating regularly or by being present . And now let's see what we can do while being inside the lucid dream. When you enter a lucid dream, especially at the beginning of your practice, I encourage you to experiment with increasing your awareness before jumping into the fund. I have explained the purpose of reality checks earlier. Continue doing reality checks inside the dream. Every few seconds. Keep up reminding yourself that you are conscious. You are dreaming. In fact, I would say they should do this before engaging in any dream activity. This fear build our foundation. Ankara Lucid awareness. Do some simple counting, like from one to done on. Repeat the mantra. Say I am not conscious in the dream state. I will remember that I'm dreaming. I must remain conscious. My job now is to do a reality check after every action I take. If you use the looking at the hand method, then keep looking at you had periodically. If you use the power place method, keep going back to it or don't go away from it for a while. Keep doing these until solid dream control is achieved. Remember, you are entering a different world. You are like an avatar here. You have transferred your consciousness into your dreaming body, which you are not accustomed to. Take the time to get used to it. For example, you realize you are in a dream. First, tell yourself that I must repeat reality checks to remain lucid. Second, take a preferred action. Look around, Fear you're dreaming. Body Third dear reality check again. Food. Take another direction. Move. You're dreaming body. This is the pattern which you should repeat. Reality check action Reality check action Building this foundation every time you dream because you're lucid dreams to massively improve over time it will give you better site more of Venice and clarity. It will prolong the time you can spend being lucid before waking up or succumbing into regular dream. When you are practicing this dream control establishing presence you are creating new neural pathways in the brain. You are teaching your brain the ability to be conscious in the dream. It is worth mentioning how to focus our attention in the lucid dream. Prolonged close visual attention to small details of objects may cause changes. Your focus has power. Similarly liking quantum physics the more you are observing a particle. The Mauritz location changes. It makes me think off interesting metaphysical correlations anyway, while anchoring tried to look at objects only briefly, maybe for maximum one second and shift your attention to another object. For example, you may look at your dream hand for a second, then look at an object in the dream for another second. Then again, look at your dream hand, then at something in the dream environment. Kids reaching for 10 seconds continuously. Doing so should really stabilize your lucid state. After that, you can look at things for longer periods. With time, you will not have to do this at all, and you will be able to enjoy conscious dream time which lasts up to ours. 46. Case study dream - Stabilising & Deepening: case study, dream the importance of anchoring and deepening. I have decided to shed his dream to demonstrate how important it is the continuously do anchoring who deepening while we are Lucy's. In the following dream, I failed to do any anchoring, and you're going to see how my level free lucid dream slowly faded into a regular, unconscious dream. This dream was so long that I don't remember how or when I became loose it. To begin with, I recall being on a playground with a little pond in the middle, which was secluded from the rest of the area with a small fence. It was made in a way that it would be difficult to fall into the pond defense, sort of our edged over it. I really first I going into the cold water, though it was inviting me. So I climbed over and then I jumped into the water. I submerged into a water world. It felt really refreshing for some. It can take some time to get over the idea off, not being able to breathe underwater to get over the fear of suffocation. But once we let go of it, we realized that we don't need to breathe. This is a nice way to trigger lucid dream as well. So after a while we will be able to dive deep into the dream, see and observe beautiful sea life and play with all kinds off sea animals. After I finished with my exploration off the water, I found myself in the predicament that there was no way out from the pond because the fence and the bars, which are aged over the pond, made it impossible to get out. Then I posed for a moment and said, Oh, well, I am dreaming and I simply intended to pass through the matter fence like if it was energy , this indicates a lever to Lucy dream. I knew that I was dreaming, and I could also take deliberate action. After getting out of the point, I took a moment to think about what I want to do in this lucid session. This kind of reflection shows that I'm in the level freely lucid dream. I did not get caught in the environment or in any dream story. I had the self awareness and the ability to come up with any story. I decided to ask for a guy to appear to seek new insights. This can be really fun. Very soon I heard an extremely loud bang and white glowing light appeared in a dark sky. It flew around the place and landed next to me. I was like, Wow! Was this thing going to be? When the light somewhat dissipated, a young man appeared. He said to me, We've got to do something coming May I found myself in another location where so lots of different animals surrounded by a fence. The area seemed very large, and it seemed similar to how the rice fields are laid out in Asia like a terrorist hillside . A man said to me that I should free the animals. It was somehow indicated. Somehow I had this thought that these enclosures, in fact have a physical riel counterpart in the waking world. And by opening the gates, hair rear gates would open in real life, too. I was skeptical, but I found the idea very exciting. At this point, I decided that I would play out this dream story which was offered by the dream figure. It was a conscious choice. I found a gate in the fence. The type they put on public footpaths where animals might linger around. It had no luck on it. Anyone could push it open apart from animals. So I opened a gate without effort, and goats and sheep started fleeing. Suddenly I saw a big feline, which was either a lion over Tiger, and I thought to myself that perhaps it's not okay to release all the animals because they could harm humans. So I put out my hand in front of me, and I imagined an invisible force pushing the Predator back into the containment area. After this, the story changed. I wanted to know what all of this was about. I could not find a young man, but I somehow knew that I could find him if I went looking for him. I have searched for a long time until I stumbled across him. That's balls here. At this point, I probably went from level free, Lucid, dreaming to level two. I could have just asked the dream to bring back to man, but I didn't. I didn't have that much of fairness anymore. When I found him, he was in a secret lab or office. We talked, and I have understood that he was a member of a group who works for the off. So we're being that they do their missions in the dream world, which will affect physical reality, he said, releasing the animals contribute to freedom, which is part off the evolution of humanity. After we finished talking, I began to wonder about these things. I knew I was dreaming, but I asked myself, Could this be riel? Let's boards here again. This was the point when my lucidity dropped from level two to level one. The dream was slowly turning into a regular dream where my dreaming mind tried to work out whether the dream was real or not. But it wasn't really my conscious self who did the reflection. The story changed completely. I found the television, and in it I saw the news reporting that I released the animals like some kind of criminal. I was being recorded by a helicopter camera. Also, I saw myself in the news vary my orange swimming shorts. At this point, I think I lost all the remaining lucidity that I had left my dreaming my thought that because I did go into the water earlier, it was normal that I wore swimming shorts. So because it was normal, my dreaming might thought that the whole TV watching stories normal, too Nothing stood out anymore upon waking up. The whole dream made sense to me. It was a snippet from my subconscious mind. The story contained multiple aspect of some of my desires. There was the intent to save and help animals and my strong beliefs about cruelty. There was the unconscious desire to be a hero, perhaps to do good and to belong to some special group. So why didn't I recognize all of this while I was still in the dream? Because I made the mistake of not doing any anchoring or deepening. I did not stop at any point in the dream to solidify my lucid Havana's to remind myself that I'm in a lucid dream. This fact resorted a downward spiral of my awareness, which letter losing all of the lucidity. Eventually, this can happen with experienced lucid dreamers to sometimes. So again, I must emphasize the importance that you do anchoring or deepening in every single Lucy dream 47. Maintaining and Lenghtening Lucid Dreams: maintaining lucid dreams. When you achieve the scared to remain self of at without falling back into a normal, unconscious dream, the new lucid world opens up for you. You were gradually learned the dynamics and lows off this room like how to move around and change things as you see fit. You will begin to explore all new possibilities by creating objects, landscapes and how to have meaningful discussions with dream figures. You will discover the abilities of your dreaming body, for example, transforming expanding, seeing from many viewpoints at once and how to go through wars to prolong the time you spend in the lucid state, there is only one more learning point. Eventually, after being lucid for a while, you will wake up. Waking up can be caused by a variety of factors. You may sleep too long and become so arrested that the brain naturally shifts into wakeful mode. In other instances, you may try to focus too hard on achieving something in the lucid state which can also wake you up. There could be some kind of external noise, like a neighbor shouting or the sound of a car. Maybe the excitement itself will pick you up. If you wake up completely, try not to move. Do no start thinking. Simply hold the last images from the dream without too much effort on, let yourself drift back into the dream. Alternatively, you may notice that you are waking up gradually. Perhaps you start hearing things or sensing your body. Perhaps you are losing focus of your lucid dream objectives. This could feel like our vision is fading or having the sensation of being pulled back into our physical bodies. If you find yourself in this situation, it is time for anchoring. You can turn this process back. You can stop yourself from waking up. Just remember to stay calm. Tip number one. As I said before, quickly reach for something the dream like a tree or your dream hands and start rubbing the sensation of the ground. You into the dream state. You will experience your dream site, becoming clear again and your control gets re established. Tip number two, Start spinning. I can't explain why the century of feeling of spinning in the dream has a massive stabilizing effect. Deep number free to your mantra, like Oh, um repeated until you have regained control tip number four count from 1 to 10. On one occasion, I decided to compare the effectiveness of these techniques directly. I asked my friend to try toe wake me up from my lucid dream every few minutes for an extended period of time, the means of trying to wake me up, who are touching my arm as well as speaking to May. Here are the results. I managed to stay in the lucid dream every time, but I noticed that the spinning technique was much more effective when I looked down at my dream feet or the dream floor by doing it. As for counting and the mantra, they were much more effective when I also looked at something in the dream. Additionally, there was a mirror on the war in the dream room and looking at it by counting or doing the mantra hub. So experiment. See what works for you because everyone's brain is different. My conclusion is that combining these techniques works best 48. Day 8 Practice Activity: Day eight today, I would like you to do a five minute meditation. You may use any method you like. And if you don't have your own method, simply try to pay attention to your breathing and try noticing any thoughts which arise in you. Every time you catch a thought, rub your hands together and say out loud, I must stabilize my lucid dream. This practice is similar to clearing your dream from unwanted projections and anchoring your awareness. You may use this exercise any time before intending to lucid dream. 49. FAQ: Opening your Dream Eyes: opening your dream eyes. Many lucid dreamers report including myself, that sometimes it happens that we find ourselves in a lucid dream. Yet our vision is blurred. This is the time, and we should try to open our dream eyes, so to speak. In such a situation, we have a variety of tools to regain our vision. For example, try to relax and asked the dream for clarity. Say out loud. I can see everything clearly. Another technique is to reach out to find an object, to touch the floor or to grab your hand and start rubbing it. The kinesthetic sensation with often awaken your vision. Alternatively, you may think of an idea, location or dream story that you want to experience for Christian it. Gently visualize it on letter side open gradually. 50. Misconceptions, Beliefs and Fears: dealing with our fears. Before we move on, let me draw your attention to the fact that nothing bad can happen to you while you're in a lucid dream or out of body. You're 100% safe. We are powerful beings. We are evolving and lucid. Dreaming gives us even more control over our minds. When you were entering your dreams, you are entering the ram of your subconscious. If you're seeing anything frightening, remember that you are seeing visual projections of your own subconscious, most likely some fair negative belief or pattern. If you are lucid, you can make any of these go away by, for example, wishing yourself somewhere us closing your dream, eyes turning away, projecting light, holding a strong, positive emotion, shouting uplifting things or simply wishing anything unwanted away. It is really fun and beneficial to confront your so called demons by beginning a conversation with them. Ask them who are you and what do you represent? We can get very interesting responses, which often yield amazing insights about ourselves. If you like fantasy or any, may hold your hand out in front of you and visualize the sword appearing in it. You can fight and do magic in any way you can imagine So you can fight dream characters for fun or you can talk to them for gaining insight. You can embrace them to your shadow aspect and witnesses. They turn into pure bright light and re integrate into you. No! Oh my God! Oh, my God! Not all I come from Oh my lord. And you know you're here or my morning number in my mother. How do you have more if I am being disturbed by a dream figure when I don't fund to pay attention to it? I just say I don't want to deal with you right now and I move it out of my sight exactly like swiping on a touch screen. If you want to stop dreaming altogether, you can wake up instantly. Intensity awakening. You could even perform a body shake. Think of uncoiled breeze, touches your skin and how the body shakes Do that kind of full body shake and it rejoined. You wake instantly. So just to reassure you you are safe. I your lucid dreaming and you can wake up any time. If you're holding is a derrick beliefs then think off this. Your spirit guides are always there to protect you. They won't let you do anything that you're not ready for. 51. What is Sleep Paralysis?: sleep paralysis some people go through are very interesting and sometimes scary experience called sleep paralysis. It can be scary because one might find themselves lying in bed, unable to move yet awake. Hallucinations may also occur. A few things may coarsely paralysis, such as sleep deprivation, drug use, psychological reasons. Or it may happen randomly if you ever have such an experience. First of all, do not worry. There is a simple way to get out off sleep paralysis. Here's what you need to know about it when we are in R E. M. Sleep The dreaming phase There are free things turned on in the brain which are relevant for us now. One. The brain is creating the dream imagery. It is called cortical activation to our physical senses. Shut down. This is gold, sensory brocade and free. The brain sends signals to the spinal cord to enter muscular apparatuses. This happens to stop us from acting out our dreams physically. In rare cases, when we wake up, it can happen that our senses awaken the dreaming stops. Yet the muscular paralysis remains a safe reversed. You're dreaming. We could say that the brain gets confused if this happens, we can find ourselves awake and unable to move. The only two parts of the body we can move are the eyes and the respiratory system. Sometimes we can even feel pressure on the chest because off this and vita hallucinations, why do people report seeing scary things at this point? Because the muscular paralysis somehow stayed on the brain is trying to understand by distill on it is trying to make sense of it, and it things that he should be still dreaming. So it begins to project images now cortical activation. Muscular paralysis are turned on, but not sensory blockade. That means that now we are awake, not just unable to move, but we're also seeing things. This is called psychotic hallucination. I have said before that feelings materialized in the dream as images and lying in bed, unable to move. We can get scared, and the brain makes associations and expresses your affairs and image. For example, a demon in your room. At this point, the subconscious is active, which can lead to fervor, hallucinations. If you want to break the sleep paralysis, all you need to do is focus on your breath, do long exhalations and relax. The paralysis will automatically stop and you were very cup. Having said that, sleep paralysis can be a great catalyst for a lucid dream. Rather than focusing on the breath, focus and the images you see, focus on the hallucinations. This withdraw your body into a full dreaming state and because you are also wake, there you go. You're having a free, lucid dream. 52. Case study - Subconscious Messages: trusting the dream. Sometimes I like to experiment with the potential nutrients offered by the lucid dream, and I'm doing so. I don't intend to do anything specific. Instead, I let the dreaming of anus take me on a journey. The dream has some fantastic surprises stored for you. For example, you may be drawn into a convoyed with nothing specific to see. You may even lose the sense of your dreaming body and become pure consciousness. Sometimes you get pulled into space and travel between stars through Verma was, if you want to, I had a very turbulent wormhole travel once. I can't explain the situation. It doesn't compare to anything, but it was a wild moment for sure. You could become tiny like a molecule and become the totality of molecules in the ocean. Become the ocean itself. And since everything at the same time, there aren't really any words to describe sensation and perceptions. You may also address the over nous behind a dream. See out loud. I surrender to the Dream guide to show me something exciting, or I trust the dream awareness to show me something extraordinary. You can change your request depending on how specific you wish to be and what your belief systems are. Asked the dream to show you. Infinity asked the dream state to make you experience your higher self. Remember, in our dreams, our beliefs materialize. You are entering your subconscious mind. Preconceived worldviews and expectations were strongly impact What you're going to see? If you are into shamanism, you might meet the totem animal as your guide. If you are more familiar with the Christian religion, you might meet an angel with wings. I encourage everyone to explore lucid dreaming with an open mind. I don't want to influence you and put seeds in your head. For this reason, If you are interested in my out of body journeys and my views on spiritual encounters, I address the topic on my advanced course. Instead, Case study dream messages from the subconscious mind I had the following dream a few months after my grandfather passed away. It was a level one lucid dream in it. I was at my grandfather's place and I came across him in his garden. I knew I was in a dream, so I also knew that he was part of the dream. I told him that it would have been nice if we had told more if he had spent more time together while he was still alive. It's thought often crossed my mind. After his passing, he looked at me and without any hesitation, without any reply out of the blue, he threw a small object at me. I didn't even see it. It was such a sudden and fast movement. I quoted in my hands. And when I opened my palm I so dependent that my father gave me when I was 14. Then I woke up after I opened my eyes. The realization came instantly in the dream. I access my subconscious mind, and this event was a very clear expression of some of my hidden thoughts. From the back of my mind. I immediately thought of my father and the fact that he's still in my life and I could be looking after our relationship much more. Maybe I should see him more often instead of being said about not having seen my grandfather. As often as I could have. The dream really brought this thought up from the depth. It must have been lying dormant in my mind somewhere this was one of the many different examples of how we can gain insights from our subconscious by a lucid dreaming. But for shocking, though, that after I woke up and went to the living room, I found dependent on my desk. I lived in my old girlfriend's place at the time and she found dependent by tiding. I haven't seen it for years, but that morning it was the first thing I saw. 53. A few words about Supplements: studies show that's taking 250 milligrams of vitamin B six will increase your dream Recall . The recommended daily maximum intake is 100 milligrams, so this dough should be maintained at your own discretion. There are many dreams supplements which are more potent, but my aim is to awaken your natural ability without the need for any tools. If you're keen on using supplements, you may look at my advanced course in which I discussed the herbs and pierce that are available, how to take them and I will tell you the best combination, which brought me powerful results. 54. Day 9 Practice Activity: day nine, I would like you to look at your dream diary and based on what you learned today, try to identify blockages or negative dream contents. What could be their underlying cause or meaning, Trying to find a link between them and your weight for psychology? Next, I would like you to do a visualization exercise in which you imagine a step by step action plan. What will you do if a similar situation arises in your dreams? What would be your course of action? I would like you to think creatively and plant lucidity, increasing self questions and actions into your visualization. 55. Lucid Dreaming in Buddhism: Lucy dreaming in Buddhism on My travels to India had the chance to go to McCloud guns the town where the Dalai Lama lives. It is a truly beautiful place in the mountains, with lots of Tibetans and monks. I've had several conversations with the locals there, and I was really lucky because high ranking Lama invited me to have tea with him. We simply began talking on the street. I love these encounters. As it turned out, he was a follower off the card you linage of the country on a path which also encompasses the esoteric and 10 trick path of Buddhism. I was really happy about this because this lineage also represents the secret yoga's that six yoga's off Europa, which are part of the advanced practices and meditations in Tibetan Buddhism. You may have guessed that dream you're got lucid Dreaming is one of these six practices. The Lama had to assistance with him, a Western woman who was helping with translation and his secretary. I have expressed my interest in dream. Jurgens talked about my past. It's a lucid dreamer. On about my previous experiences with Adriana Buddhism in Europe, I have inquired what would be the way of receiving teachings about the high yoga's, especially about dream yoga, and we entered a very long and interesting conversation. I came to understand that seeking such training in the traditional setting is no small feat . First of all, one must complete a preliminary practice called in andro. These consists of five steps. The 1st 1 is a set of initiations performed by llamas and the performance of 100,000 frustrations. The second step is the accomplishment of a set off. Certain virtues, like unconditional love and compassion, called the cultivation Off. Would a Cheetah. A successful nous of this is determined by the guiding llama. The first step is the recitation of the 100 syllable mantra 100,000 times. The fourth step is carrying out 100,000 mandala offerings, and the final step is the guru. Yoga meditation again carried out 100,000 times, 111,111 times to be precise. Now, doing all of these can take years to accomplish. The translator, who was also a disciple of the llama, told me that she had been traveling with the llama for three years and a Lama has not given her instructions yet to begin even the preliminary practices. And 1 may only begin the Tantric Yoga's. The six year was of No Europa. After completing the five step preliminary practice, the Nandralone, the six yoga's, has to be mastered in order, each taking potentially years to do and dream your guys the fourth in the progression, as you can see if one wants to excess lucid dreaming in the traditional way. It may take years, decades, if not a lifetime together. This fact made me think of how lucky we are in the West, where we have access to such teachings, and it also signifies the importance of lucid dreaming in spiritual progression. There's one of the highest practices in Buddhism toward only to a select few. So when you hear that lucid dreaming opens up whole new words and gives a more expanded perception of life, remind yourself off the awesome less of it 56. Let`s create your personal training schedule!: summary and training plan. Let's take our last extra step. This is the time to create your own personalized training plan. To do this, you could either open a document on your computer or just use pen and paper. I have uploaded a template for you. Your training will be divided into three parts. Morning, daytime and evening practices. I'm going to lose the techniques now so you can create a customized training schedule perfect for your lifestyle, the court techniques for the morning, Ah, recalling your dreams and writing into your dream journal. And here are the option of secondary techniques. Wake back to bad technique, snoozing and repeatedly going back to sleep. Feed the census, induce lucid dreaming or pneumonic induce lucid dreaming techniques. Additionally, you could do affirmations for today to strengthen your intention of doing frequent reality checks. The court techniques for the daytime are reality checks and prospective memory training. Secondary techniques could include meditation, and family are seeing visualization. The court techniques for the evening are holding the firm intention of becoming lucid, vile, falling asleep on the senses induce lucid dreaming technique, a secondary techniques. I recommend that you read about lucid dreaming, and if you have any returning dreams than record, does and imagine that you are lucid in them, 57. Astral Projection & Out of Body Experience: Lastly, I would like to talk a bit about advanced methods and out of woody trips. I have designed a follow up training for those who want to experience the feeling off separating from their body or access the lucid dream state, even during the day by a meditation. When we go to bed in the evening, we never remember the moment of falling asleep. We lose consciousness. However, with the advanced method, we can achieve that. Only our body falls asleep, but our mind stays awake. Imagine that you're lying in your bed in a meditative state, gradually reaching the borderline of sleep. If it advanced meditation techniques, we can keep our consciousness as we are slowly moving into an extremely lucid state or into the out of body state. When this happens, you feel a detachment of your physical body. You may literally feel that you pop out. The feeling is so central and mystical. The simple fact of talking about it gives me shivers. I remember reading about out of body experiences or oh, bees before I became a lucid dreamer and I couldn't really envision it. But then I accomplished my 1st 0 be my life has changed. This special method requires great discipline off the mind. But believe me, it is a verb. Every effort on the advanced course I teach about meditation and the out of body state. We will learn the lows of that reality by going through portals, walking through voice changing gravity translocation and a lot more As an advanced, lucid dreamer, you gain access to a special world where you have godly powers to explore, create sense, feel there is no limit. Only your imagination ever discussed the use of special sounds like Bonnaroo beats and dream made gadgets. Dream herbs can give a massive boost to our dreaming practice. I will tell you about my experience with supplements for their effects are how to take them on where to get them. As a big bonus, I would give you specific instructions about how to set up a dream sex event, and lastly, I dive into philosophical questions on quantum physics, the nature of reality and how all of this relates to lucid dreaming and mindfulness practice. I would really like to hear reach techniques of work for you. Best remember that you are not alone in your practice and In my experience, Lucy dreamers are always eager to discuss each other's progress. So if you haven't done so already, joined a Facebook group. If you like the course, maybe you'd also like my other courses, which off a further exploration of consciousness. For example, I bring together practical psychology in Eastern Mindfulness, and I discussed quantum physics in relation to the law of attraction. Thank you one more time for taking a part in this training program. It really means a lot to me that she put your faith in me, and I hope I delivered because I tried as hard as possible putting my soul into this because I truly believe that everything in hair if it gets executed, if you are consistent and committed, then soon you just start having a lucid dreams which will revolutionize your life. So I wish you good luck, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of your massive resorts 58. Day 10 Practice Activity: Dayton. Congratulations for finishing the course for the final days activity. I would like you to reflect on how lucid dreaming could fit into your personal development or spiritual practice. What benefits could you gain from it? You personally, What do you want to achieve through lucid dreaming? This is a time to decide how much time you're going to come into practicing and to select your techniques, write down your answers into your dream journal and then create your personalized training plan. Sweet dreams and I will see you again in the advanced course. 59. Recap 1 - Technique: Evening core: setting intention before sleep. When you go to bed in the evening before lying down, sit in relaxation for at least two minutes. If you make this into a 10 minute meditation, it is even better. This is the time to set your intention for the night to give instructions to your subconscious mind to awaken your consciousness inside the dream, say some informations. It's strong intention. I am a lucid dreamer. I recognize that I'm in the dream state. I'm carrying my wakeful intention into my dream. Always use present tense with informations. Imagine that you are dreaming about whatever technique you have chosen, like looking at your hand attempting to fly and so one you can give this message a super powerful boost if you hold it in your mind while you are falling asleep. 60. Recap 2 - Technique: Evening secondary: secondary evening techniques. One look at the major events of the day. Visualize your day and attempt to think of it as if it was a dream. Ask about each event. Is this realistic? Am I dreaming? You might dream about something that has happened today, and the visualization may have to ask these questions in the dream Secondary evening technique to use affirmations. Some of my favorite ones are my wakeful life and my dream Life are connected. I am in control because I recognize that everything I see while I'm sleeping is projected by my mind. I have a strong resolve to remain where by my mind, is sending images to me free. Read from your dream journal. Go through a dream and visualize reliving it. But now, as a lucid dreamer, visualize that you are making conscious decisions. Now in the same dream, you are making changes to it the next time you might dream the same dream, but now you have added an extra Venice to it. For this reason, recurring dreams are a true blessing. If you have one of those, you definitely want to use this technique. Secondary evening technique. Full read about lucid dreaming what to YouTube video. Talk about it on forums or in my Facebook group, read about other people's lucid dreams, anything so that your mind remains focused on the topic before you go to sleep. Secondary evening technique. Five. Use the visualizations you've done during the day, the manifested activity, such as flying or meeting a person. 61. Recap 3 - Technique: Morning core: recording dreams. Record your dreams as soon as you wake up. This should be the very first thing in the morning. This is how I do it in the evening. I leave my dream journal next to my pillow. I should be able to reach it in the morning with minimal movement. After waking up, I attempt to stay motionless. I didn't want to do any movements which would suddenly put my brain into wakeful functioning. I want to spend time on the borderline between sleep and wakefulness while still lying. I make a mental note of my dream. I tried to hold on to the images in my mind. Then I make a mental note off the individual feature of the dream. How did I feel? What happened to me? Who was in the dream? Where was I in a dream. Then I focus on the colors, sounds and so on. When I reached the maximum amount of what I could recall, only then would I reach for my journal extremely slowly. Then I write down everything quickly, again. Don't even sit up only slightly. Open your eyes. You can even try opening one I only because you want to stay on the borderline of awakening , make sure you write down your dreams before getting out of bed. Sometimes all it takes to forget them is going to the bathroom. If you have trouble remembering, think of the previews Day. Did anything significant or emotional happen which could have influenced your dreams? 62. Recap 4 - Technique: Morning secondary: setting intention for the day before you start your day sitting relaxation and give yourself some time to focus on your training. Tell yourself that you are a lucid dreamer and from now on you are increasing the probability of becoming lucid every night. Set your intention that you are going to the consistent reality checks during the day to increase this probability. Remember that all you need to do is to be consistent with your training. Every time you practice, you are strengthening the bridge between your rightful mind and you're dreaming mind, and it is only a matter of time to achieve your first lucid dream. 63. Recap 5 - Technique: Daytime core: reality check by using the environment, stop during the day as often as possible and ask yourself whether you are dreaming or not. This must be a genuine inquiry. Look around and ask yourself questions like Do I know why I'm here? How did they come here? What did I do before? Who am I talking to? Is this realistic, or am I in a dream? Is something odd? Is there anything that stands out? Reality. Check by using an object. Look at your hands and try to work out how many fingers you have. An attempt to put your right hand through your left palm as if it was transparent. Tell yourself that if you are seeing your hand, it means you are in a dream. Special reality check number one. Look at yourself in the mirror before going to bed for five minutes. Ask yourself repeatedly. Am I dreaming? If you dream about looking into the mirror, it is likely that your reflection will be distorted, which can trigger the realization that you are dreaming. Special reality. Check to put on a blindfold. Make sure you can't see and hold a small object in your hand like a spoon. Why blindfolded? Attempt to open your eyes if you dream about doing this and you are able to see the spoon. If you can see through the blindfold, it can also trigger the realization that you are dreaming. 64. Recap 6 - Technique Daytime secondary: focusing on a dream goal. Do a small jump than a bigger jump Then leap into the air if that makes you fly up than you are dreaming Power place Sit down and relax your body and mind. Choose a place you would like to visit in your dream Visualize being in that place. What does it look like? Smile like How warm is it there? What sounds can you hear? Make it as real as you can when you have established a strong sense of the place that match this sensation with your intention of becoming conscious tell yourself that if you are in this place, it means that you are in a dream and you can do anything you want.