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Lucid Dreaming: The Most Effective Technique | Beginner (Fast)

teacher avatar Absolute Quest, Screencaster

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What to Do

    • 3. How to Do

    • 4. Important Points

    • 5. Final Words

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About This Class

This class is for you if you want to experience a lucid dream fast without putting a lot of time into learning it.

By watching this class you will be able to achieve a lucid dream especially if you don't know a lot about it or you just couldn't have succeed it yet.

The goal of this class is to help you become lucid in the short term. But it won't help you become a lucid dreamer. If you really want to be a lucid dreamer you should work on it and build up the skills that it requires you to have. I hope that this class will become a breakthrough for you in your journey of lucid dreaming.


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Hello, This is Absolute Quest, an Educational Team. We work with great instructors to bring you different classes. There will be a point that our editor will be more knowledgeable than all our instructors! We are willing to teach you efficiently so your time won't be wasted. We hope you like our contents and our classes could help you. 

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1. Trailer: lucid dreaming is knowing that you're dreaming as you're dreaming. And as you might know, lucid dreaming is really hard thing to do. Why? Because it's a skill and just like every other skill, it takes time and effort. You need to know a lot of things about and stick to a lot of routines. But what if you just want to experience a lucid dream so fast? You don't have to become a lucid dreamer. In order to experience a lucid dream, for example, you want to experience flying. It's your favorite fictional character or have lucid dreams of all your favorite celebrities and do bad things with them. It's up to you. What do you want to do in your lucid dream? This course will only give you the fastest way to have your list of dream, especially if you know nothing about lucid dreaming or you couldn't just succeeded Yet, then my watching this course, you will be able to do so. So this course is not about how to lose a dream regularly or how to be a lucid dreamer. These courses for you to experience a lucid dream in the fastest and easiest way possible. Now listen, want in the next lecture 2. What to Do: what to do. What is this, a dreaming Lissa? Dreaming is when you have conscious or partially conscious awareness when you're dreaming. So the difference between a regular dream and the lucid dream is that you are aware that you're dreaming as you're dreaming now. How can you become lucid? There are only two methods to induce lucidity wild and dialed Wild stands for Wake initiated, lucid dream and dialed his dream initiated lucid dream. And there are also a lot of techniques that help you achieve the wild or the dialled. In this course, you will learn about the wild now because that's easy. But because if you want to achieve dialed thesis, you need to build up some skills for it in the first place. Now what is wild? It's when you go from waking state directly into dream. Actually, your conscious when you fall into sleep and how can yet you were wild. As I said, there are many techniques in order to opiate you wild or the dialled, and the technique that you will learn about for achieving wild is wake back to bed. What is Wake back to bed. It exactly means value will wake up in the middle of your sleep on. Then you will go back to sleep by waking up during your sleep and then a sleeping again. There's a good chance that she can go straight into dreamland, but not always. Let's figure out why. Actually, you have two different kinds of sleep. One is non ramp and the other one is Ram Ram or R E M Non graham or non R E M is when you're in sleep, but not dreaming. R E m or rapid eye movements happens while you're dreaming. So it means Lissa Dream happens in Ram sleep already going to sleep. Your sleep starts from the non REM on. Then it goes to rim veces one cycle and he takes their own 90 minutes to 120 minutes. You repeat the cycle about 4 to 6 times every night. Of course, it depends on how much you sleep. The key point is that in the first part of the night, your sleep cycles are dominated by non rem sleep, and as the night progresses, your non REM sleep becomes shorter, shorter and the rams sleep becomes longer and longer. So this means that after 4 to 6 hours of sleep. You have the longest room period, which doing it, you can have the longest and most of your dreams. The purpose of doing the weight back to bed is that you want to wake up during your ram sleep so that when you go back to sleep, you're started from the rams. Sleep. And as you know, your dreams happen during REM sleep. So if you can manage to stay conscious while you're falling into steep, it means that she can't have a wake initiated lucid dream. Or while now that you understand which method and technique we're gonna use on why we're going to use them unless we want in the next lecture to know how exactly can have a lucid dream. 3. How to Do: how to do in this lecture, I will give you a step by step approach so we can easily understand how to have a lucid dream. The first of is just about you believing that he can never listen. Dream it might sound a little bit are. But it has a huge impact on your success to becoming lucid. You really have to believe that it can. Of Eliza dreams impacts your subconscious mind. Second step. The second step is about inspiring yourself. How can you do this, for example? It's a good idea to think about what you're gonna do while you become lucid. If you want to do a specific thing in your dream, then think about it consistently throughout the day. You can also read articles about different lucid dream experiences. The fun things have people doing it. You can read the stories about lucid dream experiences. Actually, you need to become motivated. Third step, you can do the third step into different ways the first way. Go to bed and set your alarm for about six hours and nater, but also after six hours, your alarm should be said every 15 minutes. Actually, we do this to interrupt our sleep every 15 minutes after the six hours of sleep. By interrupting every 15 minutes, there's a good chance that you will wake up in your REM sleep. And when you wake up, do your in your M sleep by going back to CP can go straight into a realm again. And this means that if we can keep your mind and body relaxed enough and at the same time maintaining awareness, you can go straightly into a lucid dream. But how would you know that you're in their Imperia? There are two ways to figure out if you're in the room or not. First, if you wake up from a dream, then it means that your ram second, when you go back to sleep and close your eyes. If you see some imagery after a while, then it means that you are in a ram period. No, let's imagine that you wake up after six hours of sleep. If you need to go to bathroom or drink water, do it. If not, lie down steel. Close your eyes and try to fall into sleep. Keep your mind and body relaxed and focused on the black behind your eyes. After a few seconds, you might see some imagery that's okay, Just focus on them. And if you didn't see anything, that's okay, too. If you see some colors or imagery, don't try to pursue them with your eyes and just observe him. After a while, they might become more and more complex and might find yourself in a list of dream. Or you might even just fall into a sleep. In any case, you will wake up because of the alarming said before to wake you up every 15 minutes. And when you wake up, you go back to sleep again. So by doing this, there's a good chance that you might even have two or more Lissa dream after each other. Another thing that can help ease there When you wake up from a dream but lying still and imagining the last scene of your dream, there's a good chance that she can be sucked into it after a few seconds and have another lucid dream. Also, if you want to have a longer list a dream, you can turn off your alarms or just make them longer. For example, to any minutes or so, everybody's different, and there's not a fixed approach for everyone. Keep in mind that whatever you want to do it, you will feel tired the next day. So find a night that you don't have any obligation or an important thing to do in its next day. The second way, the other way you can do the third step is nap chaining instead of sleeping six hours during the night and then waking about trying to have a list of dream. You can do so by napping in the middle of the day. You need 2 to 3 hours in the middle of a day. There you're free. You go to sleep on them. Such your alarm to wring every 15 minutes by interrupting your sleep. This way, you don't need 90 minutes to finish the non REM sleep to go into rim, period. So in order to reach your ramp period, there's no need to set your alarm for 90 minutes first, just after waking off for 1 to 2 times during your sleep, it will find yourself in a ramp, period. This is why I like this approach so much because it works so fast. Fourth step in the fourth step, I assume value analysts a dream. What are you gonna do right now? First, you should have stabilized your dream by getting such with your dreams, environments and the body you have in your dream. How can you do that? Well, the same plus ways to rub your palms together. You can also touched the environments around you. No. Imagine that you're gonna go to a place or meet a character. How can you do that? The simplest ways to use a closed door, you need to find it closed door more lies behind closed doors is determined by the expectation you have. So before opening the door, Just imagine the thing or person you want behind the door and expect to see by opening the door, for example, you want to walk on the moon and watch the earth as a landscape. Just imagine the moon's ground behind the door and it can do the rest. Were just opening that closed door 4. Important Points: important points. Sleep, paralysis while thing that might happen to you when you're trying to become lucid years. Sleep practices. So let's see what it is. Sleep Paralysis is a phenomenon that a cures to you in RAM sleep so should not worry about it because it happens to you every single night during your ram sleep. The other thing that happens when you become paralyzed is that you see or hear is strong hallucinations. It's an indicator that shows your abouts into your dream. And if you can keep yourself calm, can a slip into Elissa dream in just a few seconds? Although you should keep yourself calm, keep in mind that these hallucinations are mostly scary, and you will see the things that you fear the most. Why? Because your own mind is making them off for you. For example, when it sleep, paralysis happens for me. I often see these creature around me, and that's when it's really hard for me to maintain my calmness. So I get it. That's hard, but he should say Come and not move, or else you will lose a good chance to have a list of dream ideal naptime if you want to use a nap in order to have a lucid dream. Then you should know the best time window for doing it well. The best time for most people to nap is between two PM and 3 p.m. That's because your body clock is programmed to make you feel a little sleeping in the middle of the afternoon, and also you've already the launch, and your blood sugar and energy levels will naturally start to dip. One of the best ways to pick your optimal naptime is to base it on the time you wake up on around six hours after you wake up is a good time to have a nap. For instance, if you wake about 7 a.m. ven your ideal naptime is around 2 to 3 PM or if you wake up at 10 a.m. then having enough around 4 p.m. can be a good choice 5. Final Words: I really hope that this course could be a breakthrough for you to experience a lucid dream . If so, right. Your listeners for me, I read each and every ward of them. And if you had any question, you can ask me.