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Lucid Dreaming: The Complete Guide | Beginner to Advanced

teacher avatar Absolute Quest, Screencaster

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

44 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. SECTION 1: Introduction

    • 3. SECTION 2: What You Need to Know for Lucid Dreaming

    • 4. S2: Brainwaves

    • 5. S2: Sleep Cycles

    • 6. S2: Sleep Paralysis

    • 7. SECTION 3: Routines

    • 8. S3: Dream Recall and Good Sleep Pattern

    • 9. S3: Dream Journaling

    • 10. S3: Reality Checks

    • 11. S3: Dream Signs

    • 12. S3: False Awakening

    • 13. S3: How to Keep a Dream Journal

    • 14. S3: Review on Routines

    • 15. SECTION 4: Methods and Techniques

    • 16. S4: DILD and WILD Methods

    • 17. S4: WBTB Technique

    • 18. S4: MILD Technique

    • 19. S4: FILD Technique

    • 20. S4: SSILD Technique

    • 21. S4: Review on Techniques

    • 22. SECTION 5: Lucidity Toolbox

    • 23. S5: Lucid Dream Preparation

    • 24. S5: Lucid Dream Stabilization

    • 25. S5: Lucid Dream Manipulation

    • 26. S5: Lucid Dream Prolongation

    • 27. SECTION 6: Layers of Lucidity

    • 28. S6: Layer Zero

    • 29. S6: Layer One

    • 30. S6: Layer Two

    • 31. S6: Layer Three

    • 32. S6: Layer Four

    • 33. SECTION 7: What to Do When You Become Lucid

    • 34. S7: Erotic Dreams

    • 35. S7: Fly

    • 36. S7: Reliving Good Memories and Meeting The Loved Ones

    • 37. S7: Talking to Subconscious

    • 38. S7: Answers to Problems

    • 39. S7: Developing Psychological and Physical Skills

    • 40. SECTION 8: Lucid Dreaming Aid

    • 41. S8: Meditation

    • 42. S8: Binaural Beats

    • 43. S8: Supplements

    • 44. Project

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About This Class

This class is a complete step by step guide to lucid dreaming.

And what is lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is a conscious or partially conscious awareness when you're dreaming. To put it simply, it is knowing that you're dreaming as you're dreaming. With enough effort and practice, you can learn to control your dream too.

This class is for you, if:

  • You know nothing about lucid dreaming. You will find this course useful because of the A to Z approach of it.
  • You want to have your first lucid dream.
  • You struggle to become lucid despite the fact of your efforts; hopefully, you will find this as a breakthrough.
  • You have lucid dreams regularly and want to master your abilities in lucid dreaming. You will find this class helpful because of the many advanced details we've put into it.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to master all the effective lucid dreaming methods and techniques such as WILD, DILD, MILD, and...
  • How to control your dreams and experience your unfulfilled desires like Flying, Erotic Fantasies, and...
  • How to influence your real life by lucid dreaming like Talking to Your Subconscious, Working on Your Craft or Overcoming Your Phobias, and...
  • Learn all the lucid dreaming essentials like Sleep Cycles, Dream Journaling, Reality Checks, and..Become a master in lucid dreaming by knowing how to progress in Different Layers of Lucidity.
  • You will be able to experience your First Lucid Dream.
  • Learn all the tools that will help you in your journey of lucid dreaming like Binaural Beats, Supplements, and...

Good Luck.

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Absolute Quest



Hello, This is Absolute Quest, an Educational Team. We work with great instructors to bring you different classes. There will be a point that our editor will be more knowledgeable than all our instructors! We are willing to teach you efficiently so your time won't be wasted. We hope you like our contents and our classes could help you. 

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1. Trailer: lucid dreaming is knowing that you're dreaming as you're dreaming, and with enough practice you'll be able to control your dreams. Then you can experience your deepest desires, especially the ones that can't happen in real life. From being with your favorite celebrity to experiencing erotic fantasies. You can fly, meet your idols or go and explore Galaxies. There are so many things that can do lucid dreams, and the limitation is as far as your own imagination can go, even if you don't consider their influences on re alive rial life, you might ask. Well, have you ever read the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Hear the song yesterday from Beetles or Washed Abbas are by James Cameron all those wars of or were inspired by dreams. So it really seems like lucid. Dreaming is an ocean of inspiration for you to progress in your craft. On making a stand out, you can talk to your subconscious and get the answers to your problems. If you want to develop a physical skill or overcome, your phobias and anxieties can do so without any fear by having your safe environment in your lucid dreams. If you want to see your loved ones. Relive your good memories or go back to your childhood. You name it after all, Can you explain lucid dream for someone who hasn't experienced it yet? Well, I might. I can just explain the amount of vividness you can experience in a lucid dream that sometimes can be even mawr, Riel, van riel life that feels fake, whatever that means. But until you don't experience it yourself, no one can tell you how real it feels on how really your senses are. You might ask, can everyone become lucid? And I answer, Do everyone sleep? If the answer is yes, the hiss everyone can have elicit Dream Body took me three months to have my first lucid dream. Yes, three months Because I read every book about dreaming and watched every course and video on the Internet, I became confused by the flow of information. I didn't know which technique works and wish doesn't. Of course, that won't take you this long because you have the tool which I didn't have before after I had my first lucid dream, too. Now that I have 3 to 4 of them every week, it's become my true passion to dish other people to achieve it. So I made this course to help you on share my experiences with you. Just like hundreds of people I help through these years, you have their lucid dreams. So in this course I tried to cover all the basics and details in a practical and step by step way that if you're a beginner that knows nothing about lucid dreaming, can easily connect on progress with it. I also make sure to put every visa for you to master lucid dreaming in high levels. So if you're already a lucid dreamer, you can use the scores to progress and master your ability to reach the higher levels of lucidity. Dr. SP says the average person who spends their own six years of their lives dreaming if we are able to become lucid and control our dreams we can then use are dreaming time mawr productively. That's why we won't promise you lucid dreaming in 10 days or one month. Because that Onley depends are you which had only guarantee that you will have it on Lee. If you put the effort to it into next lecture, I will give you more details on lucid, dreaming its advantages and how can find your inner motivations to become a lucid dreamer. Also, we will take a look at the structure of the class, which will show you the big picture allied upon your journey of lucid dreaming. 2. SECTION 1: Introduction: What is lucid, dreaming, lucid dreaming is a conscious or partially conscious awareness when you are dreaming. To put it simply, it is knowing that you're dreaming as you're dreaming. With enough efforts and practice, you can learn to control your dream, too, to clarify it. Lucid dreaming is not about controlling your dream. It's literally just knowing that you're dreaming. Grass control is another layer of Lissa dreaming. Lucid, dreaming experience can be very different from person to person. For example, if some technique works for a person, it might not work for another. So if you couldn't succeeded yet, that might be because off this reason. So we make sure to cover different approaches in this course to make it inevitable for you not to get the results. You will not master lucid dreaming overnight, so he should know why you want to achieve it. And because of that, you should write down the top things you want to do near lucid dreams. But also write down why you want to do this things. If you know what you want to experience on, why you wanted their Soviet would be so much easier for you if you don't know why. Let me give you some ideas. Lucid dreaming creates a limitless freedom on fun. That's one of the most important reasons why most people initially pursue it. You can leave a day in the life of Bad Man or High Potter, or you can live out your darkest fetishes and sexual fantasies. You can meet your idol. Sure, we all have unfulfilled desires, and Lissa dreaming is an amazing way to experience them in a stunning realism. Lucid dreaming creates a natural high. The feeling is probably one of the best national highs were capable of creating, just like psychedelic drug experiences or falling in love. It's like you're in the land where anything and everything, it's possible. This wonderful natural high stays with you. Try out the dream and our waking. Such streams create memories and insights that will stay with you for the rest of your life . Lucid dreaming unleashes your creative potential. We all know that dreams can be a bizarre place of inspiration when lucid, dreaming you're able to actively seek out creative ideas and bring them back to the waking world. Famous painters like Salvador Dali, William Blake all created artwork inspired by their dreams. Equally lucid dreams can give way. It's amazing musical inspiration. Composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner all fan dreams as the perfect source of creativity. Dreams reveal our most creative side because of the free flow ideas arising from the unconscious mind on, Hindered by the rational conscious. If you want to solve your business problem, you can do so with the assistance of your subconscious mind. As Nikola, Tesla and Albert eyesight did so by the help of lucid dreams, you can overcome your phobias as clinical psychiatric J. Timothy Green says Dealing with the worst case scenario in a positive way creates new neural patterns in your unconscious mind to overcome the fear for good. So free of your mind, I write down what lucid dreams you want to have on why you wanna have him Lucid. Dreaming is kind of a topic that has a lot of misinformation around it, and I tried to make it as simple as possible unless confusing by looking at the order of the course, you will understand how it can be simple and fun to learn at the same time, so let's see the entire process from beginning to LeAnn told the Sun how everything fits together. Lucid dreaming is a skill just like playing an instrument or driving a car on the way to learn it is just like any other skill. First, we should learn some basics and essential information. If you want to learn driving a car, then you need to know what the gear and the real are. That's it. You learn the essential pieces of information in Section two. What you need to know for lucid dreaming. After luring these basics, we will learn the core exercises to do on a consistent basis. We call these routines. These are like running and shooting the ball for a football player, so it's obvious that there's no way around these routines. If you want to be a lucid dreamer, you need to do your routines consistently, and this is what you will learn in Section three routines. Also, we need to know about different methods and techniques like Super sits on, drops its in bodybuilding or breath control and singing in lucid dreaming. First, we shall learn techniques on how to become lucid. You'll learn these in Section four lucid dreaming methods and techniques After you become listed in your dream. You need some tips and tricks in order to control your dream world, you will learn these in section five. Lucidity, Toolbox. If you want to mass Iranian skill, then we need to know about different levels of it and how we can progress in them. If you are a karate fighter and your white built, your abilities are different from black built in lucid dreaming. There are different layers of lucidity, so I give you actual examples off difference layers of lucidity and some tips to progress in them in Section six layers of lucidity. Now it's time to really enjoy what you've learned so far. I will give you different tips and tricks on how he can do the things you always wanted to do in your dreams. This is it. Section seven. What to do when you become lucid. And, of course, no escape would be considered us finished if we don't know about some tool. So leverage. So in the last section, I will explain to you about some tools to assist you in your journey of lucid dreaming. Now that you have a good image, I want to come. It's time to move on. We will see you in Section two. What you need to know for lucid dreaming 3. SECTION 2: What You Need to Know for Lucid Dreaming: introduction on Section two. Why do you need to know for lucid dreaming in this section, I will give you some essential information to better understand lucid dreaming. First, we need to know what brainwaves are in order to have a better understanding upon sleep cycles RAM and non REM sleep, which you will learn in Lecture three and the last lecture of this section. I will explain a sleep paralysis as it sometimes happens when you're trying to achieve a lucid dream. Keep in mind this section is, say, Shell for learning future topics. Now let's move on to the next lecture. 4. S2: Brainwaves: brainwaves. What our brain waves brain comprises cells called neurons. New roads communicate with the charter using changes of electrical impulses. These changes in electrical signals or measure as waves waves can be measure that cycles per second hertz or frequency. Here we have four types of brain waves. Beta these associates with the estate of being awake and aware, having effective functioning and conscious awareness. Alfa these associates with the state of being awake and relaxed. This one is linked to visualization and problem solving. Fader this one associates with in deep relaxation, and it's linked to light sleep and dreaming Delta this one associates with deep sleep. 5. S2: Sleep Cycles: sleep cycles. There are two types off sleep non R e m or non Graham and R E M or Ram. No, Graham is when you're in sleep, but not dreaming. Non REM sleep categorizes in three stages. Stage one, Stage two and stage three. Stage one happens when you're falling into sleep. These you have a feel that falling sensation at the beginning of your sleep. For example, you feel that you're falling from a cliff or something. You hear somebody shout, Your name is your ear and you suddenly wake up. Well, sometimes these things have in the first stage of non rem sleep. In the first stage, there is less Alfa and more beta. In this stage, your sleep is too light and you can easily wake up. Stage two isn't dominant by any particular brainwave, but Stage three is predominantly made, a fader and delta waves. It's really difficult to wake people up from the stage of sleep because their brain waves are so slow. Graham is rapid eye movement, and it happens while you are dreaming. So it means listened dreams happening. Ram, sleep, ram, sleep. Your eyes will start to move, and that's why we call it rapid eye movement. It forced 20 to 25% of your total sleeps. I also hard rate increases in RAM sleep and sexual arousal happens to both men and women. Brain waves in Ram sleep are predominantly bait on Alfa. You might think yourself will bait on Alfa associate with being awake. That's true. That's why did used to be called paradoxical sleep, because it doesn't make sense. Now let's see how we go through the different stages off sleep. We go through the stages of non REM from 1 to 2, then 23 and just before we go to rim to come back to stage one and then we will go to Ram. This is one sleep cycle. Every cycle takes around 90 to 120 minutes, and you repeat these cycles for 26 times a night is depending on how much you sleep. The key, nor is invented the first of four or five hours of your sleep. The cycles are dominant by Stich three of non rem sleep, which is your deepest stage of sleep. But as the night progresses, ram sleep periods will get longer and longer, and to compensate that the number and periods will get shorter and shorter, and in the last cycle's your brain stops going to station three altogether. Also, you should know that after its rim or let's say after finishing each sleep cycle, you have the opportunity toe, wake up and remember your dream. 6. S2: Sleep Paralysis: sleep. Paralysis. Sleep Paralysis is a phenomenon that occurs to you every single night in Ram. Sleep. The body enters a sleep paralysis in order to stop you from acting out in your dreams and injure yourself or someone else. How does it work? Your brain stops firing neurons. Vatel responsible for muscle control. So as it happens, your muscles stop working. This process is called Rem Antonia. Keep Magog. Imagery might happen when you go to sleep. Paralysis. What are day? They are strong visual or auditory hallucinations that would start off simple and then increases complexity. It's an indicator that you're about to enter your dream, and if you can keep yourself come, you can a slip into Elissa dreaming just a few seconds. So it means that it's one of the best ways value can enter Lucid dream. And that's what we have covered in lucid dreaming methods and techniques in Section four, although you should keep yourself come. But keep in mind that these hallucinations are mostly scary. There are no actual demons involved in it, so don't worry. You will only see the things that your mind makes up, and it means value will see the things that you fear the most. And what if you get so much scared that you wouldn't want to say in this state off sleep paralysis well in a sleep paralysis on Lee, your diaphragm and your eyes war for you. There's nothing you can do to stop sleep practices with your eyes, But there's something you can do to wake yourself up with your diaphragm. If you take an abnormally long breath, stop breathing or breathe with an irregular pattern. Your brain thinks that there must be something wrong so it will wake your body up. 7. SECTION 3: Routines: introduction to Section three routines. Lucid dreaming is a lifestyle. It's not just the thing you do once and then it's done. Can you just go to the gym whenever you want and do whatever exercises you want without any plan and any consistency? Yes, of course you can. But can you get any results from it? Of course not. Lucid dreaming is just the same as muscle building. For getting any result, you need to work on it consistently. Sir. In this section, we're gonna give you some routines to work on him consistently. First you take a look at dream recall and how to have a good sleep pattern. And then lecture three and four. I will explain dream journaling and reality shakes for you. Also a lecture. Seven. I will give a lot of tips on dream journaling, but before that we need to take a look at dream science and false awakening. Keep in mind these routines are the chorus stones, lucid, dreaming, and you can't replace them with anything else. Now let's move on to the next lecture 8. S3: Dream Recall and Good Sleep Pattern: dream recall and good sleep pattern. Dream Recall is one of the most important abilities that a lucid dreamer should have by dream recall. I mean the ability to remember your dreams on because off there we have to have a stable sleep pattern. A good sleep pattern is the one that you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day . But what if you have a problem with going to sleep? You need to wake up at the same time every day, even if you don't go to sleep at the same time. Waking at the same time each morning will force your body to goto asleep sooner. Do not look at the laptop phone or any screen for wanted two hours prior to bed. Why? Because of the blue light that produces by this screen of these devices, which will suppress the production of melatonin in your body. The hormone that makes you sleepy Do not drink coffee eight hours prior to bed. Also, you should know that caffeine needs about 16 hours to completely leave out your body, so if you wanna have it, it's better to have in the morning avoid alcohol and marijuana, especially prior to bed, because both suppress veran sleep. Exercising through the day is a good way to make your body tired. If your body's tired enough, you can go to a strip a lot easier. If your tasks and plans for tomorrow take your mind, you can write them down not to let them disturb. You. Find the activities that keep you awake and abound them, like Netflix, instagram or whatever this, you know it better. 9. S3: Dream Journaling: dream journaling. This is one of the most important steps for you to achieve lucid dreaming. Some people try to skip this step and no wonder why they're announced. Successful in achieving listed dreams. How should you do dream journaling? First, make sure you have your general prepared next year bed, because in the morning you should not move too much to reach it. Why? Because it signals your brain that your wake and it makes it harder to remember your dreams when you wake up. The more you move, the more of your dream you will forget. So you should avoid sending prominent signals of awakening to your brain. After waking up, try to be motionless and keep your eyes close in order to make your mind wonder a little bit about the dreams. Valuer sing. Try to be between the border line off dreaming and wakefulness. When you reached the maximum amount of what you could recall their, reach your journal and write down everything you could remember about your dream. That's it. It just takes 10 minutes. But if you want to be successful in lucid dreaming, you need to do dream journaling consistently. Also, remember to write down the date 10. S3: Reality Checks: reality shakes A reality check is a check to see if you're dreaming or not. Why and how we do reality checks. We know that there are several things we can do in a dream that we can do in a waking life . And because off there, if you make a habit to question whether we are dreaming or not, then this habit will carry on to our dreams. And if we get a chance to do a reality check while we are dreaming now, we elicit. So reality shakes are special movements or observations we do to figure out that we are awake or we are dreaming. Now let's see what these movements and alterations are. I will give you six reality checks that worked the best most of the time. Hands mostly in dreams, our hands or not the same as in reality, so we can use them as a reality check. See your hands, see if there's anything in common with them, their collar or their shape. For example, you might have six fingers on your hand or your fingers might be like calls or anything where life is also, you can push your right hand point finger into your left hand palm and see if your finger goes right through your hand. Of course, it can't happen in real life, but if you do it while you're dreaming, it will happen and you will notice it. Nose pinching. The second reality check is the pinch, your nose and them. Try to breathe through it if you can. Very you're dreaming for sure. Also keep in mind that in a dream you can breathe underwater, but I don't suggest to do it as a reality shaking riel life watch or clock, The fair one asked to use time as a reality check because mostly in a dream time does not mean anything and is not logical. The way to do this is to see your watch cord with your hand or look away and then see it again. If the time changed radically, then it's a dream. Besides, the time changes radically. It can be completed something else, for example, for 3096 PM or whatever reading are dreamers can't see texts vividly and clearly enough so we can use it in our advantage of the next time you encounter in text, you can first do a reality check and see if there's something wrong with it. For example, see if it's back, roared or reverse, or if it doesn't mean anything at all mirror. Next time you encounter mirror, ask yourself, Does my reflection look normal? If not, then you're dreaming. Where am I? What am I doing? Where was I before this? Where am I? I'm in my bedroom, just behind the microphone. What am I doing? I'm reading through the text to record it for lucid dreaming course. Where was I before this? I was in the kitchen drinking water. Then he should start to piece the story together and see if it makes sense. Why don't like the most about this type of reality Check is that it's mental. And you can do it anywhere without other people recognizing it like no spin ching and ask themselves, What's wrong with you? So the next time you ask yourself, where am I? And the answer is I'm hiding the house from zombies. What am I doing? I'm talking to Megan Fox about who should go out first. Where was I before this? Oh, I was playing golf with a zombie. That's it. you're absolutely dreaming. Steps on reality checks performance many reality checks as you can during the day. I suggest to do it more than 10 to 20 times a day. Performer. Reality shake. When you encounter something or somebody strange, you can do a reality. Check whatever you encounter mirror or a text, concentrate on your realistic and do it genuinely. Don't rush through it. If you're not doing it genuinely, then even if you could remember to do it in your dream, you why not recognize that you are dreaming? You can couple of these reality checks with each other form or assurance. For example, we can do hands a reality check with nose pinching. Or you can do a physical one with a mental want like pinching your nose while asking the three key questions. Performer Reality check whenever you see one off your dream signs, which I will explain to you in the next lecture 11. S3: Dream Signs: dream signs. Dream signs are actually a reminder for you to do your reality checks. How can you find dream signs after you wrote down about 15 dreams? It's time to pay attention to serve things that are repeated in your dreams. Dream size are common elements in your dreams. For example, if you consistently see your friend Heather in your dreams, then she can become your dream side. And now, whenever you see her, you do a reality check, and this habit will carry itself into your dreams. And the next time you see her in your dream by doing realistic, you will become loose it. So after finding dream signs, we turn them into reality checks. Simple dream signs can be a lot of things. Let me give you some examples. Locations if you find yourself in one specific location frequently in your dreams, like your old school or your childhood house or Dracula's castle, then there's a sign that you should do reality checks in these places. People's and characters. If you see some people frequently enough in your dreams, for example, your mother or your friend or some famous people, which you never seen riel life like Michael Jackson or Mahatma Gandhi, then these people will become your dream size actions. Dream signs can also be some actions. For example, you might dream a lot about driving or arguing with someone feelings and emotions. For example, many times I find myself ashamed or scared in my dreams. Most of the time. I don't feel these in my real life, so these feelings can become my dream size on. For example, the next time I feel ashamed, I will do my reality. Chicks, themes, common themes can be a dream signed to, for example, zombie Apocalypse. I dream a lot about apocalypse situations. If it zombies or aliens or war or four. I want the 3rd 1 In my dreams. You're common theme might be a sunny day or being naked in public. Now you know what dream signs can be. Let's get to know the difference Types of dream signs. We have three types of dreams Signs first or the dream signs that you don't experience in real life at all. Like a zombie apocalypse Seen Gandalf in Lord of the Rings or a Unicorn or Walking on the Moon. How can you work with these types of dream size. After choosing one, let's say 50 unit car. You can tell yourself that every time I dream about a unicorn, I will do a reality check. Now, if you often dream about a unicorn and in waking life, he always say to yourself that you will do a reality check whenever you see one. The next time you dream about a unique or you will be reminded that you need to do a reality check, and by doing so, you will become lucid. The second type of dream signs are the ones that you see frequently enough in real life. When you're analyzing your dream journal, you need a dream sign frequently enough in your waking life that you're able to perform it during the day, but not too frequently. For example, seen your mother, your partner or being in your house kitchen, the third type of dream signs, or the ones that you see more frequently in real life venting your dreams. So let's call them waking size. I like these walls, especially if he couldn't find any common theme in your dream journal, which many of us can't venue can peek, awaking sign for doing your reality checks. How does it work? Associate something in your normal everyday life that she's seen waking life more than in your dreams. It can be something that you see feel or something that somebody says, for example, that can do a reality check every time someone says what's up or when you looking at Windows or holding your phone or when you go eat or drink something. Actually, you can pick one or two things that you're doing really life on a regular basis. Keynotes. Keep in mind Invest your dream signs my change in time because of the influence that you get from your environment and the people around you. For example, if you go to another city, not only your environmental change, the people around you will change as well, and then would have a direct influence on your dream size. Given your thoughts, my change over time you might think more about something that she didn't think I love before. So you should always keep attention to your Dream journal for changing your dream size if needed. 12. S3: False Awakening: false awakening. Did you ever have the experience that you're dreaming and then wake up in another dream? We call it false awakening. False awakening is when you wake up. But actually you're still dreaming so you can wake up in your bed and do your morning routine, and then you realize, Oh, this is all a dream. It usually occurs in the rim period prior to waking up. So every time you wake up, you should pair for reality checks to not miss any chances of lucid dreaming. 13. S3: How to Keep a Dream Journal: how to keep a dream journal. There are some things you should consider while riding your dream journal. First, you should write down your dream signs by analyzing your dreams. For example, if you have ren your dream on one page, you can ride. It's dream signs on the front page. Second thing is that he should write down the reality checks that worked for you or any additional thing that helped you become lucid. If that was a dream character or using a method or anything, you should ride them down. They was still beneficial for you, especially in the long run. Keep in mind to sometimes review your dream journal. It's beneficial for your dream, recall ability and spot. At the same time, there are different types of dream journaling. I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of every one of them, so you can pick one that is more suitable for you. The classic form of dream journaling. The good thing about having a new book has a dream journal is that first it is physical, and the good thing about it is that you have a physical thing to link your dream world to the real world. Also as a physical thing, you have more connection with it. I mean, it's more personal for you. One of the good things about having a notebook as a Dream journal is that she can write down your dream signs or other things in it, too. For example, you can have a page for your dream. Recall on the front page of it can contain dream signs or mantras or ideas about other things. One of the disadvantages of having a notebook is that you should have it with yourself all the time, especially if you travel a lot. It can be a problem for you. Another disadvantage is that it takes time to write down your dreams. If you want to write down your dream general in the middle of the night, that means you need to turn The lights are on that might disturb your own sleep as well as others. You can use it very easily without any light or even opening your eyes with pushing on Lee two buttons so it is easy to fall back to sleep after it. The other advantage it has is that it's so much quicker comfort to writing If you have something to write and it takes you around, send menace. The same thing will take about one minute to record the audio of it. If it's your phone, you can take it everywhere with you. If you use your phone, he can also use a nap that transforms speech into text for you. The first. This advantage of using the phone is that you have to play back your recourse to listen to them or writing them on. That will take a lot of time. The disadvantaged Your phone is It's blue light, which you can avoid by preparing it before going to bed. By using digital things. The probability of losing data or device breaking is considerable. So if you use a digital device for dream journaling, it's better to save your dream journals in clouds or in external memory. The last disadvantage of using a phone is that it's noisy, especially if you sleep with someone. Recording your dreams in the middle of the night can be so unnerving for them. Also, you can use your laptop. It's almost like your phone, and by using it, you can upload your dream journaling. Google docks for example, the good thing about it is that it's uncowed and it won't be deleted, even if your phone or laptop gets crashed. Also, by doing so, your phone and laptop can be synchronized together. You can use forum by using a form you won't lose your dream journal because it's in the cloud on. The good thing about it is that others can see your dream journal and analyze, um, so it will help you to have a better understanding of your dreams. But at the same time, it cannot be personal anymore. You can also feel yourself on talk to the camera and create blocks from your dreams. You should do whatever that's easier for you. My pick is notebook. You can also combine different types of dream journals together. For example, you can record your dreams by your phone and then in the morning, right them down in the notebook or afloat. Solve them in a forum 14. S3: Review on Routines: review on routines by having a good sleep pattern and dream journaling on a consistent basis, you will have a better dream recall, which means that you will beam or conscious while you are dreaming on the more conscious you are. While you are dreaming, the more chance you have to realize that you are dreaming on by realizing so you'll be lucid. Besides, the fact that dream journaling can help you with your dream recall and the amounts of awareness and consciousness you experience in your dreams, it can give you a dream sign. Sue. So by paying attention to your dream journal, you'll find your dream signs, which will aware you to do reality checks and by doing reality checks while you are dreaming, you will be lucid. So keep in mind that he should write your dream journal on a consistent basis, analyze them for dream signs and do your reality checks consistently. In the next section, I will explain different methods and techniques for inducing lucid dream 15. SECTION 4: Methods and Techniques: introduction to Section four Lucid dreaming methods and techniques. There are only two methods to induce lucidity. Wild and dialed. Wild stands for Wake initiated, Lucid dream and child is dream initiated. Lucid dream. Everything else is a technique that healthy, achieved the wild or the dialed. I will explain these two methods in the next lecture, and then we're going to learn four different techniques which are wake back to bed. Pneumonic induced, lucid dream senses initiated, lucid dream on the last war finger induced, lucid dream. Now, to figure out how the two main methods work, let's go to the next lecture. 16. S4: DILD and WILD Methods: exiled and wild methods A child or dream initiated lucid dream. It's when you're in a dream and you suddenly become aware Value are in a dream. So it means that doubt starts off as a nun. Lucid dream. But then you notice something about the dream world that causes you to realize that you are in a dream and it becomes lucid. Dream. For example, the scene from the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan is a dialed. So how did we end up here? We just came from the, uh think about it. Area. How did you get here? Where are you right now? We're dreaming. You're actually in the middle of the workshop right now. Sleeping. This is your first lesson in shared dreaming. No. The other scenes in this movie or all wild, wild, old rake initiated lucid dream. It's when you go from waking state directly into dream. Actually, you're conscious when you fall asleep 17. S4: WBTB Technique: wake back to bed. Wait back to Berk is the cornerstone for every other technique. It means that in order to get a result from other techniques that I will explain to you in the next lectures, you should combine him with Wake back to bed. I'm build. Um upon this technique, I give you two options to perform this technique first option. You go to asleep and then said the alone 44 to 5 hours later. After the alarm goes off, stay up for some minutes and then go back to bed. The purpose off this is to be a little bit clear minded. That's it. So if five minutes is enough for you, then it is enough. Everybody is different. You should not become too alerts. If you're the kind of person that going back to cities heart for you, then after the alarm goes off, don't stay up or even open your eyes. If you can just turn off your law and go back to sleep after their you sleep to achieve lucidity, you may achieve dialed or wild or something between both. It seems that I just told you to wake up in the middle of the night and then go back to sleep and then call it a technique. Well, yes, exactly. Second option. Go to bed and sit your loan for one hour earlier than a normal time. You wake up every day after waking up, stay awake for about one hour and then go back to sleep. Why? Actually, after staying up for one hour now, this is the exact time value. It always wake up. So it means that if you go back to sleep right now, you're asleep. Is in its richest ramp stage. It depends on you on your lifestyle to decide which one of these two options is easier for you to do before moving on to the next technique. Let's explain something that might happen for you while performing to wake back to bear technique. Sleep paralysis as I explain it to you before it is not a bad thing. Of course, it does not feel good at all. It's so scary. But after experience it for a few times, you will get better in controlling yourself While it happens. Let's ask an important question here. Dyne Travis Lee, Paralysis in or travel is a dream. The answer is no. You can achieve lucid dreaming without sleep paralysis, and it can achieve it through sleep paralysis to after your body's paralyzed your just a few seconds away from lucid dreaming. So it can be a very effective waiting to her lucid dream. Keep in mind sleep paralysis can up into you intentionally or completely unintentional. So what can you do if you intentionally wanted to happen while performing to wake back to bed technique? It just needs to say it's still and not move for some time in order to cheat your month value. Sleep. That might sound easy, but it's not because your mind will send some signals to make sure that your slip these signals are powerful urges that will force you to move if you're awake these signals, or like the Earth's to roll back or scratch some part of your body or move your hands, legs or fingers or the urge to swallow, which happens to me. A lot went feeling these urges. You should neglect him and now pay attention to them. The process of having it was a dream through a sleep paralysis is that after being still in bed for some minutes, these signals will sort to come if he can manage to neglect them for some time. You'll enter sleep paralysis, and after that you're just seconds away from having a lucid dream. But if not, let's say after journey menace of being still, you scratch yourself. Then this process will start all over again. Two taps for inducing sleep paralysis. First, do not move your eyes just like other parts of your body. Hold him a straight and a cell. Second is not too tense. Any muscle, especially your job muscles. You might ask, How does it feel like to interest Lee Paralysis? As I explained before you will experience a strong auditory or visual hallucinations, for example, you might hear someone calling your name or feel a buzzing sensation in your head or see exactly what you're afraid off. For example, some type of demon or alien creature don't panic. You need to let these things wash over you, or else you will wake up on lose a good chance of being lucid while you were only seconds away from it. 18. S4: MILD Technique: mild or pneumonic induced lucid dreaming. What is it? It is when you repeat a mantra in your head, over and over again on sale, you fall asleep, for example, Tonight I will realize I'm dreaming or I will observe dream signs or something like these. The logic behind this technique is that we make an intention to program our brain to remember to become lucid when we are in a dream. So it's a technique that helps us to achieve dialed. Also, you can make your own phrase as well, and it's a good thing to have your own phrase. But keep in mind there are some things you want to avoid in this technique. Do not make your phrase too long. I suggest having less than 10 to 13 words. Also, you should avoid negative words in your phrase like no can't wounds and etcetera 19. S4: FILD Technique: filed or finger induced lucid dream. How does it work when you lie down in your bed? Imagine that there's a keyboard or a piano being. If your hand try to use two of your fingers points and index to push the keys gently, it should feel like your fingers are contracting rather than really pressing the keys. Also, with whatever force you start, try to make it less and less as the time goes on. The last thing you need to do is to perform a reality check after about a minute past. If the reality was successful than good for you, you achieve the wild. Enjoy your lucid dream. If not, go back to sleep. And don't try it again a straight away because of the odds of it being working after one failed attempt is so low. So don't make yourself insomniac. You can do it tomorrow night, as this signage will give you a wild. It means that your brain needs to go straight into Ram to make it happen. So you have to do this technique on Lee with help off. Wake back to bed. Don't perform it at the beginning of your sleep because your brain doesn't go to RAM straight away 20. S4: SSILD Technique: S s I l d or senses initiated. Lucid dream. This technique is about sense cycles. We have a cycle off three senses in order off site sound and such. After awake back to bed, a lie down in your bed, Be relaxed and close your eyes. You'll see black the color behind your closed eyes, or you might see some pattern. In any case, you focus on what you see. You don't need to move your eyes and try to make patterns. Whether you see something or not, it's OK. You should not force yourself to see anything. Emphasis should be made on the focus off the sense and not dissents itself. After focusing about a 30 to 40 seconds on site, we go for sound. Don't count to 30 or 40 does not need to be precise for sound. You can focus on the sound off the environments around you. If their room urine is too quiet, then you can focus on your breathing sound or anything else again. Don't force yourself to hear something. After about a 30 seconds, we focused on touch for 30 seconds. You can feel the surface beneath your fingers or your heaviness in your bed. It feels like your body's being pushed into your bed. After finishing touch you started cycle from sight again. 4 to 6 times might be enough for you to goto asleep. Notes on S s I l d. You need to focus on the sensations of at around you without trying to create the sensation itself. When you're doing the cycles, you should not expect to see, hear or touch things. You should not make anything happen because most of the time nothing will happen. Try to be relaxed. The faster we go to asleep, the better the chance that this technique works. One thing that you may notice about this technique is that when you are trying to focus, you may get wondered by thinking about random things in your brain. It's a good thing. It's an indication to tell you that you're falling to sleep since of this technique will help you have an ultra realistic dream than when you wake up. You think that it's really really because it looks ultra realistic, so you might have a false awakening to prevent this. You should remember to do reality checks when you wake up This technique. Onley helps it achieve doubt or false awakening. It doesn't have to induces sleep paralysis. So if he wants us crash or roll over, you can do it. If Hypno Gogic imagery happened to you, just let it wash over you. 21. S4: Review on Techniques: review off techniques we learned to methods for initiating lucid, dream wild and dialed would give you miles and a society. Techniques for achieving dialed and filed technique for Wild also learned that for getting better results from these techniques, we should combine him with Wake back to bed, especially the filed Let's other knows here. You can also perform these techniques with a short nap instead of using the wake back to bed, especially if you don't want to disturb your sleep in the middle of the night by doing the weight back to bed. So, for example, we can do to file technique when you go for a nap in the middle of the day, you should experiment to see what works for you on what doesn't. Everybody is different. Keep in mind that you should focus on mastering only one technique at a time and don't jump from one technique to another. If after a few attempts a technique doesn't seem to war for you, then go on. Try another one 22. SECTION 5: Lucidity Toolbox: introduction to Section five Lucidity toolbox. In this section, I will give you some tools for controlling the different aspect of your lucid dreams. These tools are lucid dream preparation, lucid dream, a stabilization lucid dream manipulation and the last one s lucid dream prolongation learning these tools are essential for every lucid dreamer. Also, you need these tools supply in section six, section seven, which are about raising the lucidity layers and experiencing different types of lucid dreams. So this section has the rial job of being a toolbox for you. Now let's move on to the next lecture. 23. S5: Lucid Dream Preparation: where you suddenly notice that you've become lucid in your dream. There's a good chance that should get so excited and you wake yourself up. So in order not to get overwhelmed when you become lucid, you need to prepare yourself. How can you prepare yourself by planning your dreams in advance? You can ride them down right? What you want to do when you become lucid or repeat them in your head like a mantra during today or before falling into sleep. 24. S5: Lucid Dream Stabilization: lucid dreams. Stabilization techniques. The more awareness you have in your dreams, the easier it will be to stabilize and control your dreams. So how do we increase our awareness by doing four things? Do reality checks Remind yourself that you are dreaming. Get in touch with your dream body by running your palms together. Get in touch with your jame environments by experiencing different senses. We should do this things consistently while you are lucid. In order to keep your awareness on the highest level, I will give you an example of using a stabilization techniques to understand how we can use them better. Let's say you are in a lucid dream. You're in a room which you want to leave well before opening the door. You can tell yourself that I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming, or you can do a reality check. For example, the campaigns your nose and then opened the door. Let's say by opening the door, you walked into a rain forest. Well, that's awesome. But before moving on, rob your pumps together, and while you're walking into the forest, smell the wetter, feel the wind, touch the trees and really get in touch with your dream environments. 25. S5: Lucid Dream Manipulation: lucid dream manipulation techniques. Let's say you want to meet your favorite character in your lucid dream or go to a place you always wished. Well, how can you do this by the use of dream manipulation techniques? The first technique is called behind closed doors, which is my favorite one. You use closed doors to transports you toe other locations. What lies behind closed doors is determined by the expectation you have. So, for example, let's say you wanted to be in the island off cannibals. Why do you want to be there at all? I don't know. You just simply imagine that there's an island behind the closed door before walking through it, and that's set by opening the door. You're there and good luck. Once you know what you want, spend around until the new dream scene is formed in front of your eyes. I simply wish whatever you want and transform your dream by just wanting it to happen. It's the simplest and at the same time, the hardest sick nick. It requires higher layers of lucidity because you have to have good control upon your dream 26. S5: Lucid Dream Prolongation: dream prolongation. How can you prolong your lucid dream when you achieve it? Start slow. Keep in mind that if you want to do awesome things, you should a start slow because if you do awesome things in the beginning, then he will be excited so fast, and it will shorten the time of your lucid dream. Get in touch with your dream by getting in touch with your dream body on your dream environments, you can prolong your lucid dream. You should touch your surroundings and get a connection between you on your dream world. For example, if your dream was going to fade, can prolong it a little more by rubbing your hands to each other. But he should know that whatever you do, you will wake up eventually. Dream chaining. What can you do if you wake up from a lucid dream, you can use the last dream to change it to the next dream. So when you wake up from a dream, you just keep yourself motionless. And then by visualizing your last dream, you chain yourself to your next dream, and a short time you might find yourself in your dream seen again. So it's just a wild because he goto asleep consciously something that might happen to your love while you're trying to do dream chaining is a false awakening. So always remember to do a reality. Whenever you wake up in the next section, I will explain difference layers of lucidity for you to understand which layer of lucidity you're experiencing on what you need to do better in order to progress through the different layers of lucidity. 27. SECTION 6: Layers of Lucidity: introduction on Section six. Layers of lucidity. When it comes to lucidity, it's not like that your either lucid or not, it's not. Binary lucidity has a spectrum of different layers from layer zero to layer four. After all, why are there different layers of lucidity to better understand and communicate the different levels of awareness we experience in our lucid dreams? The amount of consciousness and awareness you have in your dreams can impact a lot on many things. For example, how much control you have in your dream world, or how much vividness your dream has or how long your lucid dream can last. Now let's move on to the next lecture on a start, our journey from their zero. 28. S6: Layer Zero: in this layer. You're not actively aware that your dreaming, although you're not consciously aware there's some part in you that is aware and it seems that it's trying to make you were that you're dreaming and it can happen in different forms in the first form of layer zero. There's some indication of lucidity or dreaming in the dream without you becoming aware of it. For example, you're talking about lucid dreaming with a dream character, or you see lucid or dream board rhythm somewhere. Or you might be watching, of course, about lucid dreaming. Maybe this is, of course, and you're hearing my voice talking about lucid dreaming. What should you do them? Do your reality check dude right now? Or am I think, man, I really old travel is a dream tonight, without even realizing that you are already dreaming right at that moment, this scenario happened to me a lot. In the second form of Layer zero. Things are a little bit strange, but he can notice them and connected dots. For example, you are sitting in a roller coaster while Monteverdi Choir in front of the roller coaster are singing a song for you. Nothing God is it. The third form of layer zero mostly happens to those who absorbed a lot of media. In this form of layer zero, you lack feelings for long term consequences. For example, your family's died in an alien attack does not affect you at all, because your character in a movie or a video game or a TV show and tell yourself, Ah, that's just a story. Layer zero occurs a lot in people that, while motivated to loose a dream, are having difficulties becoming lucid. Let's put it this way. Layer zero is a layer that she had a chance to become lucid, but you fail at it. It's just fish that most beginners sick and sue and get frustrated. But don't wory. If you're experiencing layer zero, it just means that sure, on the right path. Now I will tell you what you can do to rise from the year zero to the next, layers in the first form. As I mentioned that if you hear me talking about lucid dreaming, then you should do reality shake. Make it a habit to do a reality. Check whatever you see or hear anything about lucidity or dreaming in real life in this way . Then I signed one of your dream characters, talked about lucid dreaming, or you watched this course in your dream. You will do a reality check by habit, and hopefully you will become lucid in the second form it really life and whatever you see or feel something strange and not happening, you should do a reality check for sure. The fair form. Whatever you see, one of your favorite game or TV characters, you should do a reality check. I don't mean in real life. Of course, you won't see bad men in real life or you may see I don't know, but you can do a reality check whenever you think about them, or see their pictures or books or whatever relates to them. Finally, these habits will manifest themselves a while you are dreaming, and then, by doing reality checks, you will raise your lucidity to the next layers 29. S6: Layer One: layer one in there. One you recognise value are dreaming. This is the layer which most of the beginners experience. And just like layer zero, this one has different forms to In the 1st 4 after you noticed value or dreaming, you will get so excited that it makes you wake up suddenly. That's obvious why Layer one is often said to be one off the most difficult and motivation destroying layers of lucidity. Bottom wory. I will give you enough tips and tricks so he can be able to rise up from this layer. The second forms that when you're dreaming, you do a reality check and you become lucid. But then something in a dream suddenly distracts you, causes you to slip back into none. Lucidity. Shortly after distractions might very from changing characters a plot line off the dream. In the third form, you decide to question your reality and performer reality check, but the chick fails. Your results come a false and you believe that you're still in waking life. The fourth form of layer one is that you wake up from your dream but actually wake up in another dream. That's what we called false awakening, and we discussed it previously in Section three. No other. What for we experience layer one means value are literally right on the brink of fully fledged lucidity. Now how can we rise from it in the first form? You can use a mantra before going to sleep, and man tries any phrase that repeated or and over again in your head to have the desired effect. It's and just like pneumonic induced, lucid dream that you learned in Section four. For example, when you goto asleep, you can say in your head. Tonight I will come down when I realize I'm dreaming or when I'm lucid, I will be come and relaxed or anything. Live is. Try to come A with your own mantra, this technique in beds and idea in your brain so that the next time you become lucid you will stay, come and managed to keep yourself in your lucid dream. As I mentioned in the last section, you should have prepared your ideas, or what do you want to experience in your dream? This will let you bypass the excitement stage and help you to go to the next layer. In the 2nd 4 after becoming lucid. The first thing you should do is to rob your palms together or do any dream stabilisation technique. This will keep you lucid in the third form. You should do your reality check with more seriousness enduring today. Always perform different types of reality. It's together to make sure that you won't miss any chance of lucidity in the fourth form. It can simply do a reality check whenever you wake up. 30. S6: Layer Two: layer two in this layer, you know that you're dreaming, but you have zero control on your dream. It is said that layer two is the first layer where lucid dreaming really source. To get good chances are for new, lucid dreamers. The first time you really experience a lucid dream, it will be a layer to keep in mind. The first thing you should do when you become lucid is to do dream a stabilization techniques. And again he should have proper your ideas of what do you want to experience in your dream ? This will let you progress to the higher levels of lucidity faster. 31. S6: Layer Three: layer three. Now, when most people get a first impression, or what lucid dreaming is like, layer three is probably what comes to mind. Layer threes. Honestly, the easiest layer of lucid dreaming to explain. A layer three lucid dream is a lot like a layer to lucid dream. On Lee, your lucidity is more clear, and your full waking consciousness is present. Also, the dreams clarity in layer threes much higher compared to layer to in a layer thrills, a dream you're fully aware of. The fact that you're dreaming means you'll know that everything you're experiencing is a construct of your own mind and that you can to stop at any time you remember. That's your riel bodies back in bed and that you're acting things out in your dream body. Your full waking consciousness will present a dream, and you will often find that it is much easier to remember the girls that you might have set out to do before going to sleep. What can you do to raise from this layer? Just like layer to you? Should do dream stabilization techniques, especially getting touch with your dream environment, is so important. Try to experience as many senses as you can side sound, smell, touch, taste 32. S6: Layer Four: layer for, therefore, is a lot like layer three. The difference is that in layer four was the dream. You're no longer just an actor off the dream, but rather the director. You're in full control of the dream environments and a dream characters You can also of incredible enlightening experiences in this layer of lucidity. Now that you know what the difference layers of lucidity are and how you can raise your lucidity, let's move on to the next section to figure out what can you do when you become lucid? It's really a fun section on my favorite one. 33. SECTION 7: What to Do When You Become Lucid: introduction to Section seven. What to do when you become lucid as a name off the section tails, It's literally about what he can do when you're lucid. In this section, you will learn how to do the things that were your motivation for soaring vest course and leering, lucid dreaming. First, we will take a look at the things that are fun to do in a lucid dream, and then I will explain the things you can do in a lucid dream that can influence and leverage your whole life. Now let's start our journey through different, lucid dreaming experiences. 34. S7: Erotic Dreams: erotic dreams are the most desired lucid dream experiences. Before we go any further, we need to know fact lucid dreams. Sex feels just as real as a real life in the real world. We cannot express some of our true deep desires or fetishes. So lucid dream is the best place for expressing our deepest and sometimes darkest desires. Keep in mind before attempting any sexual act, you should ground yourself in your dream with the use of dream stabilization techniques, because the sensation of it would be so overwhelming. What do you think about erotic dreams? This question might come into your mind how to find my partner. She or he might be a celebrity or whoever you want. Let's not talk about it. You know your case well, how can you find her or him or whatever this by using a dream manipulation technique, for example, you find a door and imagine that your partner is behind it waiting for you. Then you will open the door and 35. S7: Fly: If you're not in a high level of lucidity or you lacked a belief and expectation that you can fly, then it wouldn't be so easy for you to experience it. So first you should work on the amount of awareness you have in your dream and believe and expect the gravity rules. One. Apply in your dream world. There are so many rays on Vatican. Fly in your dreams and it depends on you. For example, you can use some tool to over you like Harry Potter's broomstick or flying corporate. Use your imagination to see how you like to do it and do it that way. It can fly just like supermen does. I found it so hard for myself. Why? Because I don't have any connection with. That's why I told you to do it the way you like it. The other way that you can try it is to just let yourself suspend in the air and swim in the air. This one happened for me in the first lucid dream I've ever had. 36. S7: Reliving Good Memories and Meeting The Loved Ones: Elissa Dream experience can name a loss to consciously visit any period in our past and relive those memories. Playtime with a childhood pet closeness with a lost partner or chasing the meal your grandma used to cook for you. For those who lost someone their life, lucid dreams off. The dead may offer psychological therapy for the surviving individual. They provide a capacity for grieving on healing, even if you take the view that the desist or not actually visiting you. And it's just part of your own site playing the role of them. If your loved one and doesn't appear to you at night or you just miss someone want to give him a hug, then dreaming lucidly about him is a wonderful proposition. 37. S7: Talking to Subconscious: how can instruct your subconscious on why you should be doing it By summoning your subconscious mind and talking to it, You can get some answers about yourself that might change your whole life in a way you could never imagine. For example, we can figure out what your dream job is by asking your subconscious mind or what you need to do next in your life. What is your deepest desire or fear, or any other question can get the answers that you ve always seeking for. So how can you talk to your subconscious? First, you should manifest your subconscious, and this manifestation can happen differently from one person to another, because everyone's perspective about their own subconscious difference for some people is like a spirit or an angel or God. And for some people it's like themselves or some young or old version off themselves. I offer you two ways that can work the best you can a stand in front of a mirror and talk to your reflection. We can just say that I want to see my subconscious or whatever you would prefer to name it . Some key notes are should prepare your questions prior to bed. You should not trust it so much because the thing that you manifest, that might just be a dream character. 38. S7: Answers to Problems: As Daniel Love said, sometimes the only barrier between you and a solution. Chinese issue is not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of creative association between your current knowledge. Basically, you have a lot more knowledge, and van you think you have a new dreams can be a place that you have a chance to connect the dots and discover an answer to your problem. You can do this especially by summoning someone to help you. For example, if you have a problem composing your song, you can summon John Lennon to help you. Or if you have a problem with a design project, you can have a Steve Jobs. Besides you, the answer ultimately comes from you. But this tactic frees you from self limiting beliefs you have about your own knowledge and abilities. So by doing get you have this sleep hours to to help you work on your craft, this always seemed like it should call to me 39. S7: Developing Psychological and Physical Skills: in the old days when we would encounter dangerous animal in waking life, we would be fried in that if we could manage to survive, then that following night are dreaming. Mind would pick up on those waking life threats that we had experienced. It would seemingly those threats in our dreams in order to reinforce on the neural circuits veteran involved with this key Moe's, the expectations and the scripts that we need to effectively survive the next waking life threat off that kind. So the next day, if we encounter another dangerous animal or in a slightly different circumstance, we are more ready to defend ourselves. That's why nowadays would dream, or about social interactions like an angry bus encounter or a family member or a friend, or whatever that we need to cope with in or suit socially survive. It means that by becoming lucid in our dreams, we can consciously experience things to devil Ope, our psychological and physical skills to improve our waking life circumstances from what we have learned and experimented within our lucid dreams. So, for example, in the case of or coming anxieties like dating or public speaking, you can create the environments you want in order to practice your social interactions without any fear in your lucid dreams. By exposing yourself to what you fear in a safe environment, you can overcome your anxieties that caused by them in psychology. Recall it, exposure therapy. And it's one of the most powerful therapies for different anxieties. So any positive social experience you have in your dreams will increase your confidence in the waking world and for physical scales. Research has revealed that we can increase our procedural memory for fine muscle movements inside a lucid dream. So after boxing for half an hour and a lucid dream, your boxing ability would literally be better upon waking. Let's finish this section with a story in the book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, by Dr Steven Libert and Howard Rheingold. Lucid, dreaming surgeon explains how before going to sleep at night, he would review is surgical cases for the next day event. He would become lucid in his dreams and practiced them in precise detail. As a result, the surgeon was able to refine and polish his techniques and perform procedures much faster than the average surgeon, crediting his edge to lucid dreaming You may not be a surgeon or a boxer, but it can identify important physical and psychological skills in your own craft to improve upon while dreaming. No, let's move on to the last section. Section eight Lucid Dreaming Aid. 40. SECTION 8: Lucid Dreaming Aid: introduction on Section eight. Lucid Dreaming Aid. In this section, I will give you some tools to assist you in your journey of lucid dreaming. First, we will take a quick look at meditation on how it can be a great tool to assist you to become lucid. And if you know nothing about it, how we can do it, then a lecture. Three. I will explain by neural beats for you and how you can use them to your advantage are. Finally, in the last lecture, I will recommend some supplements to assist you in your lucid dreaming experiences. Now let's move on to the next lecture. 41. S8: Meditation: the amount of self awareness we have during the day will transfer itself into our dream world, and by now you must know how much self awareness is important for achieving lucidity. One off the tools and that help you to raise your self awareness is doing meditation. Now again. Very simple. Step by step guide on how to meditate. Go to a quiet place, which you know you won't be distracted and then sit with your back straight. Your spine should be straight. You can sit down and share or on the floor. Do whatever you prefer and for around 10 minutes focused on Lee on your breathing. That's it. You do it for 10 minutes and you're done. If a thought comes to your mind, stop it and focus on Lee on your breathing. If you're a beginner, then it's OK to experience many fellas to come to your mind. After meditating for some time, you're going to notice that the number of thoughts that would come into your mind while meditating will become less. If you get better at meditating, then you can add more sessions. For example, when the morning and one before going to bed. You can also make it longer from 10 to 20 minutes 42. S8: Binaural Beats: Let's start this lecture with an acknowledgement by neural beats won't make you become lucid. They just help you become lucid, so don't expect them too much because of the controversies around them. They're just a tool to read you. One thing I should mention is that by neural beats just don't work for some people. Now let's see what they are and how they can assist us in lucid dreaming, as I mentioned, Section to the brain produces different types of brain waves. We can manipulate our brain to promote some waves more than others by listening to them. But unfortunately, human ears chance here frequencies below two years. That's where by neural beats come to aid us. Let's say you want to promote more off fado waves in your brain. Then you play a 200 Harris in one year and a 206 in another ear. By doing so, your brain will perceive another third beats, which is six hurts. This bid is what we call by neural bits. If you want to use by neuro bits as assistance for lucid dreaming, Fada waves are ideal to listen to while falling to sleep to achieve wild easier when it comes to choosing a by neural beat to listen to. Everyone has their own taste, so I decided not to choose it for you. There are many websites out there that you can find your favorite month. Keep in mind by neural beats won't help you if you use a speaker to listen to. As I mentioned, our ears have two year different beats separately from each other, So for using a by neuro beat, you need a pair of headphones. 43. S8: Supplements: supplements can be a powerful tool for improving your ram, sleep and dream recall. So it means that they won't make you become lucid. They just help you become lucid. So if you didn't have the skills for becoming lucid, don't bother yourself. You need to put the effort first, and them take supplements for additional assistance. If you're not doing reality checks or dream journaling, then supplements are not for you. It's literally like taking a steroids without exercising. Do you ever see a guy who uses service without exercising or uses a series in his first week of training? Off course? Not before we start. I'm not a medical doctor. So before showing any off this supplements, talk to your doctor first. Remember that we, as the Skill 3 60 team, are not responsible for any negative results you may have from taking the supplements recommended here. Acid or colon is a neurotransmitter means that it's a chemical that carries messages between brain cells as a no colon is essential to steep dreaming, learning and memory. So it means that as it'll colon is our guy for lucid dreaming. Now, how can you promote ITM or in your body you can use to supplements to boost us. It'll colon levels in your brain. One is calling by Todd Rate and the other one is and Galante. Man one helps the production of us. It'll colon, and the other one helps to slow to break down of it. Calling by Todd Rate is used to naturally make us it'll calling in our bodies. It actually allows the brain to produce a settle colon at a much faster rate. Most people's diets provide sufficient vitamin B five, but not colon. Therefore, you can supplement colon to boost a subtle colon levels in your brain. Calling by titrate is quickly absorbed by the body, which allows it to be used synergistically with grants. A man glance um, it is Anis. It'll colon histories inhibitor. A subtle colon s races, the chemical that breaks down a subtle colon in the brain so glance him and inhabits to break down on a settle Colin. While the cooling by titrate helps its production, dosage and keynotes use around 500 to 1000 milligrams of cooling by tighter it with four trade milligrams off Glanton. After 4 to 6 hours of sleep, keep in mind Valley should wait at least four days before using them again. And if you don't, your body will quickly be desensitized to them. These supplements are not for consistent usage. Also, you should consume him when you're performing the wake back to bed technique. Do not use them before bedtime. That's when your body needs to go to non REM sleep. And if you do consumer before bedtime, you will disturb your sleep cycles and deprive your body of deep sleep, which is so crucial for itself. Keep in mind if you have difficulty falling back to sleep on glance, I mean, especially when attempting a wild try. 0.5 milligrams of melatonin realm Rebound five. Hydroxy Truth affair. Commonly known as the Five STP, the five hydroxy trip to fan is a chemical vet naturally produces in our body. It includes amino acid trip to find that is used in increasing the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin suppresses ram sleep in the first half of the night and promotes deeper levels off sleep. Why will it be beneficial because of the rim rebound effect? Suppressing ram earlier and denied leads to rim rebound, in which you experience much longer. Ram periods in the later half of your sleep dosage 100 to 300 milligrams before bedtime. Five. Htp should never be taken with other drugs that have an effect on serotonin levels like depressants. 44. Project: congratulations. You made it. Now you have the tools. Achieve a lucid dream. And don't forget to share your lucid dreaming experience with us and tell us which layer of lucidity you experienced on which method and technique worked for you. It's time to say goodbye. I hope the best for you in your journey of lucid dreaming.