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Lucid Dreaming: Take control of your dreams and life - Module 2

teacher avatar Felipe Yanez, Confidence & Social Skills Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro to Dream Yoga

    • 2. Entering Dream Yoga

    • 3. Goals for Dream Yoga

    • 4. Three Revelations in Dream Yoga

    • 5. Dream Yoga Night-time Practices

    • 6. Dream Yoga Daytime Practices

    • 7. Affirmations for Wakeful Living

    • 8. Attachment & Identification with Form

    • 9. Obstacles to your dream yoga practice

    • 10. Lucidity in your everyday life

    • 11. Outro Follow

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About This Class

This is part 2 of the Lucid Dreaming Practices Course. 

In this course I go over how to make your lucid dream practices into a consciouness transformation process. 

This course is a revolution of the mind to awaken to your potential your waking life. You will learn how to apply it to transform your everyday life by bringing out what was once unconscious and only a part of your dreams. 

*Consciousness Evolution: Become aware of your deep subconscious thoughts, remove mental and emotional blocks, and traumas to take charge of your life. In addition, through the dream yoga practices, you'll learn the 4 fundamental truths; you are not your thoughts and are essentially an illusion, you are living a dream, live's impermanence and your oneness with everyone/everything. This of course through experiential learning.

*Law of attraction: Supercharge your law of attraction practices. You'll manifest better and faster, breaking through a lot of previous mental blocks and limits.

*Spiritual Awakening: Develop another perception many have called the witness state.

Note: I recommend you start with the Lucid Dream Course prior to going into this one.

Meet Your Teacher

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Felipe Yanez

Confidence & Social Skills Coach


Hi, I'm Felipe. Welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

I've been in the self-development path for nearly 20 years. I focus on helping you improve your confidence and create abundance in your social, dating, financial & overall life.

My Mission is to help you find love, significance, purpose, self-confidence, and discover your limitless potential through inner transformation.

My goal is to produce the absolute best courses and help you level up your confidence. I'm very excited to show you how to hack your mindset, self-image, and habits to live a life true to you, and beyond your imagination! ;)

Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. Check out my courses which I have created ... See full profile

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1. Intro to Dream Yoga: What is going on, guys, Welcome to the dream Yoga Course. Now, this course is a continuation of the lucid dreaming course that I have here on skill share . If you haven't gone through that course, I would recommend that you go through that first. Since you need a certain level off lucid dreaming skills and to be able to wake up in your dreams in order to get the most out of this course the experiences, the lessons and everything that you're gonna be learning again, it has to do with your practices of lucid dreaming and your Awakening City will and your dreams as well as in your everyday life. So the intention and the goal for this course is Teoh break publicity to bring wakefulness . Not only you know in your dreams, but bring it from your dreams on to your regular life just to give you a quick intro as you begin to learn more about lucid dreaming and how to do it and had a wake up in your dreams And remember your dreams doing a dream journal as well as doing dream checks on your everyday life. Um, and other techniques that I show in that course, which again it's here on skill share. You will begin to see certain similarities with in your dream world and you're waking world . And that is very exciting, because that is when you can measure both of them together and begin to make lucid dreaming into a spiritual practice, which is what dream yoga is all about. So again, welcome to the course. I'm excited. Teoh take you through it for me. I've been doing this for a very long time, the whole lucid dreaming things since I was 16 years old, you know, on and off, to be honest. But when it comes to dream yoga, it's been one of the most profound things I've ever found in regards to transformation and it switching my level of consciousness when it comes to my everyday life as well. It's manifesting better, being more confident and not taking myself my life so seriously and beginning to see things for what they are rather than for the illusion that have been conditioned Teoh to see. So anyway, without further ado, welcome to the course, and I'll see you in the first lecture 2. Entering Dream Yoga: all right. We made it to some of the final sections. This sections are some of the most exciting to me because not only, you know, are we talking about dreams in the past sections, and they're really, really fun. But I'm excited to see how it applies to real life and how it applies to consciousness and waking up, which is again, one, if not the main purpose off this program in this course. So such a seven is called Entering Dream Yoga. Start to a conscious live beyond your dreams. So let's get started. What the heck is dream yoga if you've never heard of it, if you haven't Googled that he had a dream, yoga is simply using the the practice of the night, the practice of your dreams to become more aware. It's almost like the meditation of your dreams and so kind of like meditation. You become more and more aware of your dreams, your emotions and your internal world, as well as the outside perceptions that you have of that outside world. It is the same thing with, you know, dream you up. You are basically bringing awareness into your dreams, and that is what dream you is all about. All right, So why even practice Dream yoga? Let's see that you are interested in lucid dreaming because of the potential for mind expansion and maybe some of the awesome funding things you could do and that you have certain goals in life, like in business in your career, in your love, life and everything. So how the heck this dream yoga relate to all this? Well, it is really, to be honest, the shortcut to all of this. So if a person if you apply in practice anything in a dream, it is many times more effective than when it is applied in real life, we're asleep or mind. Can you imagine? You're designing a building, right, consciously creating Jax. But sometimes it feels like it's almost creating itself. If you know what discovery anyone, inspiration. Right now in a dream, our mind continuously does this create and receive our world simultaneous, saying our mind does so well that allows us to get right. So let's say all the effort in personal development that you spend in your regular life. If you were to spend it in injury, that is many, many times more effective in that because you're dealing again, as I've said it before, deeper levels of mine. So the personal development, the personal growth, spiritual growth and even their skills and your confidence, anything you want to develop if you practice it during the nine in your dreams, you are literally hypnotizing yourself. You art creating change at a very deep level. So if you want faster change, even you on deeper change, where to do it It is at the subconscious level of your mind of the tectonic level, or Tana plate level of your mind. So every single thing that you do in life in the way that you are in life is dictated by deeper levels of mine. So these deeper levels are the ones that are accessible to you during your sleep. If you're fully committed, you will reap the benefits of these practices beyond just dreams and see the incredible transformation in your life, your consciousness and your way of being in your energy. So most of the effort in dream yoga and in all of these practices, with lucid dreaming as well happened in the beginning, so dreamy Oh, that will just begin to evolve into this or lucid dreaming will be begin to evolve into dream yoga almost effortlessly as you put in the work in the very beginning, that's that where the most amount of work comes in, so you need a lot of commitment. You need a lot of motivation. That's why it's important for you to build that. Why list of why you want to practice lucid dreaming Dream yoga. Once it starts, it will bring an element off fluid nous mel ability or flexibility off dreams into your waking life. So dream yoga will bring an element of flexibility and being more fluid in your regular life. From your dreams, it will bring that limitless reality as an effect of these practices. You will also take yourself. Let's seriously because you will begin to see that you are not. Your thoughts are not your identity and all this stuff. You will begin to take people's opinions less seriously because you will see that they are mostly projections of you and your internal world. People are most projections of you and your filters, and you will also take life situations a lot less seriously because you know they're temporary and that they are also an illusion in the perception and interpretation of an event that happens in your reality. So you begin to see things as more of a dream, which makes things appear less solid, let's riel and more malleable and as well as more more playful. 3. Goals for Dream Yoga: All right, So in this lecture, I want to talk about what are the goals with dream yoga? First of all, a dream. Yoga is all about dispersing inclusion. So you're dispersing evolution in both your waking anger. Dream life as I've mentioned before. And as you do that you will realize a few fundamental truths. You will realize also they you know, as you begin to become more and more aware of your dreams only lucid dreams. But in general dreams, you will gain a lot of insight into yourself. Because dreams are truth tellers, they will reveal where you are dreaming. You're dealing with very unfiltered truth when it comes to your dreams, By the way, you are not conscious. And when you are losing in your dream, so think about what you. So if one of the truth tellers that I want to say is when you do become loose and many attempts we have a no impulse to do or live a certain kind of dream that also use you a certain insight into where you are your journey, nothing wrong with whatever you're at, whether it's like, oh, I want to pursue a spiritual journey where I want to, you know, go drive a Lamborghini or whatever it is. It just tells you where you are in your journey as well as you are practicing this thing. So nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong with having a blast, doing lucid dreaming. But I also, especially if it's a pattern. It also points to where you are at your journey for this dream you practices that we're talking about. And so I want to be clear, though, as I've mentioned with lucid dreaming, we are not gonna go into any kind of interpretation of dreams or the meaning of dreams. That's beyond the scope of this course. More than anything, especially with dream you got. We are talking about how to blend the experience is the practices of the night into your day and vice versa. So that is the goal for dream yoga. 4. Three Revelations in Dream Yoga: all right, So in this lecture, I want to talk about three fundamental truths that will set you free these air fundamental truths that I've experienced threw lucid dreaming, a dream yoga and that maybe you'll be experiencing as well. But I do want to give you an insight in terms of what these are. So the very 1st 1 is that you'll probably notice, as you begin to recognize your dreams, that you begin to really get familiar with your dreams. Is that although you might get up in the morning, get out of bed, you really don't wake up. Here's what I mean by that. So very, very early, honestly started doing the practice again of lucid dreaming. I didn't know I was doing dream yoga as well. I realized that a lot of the thoughts, a lot of emotions, a lot of the situations that would come up in the dream would come up in in my regular life . Now you could say that is because of situations that encounter in my everyday life with those emotions, that that's why I haven't been a dream. But you could also see that because I haven't been a dream I have him in my waking life when I have so much power in agreement. I'm not lucid, dreaming of the time in the context where I'm unconscious in a dream. Why, in my still feeling, afraid or feeling pain or feeling? Whatever I'm feeling, that's condition. Why am I still feeling that way? If the possibilities are limitless within a dream, and so that gives you an idea. Not only that, you bring about the limitations from your reality into your dreams, but also that you are bringing the dream that you have a night into your waking reality and superimposing it, living it every single day. So your own really wake up, and that's what I mean by that. So as you begin to become aware more and more of your dreams, you begin to realize the dreams that happened throughout the day as well, because we have again we to now all the frickin time. So when we get lost in thought, when we get lost in, you know, daydreaming, even whether positive or negative, we're still dreaming. So that is the case as well, when it comes to manifesting or were simply living a certain alive that it is based on the dream that we're always having. Whether awake where there were asleep, we're having the same tepid re. So that is the first truth. The second truth that I realized, is that it's about people so many times we have a lot of conflict with people. Many times we have. We care a lot about what people think. A very important truth about dreams is that, you know, and this makes its right that people are simply projections of us off our psyche. However, what we seem to ignore is that people in your regular life that are also projections off you, the projections and filters of you of how you see reality you see people more than anything is now. What people think of you that you care about is what you think people think of you that you care about. So again, these projections are the things they're actually rejecting, you harming you and all this kind of stuff. Many times people might be rejecting you or not liking you might not even notice it because it is not within your reality. But most of the time, you know people have nothing against us or they might. They might not even have us in there, you know, in their mind. And we think they're thinking of us because that's how we operate. We're always thinking about us and all this kind of stuff when people might not even be carrying. So that's another thing. So people, their behavior and everything, our projections of us not only in regards to what they think of us, but even how they react. So that has to do with manifesting and everything. But notice it, how it is so similar from a dream to waken reality as well. So that's another truth. The third truth is one of the biggest one, so you realize that reality is kind of like a dream. It's an illusion and that you realize that people in the way that you interact with them and everything is also a projection of U. It's another illusion. Nothing that people were not really to say. The way that you interact with them in the way that you perceive them and see them most of the time, if not all the time, is mainly a projection, whether for good or for bad. Sometimes we idealize people. Other attempts way see them as enemies or things like that. I mean, another truth about that before I continue with this truth is that we are all connected. So that is the truth that you begin to see as you really release these illusion off separation and the illusion off these projections that you put on two people. So again, the third truth has to do with all these solutions. And that is the thing that holds all these solutions together. And that is you. The biggest realization is that you are the biggest illusion. You, your name, your person, your past and everything and all the stuff that you put together into your identity, your identity is the biggest solution. That is also what causes a lot of suffering resistance and so on. All right, so on the next lecture, um, we're gonna be talking about how to practice dream yoga in that sort of thing. So stay tuned, and we'll see in the next lecture 5. Dream Yoga Night-time Practices: There's a few things that you want to do at night to practice dream yoga. Let's say you've already had a few lucid dreams. You're having lucid dreams on a regular basis again, whether you are you're not, stay with it on and get committed. So now, in practicing dream yoga, it's simply the practices are you gonna be doing in your dreams So it's gonna accomplish in this lecture. Dream practices in the future lecture. It's gonna encompass daytime practices of dream yoga. So here is the 1st 1 you can meet a spiritual teacher and simply gained some lessons in that sort of thing. The other thing that you could do in terms of dream Yulia is too conquer your deepest fear . So whatever are your deepest fears, conquer them with and lucid dreaming literally conjure them up and embrace them or meet them head on. And way to do that, a simply whether it's to embrace him, literally, accept them and love them or meet them head on and and do whatever your that your most afraid of in your dream. So again, this is to conquer the one of the biggest solutions in regards to what keeps you asleep, which is fear, so that is a very important practices practice to do in dreams meditating within your dream . Many times you'll lose consciousness so you could meditate and see if you can drop down to your dreamless state and completely be conscious with it's still so practice mindfulness in your dream again. This could be difficult, since dreams can be unstable and the mind can be unstable. So the more stable mind you have, the easier it'll beats you. Meditate within a dream. So another thing that you can do in regards to dream yoga is to practice. Compassion is to enter into the body of another dream character and embody them star, Seeing how connected you are to others and how you are others, this will help you develop again your empathy and compassion. Another thing if you want to heal and really can overcome any past traumas and conditioning is two men affect your dream child self and embrace them. Help them heal and work through any any trauma that they've had. I heard of stories where people meet their child child cells, and it helps him overcome street dramas. One more thing along with the very 1st 1 that I mentioned in terms of meeting spiritual teachers. You could go to another dimension to learn, view, teachings or trouble and learn from masters from different places around the universe. Clearly, it's a bit esoteric, this practice, but try and it's worth it and just say I want to receive teachings and go somewhere to learn and help others. So again, just like anything else you can command and you can ask to have these experiences. So that is how you practice dream yoga within your dreams. 6. Dream Yoga Daytime Practices: in this lecture. I want to talk about the practice of dream yoga within your weekend reality or regular everyday life. Now again, I stumble upon this accidentally and to give you some background back into the story that I mentioned. The beginning of the course is I was doing lucid dreaming, and I was doing the dream checks, you know, all the time. And one of the things that I that I started really doing and I will recommend in terms of the practice of dream yoga is to actually question in reality all the time, not only do dream checks, but begin to really ask yourself of your dream and in question reality not just in regards to whether you're dreaming to, you know, to become losing in your dreams, but also to realize the truth that you are living in a dream. The only question reality but also question your identity, begin to reaffirm to yourself that you are not your identity. So you could see this by, you know, uh, for me, one of the recurring thoughts was that I needed my identity to die. And again, this sounds horrible from the Negro perspective. From a mind perspective, This sounds kind of negative, but I also reaffirmed that I was an illusion. So we're firm that I was an illusion and that I was living in a dream And the more I reaffirmed that the mawr, that life and myself began to lose its solidity, if you will, it's its permanence, which in a way, we're not permanent life for us is not permanent. We're all gonna die it one day. So we're in a way realizing the truth now and experience in the truth, not just from a conceptual weight, but actually realizing, um and so, yeah, that is the first practice. Begin to truly question reality a dream and begin to doubt it at doubt its validity. And it's real nous Aziz. Well, as begin questioning your identity and what that means is that yeah, you do have to play a role. You do have to be someone when it comes to living life and everything. But see it in that way. Don't see as the absolute truth that this is who you really are. And so that is how you practice again. Dream you got during the day. Also see people in general as projections of you see them as one with you and again. Even so, it'll take a little bit of faking it till you make it SEPA thing. That's exactly what I did. So you just basically pretend in make believe that everything is a dream you write your identity is an illusion and that people are one with you. And in fact, our projection of you so begins to practise reaffirming those ways of seeing life people in yourself to wake up and again it takes, you know, some vacant until you making it. But that is the practice in the daytime for dream yoga. 7. Affirmations for Wakeful Living: I think you could do is just get in front of the mirror every morning as part of your rituals and say I'm an illusion, just a character in a dream. You can reaffirm it that way so you could say I'm dreaming and I am an illusion and you could weaken. Reaffirm some of these things as well as you could say, This is a dream and I am an illusion practice. Change your relationship to your thoughts as well in your emotions. So I supposed to saying I'm feeling this way or even there is a feeling off whatever it is , you could also begin to shift it by saying this person speaking in the third person perspective, this person is having this emotion or something like that. So you that you dis identified not only with the emotion, but you just identify with yourself and your identity that you've created and have a chat yourself to and have been confused by. Really. Another practice that you want to do in terms of doing yoga is really continue to remind yourself of the impermanence of things that what is happening right now in this moment is gonna feel like a dream is gonna be a memory. Five minutes, 10 minutes to our from now, two days from now and so on. So notice the impermanence off every moment as well as, um, with the permanence with every moment, as well as with with with yourself even, you know. 8. Attachment & Identification with Form: All right, so in this lecture, I want to talk about attachment. So attachment in this way, when we're gonna be talking about is how we tend to go after certain things we desire and definitely run away from turn things that we want avoid way, tend, for example to want to be more famous, popular and so on and run away, of course, from shame and any kind of thing that might make us feel hurt or rejected or that sort of thing. We also tend to move into praise and getting praised. Supposed to blame way, want to gain and have more abundance rather than losing. Of course, in the 4th 1 is we want pleasure rather than pain, of course. And so, as you begin to see things for what they are and begin, Teoh, move beyond the illusions both of the self of reality, off people and so on. Then you will begin to have a mind where none of these things really matter that much for different reasons. The 1st 1 is they won't have a place to land on. So, for example, if there is no self and you begin to not have an identity begins to relief or release this identity that you have, you know, fame, machine praise or blame, you know are not relevant when you being to see illusion in the dream off reality the impermanence. You will no longer hold onto things you know, gain or loss on. As you begin to live in the moment, pleasure and pain will also lose a lot of significance. So as you begin to wake up a lot of these things like this, attachments will dissipate by themselves. And that is an amazing thing that could happen. Aziz. You begin to become more more conscious as you see things as always, changing and impermanent. So you relax and step clean into the illusions that will ultimately pass that tomorrow will only be a memory in May or may not be here. So you will not be afraid of loss or or off, or have that much pain that we feel when we get attached and hold on to things that we can ultimately can keep because everything is impermanent. And as you engage in lucid dreaming and are able to have anything you wish, experience, whatever you want to be, feel whoever you want to be. Your desire will also diminish in your waking life. Your limits will be expended, but your cravings will lessen. I've been asked, What if I get too caught up in living a dream and forget what is reality? And I think that's a great place to be, because ultimately reality is we live in most of us, if not almost all of us. We live it in a dream world, as if everything was so freaking real. That is a great place to be it. But also it doesn't mean that you will act on reserved and do crazy things, but rather you'll wake up to an illusion, an illusion off of a dream that we think things as permanent. We think things that are completely based off our identity in her illusion of self. I'm excited for you to practice this again. Whether you're having lucid dreams or not, you could begin to practice dream yoga regardless because you're becoming familiar with your dreams and your becoming familiar with your wake and reality, especially through meditation in some of these practices. So the point of it all this is incredibly important. If you take anything out of interests of patients of all this. Take this. The point off this program and this course is not to have just lucid dreams or two simply become conscious and all that. It is simply to do the practices through the practices patients and relax ation these elements, bringing those into the practice. You will automatically bring forth these results that you may be looking for within this course. So whether you having lucid dreams or not, you can still practice dream yoga and increase your levels of awareness and your waking life. Meditation will help. Absolutely, And so keep that in mind as you are going along this journey and are practicing these things with patients. 9. Obstacles to your dream yoga practice: So now I want to talk about some obstacles to your dream yoga practices. And these have to do with honor in the relative reality that we live in, rather than just kind of seeing how you know everything's meaningless and it's all a dream . And let's forget everything. So that kind of stuff. So the 1st 1 is it has to do with that rejection off all moral principles, religious beliefs or anything else that making a living or creating a business or anything like that where you might say, you know, well, if everything is just a dream, then nothing matters. I could do whatever I want. That's is kind of true. It is true in absolute truth, but in terms of relative truth in how we are living in this life, you know we're not taking into account karma or relative truth and may disregard practical responsibility, says you could tell. So it doesn't mean that you just become irresponsible and, you know, don't you know, make a living or half responsibilities or anything like that. The idea would dream. Yoga is to bring both in absolute and relative truth together, So in this way you become definitely awakened and conscious while being disciplined and keeping keep your life simple. Yeah, you definitely keep a simpler life because a lot of things that used to care about don't matter anymore. But you do keeps your principles, values and disciplines that matter to you in regards to your life. So you don't just get this regard things that is one of them. So let's go on to another one real quick. The second obstacle with all of this is, you know, using spiritually ideas or practices to disregard personal and human growth. So although yeah, you know, you do acknowledge the non dualistic or the absolute truth they're gonna be learning through this and practicing. You acknowledge the fact that you do have responsibilities, they responsibilities. But as well as there is personal growth in psychological growth, as well as professional growth of different things, you know in your life. So it's not just about spiritual growth in awakening, but it's also about having growth in this experience of living in this although impermanent experience that you're living in, you do want to have a growth in different areas of your life and in your personal and psychological itself as well. The third thing it is, I think that the big obstacle that many times we encounter down the this practice, but in many different things in life and that is impatient and discouragement. So you need to delight yourself delight in the small successes that you gain many times. The fruits of your labor of your practices don't show until a month, three months a year from now, or something like that for me when I have the out of body experience. In that witness state of mind, it didn't happen after months of this practice, and I didn't do it intentionally, so I would suggest Be patient, be more happy, enjoy life, enjoy the journey of this practice, maybe begin to notice different things of how your life is changing and how it's becoming richer. Perhaps people reacting even more positively to you have better energy. You remember your dreams. Mawr, Maura, where your thoughts Maybe you've had a lucid dream already celebrate those victories. That's my point. So celebrate those victories. You know where you know it or not. You are making progress, and the point is, start noticing it and start appreciating it and enjoy the practice. That is a point 10. Lucidity in your everyday life: all right, So this lecture has to do with the summary off hot of mesh, lucid dreaming and dream yoga together into your dream and waking life. So, first of all, the way to combine all this is again, as you're doing all this practice for lucid dreaming is to gain to really, always keep the perspective of how does this apply to my everyday life in regards to me potentially being asleep, that's a That's a big thing. So again, fake it till you make it pretend as if you were dreaming and your normal day to day life That's important, you know, journal your dream world and see how it connects to your life and how it meshes both in terms of how you manifest what you dream about your everyday life as well as the similarities about it. Similarities so found you think and feel, and even the situations that come up from a dream into your normal everyday life. And so you might have attorney motion for us there in person. And you can't explain it until you realize that you're having this really resentful dream or positive dream or whatever kind of dream about this person that explains that internal state of mind on emotions that you might be feeling that you currently were not aware of before. So again, dreams can help connect those things but also begin to like I mentioned before, the symptoms begin to notice the similarities between your dreams and your normal day life . 11. Outro Follow: What's going on, Phillip? A here. If you like this class, please make sure to follow me and stay in touch. I share a lot of information and a lot of different contests. Resource is and free stuff. And my followers are the first ones to get it. So make sure to follow me on. Uh, yeah, I'll see you in the future, of course.