Lucid Dreaming: Take control of your dreams and life - Module 1 | Felipe Yanez | Skillshare

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Lucid Dreaming: Take control of your dreams and life - Module 1

teacher avatar Felipe Yanez, Confidence & Social Skills Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course

    • 2. What is a Lucid Dream

    • 3. Dream Stages & Cycles

    • 4. Types of Dreams

    • 5. Dream Journaling

    • 6. Dream sign analysis

    • 7. Lucid Dream Induction - Reality Checks

    • 8. Reality Checks Part 2

    • 9. MILD Lucid Dream Technique


    • 11. WILD

    • 12. Dream control

    • 13. Supplements (word of caution)

    • 14. Supplements

    • 15. Daily weekly habits

    • 16. Thank you!

    • 17. Bonus Lecture 1: Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

    • 18. Bonus Lecture 2: 3 Tips to Lucid Dream

    • 19. Bonus Lecture 3: How to Control Your Dreams

    • 20. Bonus Lecture 4: The Nature of Reality Is Life A Dream

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About This Class

This course is a revolution of the mind to awaken to your potential in your dreams and in real life as well. Not only will you learn how to lucid dream, but how to apply what you learn and transform your everyday life. It seeks to dispell illusions and WAKE you up from the dream most of us have been having without realizing it.

"Felipe, I took your advice to journal my dreams and have started to have some powerful transformations! I was called to repair a business partnership and we've started working together again. "

--Spencer M.

If you are looking to learn how to lucid dream and take that practice to even deeper levels for your everyday life then this course is for you! The simple truth is that anything you practice or experience in your dreams (especially lucid)  it is many times more impactful that what you do or experience in your waking life. The reason why is because when you work with your dreams you are working with deeper levels of your subconscious. You are working the tectonic plates of your mind, so the positive transformation is not only profound but fast and permanent.

In addition, a lot of the lucid dreaming and dream yoga practices will automatically solve your issues without focusing on a specific one, because the pure awareness that these practices bring will dissolve blocks, emotional issues and anything that has kept stuck and asleep.

About Me:

I have been lucid dreaming since I was 16, I am now 33. The idea to master it came from an assignment to study any subject in a high school psychology class. What a gift that was! Since then I have practiced many methods for personal development, business, confidence, socializing, dating and my overall life. However, lucid dreaming, specifically dream yoga has been the biggest breakthrough in almost 20 years of personal development mastery.

I'm not only passionate about teaching you how to have lucid dreams, but how to bring that level of awareness into your waking life. Join me in this evolution of consciousness journey!

How Lucid Dreaming & Dream Yoga can be applied to your life:

  • Gain 1/3 of your life back as you wake up in your dreams. You are increasing your life span and experiences, skills and learning potential!

  • Consciousness Evolution: Become aware of your deep subconscious thoughts, remove mental and emotional blocks, and traumas to take charge of your life. In addition, through the dream yoga practices, you'll learn the 4 fundamental truths; you are not your thoughts and are essentially an illusion, you are living a dream, live's impermanence and your oneness with everyone/everything. This of course through experiential learning.

  • Law of attraction: Supercharge your law of attraction practices. You'll manifest better and faster, breaking through a lot of previous mental blocks and limits.

  • Genius Consciousness:¬†Improve your creativity, focus, and moment to moment awareness. If you play sports not only can you practice skills during lucid dreaming, BUT the dream yoga practices will automatically improve your reflexes because you'll be more PRESENT.¬†

  • Spiritual Awakening: Develop another perception many have called the witness state.

  • Improve Confidence and Self-esteem: Overcome social fears, insecurities and build a strong belief in your self and in your abilities.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming simply put is realizing you are dreaming while in the dream. There are many levels of lucidity or how much you can influence the dream. That is all a matter of practice and belief. Nevertheless, the practice and time spent lucid dreaming can have a tremendous impact on your life.

"From 1994-1995 I had the great pleasure of training with wrestling legend John Smith, 2-time gold medalist and 4-time world champion.

The problem was, of course, that I was in New Hampshire at boarding school and had never met John Smith. I only trained with him 45-60 minutes per night while I was lucid dreaming. I went on to have my best career season, which culminated with a more than 20-0 record before the national championships.

Since used lucid dreaming to:

‚Äď Accelerate skill acquisition (example: yabusame)

‚Äď Reactivate ‚Äúforgotten‚ÄĚ languages in less time

‚Äď Cultivate zen-like present-state awareness and decrease needless stress"


My Guarantee:

Enroll in this course and if you are not 100% satisfied I'd be happy to reimburse you. If you don't have a lucid dream within 30 days or for any reason you find that this course was not for you, you get your money back! NO RISK FOR YOU. I truly want you to learn this and apply it to your dreams and overall life. I wish more people could experience this and WAKE UP.

My goal is to help as many to wake up and build compassion around the world.

Famous Lucid Dreamers:

  • James Cameron

  • Nikola Tesla

  • Leonardo Dicaprio

  • Stephen King

  • Chris Nolan

  • Salvador Dali

  • Albert Einstein

  • Tim Ferris

  • Thomas Edison

  • John Lennon

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Felipe Yanez

Confidence & Social Skills Coach


Hi, I'm Felipe. Welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

I've been in the self-development path for nearly 20 years. I focus on helping you improve your confidence and create abundance in your social, dating, financial & overall life.

My Mission is to help you find love, significance, purpose, self-confidence, and discover your limitless potential through inner transformation.

My goal is to produce the absolute best courses and help you level up your confidence. I'm very excited to show you how to hack your mindset, self-image, and habits to live a life true to you, and beyond your imagination! ;)

Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. Check out my courses which I have created ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course: thanks for joining this course dream yoga, practice of consciousness through lucid dreaming. And I'm incredibly excited for this course because it's really the pinnacle off everything that I've worked on in personal development. I actually actually accidentally stumble upon this this practice, and so it was quite a discovery. So I want you to get a ton of value out of this. And so I'm excited to provide over this information and help you not only awaken within your dreams, but within your personal life as well. All right, so welcome. And I'll see you in the first lesson. 2. What is a Lucid Dream: welcome to lecture two of this course in this lecture. I want to talk about what is a lucid dream and how it relates relates to reality. Who's that? Dream is simply a dream where you realize that you are dreaming and then you begin to take control. Look, at least seems so. They just old chatting away doesn't Yeah, nothing to do with you. No. And yet maybe they're only here because you wanted them to be here. You are their god. Not only that, but you can make or even destroyed. Well, what I'd love for them to do shut buck up. Especially you. It you see, Now there's different levels of lucidity which I will cover in this course. Some levels may you may be able Teoh realize that you're dreaming. But you might not have full control of the dream yet because you don't fully believe it again. That takes practice practice of having that conviction and having that realization a practice off, being losing both in terms of your daytime and 19 practices, which is what we're gonna be going over in this course. So now how does lucid dreaming relate to your daytime reality? if you will. This stuff maybe using waking reality the way that it relates is because, as you'll find out later on, But as you begin to practice these things, is that very similarly to the dream you have. All these manifestations that happened in the dream is different situations that happen very similarly. You have the same thing happening during the day. Maybe you get lost in thought or emotion or your you remember in something, all these different things. They're just many dreams and so lucid. Dreaming is a direct view off those unconscious moments that you have during your waking reality. And so this gives you a perspective. And so, in this way, that is how it becomes mawr of, ah, personal growth or consciousness practice awakening practice If you will Aziz, you transform the lucid dreaming practices that may involve some fun stuff, like flying on these different things into what it's called dream yoga. And in dream yoga, you are literally beginning to notice all these different solutions to begin to increase your level of awareness and consciousness. And that is incredibly powerful because as you begin to unravel these unconscious things, basically you gain control over everything. When you gain control of your mind and you gain control of reality, that is a fantastic place to be in because you gain access not only to new levels of mind and even new levels off operation of mine, in terms of being able to access more knowledge or wisdom, but also in regards to the way that you create. Like I said before manifesting all the way to the way that you react to live your levels of fulfillment because of the fact that you are now the master of your mind. And so I will go over more of the benefits. But I I got a little bit excited with that because it is so tremendously powerful to really bring, you know, losing dreaming and see how it relates to reality, if you will. 3. Dream Stages & Cycles: we'll be going through stages of lucid dreaming basically what the different cycles are for your dream cycles and how they pertain to lucid dreaming how they pretend to be yoga practices. A swell is the text of dreams that you will be happy dream journaling as well. So we'll be going over dream journaling and dream sign analysis, which really, in terms of practices, these are at the foundation of lucid dreaming and what we're gonna be working on the's last to Dream Journal. Dreams and Analysis. The dream stages cycles in the types of dreams is most mostly to give you an idea or a background in terms of you know what, you will be experiencing a za well as how to take advantage of your natural dream cycles. So, without further to do, let's go into the dream stages and the dream cycles. Let's talk about the stages and cycles of sleep. Um, the mayor, beginning when you fall asleep or when you're going to fall asleep, you start with the states. That's very light sleep. You're not really dreaming. In fact, it's called non rem sleep. It's non rapid eye movement. Sleep basically, and so in this stage, it's easy for you to wake up very easy for you to he woken up by anyone and again, you're not dreaming. As you go through the your dream, you begin to go into rem sleep, which is rapid eye movement sleep in this stages. But in this stage you begin to dream. You begin to you form your dreams and go into that and the reason why I wanted to mention the stages of sleep. No, just to give you the information is because you wanna be aware of them so you could know when and how Teoh really induce lucid dreams. So, for example, not only are there different stages of sleep, but there's also different cycles of sleep. In other words, you know, in the very first cycles, let's say you go these air about 90 minute cycles that you have throughout the night of dreaming basically. So you go through the cycles to go through different stages of sleep and you go through about five or six cycles. By the time you get to the fifth or six closer to the earlier morning, your left the type of sleep is what they call you. know RAM, prime time or dream crime time. In other words, these this are that cycles where you are dreaming the most out of those 90 minute cycles, the first few cycles in the night, you're dreaming less, and you're going into deeper dreamless sleep. So recent I mentioned. This is because I'm gonna talk about a technique to induce was a dreaming in section for that has to do with the cycles. And so when it comes to listen, dreaming, you're more likely to have a lucid dream later in the night or over or in the morning as a couple hours before you wake up or something like that. Then you are earlier in the night, a swell as you'll have longer dreams, more vivid dreams later in your sleeping cycles. So, for example, the first few cycles may consist of only five or 10 minutes long. Rapid eye movement stages. In other words, five or 10 minutes of actual dreams, which is not a lot now the leader Periods of later cycles throughout the night may consist of 45 to 60 minutes. Rim stages words. You're dreaming for 45 or 60 minutes, which is again prime time for dreaming prime temper, losing, dreaming in this case, 4. Types of Dreams: Now I want to talk about the types of dreams. Now it's important to know what you're dealing with and what might come up so you can better understand your dreams. The first type of dream that you may have is more of those that are kind of ripples of what is going on in your life right now. That kind of a mirage reflecting off what is happening in your life. That might be. Maybe you you were involved in some kind of a conflict that day or that week, and you might be dreaming about it or something good happened in my dream about it. They're basically reflections off the mental noise that is happening in your life currently . And so, in a way aside, mentioned you wanna have kind of a perspective to see you, how the dreams relate to your waking life. But in this case, it's your waking life and how it relates to your dreams. So in this case, basically wait, what's going on in your life? You're you're waking Dream, if you will, your everyday dream that you have your thoughts and all that whatever happened just simply gets echoed into the dream and that is the first step of dream. All right, so the second type of dream are more deeper dreams. They start dreams that are a lot more stable. You should more vivid that's supposed to jump back and forth like some of these first type of dreams, like the ones that have a ripple of just what's going on. The stepper dreams my brain with them, Same chapel. Listen, perhaps it might be a dream off. You keep having over and over. That many attempts means that there's a message there. There's a lesson there that you haven't really learned or they haven't really listened to again. The step of dreams arm or what you would call clear dreams. In other words, they give you clarity about yourself about your life, and they give you lessons. So these separate dreams carry more profound meaning, a supposed to simply ripples and mental noise from what happened that day or that week or something like that. All right, so the third type of dream is something that I really mean. It goes along with what I just mentioned as faras. There's some teach you a lesson. These are called recurring dreams And so again it goes along with Let's say you're having dreams, the same type of dream or the same dream over and over with the same people, that sort of thing in the same situation. These recurring dreams are basically telling you that you're not a good listener, and these are incredibly helpful. I literally hell relationships, whether it's with family members and that sort of thing through these dreams, understanding that there was a message behind it that perhaps I need to take some sort of action communicates something that I haven't communicated or that may be holding onto some resentment or guilt. You know, these steps of dreams are basically truth sellers, just like a lot of other dreams. I say you'll hear me saying over and over that drinks were truth tellers because you can really live in a dream. Everything comes up. But in this way the truth sellers in the way that they are indicating that there's something that needs to be either communicated needs to be resolved within yourself or with in your life. So these are incredibly useful and important regards to either healing again. My require some action and require you to talk to significant other family member or someone, or they might just automatically a student as you become aware of them and listen to the message, they might stop coming up, and as soon as you understand the lesson, they might just dissolved. And so this step of dream is something that I really love because it gives you practical lessons that not only are applicable in in your regular life, but that many times resolved on result trauma on yourself issues, emotions and so on. So that's that their temporary, the fourth type of dream are more premonition dreams. So it might be something along the lines where perhaps your dream, something that's gonna happen in the future and that actually happens, or a warning or something like that. You know, maybe some kind of a miracle, those steps of things as well as maybe you dream like I had these kind of dreams where I dream of someone passing or something like that. And then I get the news the following day or something like that, that it's happened. And another thing about these dreams that it is very important is that in these premonition dreams in these very conscious dreams. Many times you're tapping into the collective consciousness to get any information that you wouldn't normally have just from your mind, if you will, from your from your current reality. So you're it's happening into the collective collective consciousness in higher consciousness to gain, or, as one of my friends says, download this information. And so it's definitely something to be on the lookout for in terms of these kind of dreams , they're very useful as well, in terms of living a more a life that's more in flow in a line with your soul. All right, so another type of dream that you might have is the witness temper dream. And this is very exciting for me because, you know, again, for me, one of the best experiences that I've ever had in terms of consciousness has been when I was, you know, going on about my day. And I had this almost out of body experience, which many call the witness state. And so, in this way, in the dream, you are simply gonna playing witness to the dream. You're not really participating. You don't really have a body or your character. You just kind of observing what is going on, and you're choosing not to get involved or identified with anyone or anything. You're not identified with any kind of four Morita manifestations that come up. You are simply serving and being witness, just being awareness off what's going on, which is the goal of this of this program to get to reach into that consciousness where everything not only just flows but you are not identified with form or with pots and identity and so on. So that is another type of dream. Another type of dream. The final one that I want to categorize for you guys is a nun dualistic dream, and it's similar to the one I just mentioned. You're not taking really a form, and there's really no manifestations in regards to cut anything. Any thought or any dream doesn't really form. You're simply like dreamless sleep. So in other words, you're just aware. But there is no dream that's constructed, and you're just simply there aske consciousness awareness. This is a very difficult dream or type of consciousness, too, to stay aware and awake for because since many times there's nothing to identify when there's no nothing to relate to a contract. There's no form. Many times we just literally blackout. We don't really have AH reference or anything. So we don't We lose consciousness, if you will, those of the text of dreams and again they are very important because that way it will help you identify what dreams you're having. Now, within these dreams, even the very 1st 1 that I mentioned, you could be lucid. You could wake up from those dreams and bring consciousness. You can bring consciousness and awareness to all these text dreams. These categories are simply to make you aware off the kinds of things that may come up. So that way, when they come up, you are not confused or anything. You're just like, Oh, it's this kind of dream and you become better aware of your dreams in that way. So hope that helps. Let's go into the next section 5. Dream Journaling: welcome to the very first practice of lucid dreaming ISS. Again, the most important one. It is dream journaling, So we dream journaling. You want to record your dreams every single night or every single date when you wake up on DSO, there is a method to this in order to be more effective with it just to give you a background in terms of how many dreams you have per night, you have about at least six dreams for night. So the goal here in the milestone for you is to remember again at least one or two dreams every single night. That is a good milestone to really begin to get familiar with their dreams and begin your dream induction techniques as well. Again, you can practice it all at once, or you can take it step by step. Whatever works best for you and whatever is less overwhelming in depending on your schedule as well. So let's start with dream journaling, so dream journaling is very straightforward. You wanna use dream, you dream journaling in one of two ways. Either one right. Read it down, write down your dreams on a piece of paper or you want Teoh, record them on your phone or some kind of a voice recorder or something like that. Personally, I like the recording them in the voice recorder or a cell phone because, um, I I'm really bad writing when it comes to up when I'm half asleep or in the dark, right? The reason why I say in the dark or that stuff is because dreams and dream memory get affected by your sensory perception. But your by your senses, basically. So when you are recording the dream, you want to avoid moving around, tossing around you want to avoid, you know, turning on the light or moving around too much, because the more you, um, you engage in your sensory system, the more that your dream state fades in your memory faces. Well, that's why, by the time that you're eating breakfast or you go on about your day, you have no idea what you dreamt, even though in the very in the very moment that you woke up, remember very clearly so again you want to not move too much, not engaged your sight or sound or anything like that. Just keep still and record your dream. That's why I prefer to recording a voice recording because of the fact that I don't have to move too much and my writing doesn't have to be, you know, it won't be led, illegible like it was sometimes whenever I would tend to write them. And so again, record that your dreams and don't move too much and do it every single day. Try to record at least one or two dreams per night. That is the first practice. I do want to say that Keep in mind that you might not remember a lot of dreams in the beginning, and that's fine. It's practice. In fact, when I started this when I restarted this practice, I wasn't remember a lot of them now remembering like 3456 a night, not every day, but a lot of them on. I'm recording them, so don't just get this encourage. In fact, the biggest obstacle or the biggest thing that will make you fail in this practice is discouragement. So do not get discouraged and simply, you know, right as many as you can every single day or every single week. And the more that you do it, the more your brain will be conditioned to remember your dreams, and it will be easier for you as well as you'll be able to remember more from the very beginning off when you wake up so again that is the practice. In the next lecture, you'll be given an assignment that how to do all this in terms of the dream journaling. Very straightforward in the lecture. After that, you'll be going into the dream analysis, which is the second practice behind this lucid dreaming and dream yoga, um, method. 6. Dream sign analysis: the next practice is dream. Analysis on dream analysis is really cool, because Aziz, you write down Let's in the very first week you write down 56 Whatever dreams, let's say you only recorded one per night. You have seven dreams. You want to go into these dreams on the recording or the writings of them and figure out what are your dreams sites. And here is the way to do it. In the next lecture, I'm gonna give you a spreadsheet with different categories to categorize him. If you don't want to use a computer to do this, you can read him out. But you want to categorize them into a few different categories, which would be first of all, any actions. Have you taken any actions? For example, maybe you see yourself driving a fast car you're driving or you're traveling or that stuff the context of the situation that might be again. Number two concepts or situation that might be you Find yourself stuck at the airport or something like that. You find yourself that you are, I don't know, battle e. I don't know monsters or something like that or some kind of some kind of a thing like that on and then the 3rd 1 is people who is in the dream. It said, You know what? Your brother, your sister, your parents, significant other annex, whatever it is. Whatever people you were dreaming, you put him there as well. So another one would be a place or a location. Maybe it's in another country. Maybe it's another continent. Or maybe it's in a house that used to live in a kid. Um, that might be another one. Eso again. Police are locations. Another category on You want to write down any inner awareness as well? So this another category Inter Where does meaning if you're feeling shot, you're feeling scared of you feeling confident if you're feeling sad, those gonna thinks is what I mean by enter awareness. The final one is strange forms. For example, let's say you are dreaming in the contest that you're fighting monsters. The monsters would be a strange form, or maybe maybe a person morse into an animal or or something like that. So you wanna definitely document those dreams science from whatever you journal and put him there Any lessons that you learned as well I think it is useful to really put in there as well on once you, You know, by the first week, maybe the 1st 2 or three weeks as you begin to get familiar with the dream science. Then at that point, you can say, OK, well, I've dreamt of this person the most. Or these two people, the most dream, my dreams. Most of my dreams happen in this place that I don't no longer live in. Actually, it happened in my childhood home or something like that in they're usually in this context , and I'm taking this action and I'm usually dreaming off. I don't know. I usually have this. You know, these monsters come up or whatever it ISS. So whatever your top science in each category are, then from there, it helps you get familiar with what your triggers air gonna be for the vicinity you're aware of. Um, you train yourself to recognize them, which is gonna be part of the next one of the next practices, which is reality chicks, your waking life. And so again, that is the dream sand analysis. It goes hand in hand with journaling and again there are the foundation off loser dreaming , injury, yoga. All right, well, I'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Lucid Dream Induction - Reality Checks: All right, congratulations on making it to this section in this section, and we're gonna be talking about dream induction losing dream induction techniques. So that will include reality checks that will include a few different techniques, including the mile wild techniques, which I will explain what they stand for. And so now that you've gotten a foundation in terms of how to get familiar with your dreams and figure out what your dream signs are, now let's talk about how to actually have lucid dreams. The first thing you want to start doing in your waking life to practice lucid dreaming is reality checks. So reality checks it. Exactly what assists you check to see if you are in the dream reality or in the waking reality, but you want to check in a very serious way. It's a different number of ways to check. For example, let's see that there is writing that you see somewhere. So let's say there's writing or even here. Usually when you're in a dream, when you look into something, you look at an object and has some kind of writing on it and you look away. Then you look back. The writing always always changes, and it's the same thing for clocks. So if there is a clock in the room on. So if I look away and I look back, if it just dramatically shifts or something like that, that will trigger your lucidity. So again, as you're doing these reality checks, they will be cemented into your subconscious. You could be trained to do them in your dreams. So that's the 1st 1 the writing or the, um, checking to see if a piece of writing change. Another way to check is to really to put your hand through your other hand, obviously in and your normal day to day life. You can't really do it, but you seriously want to try or through an object like I'm here. There's a table right here. Try it or through through a wall, right Slowly. Don't try to run into it or something. So eso you wanna do these reality checks seriously? So, for example, another one that you might want to try is let's say that you see something out of the ordinary like today I was a place and there was kind of weird. I just acted really weird very other the ordinary and so as supposed to just be like, Okay, we're guy like my dream me. Is this a dream? So you want to check with those types of things and a way to do that also, especially if you feel comfortable in public or when you're in private. You could simply cannot jump up a little bit and see if you levitate. That is, that is one technique that a lot of really skilled, lucid dreamers use on. If you keep a levitating or start flying, then obviously that's an indication that you are dreaming. Another one that you could try is to tip the closure mouth and close your nostrils and tried to breathe. Obviously, you can't do that in your normal life, but if you are able to do it, then you're likely obviously dreaming. And so those are some of the reality checks. One more thing I would I would mention, one of the things that I like to do, especially when they're not mind. In politics. It doesn't seem like we're or something like that is that I moved my hands trying to levitate, trying to move objects like telekinetic abilities. If you will. Generally I when I'm in the three models that can do that. And so that's a test for me. In addition to maybe going putting my hand through my other hand or trying to breathe or doing honestly, the biggest one that's triggered the most amount of my lucid dreams has been looking at writing and then looking away and looking back. That has been by far the one that's working the best for me. So whatever works for you, try it out. How often do you want to do it? You want to do it, you know, especially if you're serious about this. You want to do it. Maybe you put it on your phone, maybe once every two hours or once every hour during your waking time, you put an alarm on your phone or reminder you check. Maybe some sticky notes. Whatever works for you. So you check every hour every two hours, my dreaming, and you ask yourself that question in my dreamy and then do the reality checks. So as you begin to question reality just to give you an idea of how this seeps into waking up in your everyday life as you begin to question reality. You also begin not only to question whether you're dreaming or not, but you begin to question. As I said, reality. You begin to see reality for more of an illusion as it is, and I'll be talking more about this when we get to the Dream Yoga section. But that is how it kind of relates to bringing consciousness and more awareness into your regular life. So that's safer Reality checks. I'll see you in the next section. 8. Reality Checks Part 2: actually, one more thing that I forgot to mention on the last lecture. And far as reality checks use your dream. Science, Whatever you think of that person that you keep dreaming over and over that place, or when you are at that place or when you'd see that person always do a dream check. So that is super important. So you think about your brother or your sister that you're dreaming about all the time or or next Boyfriend, ex girlfriend, You think about them when you see some of these people were these places, do a reality check to several. So that way, when you see it in your dream that dreams I will be a trigger to do. Ah, reality check. And so that's how dreams sites also operate in regards to bringing lucidity into your dreams. So again, very important to do the journaling and then analyzed at the end of the week, your dream signs and then train yourself to do reality checks with those dreams sites. That's it. All right, 9. MILD Lucid Dream Technique: Okay, so you've made it to the dream induction techniques, and these are very important to again help you become lucid in the dreams. But the foundations come in the journaling in the dream sign analysis as well as reality checks. But the 1st 1 I want to talk about is called Mild M I L D. And so Mild is an acronym for pneumonic induction of Lucid Dreams. You're basically focusing on the intention to remember that you are dreaming wins once you start dreaming. And so a great way to do that as many techniques out there as far as lucid dreaming. And there's everything from missile stations affirmations. They call him different acronyms like bio visual induction of lucid dreams and that kind of stuff. But the way I like to do it is simply creating affirmation about your about you waking up in the dream. So you know, you could say I'm awake to my dreams in my everyday life into the illusion of myself. That's a big affirmation that I create for myself. I also visualize myself becoming awake and controlling my dreams with whatever goal I have in regards to my lucid dreams. So Let's say I want to fly that day where I wanna have a sexual fantasy or I want to meet some kind of a teacher or I want to practice a skill. Whatever it is that you want to do, you visualize it and send it as an intention before you go to sleep as well as doing affirmation, you could do the affirmation in front of the mirror. I found those to be very powerful, not only for dreaming but in building belief systems and manifesting in my everyday life. So so do that. That is the way to really induce lucid dreaming in regards to using your intention and part of this intention. What's also gonna feel it is in the previous exercise, when you wrote down why you want to lose the dream. So you want to visualize some of that stuff, some of those wise of lucid dreaming. So try that and let's go on to the next technique for inducing lucid dreams 10. MILD CONTINUED: and actually a couple more things in regards to Mile that I like to, um, kind of supercharge for its work even better. So I do create an affirmation for, you know, waking up within my dream of becoming lucid. I also do the visualization. Usually I just put on the song, and I kind of just start visualizing what I'm gonna do and all that kind of stuff. But I also I also if if I had any lucid dreams recently or in the past, I go through those, create a list of my magic dream woman's. It's something that I do in my everyday life to increase my confidence and increase my conviction with what I'm doing. But in this case, with lucid dreaming, I also use it to simply create a list of all my successes with lucid dreaming. Let's say, a couple weeks ago I had a lucid dream, so I'm gonna go through that in my mind, and we affirm that I can be successful with it and what kind of dreams happen to me all the time, simply by using memory of past successes with dreaming. Another thing you could do as well is simply visualized. You know, I'm gonna talk about another another lucid dream induction technique called Wild. But what I'm gonna teach there is I'll give you the living of a preview. But with that one, you could visualize as well. Let's say you wake up, you know, you wake up from a dream and recorded before you. Let's say you want to go back to sleep before you go back to sleep. You simply visualize the scene. Dream visualized, going into it, aware that you're dreaming and changing what happened in the dream supposed to like this that happened now, changed. Whatever happened into how you How would you have handled it if you were losing as well as visualized, moving into it into this dream and being completely conscious that you're dreaming? So those are a couple techniques in terms of transforming and we framing a previous unconscious dream as well as you know, focusing on the successes that you've had with lucid dreaming 11. WILD: next lucid, dreaming induction technique is called wild. So when it comes to this one, you're basically sitting up in alarm. You could do it throughout the night if you have that luxury of being a little bit sleep deprived every 90 minutes, you could do that in that way. Or you can simply send alarm two hours prior to your normal waking time. So the way this works, it's improving scientifically that your chances of having a lucid dream increased by 2000% . I mean, think about that 2000%. Um, if you if you wake up two hours before your normal time, when you wake up and then go back to sleep almost like a nap, and so that is a huge percentage that will improve your possibilities or your ability to lucid dream. So the way it works is you said that alarm two hours before you normally wake up, and then you stay up for anywhere from 5 to 2030 minutes. If you are an easy sleeper, you can stay up longer if you are a little bit like meat and have trouble going back to sleep. Maybe only stay up for maybe 5 15 20 minutes and then go back to sleep. So what you want to do is, once you are ready to go back to sleep, you are going to be perhaps meditating, which is something I'm gonna cover in a later lecture in this section. But you want to meditate. Maybe you're do Elaine. Meditation your breathing and just focusing on your body and letting yourself consciously fall asleep. And so, as you fall asleep, let images of another dream or thoughts or whatever. See bandits fine and and see if you can B and state conscious as the dream forms around you , and so that is what wild this. It's pretty wild because you're literally in your room and all the sudden you find yourself in a dream, and that is way. That is how this method works and some things that will increase. The likelihood of this is using mild. As part of this. You can do some affirmations and visualizations before you go into the meditative state, or or or after when, right before you see playing with it a little bit to see what works for you. And that is what what while this so with both mild and wild. I'm gonna be including some pdf documents. As for us, how it works, different steps you want to take. It's pretty straightforward, but that will give you more clarity if you have any questions as well as you can ask, you know, in this course, and I'll be happy to answer those questions. Other than that, let's go into the next section, where I cover meditation. Which meditation is an important aspect of all this. It's almost like the dream journaling of your waking time. You're literally becoming aware of your thoughts, the more conscious and you have the consciousness that you have there, the more likely you'll be able to awaken your dreams. All right, see you in the next lecture. 12. Dream control: dream control. So this section specifically has to do with when you become lucid. How do you control your dreams? How do you stay loose it and not fall back into dreaming? If you will, as well as if you begin to lose lucidity or clearness off your dream or you lose control of your dreams. How did you regain that control? So that's what this section is about. Welcome to the section. I'm excited to really get into the you know, the needy, greedy off, how to control your dreams, what's gonna happen and what sort of things you can do within the dream to stabilize it. So let's get started. The first thing I want to talk about in this lecture and in this section is what causes us to lose lucidity as well. Asked to lose control of our dream first thing number One thing is that when you realize you're dreaming, you get too excited. So you're to give you a picture of how it it is if you've never experienced a lucid dream is, Let's say, for example, that you are in your everyday life and everything seems so riel, But something seems off and that's when it hits you that you're dreaming. But in this case, the dream is show vivid that you're like, Wow, I could control this. It is the same as in reality. Everything feels the same. So the excitement is definitely warranted. You are gonna get excited. And so the biggest thing that you can do, first of all, when it comes to getting excited, is just to simply stay calm, brief and maybe focus on your hands. Another thing that you can do is, you know, try to do it a dream check. So you continue to remind yourself that you're dreaming. But most of all stay calm, so you will get excited. Another thing in terms of excitement that many times either wakes us up from the dream which has happened to me. And this happened to other people and many people do Lucid dreaming is that if you're for example, you know fine through different worlds, or engage in some sort of sexual fantasy or something, that and you get too excited. You can't wake up from those dreams as well. So when you begin to lose this lucidity, you can get it would say, stay calm The second thing I would say is you want to start spinning around when you are getting too excited and you do the spinning technique. Usually you will not. Usually you will always land and another dream we will, and another landscape. So be ready for that. Don't be disoriented. You will just simply change scenery or change the scene all together when you spend. So if you do want change seen by the way you can do that, it will. You could spin around. It can go through walls in a whole other. You know, dream my pop up, another scenery and that surfing. So keep that in mind. Thea Other thing I want to mention is one of the ways that I have lost lucidity in the past is that I get excited on my wow. I'm dreaming, and I try to convince the dream characters that that it's a dream and they don't care, first of all, and they might try to convince you that you are not dreaming. So just keep that in mind. In case that you know, you try to do that or you get excited anyone. It's help the characters around the people around. It doesn't really matter. And so at that point you might get dragged back into the dream in through conversation of No, it's scream. No, it's not a dream and that kind of a discussion. So that's what I have to say about those things. Let's go onto one more point on how to keep control of your dream as well as keeping lose it once you become lucid. Another thing that if you are seen lucidity or if you are, what's it called? You're getting cut up back in the dream. It is also very effective to do some reality checks again. You can check and see how the text changes, and again that makes you more and more lucid, and it creates more awareness. So maybe you have awakened to the dream, and the very first thing you might be impossibly trying to do is to fly or have some kind of an adventure or travel somewhere. Whatever it is that you are impulsively trying to do right away, you might wanna slow it down and simply continue to check and continue to verify and confirm that you're dreaming. So that way, the experience is more solidified that you are dreaming. So that's a recommendation would give you do more reality checks. Thea Other thing I would say is, um when you are in a dream, you have full control, so you can simply command these on dure. Will is your power so you could simply demand more clarity. So when you demand clarity or more vividness in the dream, so on and so on, that will happen. So you could say, You know, I demand to have more clarity here where I demand to be more lucid or demand to have a more vivid dream, or I demand to choose to, or whatever word you want to say in just manifest things like that in your dream, I choose to or I demand to meet my you know, younger self, which childhood self, whether it is your goal that you're trying to do, you can do that as well, but you can do this in in a way where you can stabilize the dream as well in regards to loosing lucidity or the vividness or anything like that. So again, this could be a very important technique to gain control of your dream. So that's what have to say about the dream controls. There's many other techniques, but those, I think, are the most important ones. The spinning one. I used it when it comes to when I am getting too excited or lose and I'm losing focus and I'm about to wake up, I don't want to wake up, and I want to stay in the dream when I'm being lucid. So I spit around. So there's that again. Reality checks are super important to dream not only before you become lucid, but also when you are lucid, so you can continue to reaffirm that awareness. All right, we'll see in the next section. 13. Supplements (word of caution): What's going on, guys? So I wanted to do a quick update video on supplements and lucid dreaming. First of all, I want to caution against the overuse of supplements are using it just simply as a crutch to get ahead and your practices, you definitely have practice. Generally, you want to practice dream checks throughout your day, reality checks throughout your day, and that is not to be replaced by supplements. Second of all, from my experience and just researching, you know, quite a bit on supplements, you want to definitely not overdo it. You want to, for me, what's worked the best? First of all, before you go into this lesson is been galantamine. I usually take one pill, right when I wake up and wanna do wake up and going back to bed type of technique. So the only thing that I've noticed with the galantamine and some of these supplements is that you should that you want to eat something before you do that and it can irritate your stomach. I have felt nauseous from this kind of stuff, so especially when I don't have anything in my stomach. So that is the worst thing that I felt, kinda nausea. But again, you want to be careful. You want to take all of them at once. You definitely want to consult with a doctor if you have anything, any conditions or anything like that, you want to consult with the doctor. But other than that, they're pretty safe. You just don't want to overdo them or use them as a replacement for the actual practices. So that's what I have to say about supplements before you go into the lesson on supplements. All right. Enjoy. 14. Supplements: these supplements, I recommend that you take him right before you go to sleep. They will definitely create a big impact in your sleeping, your night and your dreams and everything. So I would suggest you take him at night. Taken throughout the day. I think it's best if you take him at night, so let's go into the supplements. The 1st 1 I want to talk about is magnesium. Ill urinate. Probably butcher. That asshole put the game here on this video. So with this one, they recommend that you take 2 to 4 pills to the Fort capsules a day. So it's up to you been taking just to, and I take him right before bed. That's supposed to increase your dream. Recall your memory in the morning with Neo. When you wake up, you're supposed to remember the dream a lot better, and that's the case with a lot of these different supplements. And I'm gonna recommend, but with this one, and also it's supposed to improve your memory in general. So Aziz, well as the vividness off dreams in general, whether lucid or not, lose it. It's supposed to make her dreams more vivid, and you know and also improve your memory off your normal memory as well as your dream memory. Now the next one I want to talk about B six now be six has been found to also ate in dream recall and potentially enabled lucid dreaming. So any study from researchers at the University of Adelaide suggest that taking vitamin B six supplements before sleep may have a person better remember their dreams the next. It is hoped that the specific vitamin could be Greek crew recruited in the future to aid the process of lucid dreaming. The next supplement I want to talk about is D H E A. And this supplement is the science of major lucid dreams. Ah, lot more controllable by accelerating mental stimulation while in the dreamscape, so the H E A can also help you fall back asleep. Let's say you're trying the the wild technique. They cannot fall back asleep a lot easier, and this supplement can sometimes cause lucid dreams by itself. But it definitely works best when taking with with other supplements. So not only that, but has other benefits. So this one, along with serotonin, is supposed to be two chemicals that are produced during the very, very deep stages of sleep in your dreams cycle eso they helps with with with aging it, it slows down ageing. The next one is five htp and just like a lot of different ones that I've just mentioned, including the dhe A. These are all naturally occurring in your body, so there's a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor, as well as a metabolic intermediate in the mile synthesis of the narrow trans mirror transmitter serotonin. It increases serotonin in the brain. Serotonin regulates your mood, sleep and appetite. The way serotonin affects your sleep is that is, by altering your sleep stages. You'll find yourself in deep, deep sleep for the first part of the night, so you get your proper rest in quick than in the second part of the night. You'll experience RAM rebound as your body no longer need. Steve asleep. You'll just have extended Ram sleep because of this. That's the reason why five htp works. It also puts you in a great mood. When you wake up, you feel like you've rested so well and and also again, it's it's a mood enhancer, so there's no downside with this one or with any of these wants to be honest, the next one you want Teoh, that I use in terms of falling asleep faster is melatonin. Melatonin, just like dhe. Aim is produced in the deeper So this just regulates your sleep cycle and gives you a deeper rest. Will sleep at night, which gives you again more time similar to the five htp. More time to really rest in the beginning and then go into the rain cycles much longer. Rim on stages in the cycles over your sleep. So definitely helps with lucid dreaming. So I would check out melatonin in regards to having a more regulated, healthier sleeping habits. And so I take a melatonin again, just like all these other ones. You know, maybe 2030 minutes before going to bed and you begin to feel drama, see so military and definitely gets your drowsy. Especially we have had enough sleep. The next thing is, is one that I haven't used too much, but it's supposed to be almost like a magic bullet of lucid dreaming. It's not that easy to find in stores you actually have to order online and the name of it is gallon. To me. It is an inhibitor that has been used and has been studied as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Another central nervous system disorders those air the supplements. I hope this helps, and we'll see you in the next lecture. 15. Daily weekly habits: to begin. We're gonna go over and summarize everything that we've talked about in regards to the practices and how they apply to your daily and weekly habits. The number one thing that you're gonna be doing is your dream journal again, your milestone or your goal for that one is gonna be to remember one or two drinks per night. Part of that ritual is going to include some weekly rituals, which I'll go over in a minute, including the dream analysis. But for now, the daily one is the dream. Journaling another one they're gonna be doing on a regular basis is to reality checks that is going to be part of the daily rituals are gonna do that 5 to 10 days daily reality checks. And you will also be looking out for dream signs as you go about your day and do reality checks when you're coming across those dreams science or when you're thinking about them on DSO, that's that's the second daily ritual, the other one we're gonna be doing. And you can choose to do this in the morning or at night is gonna be your affirmations and visualizations based on your dream goals and that sort of thing. So you gonna visualize? Let's say before you go to sleep, you visualize yourself becoming lucid and your intentions were gonna do in the lucid dream . And you might use this as well. By the way, um, every day when you wake up maybe two hours before when you're trying to do the mild Um, sorry, the wild technique. When you're trying to do the wild technique, you can wake up a couple hours earlier than normal. And you can visualize maybe going back into the dream that you were in and simply establishing it as a lucid dream. Another thing that's gonna be a daily ritual is gonna be once or twice a day. I recommend twice a day. It's gonna be 20 minutes off 20 minutes of daily meditation, so you have meditated, and you can use the by neural beats that I'm gonna be providing. Other than that, one of the ones that we mentioned a minute ago, waas or in another section was the one that had to do the daily ritual that had to do with writing down your successes, your dream magic moment list. You're gonna be doing that as well on a daily basis. 16. Thank you! : hi and thank you for being part of this course. My name is Philip, and I'm a professional confidence coach. I specialized in helping people improve their social skills, their networking skills, Aziz well as leadership skills. When it comes to business and even dating skills, since they're all related, they're all related to conference, and they're all related to mindset. So if you like this course, definitely let me know what your feedback is. Also followed me on skill share and check out some of the other courses I have on here. I'm adding a new course every single month, so stay tuned, and I would be very honored to have you continue your development for my courses. And I sincerely hope you enjoyed the course, and I would really appreciate a nice review. It would really help me reach a lot more students here on skill share. So I look forward to hearing about any feedback. You have a swell as continuing to help you with your development. Thank you again. A particular course 17. Bonus Lecture 1: Benefits of Lucid Dreaming: How's it going today? I want to talk to you about a topic that I'm incredibly passionate about and that is lucid , dreaming and dream yoga. Now the reason I'm so passionate about it is because it's not only transformed my life, but in many ways it saved my life. So if you're interested, stay tuned and check it out. How's it going? It's very big founder of the Social Buddha method. Now you probably know that I'm a confidence and social coach. Now you might be wondering, What the heck does that have to do with lucid dreaming or even dream yoga, which you might not even know what it ISS? First of all, lucid dreaming is the ability or the awareness that you are dreaming while in a dream. It's something that's completely learn herbal and you can practice on. There's still many benefits behind this that actually directly impact your confidence and your limitations as well your as well as your belief systems and so on. Here are the main benefits behind lucid dreaming. First of all, you can do whatever you want. It is quite the fun. Virtual experience, in fact, is like 45 de everything becomes enhanced, your senses become enhanced and you can fly. You can have sexual fantasies. You could walk through walls. You can shoot fireballs, whatever you wanted to in these dreams, you can control them, and that's just the fun part. Be really personal. Growth happens when you begin to notice patterns of thinking and new. Deal directly with your subconscious to overcome. Limiting believes past negative patterns of thinking as well as manifesting. So not only can you begin to manifest a new life, but you can become a better and faster manifest er, if you will. You can also overcome past dramas, nightmares and even learn in practice new aural skills on in the dream. So that is some of the really, really huge benefits behind Lucid dreaming now, the reason why lucid dreaming is so powerful. It's because beyond the traditional affirmations, visualizations, this is direct hypnosis and is direct access to the tectonic plates of your mind you're talking about. You're dealing with your subconscious and you are effected and directly so a lot of the changes that you make in the dream and that you begin the lie that you begin to live in your dreams. You take it out onto the outside, so in a way, it's up almost like a card. Make change. So as you begin to create in your dreams New Paterson thinking new realities, you bring that out and in fact, you begin to manifest a lot of these things and begin to be a different person. So that's why you begin to really consciously create within the dream, because they do have certain karmic consequences in your life. And if you're doing it correctly, that is an incredible piece of news, if you will. Now my story. My personal story with lucid dreams, started when I was 16 years old. I had to do Ah, research paper for my psychology class in high school, and, uh, and I found this topic. I was completely enamored by it. I I was definitely afraid of doing presentations at the time, So 30 minutes was a very long time long story. Shourd short. I killed the presentation. I did amazing because I mastered lucid dreaming at such an early age, I began to fly, began to do all kinds of crazy stuff and began to even meet teachers say just if you will. That taught me a lot of life lessons within the dream, and that was just incredible. Now I left that practice, you know, in my young adulthood and even late twenties until I became really stress and really depressed with my with my business, I was over. I was working. A lot was getting burned out. And so I decided to take a retreat in Mexico for like, a month or two, where all I was doing meditation. And it was a dream. Now the effects were incredible. First of all, some of the realizations that I had were first of all, I noticed that my thoughts and everything I was thinking in the dream and all my actions and what would happen. We're completely reflected when I would wake up. In other words, if I was walking down the street and I had a certain thought in the dream, the same thing would happen in my waking life. I was having the same thoughts in the same limitations, so I realized I wasn't really getting out of bed. But I was never really waking up. That was the first realization. 2nd 1 was that I was the biggest illusion behind what you would call in the Buddhist tradition. Samsara, which is kind of be waking Dream, if you will, that I was the biggest illusion and all the other illusions in this waking dream were based on me. Now that some people don't get it, I'm gonna go into this a little more deeply in another video. But that is so the second realization that I had the 3rd 1 was regarding people. You probably would have heard that you are everyone in your dream now. The thing is that that's true. You're every every character in your dream is a projection of U Crazy thing is that in your waking life, everyone else is a projection of U as well. You project a lot of filters. You project a lot of things and you do create their reactions in one way or another for the most part in general. So those were my realizations and long story short. I didn't realize this, but what I was practicing was dream yoga, which is a combination of meditation and lucid dreaming. The end goal behind this for me and what I heard from a lot of these people that practice it. It's to never lose consciousness, to go from meditation all the way to your dream without ever losing consciousness. I've done this maybe once or twice, but it's an incredible experience where you see the dream form as you are, you know, kind of going into the dream world without black and out, if you will. Now the rial transformation from this has happened because, you know, you begin to realize that life is not only what you make of it, but clearly it's a dream. And so you take things a lot less seriously. You take people mawr as projections of you and, um, and you, you know not only your your creation or you're manifesting skill, just, you know, skyrocket because you see things eyes more malleable or more flexible. And so those are some of the things that I have experience and that I wanted to share with you in regards to lucid dreaming and rem iler. Now, if you like this video, you know, subscribe below so you can get notifications when I make the Dream yoga video and give you tips on how to lose it, dream and all this kind of stuff that goes beyond just the confidence and normal affirmations and visualizations described to the to the channel on and click the Bell buzz so you can get all the notifications as well as if you like this video, give it a thumbs up like it on. And if you have any questions about this, put him down below. I'm gonna be again making a video that has to do with the methodology behind lucid dreaming and how to have lucid dreams. So stay tuned and we'll talk to you soon. 18. Bonus Lecture 2: 3 Tips to Lucid Dream: What's going on, guys? It's Philippe again, founder of the Social Buddha Method, and in this video, I want to show you exactly how to begin to practice having lucid dreams. It's not an overnight thing, but with enough intent. With enough commitment, you can do it. I believe in wig two weeks or 30 days, maybe less. Alright. So first of all, what is a lucid dream? So lucid? Dream is not just being aware that you're dreaming while in a dream, Lucid dream is also being able to control your dream and have it be super vivid you're talking about. There's different levels of the city in different levels of vividness. So in one dream, for example, you can be aware that you're dreaming, but you can read control it. In another level, you can completely control everything you can walk through walls, you can fly. You can have, you know, sexual encounters. If you want them, you can meet with, you know, masters or people that teach you some very, very deep spiritual lessons. You can meditate even in the dream, so there's different levels to lucidity. There's also different level, so vividness. Some dreams are just very, very, very vivid. Where there were there more vivid than reality. Actually, the everything feels so riel, even the wind in your hair. Remember the first time I started flying in one of these dreams? You could feel the wind, you know? Can I just hitting my hair in the sun and, um, just flying through a cornfield. Actually, I remember that was in my old childhood home in Mexico. But anyway, that's what a lucid dream iss. And now let's go into how to do this. All right, on how to do this, I want I want you to give yourself at least 30 to 90 days, but shoot for 30 days to have your first lucid dream. How do you do it? You first want to start increasing your dream recall. So the way to do this is you begin journaling the way I do it. I simply record with my phone and recorded every morning the way to record it. Though it's just a specific method because, as you probably noticed, when you go throughout your day, you begin to forget your your dreams very easily. In fact, if you get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, you're gonna forget your dreams. The trick is do not move as soon as you wake up, you might want to set up the alarm a little bit early, maybe an hour earlier than usual, to record the dreams. And so you record them without moving. You can ride him down if you want, but usually I record him on my phone. You don't want to move the more, Um, what would you call sensory input from the outside that you get after waking up, the more you begin to. Can I get out of that state and forget your dreams? Another trick as well. Teoh record and to journal your dreams is to actually wake up three or four in the morning . This you might want to leave for the weekends when you can afford to be a little sleep deprived. So you wanna wake up about three or four in the morning, record your dream, and then maybe even take a nap in the middle of the day. So I will go into why taking a nap and why waking up a little early and then going back to sleep can actually enhance. You know your ability to have lucid dreams, but that is the first in number one tip to have lucid dreams. Because even if you have lucid dreams and you can't remember them, there's no point to him, you know, in terms of bringing that out into your waking life. All right, so that was tip number one. Let's go on to tip number two. All right, So tip number two for Lucid dreaming is getting familiar with your dream science and dream checks. So the way to do this is you've already started recording your dreams. For example, Maybe you have your a week in or a couple weeks in, and you're getting familiar that you're always dreaming of this person that you don't see very often. Or perhaps they passed away already or you're dreaming of your childhood home or you're always dreaming. I don't know a specific type of Munster or Handem or whatever it is, whatever it is that you're dreaming over and over your patterns, whether it's a place, a person, a specific, weird thing, Ah, situation, even that keeps happening over and over and over those elements. You want to keep a track you want to keep track of those so that you could have them as your dream sign so that when you're in the dream you have in your subconscious that Hey, whenever I see this person which are no longer part of my life, I'm gonna be like, Oh, wow shed, I'm dreaming. So that is one of them a Sephora's tip number two. The second thing is you want to do dream checks throughout your name so you can put this. It's a reminder on your phone, or you can simply just remember yourself. But for example, right now I would do some dream checks by, for example, check ings something in writing. And if I look at something you're writing in a dream usually changes when I look back at it . So I look at it and they look away and I look back at it usually changes. So that is a clear indication that you're dreaming. Ah, 100% of the time in a dream, writing always changes. Another thing is that when it comes to clocks and that kinda stuff, if you see a clock, typically it will be kind of distorted as well. I've had it where I've been in a dream in the clock, the What's it called the 12. Instead of being up there, it's down here or something like that. It's the 12 being up there. It's under where the six would be like, Oh, shit, I'm dreaming. And so that's another indication, another dream check when you're are in and a dream, but also in your waking life. So again you want to do these dream checks. Another one is I tried to put my hand through walls, or I tried to see if I could move objects with my mind, because that's what I do in dreams. When I am lucid dreaming, I begin to move things around to solve walls. I walked through wrongs in that gonna think. And so you want to test that, even if you're completely, absolutely sure that you're not dreaming like right now. For example, if I wanted to test something, I would kind of test on one of these walls and be like, all right, it's not moving, or I try to levitate a chair or move my hand through my other hand, or even jump and see if you can kind of levitate. So those are the kind of things. Another thing to point into. Dream checks. By the way, sometimes you will do a dream check in your dream, and it will kind of, um it won't go fully into, like, let's say you're trying to put it. Put your hand through the wall in my not fully work just a little bit because your new city level is not completely there. You don't believe that enough. And so that my, uh, what to call down that might hold you back a little bit, but in terms of becoming more more lucid. But again, the power behind this is you want to keep asking yourself if you're dreaming and testing it not just asking yourself, but testing it over and over. Throw your name. Um, again, as you're practicing this thing of lucid dream. All right, so the third tip to really have lucid dreams just to have the intention to have lucid dreams How do you do that? I know I've talked about, you know, creating a story when it comes to confidence. And I've talked to talked about recreating your story and your script as far as your limited beliefs is the same with this. You want to create an affirmation that says something along the lines of I always have vivid, lucid dreams and remember them completely something along those lines. And so you say it when you wake up and you say it right before you go to sleep to remind yourself that you're gonna have a lucid dream. So right now I'm hearing a siren. So, for example, that might be, ah, kind of assigned to check and see if I if I'm dreaming, So I might Again, I might look at this writing and look away and back on the stuff just to test it. And again, this is what keeps reminding you in your dreams to test the the reality of your dreams of you. Well, to see if you're actually dreaming. So that's the third and final tip. I'm gonna give you a few other ones real quick in regards to other ways to improve the young. Your ability to lucid dream before the most part. Those are the most important ones. All right, so you have those top three tips. But there are other ways to help. You have lucid dreams. One of the top waste, and I would say it's in the top three. Top four ways to do it is to be meditating. I know some of you are already doing it, but meditation, especially right before going to sleep, can increase your ability to have lucid dreams because you're increasing your consciousness and your waking life. You can bring that consciousness into your dreams on vice versa, which is the next topic on another video of doing yoga anyway. Eso meditation. Also, if you have the liberty with, maybe you work for yourself or maybe on the weekends, you can take a nap. Naps actually, especially right after you wake up. Let's say you wake up at eight normally, and you wake up at seven. You stay awake meditating for 15 minutes or listening to some lucid dreaming material. Ah, and then go back to sleep. The likelihood off you having a lucid dream, I believe, increases by 304 100%. It's significant. Maybe it's even more than that, but right at the top of my head is significant. The amount of, um, of the percentage that it increases bite that you would have a lucid dream from a nap so you could do that again right after you wake up. Or you can do it in the middle of the name. Another way to ah have lucid dreams is to again be listening to lucid dream material that will seep into your mind. And once you're dreaming, the likelihood of you remembering to dream check or remembering that you might be dreaming , we're asking yourself. Remembering to ask yourself would increase as well. So those are the main tips again. The top four, more than anything, is first of all, start journaling so you can actually increase your dream memory or dream recall, as they call it. Ah, second of all, get familiar with your dream science and do the dream checks every day throughout the day, maybe every two hours and again that will Simmons in your subconscious that you wanna dream check while you're in the dream as well. The 3rd 1 of course, is putting the intention to have lucid dreams there, an affirmation that you repeat to yourself every single date in the morning and in the evening, perhaps in front of their bare in front of the mirror. It would be even more powerful as I do my affirmations in my story. The Ford one is definitely meditation, and, as I mentioned, some of the other ones is napping. There are also supplements that you can take that help you with that. But more than anything, those top three or four tips will get you very far in terms of your lucid during practice and get you very far in terms of having a lucid dream in 30 days or less, especially if you are committed and you do it every single day. All right, so try it. Let me know what happens. And if you have any questions, put him down the low. If you like this video, give it a thumb's up. Subscribe to my channel for more cool videos about dream yoga, about confidence, about socializing, about dating, which is all kind of, in a way related because it has to do with you. So again, click the subscription button or click the also click the Beltline and we'll talk to you soon. 19. Bonus Lecture 3: How to Control Your Dreams: How's it going? I'm very excited in today's video. I want to talk about how to control your dreams. Now you might be asking, Why would I want to control my dreams? Well, that's a number of reasons you want to do this. Maybe you've already experienced a dream where you felt like you knew you were dreaming, but you just couldn't take control of it. Perhaps you experience nightmares over and over the same nightmare. Perhaps perhaps you wanna actually overcome traumas or different things that you have in the past. Or you want to practice skills in your dreams or you want to live out sexual fantasy or even fly. You know, back in the stuff. That is what you're interested in. Then check out this video. Hey, it's really been with Social Buddha education method. Now, in this video, I want to first of all, let you in on a little secret. When you begin to control your dreams, you become even better at manifesting and creating in your life. Because your limits become expended, your mind becomes expended, especially when you do it over and over. So, yes, you can't control your dreams. But the added benefit is that you can take this limitless mindset, this limitless reality that is a lucid dream into your waking life. And that's what I'm here to talk about. All right, First of all, I want to start this video with why dreams are important in, you know, how valid are they in transformation for yourself and for your life? Ancient traditions like defending monks and different traditions that go back thousands of years, have used dreams to awaken, if you will, to transform their consciousness to transcend their consciousness, if you will, and everything from using dreams to awaken within their reality to awaken to the essence of reality, which is essentially also kind of a dream all the way to the scientific proof that dreams can actually alter your brain. It can. They can alter the way that you are wired in your mind. In other words, many times you practice different skills, you know in your head whether you visualize where you're in a dream. Scientists have found that the same areas in your brain that light up when you practice a specific skill when you're doing it physically light up in the same way when you are visual . I see something or where you're dreaming about a specific thing. For example, there was an experiment where there were three teams through basketball teams that were practicing three pointer shots. One of the teams was practicing physically, shooting them. Another team was practicing on Lee visualizing it, and another team was simply doing nothing to see which team was going to improve the most. They put him through this test. Now, of course, the team that did absolutely nothing, they declined in their performance. The team that you know was physically shooting these shots improved somewhat. But the team that improved the most was the team that was visualizing throwing these shots and making them every single time visualizing for success. So I am telling you that if you're able to control your dreams, you're able to control your mind and you're able to control your a lot of your life. In fact, you are hacking into your subconscious when you are learning how to control your dreams, so that excites you. Check this out. All right. First things first. Let's say that you realize that you're dreaming from there. How do you control the dream and you can do it in a number of ways. You first of all, the number One thing that you want to do to control your dreams is before you go to sleep, visualize what you're gonna be doing in the dream and your purpose or your objective. Your purpose might be flying so you might visualize yourself taking off levitating or maybe getting that like a jet pack or something like that to begin flying. If he says, that's something you want to experience, you can also, if you're not, you know, if you want to conquer your fear of height, if you have one, you could jump off the building and being levitating, that sort of thing. But most of all, what I do personally is I just begin levitating or I might jump and, you know, I start levitating. So that's number one in terms off one of the activities you can do in dreams. Another one is you can conquer fears, whether it's social anxiety, whether it's fear of heights like I mentioned, you can do those in your dreams, and you can visualize that again before you go to sleep. Ah, third thing that you can do when you're controlling your dreams. Another option is to practice a certain skill that you wanna build. Perhaps you're wanting to build your social skills. What do you do? Begin socializing? Or perhaps you want to practice success in terms of your dating life, attracting a certain kind of person. You can live that life within your dream and just manifests visualized, manifesting, ah, specific person in that dream and one of the things before I go into the other activities that I want to mention about this is that you literally bring that experience out. Especially we have good dream re comb, in fact, to have another video on how to have lucid dreams. Increase your dream recall and that kinda stuff. So you want to check that out. But in terms of this, you're bringing that experience out. So you are expending your limits or expanding your consciousness as you really as you remember your dreams, these dreams that are limitless. So anyway, so that's the third activity. Let me go on to the 4th 1 The fourth thing you can do. It's something very, very important. I think it's very important in terms of transforming your life beyond just having fun, maybe flying and maybe having sexual encounters or going through walls or having superspeed or being a superhero beyond all that fun stuff, you can heal yourself and here's what I mean. Um, first of all, um, you can heal yourself by, um, perhaps you have some traumas and say you have some traumas of your childhood. You can manifest your child like self into the dream and really deal with some deep issues that you might not have access to on your during your waking life. So that's one of the things, the ways, other ways that you can manifest people that have maybe already passed away. Maybe you want some closure or people that you are not currently talking to, that you would like to have some closure about one of the ways that I have healed myself and gone over a lot of different traumas has been when I realize that I'm dreaming the scene, dream over and over about a certain person that have resentment towards that tells me that I have to deal with that, and what I've done is I've actually talked to people that have that I have have held resentment towards because of the dreams that I've been having on a regular basis. So that's another way that is very practical and that is transformative in terms of your everyday life that you can use your dreams to do. So definitely try that out and the final one again. There's many others in this, but just kind of keeping a short. The final one, I would say, is practising skills. So let's say you're a musician or let's say that you are, you know, into a sport or you're playing a sport. You can visualize doing that in the dream and become better at it. It's got like visualization. If you've heard of this, Have you heard of the law of attraction, visualization and all that kind of stuff? This is the same thing, But, you know, on steroids you're literally, you know, hacking again into your subconscious. So you begin to, you know, live another life, if you will. And if you're for example, ah, soccer player, a football player, you you might, you know, visual. You might be dreaming about scoring on these goals and being a superstar and all that kinda stuff and bring that confidence out into your into your game into your whatever you do, whatever activity. Whether you play a musical instrument, you can bring those skills and that confidence back into the waking world. So I would try those things. There's many others. Like I said, there's everything from, you know, manifesting some kind of, ah, spiritually teacher all the way to meeting with mentors that help you out. Maybe creating new business ideas just happen into a limitless creative state within the dream. All right, so now that you know some of the activities you can practice in, you know, in your dreams and that kinda stuff, how do you do it? How do you cement that? And how do you visualize it every night before you go to sleep? Visualized that simple. But here's a method you want right down maybe some kind of a story in a notebook of what you want to do. Maybe that you want to practice for the whole month or for three months or whatever. So maybe you're right. You know, I fly out into the sky and I, you know, visit different planets, or it might be something where you want to use this from a practical sense to bring it out into your waking life. So you might say, you know, I'm living this incredible. Live where you know I am meeting my ideal So made, or you are whatever it is that you're trying to gain more confidence about, maybe your dating life. Or maybe it's attracted more money, you might. You would write down the story in that way and begin to live it in your dreams. Bring out those experiences in that confidence back into your waking life, but again and write it out right down where you're gonna be doing in your dreams. And, uh, and again, there's another video on how to actually become loose. It how to increase your dream recall loose it again means just realizing that you're dreaming. So if you need that, check up that video and, yeah, try this out and let me know how it works. If you have questions, put him down below would be happy to answer them a swell as if you like this video, give it a thumb thumb sub, subscribe to the channel, share it with anyone that you can that could benefit from this, and we'll talk to you soon. 20. Bonus Lecture 4: The Nature of Reality Is Life A Dream : Hey, what's up? It's believing with Social Buddha education. And today I want to talk about a question that I recently got asked by someone that watches my videos and that follows my post please book and so on. She asked if you could tell me one thing that you've learned about life, what would it be? And for me, that answer was pretty obvious. It's about the nature of reality and how how we experience reality. Most of us, not everyone but most of us experience it almost like a dream. And so the idea behind this is that most of us are so caught up and thought are so caught up in this illusion, this conditioning, as they would call it the Matrix, that we rarely experience things for what they are. And it's a lot more profound than just being in the moment. There is a lot more to it from a scientific and philosophical standpoint, and so that's what I'm gonna talk about this video. According to quantum physicists, there's a thing called the measurement problem. Have you never heard of this? It's basically that an Adam will only appear in a specific place in you measure it, in other words, and Adam is all over the place until there is a conscious observer. So the act of observation or measurement creates the entire reality or universe. In other words, universe or reality as we know it is made up. Wait. So what? Well, way so nothing. So that means essentially, what we call reality is emptiness. Our minds turn vibrational fields or waves into apparently physical objects. If you've ever heard of Red the Damaging, that's basically a book that points to the idea of emptiness off this formless essence where basically everything is created in his drive from and that is down. In 1944 the father of quantum physics, Max Plank, identified this underlying field and called in the majors. And, yes, that's where the movies ideas came from. It's, in other words, this feel is underlies everything from bodies. And is this intelligence this consciousness that creeds everything in our reality? So now I want to do my best to explain the question. Is this reality a dream? From what I have gathered, most of us experience reality very close to a dream. It's very similar to a dream. How did I come to that conclusion. It was through a lot of meditation and dreaming. I broke down a lot of the things that I was dreaming about, all the way from the situations to thoughts, emotions that I was having and compared him to my normal reality. And then I also challenged those believes with dreams as well as in the waking reality, and found that I had the same chance as in the dream that I had the same situations come up that everything was almost identical. There were things that were bazaar in dreams, but other than that, I came upon the same problems or the scene seems thoughts. Everything was almost insane. That was very similar. It was as if I never woke up when I got out of bed. So why am I telling you This is not just to give you some light into the nature of reality , how things work but also to inspire you to see it in a different way so that you can gain more control, more power over your mind so you can really manipulate in a positive way what we think off as a sell. It matter. Reality treated Morris a dream rather than an actual physical solid reality that is not a scalable was a dream when in fact it is very malleable, is very flexible, and you have so much more power behind it that you actually can imagine. That's a play on words as much as you can imagine you can create. It's definitely like that. So as you explore these limits and as you go through this video, keep an open mind about it. Keep an open mind about how much you affect reality and how closed reality is actually 23 Most people, the way we live our lives, were very much unaware of the conditioning. Not not just talking about media. You isn't all that stuff I'm talking about since we were born with the condition we've been taught to make meaning out of everything. That is how we experience reality. However, when we take that as reality, we begin to stop really experiencing it, and so that stops us from achieving higher levels of consciousness. However, levels of operating with their online is becoming more effective, becoming more limitless. And so what I'm trying to communicate to you in this video is that as you begin to expand these limits and you begin to see reality for what it is, it's an illusion. It is basically the mind trying to make meaning out of things and putting it into a box, if you will. And so, as you begin to wake up, you begin to get gain access to higher levels of consciousness to create, but also to see the connectivity within everything. Basically, now there might be many ways of achieving this. In my own personal experience, I did it through intense meditation as well as lucid dreaming. So what would happen is that the consciousness I would produce in lucid, dreaming, consciousness being, or I'm aware that I'm dreaming and take control and become aware and become conscious of construct that I created a mine aspirated as well as the meditation. Whether it's walking, meditation with sitting meditation, it brings more awareness to my mind and brings more warnings to my reality. Putting those together, the meditation would seep into the lucid dreaming or into my dreams, which will make me more lucid in aware that I'm dreaming as well as the lucid dreaming would seep into my winking reality. and so that inedible inevitably cost an episode where I felt like I was dreaming in my waking reality. You will. I had just come out of a movie and I felt almost like in 1/3 person perspective. Identity, I decide, identified with my identity in a way, a swell I support my fears dropped and I began to see things from a perspective of not 1/2 twos and all that stuff. It became apparent to me that everything that I had to do the next day was simply not true , that I had a choice. And it was a moment of liberation. It was a moment of relaxation in terms of how malleable reality is as well as how a lot of fear is just that just, you know, false evidence, a period realize they say it really is. And so that is what what I did to really get to the point off, becoming more aware of the nature of reality, how close it is, or at least how we experience reality, Not necessarily the way that reality actually is. What? How we experience it s a dream. So what is the biggest illusion within this dream or this whole reality. The biggest solution is you. It's me. It is. Our identity is what holds the whole Web evolutions together. It is also creates one of the biggest illusions in this dream that we are all separate, that we are separate identities, and that is because we've created an identity separate from others. So as you begin, today's identify with herself as Eckhart totally speaks in his books from the power of now and many others, you really begin Teoh experience less beer. You begin to experience more love, begin to experience more of that connectiveness and you also begin to manifest and create at a much higher level. Why? Because you see things as a lot more malleable. And I mean that from an experience perspective, not just the conceptual perspective you are actually beginning to see how everything is so much like a dream. So you're treated like a dream in the way that you can bend reality if you will. Another benefit of seeing reality as a dream and really beginning to see the solutions is that you become more carefree. That means that you begin to take life unless seriously, you begin to see it as just a play of forms. You know, things come in and go and that sort of thing as well as how you see people, you begin to see reality like a dream in that people are projections of you. Think about it. We are not interacting with people. For the most part, we are interacting with our own filters with our own projections of people very much like a dream. And so you begin to feel a lot more at ease and you begin to take things a lot less. Here is because of it. And I want to repeat this point once again that as you begin to see reality in this way, you begin to give up expectations that you've been you either taking on because off responsibility for your family or you feel like they want you to do this as well as any kind of conditioning that put expectations upon you that are not truly what you want to do or not. You know you're in your inner purpose, and so you begin to drop all these happy news. All these things that you think you need to do and you begin to connect more with yourself and with your internal purpose and what you're truly passionate about. So as you shave off Mawr and Mawr and more layers of this illusion, both in terms of who you think you are, what you think reality is, then you can begin to take what your older self might consider high, bigger risks. Because there is nothing that is bigger. There's nothing that is more successful, less successful failure, etcetera. But that which is your perception of it. And so, in other words, as you begin to shape this thes illusions off, you can begin to really do things that used to be outside of your comfort zone at a much higher level. In other words, you approaching, for example, someone that you're attracted to becomes 100 times easier when you treat it like a dream. Because it is you are the recent what you're afraid of that the reason why you have all these different beers and conceptualized limitations or belief systems is because of the fact that you just been told that and you've believed in and you have owned it. The same thing goes for work. The same thing goes for business, financial goals and everything. Go for what you want and go for it from a limitless perspective in that way. And that is how you will reach a higher state of consciousness and operating within your own action. In addition, one of the biggest words that came to mind aside yet to go through this process waas the concept of neutrality. You begin as you get to this point where you know you can manifest anything within the dream, and you become a master of manifesting with your reality. In your waking life, you get to a point where you become a little uninterested on in things things. When you can have any experience, you have a lot of different fuels that you've always wanted. You lose interest and you become almost mawr oven observer and more like childlike in the way of being because everything seems fresh. What used to be when used to excite you that was extraordinary. It's not what excites you anymore. Many attempts. What excited you now is a simple it's the mundane things that used to seem boring now seem exciting as well as you operate from inaction standpoint. In terms of you come from a neutral standpoint rather than trying to take. We're trying to give it just just neutral doing what is natural, if that makes any sense. All right, So to finish this video, I'm going to read you a quote from the doubted that I think it's super relevant to what I'm talking about. There is a thing formless yet complete before heaven and Earth existed without sound. With the substance, it stands alone and unchanging. It is so pervading and on failing. We do not know its name, but we call it down being one with nature. The sage is in accord with the Dow.