Lowercase Letterform Study: Create a Hand Lettered Quote with Minimal Sketching

Jennifer Coyle, Skillshare Teacher, Designer, Illustrator

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10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Getting Started

    • 2. Gathering Materials

    • 3. Lowercase Typography Basics

    • 4. Gathering Inspiration and Resources

    • 5. Drawing and Minimal Sketching

    • 6. Digitizing Part 1: Digitize your letter pieces

    • 7. Digitizing Part 2: Complete your letter inventory

    • 8. Digitizing Part 3: Colors

    • 9. Digitizing Part 4: Final stylistic touches

    • 10. Final Words

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30 of 30 students recommend this class
Monika Zwiefelhofer

Passionate Graphic- & Webdesigner

Excellent class – thanks a lot!
Christina Christensen

I love textures

This class was very helpful. Jenn is straight to the point, explains everything simply, and has lots of useful tips for using Illustrator! I highly recommend taking this class.
This class is really worth taking. You will pick up extremely practical tips for creating letters - a method that can form the basis of constructing an entire lowercase alphabet. Jenn also includes a great tip for extracting a color palette from reference artwork. Her teaching style is friendly and and encouraging.
Anderson P.

The Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.