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Lower Thirds & Titles in After Effects CC 2019: Learn To Make Cool Lower Thirds Titles in AE

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34 Lessons (2h 53m)
    • 1. Lower Thirds Titles - Introduction to After Effects Course

    • 2. Introduction to After Effects Interface

    • 3. Creating 4K and FullHD Composition

    • 4. What is PreCompose

    • 5. Organizing Project Structure

    • 6. Preview Lower Third Title 1

    • 7. Technique 1 Keyframe Interpolations

    • 8. Technique 2 Time Remapping

    • 9. Essential Technique - Adding Color Control System

    • 10. Creating Lower Thirds Title #1 (Design)

    • 11. Creating Lower Thirds Title #1 (Animate)

    • 12. Preview Lower Third Title 2

    • 13. Technique 4 Track Matte

    • 14. Creating Lower Thirds Title #2 (Design)

    • 15. Creating Lower Thirds Title #2 (Animate)

    • 16. Preview Lower Third Title 3

    • 17. Technique 5 Solid Layers and Masks

    • 18. Creating Lower Third Title 3 Design

    • 19. Creating Lower Third Title 3 Animate

    • 20. Preview Lower Third Title 4

    • 21. Technique 6 Exploring Shape Layers Features

    • 22. Technique 7 Shape Layers Animator

    • 23. Creating Lower Third Title 4 Design

    • 24. Creating Lower Third Title 4 Animate

    • 25. Preview Lower Third Title 5

    • 26. Technique 8 Luma Inverted Matte

    • 27. Creating Lower Thirds Title #5 (Design)

    • 28. Creating Lower Thirds Title #5 (Animate)

    • 29. Preview Lower Third Title 6

    • 30. Technique 9 Text Animators

    • 31. Creating Lower Third Title 6 Design

    • 32. Creating Lower Third Title 6 Animate

    • 33. Render Settings

    • 34. Lower Thirds Titles - Thanks and Wrap Up


About This Class

Welcome and thanks for enrolling in the "Master Lower Thirds and Titles animation in Adobe After Effects" course.

This course is appropriate for all After Effects users. You will learn how to create lower thirds from basics to advanced level. We have described all the essential parts of this software step-by-step for beginners and also we have talked about some tips and tricks for experienced users. If you are a new After Effects user the first few lectures will be great for you as we'll give you a quick overview of the After Effects interface and you will learn how to customize and change After effects layouts, how to create compositions and pre-compositions, how to Import medias, how to organize your after effects project files and many other essential tips.

By the end of this course you have a deep understanding and vast knowledge about creating lower thirds and titles animation in adobe after effects and so you can create your own lower thirds rather than paying someone else to do it for you.

You can create professional packages that are fully qualified to be accepted by all After Effects template marketplaces like Videohive, MotionArray, Motion Elements, and some other similar websites.

In each section, you will learn essential techniques (like keyframe Animations, Solid layers & Masks, multiple shape layers, time remapping, track matte, complex shape animations and some other vital techniques) and by using them you can create eye-catching and professional lower thirds and titles animation.

The construction of this course is very simple, in each section we are going to explore the necessary techniques and then we will create several awesome Lower Thirds together.

All the project files are available to download. And you can start using them in your own works or try to analyze and modify them for yourself.

We have full support for all of our students, so if you have any questions regarding the lectures or any techniques described here, please feel free to contact us immediately by email and we will answer all the questions in a short amount of time.

Email: [email protected]

Please visit our website regularly (http://VideoCourseCenter.com) because we are creating new courses for Adobe After Effects and of course for other kinds of software and we will teach you them step-by-step to help you grow from a beginner to a professional user.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter in our website and also follow us and subscribe to our social media networks to be notified automatically whenever we update this course or when we publish new courses and free video tutorials.

If you find this course useful we appreciate you taking the time to Rate it, and also recommend it to your friends, colleagues, and classmates.

Ok, again thank you very much for taking this course and I hope to see you in the next lecture.


Enroll Now & Enjoy: https://skl.sh/2TuLlgK



Adobe After Effects CC Lower Thirds Titles: Learn How To Make Professional Lower Thirds Titles (from Novice to Expert)

  • Do you want to be able to create your own professional looking lower thirds titles?
  • Do you want to create cool animated lower thirds titles by your own instead of paying someone else to do it for you?
  • Do you want to learn how to create professional lower thirds package and sell them in After Effects Marketplaces?

So, you're in the right place at the right time, This class resolves all your needs!


Enroll Now & Enjoy: https://skl.sh/2TuLlgK

You can DOWNLOAD the project files in the Class Project after enrolling to follow along or for your personal & commercial use.

Adding lower thirds to an edit will increase the production quality of your videos, and the best software for creating them is Adobe After Effects.

This class is the best place to start. You will learn how to make 6 professional lower thirds (two with logos). Also you will learn how to render and export them both as a motion graphics template for easy use in premiere pro and with an alpha channel so anyone can use it in any editing software!

The class is easy to follow and even if you are a new After Effects user you will be able to follow along!

This is The Most Complete Guide to Lower Thirds and Titles Animation in Adobe After Effects. This course covers all essential techniques that are really necessary for everyone who wants to become master in creating video titles, titles animation, kinetic typography, motion graphics and dynamic shape lines techniques.


Projects Preview:







If you are a new After Effects user please watch this course from the beginning so you will get a complete overview of After Effects.

Thanks for enrolling in this course and we hope to see you inside this online video course!


Enroll Now & Enjoy: https://skl.sh/2TuLlgK


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