Lovely Lanterns Earrings Tutorial | Detrina Kofroth | Skillshare
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6 Videos (21m)
    • Lovely Lanterns Part 2 The Earrings Intro

    • Lovely Lanterns Part 2 The Earrings The Loop Part 1

    • Lovely Lanterns Part 2 The Earrings The Loop Part 2

    • Lovely Lanterns Part 2 The Earrings Positioning for the Drop

    • Lovely Lanterns Part 2 The Earrings The Drop

    • Lovely Lanterns Part 2 The Earrings Finishing the Earrings


About This Class



In this class, I will demonstrated how to create a Bezel Component for an 8 mm Swarovski Crystal Chaton using three types of 2-hole Czech beads and Japanese seed beads. This is an easy to do project which will be used as the base component for my next two classes - Part 2 - Lovely Lantern Earrings  and Part 3 - Lovely Lantern Ring.

Materials list:

Double the list for Earrings or Triple the list for Earrings and Ring

1 – 8 mm Swarovski Chaton ( Fuchsia)

4 – 3 x 10 mm CzechMates 2 hole Crescent Beads ( Iris Bronze Metallic Matte – Green color)

2 – 2.5 x5 mm Superduo Beads +2 for Earrings ( Iris Bronze Metallic Matte – Green color)

2 – 5 mm Miyuki Tila Beads (Opaque Rose Luster)

8  - 11/0 Miyuki Delica Beads + 2 for Earrings, + 2 for Ring (Silver Lined Mistletoe – Duracoat)

16 – 11/0 Toho seed beads (Silver Lined Dark Amethyst)

1-2 grams 15/0 Toho seed beads (Galvanized Pink Lilac)

1 gram 15/0 Toho seed beads (Matte Transparent Light Amethyst)

1.5  feet Crystal Fireline – 6 lb. test

Size 11 or smaller Beading Needle

*Additional – 2 Ear wires for Earrings, 3 grams 15/0 seed beads for Ring band

*Tools: Needle nose or chain nose pliers, Thread Burner or Scissors

You may change the colors of your beads but not the bead sizes due to the nature of the project.





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