Love sweets? Learn how to make Brazilian Brigadeiro!

Laura Homet, crafts lover, foodie & passionate traveller

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9 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • What's brigadeiro?

    • Brigadeiro: classic recipe

    • Brigadeiro: 3 flavoured recipes

    • Palha italiana

    • Strawberry & brigadeiro tart

    • Troubleshooting

    • Choosing your project

    • Thank you!


About This Class

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"What a great, creative, tasty and most of all sweet class. Laura, you have a real talent for teaching and expressing your love for food. Thanks for sharing these recipe. I'll try them as soon as possible."

by Elena Maria Manzini

"Loved it! Explained really well, and they look so yummy! Easy recipe, easy to follow. Thank you Laura!"

by Vivika Vaina

"Great class! It's really worth a try, even if you don't know what it is! ;) I love your friendly style, full of energy and your multi national background!!! :D"

by Sonja Schnatzer


Do you love sweets? Would you like to try something new that will quickly become one of your favourites? Or maybe you’re looking for a new treat to impress your family or friends?

Then you should check out this class, where you'll learn how to make the most popular sweet in Brazil, called Brigadeiro. Don't worry if you don't know what it is, as it is not very well-known outside Brazil. I like to think of it as the equivalent to Nutella or peanut butter for Americans. I’m sure you get the idea!

Brigadeiro is very sweet and creamy, and Brazilians eat it in many different ways: on its own, mixed with cookies, fruit, as a cake filling... just imagine how many other recipes you could come up with! It is so versatile that, once you learn all its secrets, you’ll be ready to start mixing it with your own favourite ingredients to create delicious treats.

You don't need to have any cooking skills to make it: this recipe is so easy and simple that even a child could do it (with some help from an adult, of course). You won't need any special ingredients or utensils either.

In less than 20 minutes, I'll show you how to make the classic Brigadeiro, plus three other flavoured brigadeiros. Then I'll give two examples of how to use brigadeiro in other recipes: making Palha Italiana (brigadeiro + cookies) and Strawberry & Brigadeiro tart.

Also, as you must have seen, I will be teaching my class in ENGLISH & SPANISH at the same time (with the help of subtitles) to make it easier for everyone to understand :)

You’re just one click away from becoming a Brigadeiro expert, so enroll in the class now and I’ll see you inside!


¿Te gustan los dulces? ¿Te apetece probar algo nuevo que rápidamente va a convertirse en uno de tus favoritos? ¿O quizás estás buscando un nuevo dulce para impresionar a tu familia o amigos?

Si es así, deberías echarle un vistazo a esta clase, donde vas a aprender a cocinar el dulce más popular de Brasil: el brigadeiro. No te preocupes si no lo conoces, ya que no es muy conocido fuera de Brasil. Podríamos decir que es el equivalente a la Nutella/Nocilla o a la mantequilla de cacahuete que los Americanos tanto usan. ¡Estoy segura de que te haces una idea!

El brigadeiro es muy dulce y cremoso, y los brasileños lo toman de muchas formas distintas: solo, mezclado con galletas o frutas, como relleno de pasteles... ¡Imagina cuántas otras recetas puedes inventar con él! Es tan versátil que, cuando conozcas todos sus secretos, podrás empezar a mezclarlo con tus ingredientes favoritos para crear unos dulces deliciosos.

No necesitas tener grandes conocimientos de cocina para hacerlo: es una receta tan fácil y sencilla que incluso un niño podría seguirla (con un poco de ayuda de un adulto, claro). Tampoco vas a necesitar ingredientes o utensilios especiales.

En menos de 20 minutos te enseñaré a hacer el brigadeiro clásico, además de otros 3 brigadeiros de sabores. Después, te mostraré dos ejemplos de cómo usar el brigadeiro en otras recetas: haciendo Palha Italiana (brigadeiro y galletas) y Tarta de brigadeiro con fresas.

Como habrás visto, voy a dar mi clase en Inglés y Español al mismo tiempo (con la ayuda de subtítulos) para que todo el mundo pueda seguirla fácilmente.

Estás a tan sólo un click de convertirte en un experto en Brigadeiro, así que apúntate a la clase ahora y ¡nos vemos dentro!

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Well explained. I am looking forward to trying it.
Wow! I don´t know which one to try first. They all look soooooo delicious. Very nice explanations Laura. Congrats. Keep up the good work.
Yummy!! Easy and Fun! And well explained too :)
Isa Bel

Children Illustrator





Laura Homet

crafts lover, foodie & passionate traveller

My name is Laura and I'm originally from Barcelona, in Spain, but I've been living in Brazil for a while now so I thought it was a good idea to teach how to make the most popular sweet in this country to begin my Skillshare series "Sweets of the world".

I am a passionate traveler who's been living in many different countries for the past years, and I always try to learn how to cook at least one local recipe from where I am, that I like to incorporate on my daily cooking. In my first cl...

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