Love Attraction Secrets: Become an Irresistible Love Magnet for Unconditional Love

Trinise Kennedy, Irresistible Love Attraction Coach

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5 Videos (15m)
    • Love Attraction Secrets: Class Intro

    • Love Attraction Secrets: Class Content

    • Love Attraction Secrets: Self-Love Visualization

    • Love Attraction Secrets: Class Project

    • Love Attraction Secrets: Love Yourself: My Sample Self-Love Project


About This Class


Every woman wants to feel loved. We don’t all get love. But we all want it! This class teaches you how to stop shaming your body and start loving it.

You absolutely cannot attract a loving boyfriend, partner or husband until you start loving yourself. It just won't happen!

Until then you'll have the illusion of a decent relationship that ends in disappointment every time. But, you can fix that problem by joining this self-love class.

How can you love yourself when you’ve been love starved for so long? Begin with your body. By being able to love your body, you’re getting into the high vibration of unconditional love.

There is no other way to be truly loved than by loving yourself first. So go ahead and enroll in this class NOW and make it happen!





Trinise Kennedy

Irresistible Love Attraction Coach

Trinise L. Kennedy "the Law of Attraction Goddess," Transformational Leader and Author is a self-love coach to women who are ready to receive unconditional love.

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Learn how to finally love yourself.

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