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Loose watercolour floral composition.

teacher avatar Vinaya Muralidharan, Artist and instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Class essentials

    • 3. Brush strokes, splatter and blending

    • 4. Painting the flowers and understanding composition

    • 5. Adding leaves to the picture

    • 6. Adding details to the centre of the flower

    • 7. Class conclusion

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About This Class

This class contains step by step instructions on how to create gorgeous floral composition that is unique to the day you're practicing. Since it relies heavily on watercolour splashes, the end result is always a pleasant surprise,.

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Vinaya Muralidharan

Artist and instructor


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1. Introduction to the class: Hello, everyone. I am denial and will come to my foreskin shape class. I'm an artist, an instructor, mother, and I welcome you want to buy space where I taken to this types he will need to create this beautiful floral photo composition us. When today's cast they will be learning some brush strokes, some a little bit off splattering techniques. The basic floral composition off picture. Andi also went on my planning techniques. So with that little introduction, let's just dive right into the class. 2. Class essentials: So what you see in front a few other materials that you will be needing for today's class. So first and foremost, you will need watercolor paper, which is what this is the blind I have used for today. This is something I've owned my local stores, offices of size. If I it's right and it's to 25 GSM. So this is what I'm using for today. School pressed. So it's white, which is great. The other supplies every needles off course, Mixing Ballard toe makes the colors. So the things that I'm using to dio Rose matter about spectrum on Dwight. This is a Chinese right, but I, Julie Julie, recommend he used titanium white. The store did not have any white left in stock, and that's why I caught this. Next you have these two things are literally life without them. So that's the odd spectrum. Australian green going on guard spectrum, Australian leaf dark dream. So these are two. Carlos. We'll also be using a round brush. This is you can use around rush any wrong brush of size six. You can use a more pressure even though not this is from Paul Reubens is samu is going to use it for splattering. You may or may not have the stippling brush. This is just for the center. Off the flowers. If you don't have this totally fine, not mandatory. Actually, this whole art can be done with just a round brush of size six. Everything else is really a luxury. Next is this another round brush of size three? So I recommend that using these two brushes, I think you can finish the picture. This is only because it has better water retention so good for splattering. Otherwise, I just uses for landscapes never, ever uses for Florence with these two are really not mandatory. Next, I have a fine mist sprayer in whichever I did. Oh, I've make some off this Carlo. Any media tightly concentrated and then I'll be using this Spanish from our pillows feeds with Beeston palette. I'll be using this and this color for the flowers and then I'll be mixing both of these for some off the leaves. Just love to green color there, Onda. We, of course, need a paper trouble. You can use a kitchen paper travel. I just You really prefer cloth one, and then you need a glass of water. I usually have to glasses off water oneness for washing the brush, and one is for mixing paint. So two glasses of water on this particular car color is imperial violet from the Japanese brand called Gun C Town. Be, I think. But you can use any other violet color, so these are pretty much the materials we we need for today's cuss. 3. Brush strokes, splatter and blending: So before we proceed to the class, I would just like toe understand that, Um it's always better. We know what brush we are working with. Like, for instance, the main rushes which we are working with us, like the round off size six and size three. So just take a moment before you start to just practice some strokes that you will be needing. So some of the bash brushstrokes that you will be needing in this class are like a C a coma , inverted comma and another See, this is the most common stroke. We use it for flowers and believes so with smaller. It looks like this, if it's in the middle, will have a little bit bigger. Yeah, So these other strokes you'll be needing also, I really recommend you to try this with both the brushes. So you have so that you just know what you can expect from your brush. Okay, so just practice this stroke, which is cc. Just practice it in all angles down side right door. Just take a moment to really understand what you just can help you with. Next is also take a minute, especially for the green and the leaves if you have to make drinks and suggest practice. Thes strokes night in Dagnall curve. So 123456 These are the strokes, but you need to practice with both brushes quickly moving onto leaves using the brush stroke technique. Just do a diagonal line. Yeah, wiggle it. We gonna brush a bit to get this gorgeous leave And then in the center, you may want to add a darker color just to give dimension to believe. So here I'm using those trailing by Gene the same thing, if you'd with small law, you have a small leaf. If you do a broader, you will have Ah, broadleaf. So just with the same brush and different strokes you can really produce at least like 7 to 8 type of leaves. Next is if you just go. If you hold it like this like a point, pull and drag. You'll have a Tina leave. Yeah, so just kind of practice. Lose. See this? This is lose. This is tight. So practice different strokes using both your brushes for the flowers. It seems if you have difficulty in getting the bettors right, I have just a tip So go with oh, has as a senior broaden the base of the mole and narrow the base of the head. So originally, that's how you go. So there you have a flower better just on Carlo to the bees and spread it evenly. This is the kind off battle we're going to be using for the bigger flooring for the small, low Fla. Just little did apples. Foley's so all of all relieved flop off relieved. Four leave for bacterial flower. Just add a little the same time. So and now one of the most important techniques between using this gas is a bet on bed blending technique, the most popular form of watercolor technique, and rightfully so because it gives the most beautiful watercolor effect that one could hope to achieve. So the first this is start with a base color in my case, light pink awash from dark to light in the place where you wanted to be a little dark. Add a little more color while the people still read and just drag down that Kahlo don't an extra colleges dragged on that color. Believe it. Any sport which is unhappy with this war shoe brush wipe it down the doorbell and lift off any excess Kyle. So the base layer is the lightest. Second, I have a little dark authorities in this particular compassionate lease. I love to use Violet so back. So that's it. Think so. Some off you may ask that. Why can't we just use one color and then use Violet? Why do we have to have that middle car? So here it's not very evident, but let me show you again. So if you have so this is a beast color that I've used. Next I have a transient Kahlo, and then I do. While it you can see that in some places, though, the end earlier shows up, and it's only during those times in a painting that you yearly Julie Oh, Julie admired effect a transition color brings. It's almost like for again my makeup reference here, but it's almost like applying an eye shadow. You do the base color, then you go for a little transient. Cano. You know it doesn't do much, but it just that little thing Richard really like. And then you go for a dark horse. So when you see this, you can see that there's not just two, but there are three shades or three kind of Hughes that really add to the effect of watercolor. Now the last thing what I want to mention is just try. Take a minute. This is a fun, but just take a minute to dip your moderation challenges. Practice some splashes. Plan to some splashes on violence. Pleasures are still red. Take something and use the splashes as a center off the flower. Inform these little beautiful, beautiful battles out off them. This is the technique we will be using in today's class. So, um, if you're not sure, it really helps a small If you practice a little bit in the evening, said this is technique used to splash to tell you what you need to pain. So they looked like flowers centers to me. So I'm gonna just take advantage and just use make flowers around them. And then I'm also going to take a very, very light wash and just use dabbles. But when you just dabble it on the people, But when you see as a whole, day will look like a flower cluster double level level. No strokes if you can see em just using plain water and using the floor the splashes down to give that translucent quality toe my composition. Just dabbling. It may not be perfect in the beginning, but you'll definitely with practice. You'll get there on in the same time. I just want to hinder. Think just to let us let the viewer know that there are flowers. These are just not random strokes of pedals. And that little saint oh, really helps the one composition, so that's about it. 4. Painting the flowers and understanding composition: better start doctoral law painting. So as you may already know, if you've seen my picture on Instagram are always start with a splatter. That's just my style on normally What I do is I used the again or liver color burst Like for instance, I'm just showing you the color orchid I splatters this powder wherever I want like strategy Klay And then if I miss Prio to just play and then it creates is beautiful splatter. But I unscented most riff You may not have the water color pigment powders I'm the schoolers. I'll show you how you are to your very, very similar results using ah fine Miss Preah mixed with that color I have mixed imperial violent Hello. I'm also using a more brush and taking a nice, generous ah, job off color. And I'm just going to use it to spray someone on a little bit of water here looking to do about three flowers like, you know, diagonal position. So I just want I want to spray Toby more concentrated on this area and from bleeders so that as a whole, the picture looks good. So with that in mind letters, let me just show you how to do it. You was priests, priests, platters, Blatter's plateau. This is so much fun. If you concerned about your work situation, then just like put some waste people or something. Okay, I'm gonna just I think I am happy with this plateau. No one will go ahead with the fine mist really filled with pigment. And yeah, that's the base we're gonna work with. See, the paper is still wet. What I'm going to do is quickly take this rose madder mixed with right, Andi Juiced. Drag the brush, take some water. Then I'm going to go ahead with a darker like the rules model without the white to give it that beautiful ingredient and then get going to lead it up with a little bit in cleaving violet. Notice how between I just clean my brush with water. Okay, You can also use this. Aren't Philosophy Bay still Balaj the big come and now I'm going to go for the second battle. It's very actually very, very similar to those minder. You can also go to bright things. It's totally up to you. The colors you want to use. I would I think I would I prefer a little dark helping then would have done No. Something's gonna go back to you and just you try to get the most beautiful like greedy into effect pople and planning to use towards the center then displayed it. Of course I see this apartment off. What are you? I won't do that. I want a little bit of Darko. Think you're so just go ahead with Let it be going to do that another time. So this battle is going to be dark purple because as you see this platters still where they provide the beautiful purple hue. So, the same day, I really wanted to be dog. So going with heavy pigment in the same tone and trying to keep their just as blended as possible so that we have another. We have one flower. So using the same technique, we're going to create many flaws as we like, used the mobile off this plateau toe ad that really in perfect d deal that actually Indian makes everything so beautiful going to think so. Because I have added a little off. Think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the pink from this pile. It on time. We're all just platter a bit off pink because I just want it all to just, like, tie together. So I'll just splatter a little bit off pink, and then after this lap, we're just going to lie. Please just rub the brush in some areas just in perfect. Look that we I always go for us forward and just do the tar flower by myself. Okay, Be with that. No, Next one really do is I'm just gonna have a close look at the splatters, and I'm gonna see if there is, um, like some off the splatters. Old arenas flaws. And I'm gonna work with its natural shape if you understand what I'm trying to say. So for me, this resemble the central for flan. Such is working small rounds. Small, small, tiny, tiny goes around that And if you're using light thing, it's gonna dark enough a bit because of the absolute gorgeous poor people off that splatter . So just work with that. You were here are just just gonna throw in a bunch of popular flats there. They will makes me think it's OK. The thing is, if it's in perfect, it's OK because the intention. If your intention for your painting is going to be in perfect, then it's gonna look beautiful that way. That sister is what you're going for today. So now I have created some darker washes. I'm gonna create some light flows, just a random strokes off battles discovered random, random, random strokes of letters. They need to look very, very messy. It's similar to the messy head. Oh, I think. And I want them to just get lighter here its own. You're giving them some night. Now, if you see none, these strokes are very loose there. Not to find it all. In fact, I'm just doubling the brush, not even aiming for strokes. Next is you can decide what is what do you want the same to drift off, Toby? I just prefer, like, a little bit off. Think so. I'm just gonna add a little riddles being just to give that Onda center definition and I'll be doing it for some flowers because, you know, we wanted to be very, very loose. And that's the light. So just a bit just a bit of pink, just a hint of pink. But it may 5. Adding leaves to the picture: so I didn't leaves in the right place are a great way to enhance your composition even for their and make it look all last years. Beautiful. So let's see. So what I have in mind for this particular oh, images I'm gonna have, like, a nice pick foliage of leaves here on Dhere and then add a bit off leaves here, here, and you know, wherever you feel it is right. Let's get so I'm taking the Australian green goal. I just love and I'm pretty much obsessed with this green, so just taking it. And just like first, I just want to create rough or rough form kind of sketch on how I wanted to be so that do you know, I get an idea with my composition very, very loose. Look at the way I'm holding the brush it almost towards the end off the brush so that I don't apply any pressure. Also, you want some stems and twigs and all in between these plaster off Laura's because the tone that's how they're probably collected. So I usually mix at least two green sheet because the act of the dead so here's a gives an interesting thing our observed so always. If you want your painting to be more expressive, just use theory is shades of the same color. So you will notice that instead of one green only a simple as if you use two greens, it will look up. It'll look more dimensional than using this one green. That is one thing which I have learned practicing watercolor for so many months is that just use more colors and more shades and values to discrete that advise. It'll just be a flat painting. It's basically like applying foundation without you're using foundation on your full face and you're not bronzing it or whatever. So it just looks that if you know what I mean. I mean, if you're into makeup, not that right? Not that I use makeup, but I watch a lot a lot of YouTube tutorials with respect America. I just enjoy watching them to. So now that I'm done with the beasts basic structure of the news, I'm just gonna go ahead and feel them up. So using my strokes to start with the lighter green, use a little bit off Darko Green towards the boat, and I love the water to do the magic. That's a based part about watercolor that I love. I absolutely love how, like, literally water takes if done right. Of course, water takes your idea. I'm just creates magic. You don't know if everyone feels that way, but I certainly do. Many, many big artists have told her Watercolor is the most difficult medium to work with, and I agree. But it is the most magical medium to work with because in addition to the artist doing his magic or her magic on paper, the water on the paper does magic toe, which I don't think it's possible in any other form off media. So now I have done take broad take leaves here, so I am going to do the same broad, thick leaves here is, well, just toe have some symmetry. Just use whichever cleans you warned. But as I said before, let them have some dimension that them have. Okay, even if you're using the same, she'd let them have different values so that they just look good. So I have take leaves your after Cleaver. I may want a couple of them here because, you see, I have a lot of empty space, which I'd like to cover them up. Put blow the leaves on Sometimes even if they go over your flat don't body. It's just it's just again. It's gonna be perfect, as you can see in the style of painting. Even if there are mystics and rob plenty, it's all gonna be okay in the end. Finally, the user is able to see with how much love and joy you have created this and really, that's all that matters. So add a couple of take strokes where you thing, that it would be appropriate. I think I can add one or two leaves here because just to tie the whole thing together and the same applies for your I'm just gonna add a few tick leaves. And now I think, since we're done with the tickle yes, I'm just going to use 10 leave strokes now soon. So if you see there's a good pattern going on, big flash small flies believe smaller leaves so that the overall on position looks. Thank you. Very beautiful. I mean, just adding 10 light shrugged off leaves. Yeah, greed. So I think, and the land like one larger one year, because I'm trying toe at some Say my dream, Do this otherwise So a symmetrical piece. Nuytinck. I lied. Another different Gerald Green. Which is this From the art philosophy piece To that I use a little bit of this orange with this turquoise Serena. Absolutely love toe Carlo, that it comes out of it. So, you know, I'm gonna end. Um, a little rounder leaves because all the leaves are narrow, so I'd like a little bit roundness and leaves, and I'm gonna like it. Same. Just use variation in your Carlo in your leave story in your Apollo would have been talking about you. It is your self creation use lose. Lord knows trucks because I just want to capture the spirit off. Happy spring, sundry flowers. Nothing two defined, nothing toe overwhelming. Just you see? No, I'm going crazy, and I'm just kind off. So I suggest you don't do this right away because, um, the thing is, I go really lose sometimes with my strokes. And if you're comfortable doing that, go for it. Other ways used to find strokes, which ever you find most comfort and go for that. Now I see that there are absolutely no blonde to this in the media, which kind of looks a little unrealistic. Nice. Which is gonna add? Posing literally dance twigs. Okay, so now the finish off the being ding pound is going toe dab in some boards right in the center. Actually, you know what? I'm just gonna leave it. I don't like them. So I'm just gonna blend it and do, though baked goods. Or you could just lift it, lift it off. People that worked, I think I just give it, like, a defined Thank you. Lending off the edges. Yeah. So I think there we have the final bees. I'm really usually like how that turned out. 6. Adding details to the centre of the flower: Okay. The painting has tried and I see that I would love to Adeline rid of center details. So I'm gonna take just just stippling brush. Use a little bit of this purple. Get some paint on this. He just go ahead and steeple up the same time. A lot of water through in the next six hotel execs exists water stooping off the center. And I think there are three poison all of the bedrooms to keep. Yeah, yeah, I like, you know. 7. Class conclusion: so using this very technique what you've learned, you will be able to create a numerous amount outward like this. Who's this is a very creepy. This is a cream paper that I'm using. That look style comfort, right. This You can also add Inc to kind of defined the edges provided white. These are some off the compositions that I have created using this technique. I love the sickening. This is totally my stone and behead explores thesis technique and upload your projects in the project section. I would love to see them on. Do, um yeah. Thank you for taking my class. Thank you for watching my skill shake lives. Please do Give me a review. Our let me know what you think about this class.