Loose watercolor techniques: Let’s learn how to paint beautiful loosen watercolor city street café | Nitin Singh | Skillshare

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Loose watercolor techniques: Let’s learn how to paint beautiful loosen watercolor city street café

teacher avatar Nitin Singh, Let's fall in love with watercolor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art supplies you need

    • 3. Getting start with sketch

    • 4. First layer

    • 5. Second layer - Part 1

    • 6. Second layer - Part 2

    • 7. Third layer

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About This Class


About this watercolor class

This watercolor class is all about making watercolor art joyful, and eliminating fear while making watercolor paintings. This watercolor class teaches you how to paint watercolor city streets, random human figures (impression), and equipping all watercolor beginners to paint their desired subject. A uniquely crafted easy step by step process for maximum learning. This class is highly recommended for intermediate watercolor beginners who wish to take this skill to next level. The most basic fundamental you can expect from this class is to play with colors fearlessly. As a watercolor artist, i believe fear is the only instance which has been stoping many watercolor beginners to move forward. I am sure, after this class many watercolor aspirants will cheer to go ahead and succeed on this amazing art medium. Look forward to have you in this class and some of your awesome watercolor project after taking this class. Best wishes...

What you will learn:

At the end of this watercolor class, you should be familiar with

  • How to quickly draw the subject
  • Watercolor drawing composition 
  • Color mixing harmony
  • Watercolor layering
  • Understand light and shades
  • Random human figures
  • Depth & light

Prerequisite Knowledge:

You should have basic understanding of watercolor principle and color theory. Moderate drawing skill is helpful. Apart from that, what is most important thing required is your high spirits and enjoy this process.

Required Art supplies:

  • Watercolor paper (quarter sheet)
  • Watercolor tubes
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Paper tape (to mount paper)
  • Hard board for painting surface
  • Pencil
  • Dry cloth
  • A bowl of water
  • Watercolor palette

Please check other watercolor class:

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Cheers & happy watercoloring!

Nitin Singh

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitin Singh

Let's fall in love with watercolor


Many of us has great potential to look at the world with our own perspective, wisdom and creativity. We all have great ability of mental visualization, and trying to construct those abstract mental pictures into reality. I think It’s a beautiful feeling being a creator and coloring our own world.

My name is Nitin Singh and I love enabling you to fall in love with watercolor art. A motivator and a teacher who believes that watercolor is not about learning it's process or technique alone, but it's a beautiful journey which brings infinite joy to our living. I warmly welcome you to be part of this journey with me, let’s learn to create your expression through watercolor art and expand your creative awareness. Welcome to my class!



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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is not insane on dime A watercolor artist working on this medium form a decade now I love teaching. I love De Chu article or, you know, on on skills there. I have quite a few classes available skills there on this particular class. I'm going to teach you this. So this is basically it's a kind of for the story you are. No, you know. So what? It's inspired me. Eso The whole idea is toe give you an information. How toe? You know how to go ahead. Make a such kind off. You know the city life for probably your neighbor hold are creating any any ambience, something like this. So in this plan you will be learning how to approach the completion. How toe create watercolor painting in a three different layers on those things are really excites you. So I hope you will have a great time going toe this class So I welcome all of you Toe, please join this class on uh on Hafun Create awesome watercolor. So seal there Andan Have fun 2. Art supplies you need: politics. So before even we start with this class. So let's faster. No understand what all the art supplies we need for this class. The very first thing, what we need is we need this hard boulder where you can keep your paper. Okay, so this board is important s so you can get it. Any art supplies store on the second thing. You need it. Said this paper. So this is the water cooler. Deeper you can you can absolutely free to choose any browned you want. So get that on. The size of this paper is imperial science. So it's kind of a four size people on, uh, you need You need to have people tape, right? So what it does is with this people, Basically, you you take this people, Onda, you actually moderate like this, like this, looking like this. So you need to mount it in all four corners. Okay. Eso for that. You need this, people t you will. You'll need to harbor Bruce. Yeah. So I have these PC Ambrose's. So you are absolutely free to have any sort of brust. Make sure that you have. You should have in a videos and off the bus. Eso these are like on a large mob. Russ is the medium one on some of those are the smaller, you know. Tend, brushes, leaders. You also need to have a dignified pencil. Support the drawing. Onda. You also need to have a razor on the softener on all the basic thing. You also need thes tubes, the watercolor tubes. So nothing specific to brown. So whichever brown you are currently are having. So definitely you came to school with those, but yeah, I don't go for the kick. You know, the cakes ape are all of those you need to have. You need to have three. The Duke one the it has it has actually got a liquid. The same will equate coloring into this on have one color palette. Onda, keep your all the colors on this one. I just as you know, as I mentioned that you don't need to have in a similar kind of late. You know, you need to pick any plea toe. You're comfortable Weight darkroom work. You also required to have ah, dry plot. That's a tortoise. Uh, you can you can get a clean one, but anyway, is going to be dirty, right? So this plot is basically for marking your cross. You know, it's a mopping the extra water into this. I have one. No, no. Continue for water to keep your clean water, which is going to be dirty again. S o that one of the things you need. So I think I covered most of them. These are the primary. No, You know the art supply. You need to start with watercolor. So I hope you have all of those shop. Not so. Please go and get that All those little I mentioned all of these my heart supplies on. Then we'll go ahead with the drawing, right? So let's go ahead on. We'll do drawing first. 3. Getting start with sketch: so I'm going to do is S O. This is imperial science paper even. See, it's an A four size people on. Duh. I'm going to compose this my story. So the story is like another one when building. And just below that, there is one. You know, coffee saw people around so kind of for your story. So what I'm going to do here is I'm just making ah burning here. So, um, again, this is absolutely, uh my imaginative, uh, you know, the work. So this is the building. It's not imaginative. I've just seen things kind of for, you know? No, the story. I mean, Thea ambience on the similar thing. I just wanted to create it, So I do remember I memorized that. So that is open. Uh, you know the board. I can see it's ah de Sol de. So Onda, Uh, that's a building, actually. You know, these are the windows, maybe second for grilled, and it's a three story building on, uh, that is so cannot be here. Excuse me. Andi, people are here. This people are here. They're just talking this outside of the cotton salt on, uh, to see how actually, you know, approaching the subject. I'm just making a very random I'm not making a very obvious human and all that. It just, like, kind of impression, right? Sold. I don't want to make any much thing here. Maybe here. Some, um, a far distance. There are few more building on, that's all. Okay, so does the story we have. 4. First layer: introduce the color balance. This is Ah ha Jin Ploo. This is a gain ultimate and blue on. This is the sap green, yellow, ocher, bun, sienna, orange. And this is Sapio and red. I'll be also using somewhere black color on. Uh, yeah, so I'll just keep myself a very limited color. So I am just taking this ultimate and ultramarine blue. This is the the process. Let I'm doing so. I want to make this at the sky here. So have distinct activity. A lot off water, a little bit off color. Okay. And, uh, let's put it like this. And I wanted to give some variation, right? So I just taken that yellow occur Wait on loss of water. I just put it like this be very free with the important factors you need to be very free. A lot of people scared doing anything on. That's that is, actually, you know, that is something you need to welcome your fear. So I'm using this bond sienna for this building on. Uh so the moment I'm coming down here, I'll be using a little dogs while mix this, you know, discolor ultramarine blue. So it gets a little various. Do it. Note. Onda, Uh, this I said itself holding this sign board off the bullet for the coffee salt. So I want to make that's awesome. Different color I made use the scholar. That's perfectly fine. Okay? And no, the scandal p I can use Well, very bright. No, I again walk a little bit in the background on, uh, just below this. I need to make a little darker because the dark is something required here because it this subject has to overcome What? So still, Lord Doc. So I will be using bun Sienna on ultramarine blue to make the sky more dark. And I leave this three human crowd out there. Right? So I need the white space. 5. Second layer - Part 1: so now even see our our our first layer is completely dried. And now this is a time where you need to start with the second year. So what I'm going to do here is, uh I'm just taking this ultimate and blue. Can you see this Ultramarine blue here? So I'm just taking that little darker color of, you know, darker color at this time, Onda, Uh, me on. I'm just lying there. Okay, Onda, I'm also used one sienna for the roof. So let's talk here and I leave this window, uh, summer first layer. And as you can see here, I'm just using ultra But, uh, once, you know, because our firstly having the bond sienna color. Right? And that's what the thought I'm just misc mixing a little bit of for when Sienna. Here again. The swindle. Okay, there we have. That's when this sign good off this coffee's up and just keep it like this. And now we have to walk on despite art like there are some other buildings. So which is slightly far. So what we need to do here, So we just need to take more water a little bit off color So it light color here at this time forfend. And I'll just leave this space here because I wanted toe depict the light. Doesn't something like so lots off water puts a little color or darker color. Not much like this. And, uh, just bring over to dust here like a taco this time. - Okay , so this deal here, you're OK. You got that process? Um, no, we just need to walk on a little walk. Just but more color here, because currently, the sculler is not so much off bright, So we need to make a little bride. So, under Susan, just two colors. I would I know we have. This cannot be. So, um, again, hum using this, But it's a blue on just making to 6. Second layer - Part 2: you need to give a lot of death. So here again, the same process, lots of theft. - So when you're doing this, if you want getting up of a interesting you know, um, texture, what you need to do is take a lot of water at the same time, a lot off color. Also on top of it. Just do like this. So you see often interesting talk show with your march. So the light source of the light is from here. And that's what you are getting this lighter seeds here more exposure to the sun so that all the seeds goes toward the right side. Space Lee, these people, which will make very shortly. So these guys So I'm just working on them right now. It's a very random people. So when you work on that, I'm keeping a funny less water on my gross. Don't this saddle still this white test going to be No. You know, this gentleman wearing dog cooler band on may be to wear the suit on Saturday. A Normand. This currently looks very not so obvious, but we walk on that Don't food just joined us, so the entire focus has to go this area. Okay, so the next what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to make the head off people their herd. So I'm just sticking directly from the stoop on a just a line, I think. No. Here. This area, we can also make a call more for this loss of people there in the background. These people are just enjoying the time hanging around whole. Right? So this is where we need to stop us. A second layer. A lot of things are still wet, so we need to calm down on Duh. Say yourself. Okay. You know, stop. Let this dry on. Once this completely get try District that that should not be any moistures 100 times. So what? This could dry. You know, we can go ahead for the tortilla, and that is going to be a final layer. Well, this painting 7. Third layer: All right, so now we have to walk a little bit there. So we're not going toe walk much here because we wanted to give more importance to this area. So this is going to be of your focal point. Uh, so do to do this. I again Well, didn't sa ultramarine blue mixing work bun sienna on a little bit of for, you know, walk window. We need to make it a little darker here, and, uh, they have a need to help work. Call it. No, maybe. Okay, I can't give a little more. Saddle here off roof. And now come back to this. This enabled this, Do you salt? So I'll save do you Saturday's love. You don't need to. I mean, unless so you really want to make this off This? That would be pretty much OK with this. So I'm just sticking again. So most of the time I'm using that. You can see ultramarine blue and mixing that burnt sienna. So here, really, to people to see staving off this right? So the east the light is for coming from the side. So here we we need to give for great about, you know, your savings. Okay, on, uh, come back to this portion. You have to dust. So currently, I'm using kind of dry technique because I've not taken much water on my brush, so I'm just taking Come on on. I'm just a little bit more. No mopping, Bruce. And that's how you get to this. You know the texture. A lot of people are steamed. Ha the textual worlds to make that texture. So this is how we get it, right? Okay, Now we need to give the name off this here also in Affirmed. So what? I'm going to do it. I will use directly the white Do your taste. Okay. You know, these guys are actually we give I like Children there, the electric bull and all that. So here you can see you can. Big Doctor, You're I need some shit also and up with some. Why Just be very form. Don't do like this like this. Just take it on board like that. A lot of wires going. I mean, this wedding soon, But this is the time when we say ok, that's stop. Don't do that much. Oh,