Loose watercolor florals - DIY easy bookmarks ( 6 different styles ) | Viddhi Saschit | Skillshare

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Loose watercolor florals - DIY easy bookmarks ( 6 different styles )

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Materials required + how to make deckled edge paper

    • 3. Bookmark no - 1

    • 4. Bookmark no - 2

    • 5. Bookmark no - 4

    • 6. Bookmark no - 3

    • 7. Bookmark no - 5

    • 8. Bookmark no - 6

    • 9. Additional lesson - Materials required to enhance your bookmark

    • 10. Method 1 - Using gold leaves

    • 11. Method 2 - Using metallic watercolor

    • 12. Method 3 - Using Karin markers

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to paint loose watercolour floral in 6 different ways. The final projects is to paint DIY bookmarks but you can choose to paint the projects In your sketchbook for practice. 


This class focuses on techniques for beginners in watercolour and a lot of tips on composing floral elements in a very limited space. Here is what you will learn from this class 

  • How to paint simple bookmarks with floral design
  • 6 different floral styles 
  • Color palette suggestion for each floral design 
  • Composition tips for arranging floral elements 
  • How to enhance your floral bookmark with additional supplies like using gold leaf, metallic watercolour and markers. 

By the end of the class, you will have gorgeous floral bookmarks all painted by you. It’s a very easy and simple class to follow with clear instructions where you can paint along with me. 

I hope you enjoy this class. If you did, let me know in the feedbacks. I would really appreciate that.

Cheers and gratitude,

Viddhi Saschit 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the class: Bookmarks are very fun and easy to fein. You can either paying them for your own personal focus, our add them as additional gifts for your customers. Or you can also give them to your friends and family. Today, in this class, I'll be teaching you how you can pay those floral watercolor bookmarks all by yourself. Welcome to the class. I'm the D Such as an artist and founder of limitless. I loved teaching floaters and I've thought a lot of floral classes on skill share, including this master class, where you can learn how to paint 40 different floral elements. If you are interested to check more of my classes on culture, you can visit my teaching profile on scholarship and also follow me on Twitter. If you want to get notified of new classes. In this class, I'll be teaching how to paint six different styles of Bookmark. Each of them will be unique and will beat thoughts step-by-step along with the color palette lesson so that you can follow and paint along with me with a polos that I'm using. You can end up being these projects as bookmarks or simply just paint in your sketch book for practice. So make the class more interesting. I've added base on how you can enhance your bookmarks by adding gold leaves and then using some metallic water column. It's going to be a very fun and a beautiful applies. And by the end of the class you will have very fragile bookmarks painted all by yourself. I'm so excited to be fainting and sharing my skills for you in this class today. From joined with me. 2. Materials required + how to make deckled edge paper: The materials that are required for this class is very simple. You need any set of watercolor beans. I'll be using the art philosophy, tropical palette, along with other Carlos added. And I'll be using just one single brush refers Princeton size 600 bid CDs for painting, although bookmarks, you can choose any brush that you're comfortable with. And for papers, I've got the watercolour papers into Bookmarks size. And I really loved pterodactyl edge edges because they give a very nice look to the bookmarks. So I'll just show a quick way how you can turn any watercolor paper into decal edge before. So what you do is just fold the paper like this, who would towards size that you want. And then instead of bearing from the side you folded. Just added from the opposite side of value, folded it so that you will get this nice and beautiful beckoned edges. While tearing the paper will be a little bit patient and careful while telling because refuges rachet or tethered to fast, though, people might just have fairly sharp tone angles which you may not want. So to have a perfect and a need to make sure that you do it ready patiently. You can repeat the same with the desktop, the sheets. And if you don't know yet, I am a big fan of Decal edge papers and I really loved them for all my art books because it enhances the beauty of the painting. Now we have a beautiful bunch of technical edge papers and are ready for lovely watercolor bookmarks. So let's begin and I hope you found it helpful on how to make any paper into decimal edge paper, very useful. 3. Bookmark no - 1: The first bookmark that we'll be painting as his beautiful yet very simple, easy lose floral bookmark. The colors that we'll be using a speech, warm yellow, medium pink, step convene and jangled green. Now don't worry if you don't have exact same colors, you can choose any color palette that you wanted to paint with. To begin with, paint some large lose flowers in yellow and peach color. Since it's a loose flub, a bookmark, you don't have to be stressed awarded about painting perfect flowers just like your Brush Dance and let it loose. And in the end, everything is just going to turn out perfectly. So I'm just spreading out the yellow flowers on the bookmark like this and in between allowed some feeds flowers. If you don't have the peach color palette, you can either get it by adding a lot of water to orange color, which really give a nice peach color. Or you can just simply add a little bit of white, orange and a very tiny dot of yellow and mix it up. And you will have a very nice beach Kahlo. Painting may speech Flo was in between the yellow flowers so that the colors are balanced. And it'll look a little bit compost. Once you're done painting the flowers now, it's time to add some color in the center of the flower for which I'm chosing. A way nice pink color which will be in contrast with the yellow and the Ph flow was after adding the centre. The next part is to paint some leaves for leaves. I'm just painting and Verdi random direction. And trying to fill the gaps in between the flood was, it would be really great if you could vary the shades of green because this will enhance the painting and look more beautiful. You can also try and VD the size of the leaves so that it doesn't look very monotonous. Where I don't know what that is. Little bit of gap you can just fill in with some small leaves or some loose brush strokes. After painting the leaves, you might feel that there are some more gaps left for which what I would do is just add some dots here in the average will also balanced thinker load that we chose to paint in the center of the flower. So by doing this older empty gaps where you didn't want to add any elements will look more filled. And there we have offers bookmark painted wasn't very easy and simple to pain, yet. It looks so pretty and elegant. Let's paint the second one. 4. Bookmark no - 2: The second book mounted, we'll be painting is lose water colored roots. The color palette for this is like green, phone green and pink. Let's begin by painting some loose watercolor neurosis. If you don't have a very light doping, what you can do is just add a lot of water and the existing current sense of pink colour that you have. And you will get a very nice light doping shade for the outer area of sorrows. If you're a beginner and painting watercolors law was, and if you find painting grosses great difficulty, you can check out some of my previous floral pluses on skill share or a fusions, wanted to learn it very quickly. You can just go to my YouTube channel and learn how to paint watercolour roses and key different ways. And I'm sure that painting process will be very easy and fun afternoon watching that lava arrangement is almost similar with any type of flower that European, because the work space on the papers more than the hardest lot. So most of the composition would be painting Club was side-by-side and leaves some gaps in between where you can paint some leaves and add some filler words. You can see how loosely I'm just painting federals because it's a lose watercolors style can be very loose. It doesn't have to be perfect or good roads at all. After painting the roses. Now, I'll just add some loose leaves. Like you can see that I'm not focusing on painting perfect shape leaves it just like very loose brush strokes. The more loosely you paint the leaves and just let the brush stroke little prettier, your output will be. And while you're painting these leaves, you can baby with different shades of green. And also you can keep changing the proportion of the water in pain so you get some lighter leaves. If you add a lot of water. After painting fewer leaves, you'll get an idea that compose and fill out the rest of the space with some roses. I hope you are able to think these roses where the easily. And if you're still struggling with fainting losses, I think you can just pause for a moment and just observe how I'm painting these roses and how my brush is moving to paint these beautiful dresses. And I'm sure that will make it very easy for you. And the favorite part two, make the roses small software is to just add some clear water layer like this at the edge of the doors. And now we are almost done with the bottom part of the bookmarks. So you can just spin some leaves and add some fellows and complete the bottom part. And then more towards the top part again. You can add as many as details you want and the leaves like you can add more vanes and lines. But I would just like to keep things minimal. And the extra space, you can just add some dots. These are elements which will fill up the gaps ready easily. Now just dawning on the other side and added some roses and leaves and bookmark. All these smaller details will enhance the painting and make it look more elegant. I hope you enjoyed painting. Beautiful. Bookmark with me. Let's move onto the next one. 5. Bookmark no - 4: The next bookmark, which is the fourth bookmark we'll be painting today, is very similar to the previous one, but it has a different floated elements. The color palette for this, there's bright yellow, green, and light brown. The flowers I'll be painting and this is one of my favorite ways to paint these loose Legos. You observe, you can see that how loosely I'm painting these petals and end of the pedals. I mean, the edges of the Petrel doesn't have a proper shape or a protocol called affected just like very loose and random, which has lot of gaps in between each petal. And as I'm painting, I'm trying to give different shape and size for the flowers and also trying to paint these flowers and different directions like the first one that I painted looks like it's ADL view of tough logo. And the ones that I'm painting now it looks like it is the side view of the flower because the petals and the bottom are painted little small. So by reading the size of the petals like this, you can change the view angle of the flowers. I'm just spreading out some yellow flowers and just painting few. And then just adding some tiny little dots like this, which would look like some bads. And just adding a little bit of brown in the center of each flavor. And just like previously how we painted and fainting very thin and long branches for connecting each flower to the bottom. If you observed that we have like six flowers painted in this bookmark, and I'm not going to pull all and six branches for each flower towards the bottom. I'm just going to connect some smaller lines like this and try not to paying full lines. And by doing this, it will give of Rayleigh's draw and already lose effect. And after that, I'm just going to paint some leaves. The leaves that I'm painting is just really random shocks. And you can see just like few lines here and there. I think loosening of your brush strokes and painting it very loosely makes it look that a small playful and shows that you have enjoy painting this bookmark. That's why I think painting loose flag was it's one of my favorite because there is nothing called perfection. And that while adding more details and some leaves, just make sure that your headlights and enjoying to the fullest while painting this. Because I think that's more important than focusing on the final result. The joy of painting and creating something. Just adding some more final touches and somewhat details don't make it look more favored and feel almost done painting this. I hope you enjoyed painting this and already low STI. And let's move on to painting the next one. 6. Bookmark no - 3: The part bookmark that we'll be painting is very simple and easy with beautiful color palette. The color pilot we'll be using for this particular bookmark is speech, baby pink and red. Now let's begin by painting the bean flours for simple to pain. With these longer brush strokes. I'm just pulling these very Ten and long brush strokes and oil the bad action and making it into an flour. I'm not trying to focus on the exact same shape or the size of the bed. Good. I'm just painting a DRE randomly on all directions. I'll do the same and paint another flower would just about it. You can also vary the size of the flowers so that when you compose the other elements like the stems and the leaves, there'll be more space to really, with the size of the leaves and shapes. Isn't it though, very simple and easy flower. Now to make this clever look little more interesting, I'm just going to add a little bit of paint in the center while it is still, but now it looks like a flower. And then with the same color, I'm just going to paint some stems for the Flavell. I'm painting a very thin and gently and patiently. And I'm not trying to pain very straight up effect lines. It's basically like few crooked lines, riches joining Sharon Day. So by doing this, bring a very loose effect to your painting. And then in the same color, I'm just going to add a little bit more water to make it more lighter. And what should we make it look more like a stock doping and Beans somebody leaves. You can chose to paint the leaves and green color a few one. But I think with this beach and the colors that we are using soft leaves that would be great for a change. Just paint the leaves where the, where you feel like adding them. There is no right or wrong way to just paint them. And on the top I don't want to add a lot of leaves, so I'm just filling it with some random strokes like this. Just a few more strokes and some dynein is, and we are almost done with painting. This bookmark wasn't dead very simply to paint with just few elements. Yet it looks spreading Gentoo and elegant. After this, let's paint the next bookmark. 7. Bookmark no - 5: The next bookmark, which is the fifth book map, is this way beautiful lavender flowers and lovely puppet color. The color palette for this lab window, poeple, phone, green and light green. Let's begin by painting some beautiful windows for us. You can use any purple or violet color that you have. And in case if you don't have a ready by print, physically, you can just get it by saying crimson, red, ultramarine blue in a but clo proportion, which will give this gorgeous color. And to paint the lab window, it's just very simple straw, just imagine a line in the center and paint some strokes and each side like this. It doesn't have to be for fixed strokes. You can just find some very loose brush strokes like this. If you haven't painted lab Windows, but you can just try it in a rough Paypal and see how it works are another simple way is just imagine as if you're painting a misty fine, but not with those fine strokes, just with these lose round and flowers drops. You can pin three lab windows in each direction and one in the center and other two and each site. As you were painting in the bottom of the window flow where you can just add a little bit of Taco poeple Riches by adding weightless Watteau and more paint. And you'll get a radiation of the same Kahlo, which can make it look more interesting. Then next, religious pain, some green stem and attach these lab windows. After painting the stem pain, some very loose leaves like this. You can see how I'm painting long and lose leaves for the lab windows, unlike the other leaves that we painted for the previous bookmarks, which pray more shorter and more rounded. The windows and the leaves looks so pretty, but the dark part of the bookmark ADR looks little bit MV. So what I'm doing is just adding these brush strokes, which will look like windows in the background. So basically it's like adding a very lighter layer and the background. And then while that head is tilted bread just dropping a little bit of Taco wireless follow. So it looked like right in red and the colors will bleed. And you will get a very beautiful effect in the background. And you can also pain some strokes like this. And then with just clear water, you can then wash it off so that it gets into office. And for the bottom part also, you can do the same with the green colour. So very fun and an easy way to fill some empty spaces by not adding too many elements and making it look more gentle and thoughts. I hope you found this technique already used for the painting some of your future floral projects. And make the lavender flowers MOOC pop out. What I'm going to do after the initial layers of the flowers is dry, it I'm just going to add a second layer just in the bottom so that the colors look more vibrant and it uplifts the entire field of the bookmark. I am really in love with how this bookmark is turning out. And I think of all the bookmarks that have thought this is one of my favorites because it's so Ciofu and beautiful. I hope you enjoyed painting this rhythmic. Let's move on to the last bookmark. 8. Bookmark no - 6: The last one that we'll be painting is my second favorite because I really loved these loose flowers and bright orange colors. So the color palette for this will be orange, light green, and Polish bronze. To begin with, we'll paint some orange flag was first. These flowers are almost very similar to the birth of the Paeony. So to paint this, just paint some brown patterns like this, which is like an opening bud. And then add some smaller brush strokes on the top of the vectors. You can add more lighter colored orange petals on the outer side of the flower and keep the center one little dot. This will add variation of the color value. And the flower. You can fame more flowers like these by waving the angles and the size of the flower. Just keep it very loose and just let your brush dance as you faint. For the change, I'm just painting near leaves. Now I'm just adding some details to the bottom of the flower like this. So when we add the stem, It looks like it is connected with the flower. And for the stem, again, I'm just painting it ready gently and ready patiently. These thin lines. After painting the stem out, continue adding some leaves in a loose brush stroke and OK, so I'm changing and bathing those shades of green so that it brings a lovely contrast in the entire bookmark. And adopt bug. You can just fill it with ready random strokes. For the final touches on some of these orange brush strokes which look like buds of this placebo and the background. Almost done painting this and I'm loving how is this bookmark? Read all the final details with very loose brush strokes. I hope you enjoyed painting all the bookmarks with me. 9. Additional lesson - Materials required to enhance your bookmark: Now I have a bunch of bookmarks painted and I'll show different ways how you can enhance these bookmarks. The first one is by using gold leaves. These are normally available in any craft and stationary stores. I'll be showing you how you can use these. The next method is to add some metallic protocol flows on top of the painted bookmarks. And the third one is to use metallic markers. You can use any supplies that you have. The Q 10. Method 1 - Using gold leaves : The first issue is how to use the gold beads. So you'll be needing a blue. The gold leaves. Ideally, a glue stick should work fine since I don't have it accessible with me right now. I'm using a normal view and then spreading it out with my fingers. While choosing the golden leaves, you need to be very quick before the Dries. So just add up little bits and pieces from the gold foil and just keeps ticking, read a war, you have added a blue. As you're doing this, if you feel that you need to add more gold leaves, you can simply add more blue and keep adding more of these goals. These leaves a buried ten to handle. So it needs to be handled with a lot of CAD models LTL, ready easily. After you're done adding, it looks something like this and allowing it to dry completely before you brush of the x's go leaks. You can use a larger brush which is dry and do's gently move your brush around the goal and the extras mentors come off. The process is very fun and the result is very beautiful. I really loved the effect of those gold foil which makes the bookmark looked more and beautiful. I hope you enjoyed watching this technique. Let's move to the next one. 11. Method 2 - Using metallic watercolor : The second method that I'll be teaching how to enhance the book mounts is by using metallic vertical loads. These metallic watercolors of ROM OD philosophy and I actually really loved them because they shine sold well. So I'm choosing to add some details on this bookmark. So while adding italics, you should keep in mind not to paint or overdue. Read so many details. You can just have a background layer with watercolor and just highlight some elements with this metallic quarter Kosovo. The next color amusing is iridescent pained, which will show a different color on the paper. And when you can pick the one angled but it shines as shine and my mother different color. I'm just adding some leaves and some good games. But this fellow, once the bank is dried, you can see how beautifully it shines. Metallic watercolors are a must have because they really turn any watercolor painting into a magical one. And that's why I love using them. For the second bookmark, I'm just doing some details with silver and keeping it simple. One sense, a very beautiful, you can see how just the bookmark is very magical and even more beautiful than how it was before. And for the third one also, I'm choosing to paint with metallic watercolors because truly it adds much. So for this one, I'm doing it a little bit different and just painting a syllable Bordeaux. And then in between the flowers and some leaves and add some tiny details and highlights. And once we are done, the book clock would look something like this. It looks fully transformed from what it was. It was very simple and elegant. Now, the metallic watercolor has just added beauty ten times more. 12. Method 3 - Using Karin markers: The final technique that I began teaching you how to enhance your bookmarks is by using glitter pens are permanent metallic markers. The ones that I'm using are from carbon markets. They aren't very shiny and shimmering as it's supposed to be. They are very mild. And Shema, and they add a lovely textual once they're completely dry. So I'm not going to add much of details. Spread these markers just here in the highlights and some leaves. Just hearing this, some brush, some Mapo strokes on the lavender flowers. And then I'll add some more on the leaves. And that taught, since I have these fixed column markers from this set, it's pretty easy for me to layer them on this particular bookmark. And I'm almost done adding the details. And it looks something like this. After Head Start. It'll have a very little shine on egg, which will make it look more gentle and more elegant. I'll be using the same Margo's to add some highlights to this particular bookmark as breads. To nominate stationary or craft glitter pens. Specifically good for adding some deep aids to all. As another alternative, you can just add some dog Powder by applying a base layer of glue and tried that as another way of enhancing gear bookmarks. Once the macaca layered is tried and looked something like this on the bookmark. This is a great method if you don't want to add a lot of Shema on your bookmarks. I hope you enjoyed all the three techniques.