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Loose Watercolor Art in Procreate - Digital Illustration of Doors and Window + free brushes

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating textured paper

    • 3. Window: creating art with stamps

    • 4. Clipping mask: shades and highlights

    • 5. Doors: selection tool and color variations

    • 6. Adding final details

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About This Class


Welcome back to my class and let’s paint all together cool loose watercolor illustrations.  We gonna paint windows and doors. At the end of my class you will learn more about Procreate, especially how to use layers, clipping mask, selection tool and how to add color variation to your picture. And most importantly - you will learn new watercolor technique.

You can use the illustrations you create for posting in Instagram, add it to your portfolio, or sell it on Etsy, Gumroad and so on. Or just share it with someone whom you really like. I am sure they will be so happy to get an illustration that is created by you.

Today I want to show you that watercolor is so simple and it’s a real fun!

And in the end of my class you can see it.

Today I will teach you:

  • How to create texture paper,
  • How to use stamp brushes,
  • How to paint picture from the sketch (you can draw your own sketch or use mine),
  • How to use my and default Procreate brushes for watercolor painting,
  • How to apply my new watercolor technique,
  • What are the nuances you need to know if you want to create watercolor illustration,
  • How to use selection tool,
  • I will explain what is clipping mask and we gonna use it a lot of times,
  • I will also show you how to add shades and highlights.


I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.

And as a bonus I will share with you my new textured paper, lots of custom brushes, color palette, sketches that I created. I will also add files of my pictures that i drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects.

This class is great for intermediate level, also can be fine for beginners (if you watched my previous classes), and can be useful for experienced artist - probably here you can find an inspiration and new ways how to create loose watercolor art.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.

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1. Introduction : Hi guys. Hello everyone. Welcome back to my class. During our today's tutorial, I'll teach you how to paint cool, loose watercolor illustration in a watercolor style and enable my class. No one will tell you that it's actually digital painting. We're going to paint door and window. I prepared for you different watercolor brushes, color palette sketches. So I hope you are ready and if so, let's go. Hi guys. I'm even got Freelance Illustrator. Welcome back to my clear. So let's paint altogether. Go loose watercolor illustrations. We're going to paint windows and doors. Add in my class you will learn more about Procreate, especially how to use layers, clipping, mask, selection tool, and how to add color variation to your picture. And most importantly, you will learn you watercolor technique. You can use the illustrations you create for Poisson and Instagram added to your portfolio, or a salad on Etsy gum, rod and so on. Or just share it with someone whom you really like. I'm sure they will be so happy to get an illustration that is created by you. Today. I want to show you that watercolor is so simple and it's a real fun. And in the end of my class, you can see it. Today. I will teach you how to create texture paper, how to use stem brushes, how to paint a picture from the sketch. You can draw your own sketch or use mine. How to use and why and default Procreate brushes for watercolor painting. How to apply my new watercolor technique? What does an UN says? You need to know if you want to create watercolor illustration, how to use selection tool. I will explain what is clipping mask and we're going to use it a lot of times. I will also show you how to add shades and highlights. I will show you my whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share with you my new texture paper, lots of custom brushes, color palette, sketches that I created. I will also add files of my pictures that I drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects. Glass is great for intermediate level. Also can define for beginners. If you've watched my previous classes and can be useful for experienced artists. Probably here you can find an inspiration and new ways how to create loose watercolor art. Your class project will be next. Paint a door or window in loose watercolor style. Using the tips and brushes said, I gave you today. I will use Procreate for this class, V's iPad and Apple Pencil. So if you have it or some other drawing pets or just regular watercolor paper and pains. Please join our class and good luck. 2. Creating textured paper : During our today's a terracotta paint, loose watercolor illustrations. And you're going to paint window is a swan. And you're going to pay indoor. Yeah. I already prepared for you some sketches. Via the most important thing. What we need to do is we're going to use new technique and I will show it to you how they got into a set. I also prepared for your different references. So you might grab said doors is funds that we are painting. Or you might choose anytime the doors, maybe some more colorful saying this beam goes, we're going to pay in z. So you know, but if you like you, I've just taped with his time. And before we start painting first, things that we need to do is first of all, Iowa show your color palette, and I will show you our watercolor brushes. So speaking about watercolor brushes, I prepared for your brush set is called door and windows. This one. And here I encoded my stem brushes that I created recently and said, I added to my, your watercolor brush set. Wait a second here. Yeah, I exist. So we're going to use a lot of stem brushes today and I will explain you how are you going to speaking about the color palette. I created CS1 nor in Windows, discolored pellet. And first of all, we need to create texture paper. Yes, Keep in mind, our texture paper should be on a top of everything. So why do you need to pay and to add some sketches when you need to add shades and actually paint in watercolor style, you need to do that underneath of our sketching layer. So for now we don't need our preferences because we're going to use the reference option. And we already have two sketches, say here. So the create one more layer on the top. Now, we need to download our texture paper into procreate. And how are we going to do set? First of all, all my previous you might find in projects can sources section in a description of my class. And you guys pay attention, you need to open my class in browser, like Safari or Chrome. Because if you dose it in Skillshare app, some of us have freebies might not be visible. So please pay attention to that and open my class in browser. After say it when you download all my freebies and texture paper included my survey today we're going to use my new texture paper. After said, you go Press Action button and press Add and tap, Insert a file. And after say it, I need to go to Downloads folder. After press fit to screen and move it to the edges. Now, have our texture paper. After said, Let's duplicates it and change the mode to Linear Burn mode. And Color Burn. After said, replicated one more time and duplicate it one more time. Merge Collin burn together, had large linear burn together and afterload percent positive of linear burn like this. Next group said and rename. Okay, something like that. So texture paper. Now once again, pay attention, you need to paint. I'm Denise. And guys, one more thing when you move the passage of linear burn mode. Moreover, till 50 percent. Don't worry too much because eventually you will not see our texture. Likes his nafta that we need to have our reference for Xij could go to action button, tap Canvas, and tear preference. Does it go to image and press Import Image? Nike is, it's our reference picture and I will put that summary here for me. This is fine. Again. Now let's start painting. I will show you how to start ed and loose watercolor strokes. 3. Window: creating art with stamps: How do you guys have our sketching layer? Because a logger set by the tail is op-ed. And our aim is to add some glows with the color strokes that will help us to create some specific shape of the window. And said, Guys, I will go and grab your watercolor. Send nine. And I have to say it will move. Go and grab our light blue color. And now let's just likes this. Flip vertical, make it smaller. So our actual aim, the store. Yeah, feels this area, this window is this blue color. So I didn't themes that we need to draw you seen it the intention if you want to change some parts, if you think it's still big, but you don't want to erase it or something like that. You go to adjustments and press liquefy. Now that we have size and just press push and push your window of likes had. Now grab action button and move the x hat. How does it flow uniform? Move to free form. I can't grade and press Flip Vertical complexes. And I think this scene, we don't need that. I have to set selection tool press F3 and raises three fingers down and press Cut. Likes it. And also I went to erase this part. Same, you're going to go Selection Tool, press free hand. Select this area three fingers down and press cut. Okay, perfect. Now you need to merge it together and create one more layer. I will call grep protocol stem simple. They can do it like sad. And after this part we can just simply erase. Selection Tool, three fingers down and cut. And I said eraser, I'm using pool oriental try brush. Controls the size to make it said pride. Because this brush can help us to erase sharp lines. Same here, select this part, free form and move it. So as you might see you, but I use selection tool. A lot of times after that we're gonna go and grab CPU. What to cause temp? Let's grab a little bit darker shades is fun. And just simply tap the size and tap. Great. But insight is you might see they have different color. In this way, we're going to go grab selection tool, press rectangle, and select the inner part. Here. I selected it. After that we're going to go to Adjustments, press hue, saturation and brightness and tap layer. Now we can do whatever we like. Who is this inner part? And I'm going to go and change the color a little bit. And I can have this color. I think it's pretty nice. I can say I'm going to do from this side, same selection tool. Select this, this part. Adjustments, hue, saturation, brightness and tap layer desaturated. Okay, that's how we end up ten guys, as you might see here, I don't want to have it set sharp and I have blue transparent shape eraser. So I'm going to use it as a blender. So we have datum is this part. Now, we have rooms. As far as you might see, we have flower's merged together and you see we have lover and poets kept a system pot. Here I have our folded anyone to make it a slightly brighter, like as you see, the color is brown. Press hue saturation and brightness. Make it slightly brighter, increase the situation. And think which color you want to have. I am satisfied with what we have. Also corrupt thoroughly approaches blending tool. And you can just like blended. And after we will fill this area is green color. You have another options. You might grab selection tool and select a parse of ketosis and after also change that positon color variations. But for me it's easier to grab another brush and just go on a top, put some other colors. I got creative animal later on, a tough speech, Surprise to push sharp and South diamond glide, green colored, increases Titan Leto bid. And now you can add different kinds of variations. And as you might see, we also have some background color. And for SAD, have a create one more layer underneath. Can either switch to another brush, say import a color stamp. And I need to have this light orange color. Maybe it's a bit brighter. Tepid. And two axes. Because, and also as you see, I use a free form, a free form option because I still paint, is it what you will have in the ad? Now guys, as you see, our pictures are very transparent and you might see it here we are, our liabilities. Some other shade, some other colors. Now if you need to remove the transparency. So how can we do so? We'll duplicate our layer, go to lower layer, go to each harassments that brick, hue, saturation, brightness and tap Layer increase. A practice, replicates it a few times and after merge set together. And as you might see, I still have some parts since a pretty sharp in this way. I will merge it together first. After said I have kept us here. I'll duplicate it one more time. I lower the opacity to 50 percent and after I merge it together, duplicate it one more time, go to lower layer, tap the adjustments, hue saturation and brightness and tap layer, replicate and replicate and merge together. If you go to our background color, grab selection tool. And I want to remove this part because it's pretty, pretty transparent steel and press Cut. You see now this part is very light. I got the same here. Hello, we're sketching layer even more. And now you can start it and differentiates. And once again, if we have different brushes, I will start his poor watercolor background. And guys, while one more reason why you re removed transparency is that now we can paint, we can add some shade so we can paint on top of our layer. Because if our picture is pretty transparent like CS1, you barely can see any shades. So that's why we need to remove the transparency. Now, I will show you an example. As you see, our background layer is still transparent. If you want to add some shades, we'll create one more layer on the top and I will press clipping mask. It means now I can pay it on our areas at is selected this area of our pet ground. And up to said, I will go and grab bold color background. I go and grab slightly darker color, will increase the size. And as you see when I try to add some shades, it's barely sing. But if you remove the transparency and I'll show it to you now as just replicates it. Go to logger layer adjustments, hue saturation, brightness. Tap maximum WK Is it a few times and have to merge together? One more time, merge together and merge together. So now as you see when you turn on our shadings, it's so, so saturated. So that's why I need to pay attention that it's very important to remove transparency. Let's just clear said, I went to have slightly darker color, same brush. And I want to start adding some shapes from the window. Okay, Let's return to this part and I need to go and grab a rectangle. And this part of our window has a little bit different color adjustments, hue saturation, brightness AAA here lowers opacity brightness. And tried to find, I think is too bright. Blending tool. And steal from this side. We have this blue color. I think we don't need it anymore. And my aim is I will go grab selection tool press rectangle. Now I want to erase this upper part. Press cut by k. We will have been no legs. I could have said we need to keep adding some sheets. I'll create a new layer on top of our window. And I will press clipping mask. So now we can pay into jazz on our area. We, so we know we will not go beyond this line. I don't go and grab this purple color. Have same broad but watercolor background. And I want to add maybe a little bit brighter. I went ahead some shapes here. Just little bit lethal. Start adding some chains. Later, I will teach you how to add. So as you see cited beams and how to show more shades. Grabs his pride bot color. And now I just tried to imitate so Bei how the colors blend on an each other. Like for example here. I can also add a if we have is we have our ketose correct clipping mask. Now we can paint on it. Oh, same brush and grab slightly darker color. Let's return to our previous layer and I want to add some color, some sheets to capitus. Let's return to our background layer. And I still wanted to show some shades froms a window. Try to be creative, try to play the sound with colors at differentiates. For example, we can add one more step to our background, will create a new layer. Grabs is pretty bright red color. Grab a lighter color stem six. And at DC stem brushes like sad. After that can lower that a little bit. Maybe even more. Keeps him like said, if you like, you can just separate this stamp. I went to put it here. Sammy can always hour window, create one more layer. Craps is a slightly purple color, same stem brush. And think about a way where you want to place it. You might choose a stem and make it smaller to larger SAP acetate and increase, grabs his stamp. You have to use system and glaze it suffer here. Rocky, I think it's most suitable. And if you want, you can just blend some sharp lines. It's all up to you. Grab any event until you light. It can get terribly approach as well. After that, right? We did everything and we can just merge our clipping mask layers with our regional players, like said, Yeah. 4. Clipping mask: shades and highlights : And now our next step is if I go and add some shades and I want to merge some colors while with each other, I will create one more layer, a plant press clipping mask. So it's how window, perhaps an acid is for sharpens of timeout. And here I want to separate. Just increase the size. I went to separate. Some parts. Emphasize main TD hills. I have some sheep Prozess side and Sam sheet here. So you have this grabs is dark, dark blue color. And I want to separate. This part shows shadow here and my shadows here. So let's start adding some details little by little. Tess. Make it slightly lighter. It, I need to have some dark colors. Not say have some sheets here. Sam shades in this part. After the tail create one more layer on top of our background and press clipping mask. And I want to show some shadow here. After set script blending tool. Just blend tiny bit, just a little bit. Let's return to our layer is a window. You can grab with transfer chain to create eraser and use it as an eraser. Thank you, crazy enough to that, I want to add some shade here to this part. I mean, this way, have this push sharpens our diamond, have same color, a little bit darker. Because I want a color you don't actually paint everything is such a valid detailed. You have some parts that the dark air. And it says true, or to color our cake, I sideways away how it looks extremely like it. And my next step is it's not finished yet because here, you see in this part I didn't show actually shades. So I have same brush and I will go and grab slightly page color. And I want to show some slides here, blend and toys Euro. And here I want to show more sheets, even very, very dark one. So my next and final detail, I will go and create one more layer on the top of our flowers. Grabbed press clipping mask. Grab a slightly darker green color. And I want to show some sheets, some parsing a little bit brighter or darker. The blending tool. Okay. Like sad. Yeah, I went to erase this part. Make it not say dark. Blacks had also, as other themes that I'm going to tell you is I want to show some pretty wide parts. So it'll grab eraser and I want to erase some parts and make it brighter. I like this eraser because it can help you talk, actually adds a splashes and say are in a watercolor style. As you might see, just try it. This is a plan to your watercolor, supplant you picturing literally. Because our picture was a little bit dark. So I want to make it slightly lighter. Okay, Great. And now my next step is I want to see here we have very sharp lines and I want to blend them very nicely. So I will merge everything together. Grab blend into OK. Now I want to blend some lines, some parts, one they chose, it makes them very neutral, authentic. You see here menu plan, Samsung look very key. One more thing, but else you can do. You might use your sketching layer and increase the size. And now it's like sad, It's very beautiful, very authentic. Might leave the sketching layer. You might go and grab inking brush and paint on the top is inking brush. But I like to play how it looks without pencil. Once again, our SAP buys it and make it our pencil not visable. Guys, because as a theme, what else we can do is use CV have here fair very bright lines. So I want to show some beams. How can we talk said, Let's duplicate our layer. Okay, let's duplicate it. And after one layer we'll just turn it off. After sad to as a theme of your clinical group selection tool press freehand. And now you can show tiny sunbeams, the selected one area, one piece of our paint into the shape of Sunbeam and tap Add. Those same here, had to add. So keep in mind, you should have everything should have just one direction. And you have permanent pride. Lions and says add an inquiry or radial. Head at after the divisors add maybe 4% Hue Saturation Brightness tap Layer and increase the brightness you see. Remove the situation to make it saturated. And the brightness can be around like 54, 55 percent. And as you might see here, we have different nouns and beams. And it looks just amazing. If you want, you can just keep it in different sunbeams. It's up to you guys now they can call this piece finished and let's move to the next slide. 5. Doors: selection tool and color variations: We've done is our picture now you can enlarge it together. Turned on and turned off. I have another picture that's our door. And we need to create a new layer underneath from our sketch. Now let's go and change reference picture to another one. We're going to use same technique. So I will go and grab political Stem 9. And let's go and change the colors that we need. I went to have Dorians, these currents, this shape free form. Remember about after sad? As you see, I cut this part a little bit, but it's okay. I have to say it. Go grab Adjustments, Liquify, and I'm going to push some part. And I think I went to Kansas part 3 and selected three fingers down and cut it. So our doors have preteen flame in our ready free form. Same rays hit. Right? Now they're going to go. And here you see, I don't want to overlap too much with this color because it's pretty dark. So I grew up in a razor interests simply erase some parts tiny bit after that, create one more layer. Grade. I have same stamp. I like it. And I will go and grab slide light green color versus size of our stamp. And now as you see, it's perfectly fine to add it, to put it to our bush. I remember later we will remove the transparency. So it's Antarctic, but watercolor stamp. And I want to place it here. Yes, somewhere in this part and I wanted to place it. I'm Denise from our torque because he likes a sheet from this part. Later we will just simply planted. Also, I have some green part here in this area, the watercolor stamp 9. Now we're going to merge this part together. My K and I also have a background member is one of the most important things. I will grab this beige color, have saved stamp, increases size, like sad. Rotated. Yeah. And I want to place it like sad uniform. If you want, you can make it a little bit brighter. Go to Adjustments, Hue Saturation and Brightness tap Layer, increase the brightness increase situation. We were to cut a stem, simple, wacky one stamp is ready for being there. So let's just merge it together. Create one more stamp like tea. And also say we should have from the opposite side. So I duplicated our layer. Phillipa is vertical and they'll keep it like that. Now we have our green shade and I want just to erase it, saying I will do here. The race eraser is. Now guys, let's merge together those temps. This one, and the rest is printed in a separate way. Now I want to duplicate our background layer, go to lower layer, tap Adjustments, Hue Saturation, Brightness, tap layer. Why I'm doing that? Because later I want to add some shades. And in this way you need to make our layer and not transparent. Samuel doses part. Go to logger layer adjustments, hue saturation and brightness, increase the brightness. Why I'm doing says here also because I want to remove the transparency and I don't want our colors to overlap with each other. And same over here. And actually legs, it is so bright. So I have a lower center of passage or 30 percent adaptive work together. Wk that one more time, go to lower layer adjustment, hue saturation brightness and increase the brightness. Then merge together. Ceo is our final layer. It's so saturated, so bright, I like it. I can remove the capacitor lowers help us if you took 50 percent and up to merge together, Let's say you one more time, go to lower layer adjustments, hue saturation and brightness and tap layer. And increase brightness TO maximum to 100% after duplicated, merge together and merge together. Guys, one more suggestion, as you might see, our background is still pretty reasonable because our stem brush is pretty transparent, even though we removed the transparency since its weight and it'll go to our background layer, grab rectangle, and select this shape three fingers down in Prescott. So now our doors behind is pretty pride. Same into here. So next step is idle. I didn't differentiate details. What we did before. We are on our layer is the darkest color, grab selection tool, grab rectangle. Select our inner parts, the darkest one and after press invert. Now this part is selected. My next step is, so keep in mind, we selected one more time and after we press invert. So now Nazi inner part is selected, the outer part is selected and go and grip Adjustments, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, tap layer. Now if you need to make it brighter. And now this part you might see we can go and grab blend and toe because I don't want to have it set. Sharp. Chrome's a side. If you like, you can just simply erase it. Now we'll start adding differentiates what we did before we'll and RNA or visit background. After that press clipping mask is each sub-branch to like define vote our background. And I haven't go and grab slightly darker color, maybe orange size. Okay. I returned to all their visit doors to plan some colors, like some really steep, if he can say so. Try to plan some parts and make some more nature. So next step, let's keep it in some sheets. Once again, our layers at this underneath of everything. Maybe a little bit darker. If you like, you can grab some red common reddish one and also add some color variations. Making just same here. Does coordinate all of our doors and tried to add differentiate like set. So now it could make DMAIC our picture, our paint in a little bit more by brand. I know the prize is orange color. What we have here. Great. Now, next tab is either go and create one more layer on the top of our push press clipping mask. Once again, now I can paint and our selected area. And I went to add kinda variations and shades and highlights the oil. The same promises part, clipping mask. Here we also have some grass. Don't forget, you also might mix everything together. So we create a new layer on top, an app to set. We can add some color variations in some shades to this part. This by saying grab a slightly darker color. Here in this area we have, as you might have green color. So my suggestion is we will return to our layer grab selection tool. And I want crab freehand. And I want to select this area and change the color to green color. Like that. Plato, you'll add some other sheets are tons worry about that. 6. Adding final details : And Avi controller is Tours create another layer on top press clipping mask ends his parts of the pit. Now I think it's time to add another sheets using different brushes. So I have a merch tickets and merge together. I'll layers, please. Clipping mask layers. And After that I will create another layer on the top, like sad example doors. And I'll press clipping mask. I have to push our consult time and prep darker color and I want to show Sam sheets and went to sprayed some parts. Just follow Zach picture and try to imitate same shades you see on the picture. They exist plant in total. And you might plan to us, I hate crimes, the inner part of our darts. You can show premises practice. I need to create one more layer on it off of our hearsay Slayer. And I also want to start it in different shades, Clipping Mask Mode. Don't advocate about saying practice part. You have shade. Our florals from our bush axe head. Underneath in this part is Kerry of you have also shade right here. Now since this part I can make it slightly brighter. Say we have some grass in here now, so they have shades from the grass obviously. So we're going to go a little bit darker color and shows a shade here. Dark blue color, create one more layer. And this layer once again BE and a Clipping Mask Mode. And I went to show some shades. You can blend them as well. Try to make some as natural as possible. So on the top I want to show some light parts. Tap 2 times 100 white wheel. And now they have white-collar. And I want to also show some pretty pride parts. And after sad, let's go and group slightly darker color. I want to show shade this part on a topic. Now, next task is glass. Keep it in. Some stems. Merge together, merge together, create a new layer on top of our grass. Press clipping mask layer, watercolor stamp. But when it goes TM6 and said, sorry, very bright color, I really like it. And humans, I add more shades, little bit grainy clipping mask. We'll have some shades here. I'll say you might plan some sharpest lines. And this part cell is the smallest one. And need to be is the brightest one. Who would have thought of stem Sympathetic. Okay, Let's just place it on the top of everything. Lowers adiposity. Once again, all your stamps, if you like, you can make some lighter, darker. It's up to you. And I have to merge together. Those same as our tours and create new layer Clipping Mask Mode. We would host M symbol. We have some white color if you want. So of course, internet Clipping Mask Mode. See you a little bit. Yeah, overset positive CREB blend tool, maybe to blend everything entirely. The stylobate have said we have our background. I will create new layer clipping, mask, crap, reddish color, have Stick, same stem brushes. A little bit lighter because I think it's too sharp. I want to keep it likes ahead. Longer SAP ICT. Actually, I think I want to have some notes at Pride. Hue saturation, brightness increase, saturation lowers upright this. And after that, it's up to you where you wanted to place. I'm like, I want to give I will go with at most ten brushes, create one more layer, press clipping, mask, stem, simple, maybe reddish color. It's vertical and think where you want to place it. So I'm still excited, but I wanted to change the color. I think it's due pride. And I'm pretty satisfied with what you have in this way. So I, I, I'm pretty satisfied. So merge together everything. And I think now because I started it in some tiny shapes and it started tiny details and Citigroup is the end of our paint. So I want to merge all of it together. And I said have to set Grip blending tool. And I went to plan tiny bit of shades. If you like, you can lower set by city of Theodore's grab blending tool. Tried to plant the sharpest lines. Thank you, perfect. Tiny bit of shade title, create another layer on top. Grab, push our conserved time and thanks head. And you might use this brush and as an option if you want to add more tiny details, more oriental try brush. This brush is great for adding details. Now let's discern more sun tiny beat off shades. Because not everything is said and bright and saturated. I can keep adding some details. We can add one mil a year. My suggestion is I want to oversell positively located slightly because the most important part for us is actually tore since they look pretty good. I can't grade mask. Hence T i1 to show some tiny shades, poor sharp, Soft diamond. So now if I went to merge some colors, say I want to add some stamps and color variations. Because it's important. And I'll see you might cramp up a blue color and try to mix and combine different objects, one with each other. Maybe it's a little bit too sharp. But if you find a way how to mix it would be perfect. Aquatic. So my suggestion is just merge all of it together. Creates on malaria and the top press clipping mask. Thank you. Pass away where you want to place it. You need to be very careful. I wanted to have more natural look, so I will switch to mode to multiply. And now you see it's pretty authentic. It blends altogether in natural way. So I like it. If you like, you can loggers out passages slightly, but not too much. Create one more layer, reddish color, maybe purple. Political stem, simple. Multiply. Opacity like AES. Think about the position where you want to create another layer or gets hidden. So I need to make it brighter or more is about and think about the way where you want to play C slack. After said Lovers that ICT slightly. And DO same as this layer. So it can, the more saturated, less saturated I want to keep it like that. Blending tool. Went to plan some sharp lines. Don't want to have it's a char. And guys, we also might call this his ears. And now I will look forward to see what you're going to create. This is end of our class, but now you know how to paint loose watercolor illustrations in Procreate. I wish you luck with your own artworks. And guys, if you have any questions, suggestions, you might leave them in the discussion section. And let's see you guys in a new video.