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Loose & Lively Watercolor Galaxy

Jessica Sanders, Artist, Instructor, Designer

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14 Videos (1h 40m)
    • Welcome :)

    • Keeping a Wet Edge

    • Lifting Technique

    • Masking and Chatting about Composition Scale

    • Galaxy Bookmarks Part 1

    • Galaxy Bookmarks Part 2

    • Large Galaxy Part 1

    • Large Galaxy Part 2

    • Large Galaxy Part 3

    • Large Galaxy - Planet Part 1

    • Large Galaxy - Planet Part 2

    • Thank You and Project

    • A Special Collaborative Project - The Creative Space Agency

    • Bonus: Painting Watercolor Texture for Chris Heath's Class

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About This Class


Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught mixed media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

Let’s paint a Loose & Lively Watercolor Galaxy!

In this class for everyone, we will learn watercolor techniques such as lifting, keeping a wet edge, and using contact paper masking - All while painting beautiful watercolor galaxies.

In the first half of the class, we will paint 3 bookmarks, creating galaxies with 2 or 3 colors of watercolor paint.  Then, we will freestyle it, choosing any colors that make you happy!  

In the second half of the class, we will paint a large watercolor galaxy with a planet.  

A Special Project

I have the wonderful pleasure of working with 3 talented Skillshare teachers to create a group of 4 space-themed classes for you.

We call ourselves, The Creative Space Agency.


Please check out these amazing teachers and their space-themed classes:



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Great class! I don't have water colours, but giving it a go with inks to add to my other techniques for painting space themed artwork! Thanks :)
Natalie Breeze

Creative Explorer | Live Your Journey!

I learned so much doing these galaxy bookmarks and larger paintings of galaxies with its moons and stars and planets and mysterious happenings in space. Jessica's approach is relaxed and gentle, clear in instruction, all-the-while giving you full creative license and encouragement to make it your own, stressing fun! I will take ALL of her classes. Plus, the idea of collaborative work with other SkillShare instructors is fantastic. I'll be taking their classes as well!





Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

My name is Jessica Sanders of I am super happy to be here with you on Skillshare.

I live in Houston, Texas with my wonderful husband and four awesome kids, who are growing up so fast! I am a full time artist/maker, blogger, and YouTuber. I am also a designer for Chameleon Art Products - and I teach on Skillshare!

I have been making art my whole life. It began with paint-by-numbers with my dad, craft and painting projects with my grandmother, and pro...

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