Loose Leaf Travel Journals: Beautifully Organise Travel Keepsakes

Sharmane Coquilla, Creative Documentation Artist

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sort-Pick-Organise Method

    • 3. Create Journal Leaves

    • 4. The Art of Storytelling

    • 5. Beautify the pages!

    • 6. Bind, Store & Display


About This Class

‘Travel, first it leaves you speechless then it turns you into a storyteller.’


When we travel we get engrossed in the sights we see, the flavors we taste, the cultures we learn and the people we meet. The whole experience leaves us fascinated and the feeling of awe we strive to immortalise in film or take home in the form of souvenirs.

If you are like most travellers, you might have a shoe box stuffed with photos from different events or a drawer full of mementos from the various places you’ve visited in the past. I bet you swore to yourself that when I get home, I’ll organise this bits and bobs into a scrapbook or a journal!

It is now time to take action and organise heaps of keepsakes in order for them to really ‘spark joy’. In this class, we’ll easily turn those ephemera pieces into beautifully made loose leaf travel journals.

Take a break from editing those photos online, and capture those moments in the physical pages ofa loose leaf travel journal!

Note from the creator:

Hey there, beautiful soul!

Join me celebrate the love for analogue and together let us find beauty in the basics. I’ve been keeping journals as far back as I can remember but it was only in 2015 when I consciously labeled the act of creatively documenting my life as ‘Creative Journaling’. Over the years my journal system grew  & evolved -- all these, I am keen to share with you in this class!

You can keep tabs on my creative documentation adventures by subscribing  to my youtube channel

and you can also follow my instagram account for widgets of inspiration!

I hope you enjoy the class as much as I enjoyed

Love & Light,

Sharmane C.