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Loose Floral Watercolor Peonies

teacher avatar Jenny Flores Art The After Seven, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Color Mixture

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Basic Strokes

    • 5. Leaves

    • 6. Fillers

    • 7. Peony Bud

    • 8. Close Peony

    • 9. Open Peony

    • 10. Class Project: Peony Wreath Part 1

    • 11. Class Project: Peony Wreath Part 2

    • 12. Class Project: Bunch of Peonies

    • 13. Wrap Up + GIVEAWAY!

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About This Class

Join me for a fun day of learning creating Peonies using watercolor!! Learn the process, know the drills and discover the secret in creating a beautiful floral artwork!

Topics Covered:

• Discovering the right tools to use for floral watercolor.

• Color mixtures.

• Drills and strokes

• Painting Leaves

• Painting fillers

• Painting a Peony Bud

• Painting a close Peony

• Painting an open Peony


* Peony Wreath

* Bunch of Peony

Materials Needed
• 1 detail brush (small brush either size 2,1,0,00 or 000)
• 1 Round Brush (either size 4,5,6,or 8)
• Watercolor paper
• Watercolor (with at least red or pink, green, brown and yellow)
• Cup of water
• Tissue OR rug

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Jenny. I will be your skill share teacher for the loose floral watercolor appealing this last just a quick background. I started my desire for art. Last April 2016 I first fell in love with calligraphy and eventually explored the world off Watercolor. I'm not the born artist. If you think you can create art because you don't have any idea about it, I feel you. That's how I started to. But believe me, it's a skill. You can learn it if you pour your heart into it. I'm here to help you and share my 40 years of experience with you. Let's explore the world off watercolor and maybe calligraphy ese. For this specific class, we will be tackling the following toppings to paint loose. Holder called her feelings. I had to make scholars color mixtures, basic strokes that we need to create loose watercolor fuels, how to paint, use how to paint peony buds, how to paint those puny and how to be open. And for your class projects, we will be creating Peony Re and a bunch of Younis. I'm excited to share my passion with you and I hope you are too. So what are you waiting for? Let's go 2. Color Mixture: first topic, it's called makes true. So for days, stopping way will be discussing the colors that we will be using and how to make step. So colored of abusing ISS PCI red, and it's a mixture apparent in maroon and yellow. Joker makes it, and at some water, and then that's tried to swat ship. So that's awesome. Watch the other colors. Do you see first is very lean and then yellow joker. And then we also use olive green and finally, shadow green. You can use other shades of being. Other sheets of yellow. Other shades of red. It's OK. Just make sure you have a least one shade of red, one shade of yellow, one shade of Now that's this cause makes sure, So now let's discuss the combination of color in Ward three. It's a very important topic, since we will be using a lot off. He makes sure underclass. So what's he makes sure the mixture is a combination off color and water, so 20 bipartisan Calder and 75% water next makes sure estimate mixture, which is composed of 50% caller and 50% water. This is a bit darker version off the team makes sure the next mixture iss the butter mixture, which is composed off 25% water in 75% called her mother mixture issues for the details of the flowers like steam in. And if you will be doing the what, indicted So yeah, that's our color mixture and see next stopping. 3. Materials: so the materials needed are what? Their caller paper. What they're We also need off course or brush. So one round brush, either size six size, five size for and one round brush. Smaller. So either size two. Size 10 00 or 000 So it's up to you Next day. It's water cooler and off course. We also need something issue. Afford excess water. 4. Basic Strokes: Now, before we proceed to the actual painting, it is important for us to know the basic strokes. So the first stroke ISS, then stroke were only the tip of the brush will touch the paper. Try to do it as light as you can, controlled a brush and just glided. Try and try again until you get familiar with this troupe. So after Dad, our next stroke is the cease troop. It is the same distance full, but it's a little curvy, so we'll do something like that. It's up to you if you will do it going up or going down. But the important thing ISS, you will do it on the curve. Curvy way. So for this next stroke, you will only use to give up the brush again, and you will a C shape for your still and then do with another side with a stroke. Try to control your brush as much as you can. Next. Stroke is the fix true where you will press your brush and then glide it press, then glide, press and glide, so try to maximize the weight of your brush. Give stress when you push it, and then lady next joke is a combination off then and fix true plus this cease troop. So the first thing you need to do is to create a pick stroke, so push and then lied. And then at the table that you will try to create a thin Stroup. So remember to do it on the C shape and then after Dad, give it a partner, so do another thing and then sent stroke, then glided on an inverted letter C shape. There will be cases where you will accidentally put the space in the middle of the two strokes. That's okay. Just cover it while it's still with. We'll call this one the leads through, and then the next stroke that will be doing is the teardrops true? Where in after doing the leaf stroke will be adding those thinkers around your leaf and then familiarize yourself with the stool? So that's it. And you on their next topic 5. Leaves: further, usually mixing shadow green and olive mean to create the perfect shade for early's. Remember early stroke. That's the same stuff that will be for debates, obviously. So that's strike again, push and light and then tried to create a thing there for your once done. And while it's still wet, you can add a milk mixture of the color with mixed earlier, and you can glide it on one side of the need to create some shadow. Try it until you're familiarized with books. Next is small leaves. First thing we need to do is to create the main branch, try to make it a little curvy and not so street, because nature isn't perfect, so our main thing should also in perfect. Also, you have to add little stems. I mean legal branches on the sides of the main branch and then and the leaves. You can use smaller brush like size two or size zero for this one. Again, we will be using the mixture for this one. If there are some empty spaces, you can always add. So more leaves, just make sure that they won't look awkward and overlapping to each other. 6. Fillers: so this one's easy. All you need to do is get a collar, whatever you want. Either it's brown or green, so for me it's brown and then create, then strokes that would look like little branches and then get a caller. So for me, it's your broker and then try to create three different mixtures of that color. So won t one milk and one brother and then create a certain small circles at the top or in the middle off your fin strokes. So that's it right? If you feel like they're open spaces, you can always add so more feelers around it to make your feeler look for, So I know you guys can do this. 7. Peony Bud: so our next stop is fueled. But for the puny buds, we will be using the picture and extra that we had here. This one is so you would only create one teardrop and then half a tear drop. And then at the top you will put some milk mixture. Do you have a wet on wet effect under? Are you me? So just put some dots or things strokes, so that would make sure it's and then some greens at the bottom of your job. So let's try it again. Tearing up. Have to your job. Sure, lest some stem and some greens, and that's easy. Oh! 8. Close Peony: for the close peony. The first thing we need to do is create teardrop strokes. We need to create three main theater of strokes and then to half teardrop strokes on the side and what it's still wet. Way need to add milk mixture at the bottom part, so it will leave. Then at the top of her peony. We will be adding 3/2 peony tiered rubs. So this is how I do the top part of the human. You just need to create a circular motion on your paper and let your brush through the trick. Then after that, we will be adding this Jamie, you see yellow, that's sweet, afraid to dry. And then when it's right already, let's add another layer of the mixture of R P cheer shape. We'll do this to create death for our flower. And then, after that, lips at currency and understatement 9. Open Peony: next. Buni is the open puny. So this is the shape off our open peony. Remember that it has four. I mean teardrop bloods at the middle tohave underside. And at the top there are T, so we will be using our putrid mixture for this one. Remember that our mixture is peachy red team mixture. So in our Katie, our first to your job in another one. Okay, try to make this one closer to each other by adding, then strokes the curved in strokes. So this is the 3rd 1 and then the Ford one. While it's still wet, let's add milk mixture at the bottom off. Our dear jobs talks, and then the next part that will do is the bottom. So it was still teardrop, but I will try to make it inverted again. While it's still wet, we will be adding milk mixture at the tip off our teardrop. Next one is the top, so, like the like the close peony. This is just a circular motion. Let let your brush through the strokes. Just try to imagine how it would look like and discreet it. Don't forget to add the random 10 strokes and connect it with a semi curve tear job stroke . I hope you guys got it. It's E C. But in case you're having a hard time doing it, just rewatched the video. So let's try a bit and then add some yellow Joker Ford a statement. - Then , after that, where everything is already dry, you can add some more details. Use burns china for the steam in and dots, and then you can add another layer off material team mixture on RT. It hopes to create that for flower, so let's try to do it once more. So that's it, guys. I hope you got it, and I know you will. 10. Class Project: Peony Wreath Part 1: way are going to create our first class project, which pays the field unit. First thing we need to do is to create the big, circa assert guide may use pencil or colored pencil for this one. Now, the first element that will be putting ISS the open smooth . Adding some leaves at the top of our open can always customize this. This is what I'm doing is just a guide. You can always do your own version. Then after the leaves will be adding some yellow fillers. Also, colors that I'm using are just guides, so you can always choose which scholar do you want Purple, red, whatever you want. So after the Hillary's will be adding a puny by you can also add somewhere fillers and some relieves if you want to. So beauty but and another puny. But in case your artwork is not looking the same as what I am doing right now, that's okay. You can always customize this one the way you want to after the second Punic Abad way will be adding some more fillers in somewhere. Nieves. Okay, 11. Class Project: Peony Wreath Part 2: no way we're done with the one. Say no, Let's go to the other, say and create a division between the two sides. I'm adding. So next will be adding our second open field this'll ones facing the other side, going after the open building at something. Actually, we're just replicating what, after believes will add Hillary's and peony buds. And so it's just seen were just copy. - So , yeah, after the two peony buds will be adding filler wrists and someone leaves, and that's it. You can actually stop on this sport. But if you want to like me, you can also add some more, um, shades. So we'll be using so we'll be using. Team makes sure to add that on the main subjects, like the open peony. And then I'm also add being secondly, years for some leaves. Just to add that once done your good, you can write anything you want. You can write your favorite word. Your favorite called the initials off your favorite people. It's up to you. - Don't forget to upload your class project at the Class Project section of this less See you at the next last project 12. Class Project: Bunch of Peonies: So are second class Project ISS, the bunch of peony. First we'll be painting one open, but Tony and then after that will have one close but puny. You have a reference photo uploaded at the class Project Resources. So go there and then download the photo for your reference. So after the two main ponies, we will be adding one peony buds. There's a such and music class project, and I know you can really do it. - Once done, you can always add somewhere. Details lay for this demon off the flower. You can add burnt sienna for the dots in the statement, and then you can add some milk mixture off the green that we used for the leaves and some more tea. Makes sure for the flower s shadows and that's our final project. If you're part of the 1st 100 students off this glass, please know that we have a raffle. All you need to do is submit your class project, leave a review and then share share your test project on instagram and bag us at the after set. The winner will take home some exciting prices, and you can check that at the class project section off this less 13. Wrap Up + GIVEAWAY!: thank you so much for joining my class. I hope you learned and enjoy it as much as they did. If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to post it on the discussion section off this class. Also, don't forget to join our class giveaway. One blessed winner will take home a water, Calder said. All you have to do is watch at least 30 minutes from this class. Submit Want last project. Leave a review and share your class project on Instagram with a caption. Joined the latest class off the after seven like us on sculpture and win a watercolor set. This is it. This giveaway is open for the 1st 100 students of this class. The winner will be compacted. Very male. Thank you so much and see you on our next class. Godless