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Look like a Million (women)

Riet De Vlieger, Leadership in heels

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6 Videos (37m)
    • Fairy Tale

    • Color and your Contrast

    • Color for your Self Expression

    • Color to balance your Body Shape

    • Color Communicates before you speak

    • Color or black? See your options


About This Class

Present yourself powerfully by dressing yourself with intent.

  • Color is a strong communicator. The right colors help you communicate who you are, and project your skills.

  • Be visually recognized as who you are. By following this class you learn how to use colors in your clothes in a completely new way.

This class is specificly designed for women who are ambitious and want to present themselves powerfully. The Look like a Million Class is both for beginners and advanced. You will learn using smart techniques that image professionals and stylists work with.

Download the file with checklists and forms to work with: look-like-a-million






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Riet De Vlieger

Leadership in heels

Hello, my name is Riet de Vlieger, founder and owner of Image Companion in the Netherlands.
I work with talented women in developing their leadership skills. After working with me they show up as the leaders they are.

I am an Image Consultant for almost 20 years. I am also an experienced trainer in the field of image consulting skills in the Netherlands. Together with my experience of 15 years as a speech therapist my expertise contains the full spectrum of verbal and non-verbal co...

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