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Jessica Hische, Letterer and Illustrator

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13 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Magic of Logotypes

    • 3. The Checklist: The Big Picture

    • 4. The Checklist: Evaluating Letterforms

    • 5. Case Studies: Evaluating Logotypes

    • 6. Evaluating Jeni's Logotype

    • 7. Evaluating Jeni's Letterforms

    • 8. Sketching Jeni's New Logo

    • 9. Vectorizing Jeni's New Logo

    • 10. Making Small Scale Adjustments

    • 11. Conclusion

    • 12. Bonus: Skillshare Short with Jessica Hische

    • 13. More Design Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Take your logos from good to great in this in-depth logotype masterclass with award-winning designer and letterer, Jessica Hische!

Join Jessica for an inside look at her start-to-finish process for refreshing type-based logos. Whether you’re looking to improve an existing project or starting from scratch, you’ll learn to use Jessica’s methodical approach to improve individual letterforms and overall designs. Packed with inspiration, resources, and her iconic lettering style, the lessons include:

  • A checklist for “big picture” design qualities, like hierarchy and scale
  • How to hone your eye for detail and consistency
  • Polishing vector logos in Adobe Illustrator
  • Tips for making the most of freelance & client work

From beginner letterers to seasoned designers, all are invited to learn Jessica’s unique method for making spectacular work. After taking this class, you’ll see logos and lettering through Jessica’s eyes and be able to spot issues and improve your work with the checklist Jessica uses in her own work every day.