Logo Reveal or Logo Pop-Up Animation in After Effects for Beginners | Harsh Vardhan | Skillshare

Logo Reveal or Logo Pop-Up Animation in After Effects for Beginners

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

Logo Reveal or Logo Pop-Up Animation in After Effects for Beginners

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro Logo Popup Animation in After Effects

    • 2. 1 Basic Interface and Rendering How to Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 1

    • 3. 2 basic Interface And Rendering how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 2

    • 4. 3 How to Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 1

    • 5. 4 how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 2

    • 6. 5 speed Graph Editor how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation part 1

    • 7. 6 speed Graph Editor how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 2 final Cut

    • 8. 7 Enhancing Animation with Opacity Parameters final

    • 9. 8 creating Animation On Text In After Effects

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About This Class

Learn Logo Reveal or Logo Pop-Up Animation in After Effects for Beginners

Welcome to this Class! 

Do you love Pop-up Animation?

Do You love Kinetic Animation?

Do you want to learn how to create Logo Pop-up animation in Adobe After Effects?

But you don't know Adobe After Effects!

And you are totally Newbie to the Adobe After Effects!

Then you are at the right place!

In this Class I will be showing you How to create Logo Pop-Up Animation which is also called Kinetic Animation in Adobe After Effects without having the Prior Knowledge of After Effects or Animation!

The technique which You are going to Learn in the Class can also be Applied to any kind of Image or Text!

If this sounds Interesting then Go Ahead and Join this Class!

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Harsh Vardhan

Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro


If you want to Learn Top Professional Effects and Techniques then You are at the Right Place. My Classes will teach you Top Professional Effects & Tricks which you only dreamed of or wondered How to create them. 

My Classes are about-Photography, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, & other useful How-to Topics. 

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1. Intro Logo Popup Animation in After Effects : do you love top of animation, and you want to learn how to be the Pope Pope Animation. Then let me tell you, the pop up animation can easily be created with the help off adobe after effects. But adobe after effects seems to be very intimidating to you. It looks very frustrating since it has lots off options, but you still want to learn how to create the pope of animation. But you are not an aftereffect guru, and you don't want to learn each and everything in after effects. Then let me tell you that you are on the right place in this class. I'll be teaching. You have. You can create the simple for pop logo animation, which can also be applied toe any text in other be after effects, even if you are are totally movie. So go ahead and join this glass and I will see you inside the class 2. 1 Basic Interface and Rendering How to Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 1 : welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'll be showing you the basic interface off the after effects. So if you are a beginner, let me show you what are the things which you will need to be aware off on. There are so many things or Platero off options in after a pets. But you need not toe know each and every thing to create this animation, which is the main object off the scores. That is the pope up logo animation. Okay, so first of all, as you can see, these are the many of us. Okay, so here we have all the options for five at it. Compression layer effects animation view, window help. Okay, Andi, this one is the project review panel. So if suppose I have this image over here off my local, I can see the review off it. Over here on. If I have anything else, I can see the preview, its dimensions also. Okay. And from here, this is a project section, so all our projects and files would be over here on from here. We can create a new folder or we can create the new compression over here, or we can deliver the conversion. It will select this delete or trash Aiken. Okay, so if I just double click it, it will browse the files on. We can bring in any file over here, and then we can see the preview off that file over here. All right? Or you can go to the file Select open project or open recent project. OK? Or you can import files, import files, multiple files if you want toe import motive, multiple files, click it on. Select multiple files and import and all would be over here. Okay, So and you can organize them by creating a new folder. And you can you name it whatever you want on, click and drag it inside this folder, and it will click this strangle. You can see your files are now organized. Okay. Next is this review screen There are main animation or the more main project review would be seen. Okay, so feel whatever will go over here, we can see it over here. Like in this case, this is the animation which we have created or which is we are going to create for this project or this class. Okay. You can see So this is the preview option on from here. You can select the resolution or toe full half third quarter legislation off this display. Okay, so it is always recommended toe choose the at least half of her because the after in fact takes lots of ram and create lots off Lord on your system. So unless you have the high end system, I always recommend using half or turban. Okay, so And from here, you can choose it the June in our doom out. Or you can want fit. And it would fit in the view. Okay, on next is the These are the other options where all the effects and precepts would be situated. Okay, these are remade presets. Okay, Onda, here it is. The main layers panel. Okay, so all the layers, like if I click Onda, drag it over here, bring it up. So this is my layers panel. So all my layers would be over here. And if I click this triangle on this one, I have all these parameters and I can create the animation. Using these parameters on this is very important. This stopwatch is going to create the key frame for us. Okay, So, for example, let me select the rotate one, this one on Bring it back and I can click and drag with my mouse, OK? And you can see over here it has created one key frame and one over here. So if I press play, you can see it has created the animation for us. And similarly, with the scale I can do with the scale Oto here on drag it back and scale it to 8% NFL play again. See, it creates that can emission. It's very simple. Okay, on this is our timeline we can animate or we can place or question our layers of, like, click on, Breck. I can click and drag. Okay. These layers. Okay. I can even make them shorter if I want. Oh, click on breath. You can make it shorter late, So let's see. So this is the animation. So this is the time line on on. This is the render queue. So after animating, our project will send that booty render queue. Okay. And then it would be appearing over here, and then we can render it out. Okay? Otherwise, you can go to the completion on select Cento a job, the media and quarter. So if you have installed Adobe media and quarter, then you can select it on. It is going toe open the adobe media and quarter. 3. 2 basic Interface And Rendering how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 2: okay on it will send all these projects, files or animations toe this program and it would appear over here. And sometimes it doesn't appear. Do toe the There is a dynamic link option which sometimes does not well, so known, buddy, you just simply click this plus icon and browse the, uh, the project you want toe render on this double click it and all right, it doesn't have that one. This one and it will give you these options to select which conversion you want. Toe render. You can select and press import. Okay, So what sends our animation or this project is already situated over here From the stroke down menu, we can select the option, so that's dot to 64 is the best Kordic available. At the moment, though, it's back or acted or to 65 is also available, which is more far better than the extra 65 64 because it makes the file sides of way to smaller. But it is not easily acceptable on all the platforms, so still be huge as to 64 for creating the MP four files. OK, so you can select edged ought to 64 on. From this drop down menu, you can choose the different presets which are already available in the adobe media and quarter. Okay. Or you can create your own. So if I'll just click this ocean, it is going to create a dynamic link collection connection on it will open our project. It's like in preview my project from here. Okay, I can make the in point or our 20. All right. So it will create only render only this part off the project. OK, on, if I want I conjoined in Jamot to see the preview. Okay. On source range is the work area. I can select the work area or I concealing the entire completion. Okay, so that depends on me, or I can leave it different. Okay, So don't touch that. It will automatically do that for you. All right. On from here again. You have the auction to choose visual met. In which format you want to render it. Okay, so it's to 64. You can see, like, the presets. Okay. Like YouTube or android Kindle. And these are options are available over here. Okay, Andi, make sure you check the export video export Oreo on here. We have the Oreo options. So from here, we can selectee or you frame rates. Okay, on DA leave everything as it is. Okay, on from here, we can choose the target MBPs. Are that in Stargate Betrayed Five MBPs ar 15 MBPs works fine and great for me. So I have chosen this one or I can make it different one. Okay, but make sure the more ah higher you will Joe's this retreat more higher your file size would be so I'll make it off all you can see the estimated file size would be off 1500. And if I drag it back, you can see now it's for M V. All right, so I can choose that one also. So I basically just wife and 15. So that works fine and gives me the smaller file size. Okay on from the audio option you can leave is as it is for you want you can select the A C or am packed for em back. All right. Simple late 48 which is the highest quality lady channels to stereo. Unless you want to create 5.1. Sounds OK on you can choose the betrayed 3 20 is the highest bit rate for the audios. You can select that one. That would give you the highest quality. Leave everything as it is. Okay. And from here, you can select this, which gives you the auction toe save preset. So feel selected, it will open this Diallo books. And you can rename it here your ah, presets name and press pok and once will do that, it would be available over here. Ok, so these are the presets which have been created by me. So which are available over. And these are presets already installed. All right, so I basically choose this 1 30 frame five and 55 and 15. So this five is the target. Retreat on 15 is the maximum retreat. Okay. And once you're done, press okay and thereafter press this play button on. It will start rendering your animation over here. Once it is done, it will give you this check Mark. That means it is done. But in case some problem accords, it would show you the error messes that in that case you'll see the Yellow triangle, and now you can click it, and it will open the link where it has rendered it. And now you can played to see your animation on. It has animated this. Okay, so this is very easy. You don't have to know each and every thing into this one also. So for creating are learning to create the low a pop up animation. You are not required, Toby. An expert in after effects or know each and everything. So whatever I have told you is more than enough for you if you are a beginner. Okay. So thank you so much. Let's get into the class and let's start creating our animation. 4. 3 How to Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 1 : Welcome to this course. In this course, I'll be showing you how to create simple pop up logo animation in after effects. So let's get started. First of all, let's create a new project, Go to the file and select New on Create a new project. Or you can simply press control old and end to create a new project. Okay, And once the new project is created, let's collect this. Create a new composition button on. You can rename this composition as the local up animation. Okay, on, make sure it is 1920 by 10. 80. That is the full actually on. Let's crime rate, Toby 9 29.97 Or you can choose 30 also. All right, if you want to. Andi, let me choose this one on leave. Everything is as it is. And make sure that duration is all five second only on background color doesn't matter. Okay. And press OK. And once a new compression is created, which is school over here logo pop up animation. All right. Now let's bring in our logo to create the pope up local animation. So double click this area, okay? And it will take you to the browser off your files, and you can browse the files or your logo wherever it is told in your PC, So minus here on. Let me click and drag it here. OK, on since let me show you my local has the black color. I need to take the creative one background, which is off the lighter color so that my logo is seen physically. So I'll what I'll do. I'll right, click and select new and select a solid That's first of all. Make it cold. Busy background. Short form on. Click this color Aiken on. You can choose the color, whichever you want on for me. I think this one would be good. Blue one. That's okay. And you can see it's over here. But let's bring it down so that our animation or our logo is seen or visible Clearly. Okay, Now select the logo on the size it. So whichever you like on make sure you press shift well, bragging it otherwise it will get distorted. Okay, so my logo is now off the sides, which I want Okay on. You can align your amazes toe. Horizontal are this way. Okay. And minus perfectly in the center. Now what I need to do, I need to create the animation. So in order to create the animation, simply press be on your cable toe interplay the portion ki free off this layer. Or you can simply click this triangle on it will open all these parameters, which we can menu play, too. And he made this local. Okay, but here we are concerned with the first operation only. So press p on position would be seen over here. All right, so first of all, whenever you start an animation in the after effects always go the reverse Lee. That means first of all, you have to create a key frame where you want your layer or the logo. Toby, Finally. Okay, so my next move or the final move or this final position off this logo would be in the center over here. Okay, so I'll drag my display head on the I think on to second, Let's say, for example, I want it to be on two seconds. Appear over here. Okay, So what I can do, I can create a position key frame over here by clicking this stopwatch on it will create a key frame over here. As you can see, if I am jacket, it will delete it from here. So let's get this one on. Let's go backward from these. Starting off the cream and now click and drag this layer locally, down or off the stream. Okay. Uh ah. Key frame would automatically be created over here. Okay, So now if I'll play this animation my pressing space bar on my keyboard, you can see my logo is appearing from the from bottom to top on this situation, which we have selected. But this animation is not looking good. Okay, So what we can do? We need to just click on select body. He frames, okay. And right, click and select. Keep Ramos system on select Eazy E's. Or you can press the keyboard shortcut, which is after nine. Okay. On moment will do that. You can see if I'll play it again. You can see animation is now more smoother. Okay, let me drag it over here so that I can see only this area. Okay, let me play. And you can see now it looks more professional, But this is not what we want. We want it to pop up. So we want this logo first to go upward, okay? And then come back toe expiration where we want it to be. Okay, so what we can do? One manual way of doing it is by going toe a few frame backward on dragging this logo up for okay. And when we now it will play, you can see up and down, up and down. But this motion is not perfect. And it is no looking professional. So the easiest on the Costas way to create this is using the graph editor in after effects . So what we can do? 5. 4 how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 2: So let me select both the key friends over here on. We need to click this graph Editor option All this graph editor button on once will press this. You will be ableto see the graph on your timeline. Okay, let me just human. So if you'll press this one, it will give the auto June graphite okay, so that we can clearly see it. So as you know, that this is the graph. This is actually the graph or the part from there. Our animation is moving from this point, so this fine. So this is a starting point off our animation on this is the ending point. And since we have Eazy e's out, these key friends, it has made this path got a vicious. Okay, but we want the logo Togo little bit up before it comes or rest on this question. So this position is around Ah, 5 50 I think it is 550 or between 605 100. Okay, so it is coming from around 1250. Do this. Fine. OK, so in order to make it pope a little bit, we need to bring this graph ok or this part a little bit down, okay, so that it goes little bit up and then down on the this final resting position. So in order to do that many to manipulate this graph, so in orderto many of late this graph if you click on select this part here, we need to have some handles so that we can many blame them. But here we don't have any handles. But if you are using the adobe after effects CC or CS five for CS six, then it might be available for you at the moment. But since I'm using adobe after effects CC 2015 this feature is not available. So in order to get this these handles back, I need to goto this portion on my layer locally and I need to right click with my mouth on select separate dimensions. On the moment I do, I you can see that it has separated explosion differently on why Differently. Okay, so now we are concerned with here on the Viper Ocean, which is the green. As you can see, this green line or this green part is the white push in from bottom to top. OK, so if you'll just now click and drag with my mouth. You can see I can easily see this handle. All right, so now I can click on brag a little bit. Don't say okay on if I just play my animation now, but this is not looking good. So we want it to go a little bit more higher. So we'll grab this handle with our mouths, and then this time will drag it down. So we are basically touching this time the 500 operation. So at this part, first to go to the 500 portion and then we'll finally that stone 5 40 pixels. Okay, so if I'll play it again, you can see now it is also moving a little bit up and then coming back. Okay, So if you are not happy, so click on, drag it even further and try this time. Yes. Okay. It's looking good. Or if you still want it to be more higher to go more higher than drag it little further. And now I think this one is looking perfect. Okay, so you can even manipulate these positions also, if you want to, you can do this way. It this way, but this it will drag this girl upside. You can see it has made this part different. So let's see how it looks. You can do that also, but I would mean that it was good earlier. Okay, so let me play the animation on now. It's looking good. It's so easy on. Just you just need to understand this basic concept that from this position toe this final position, our logo will travel through this part or this girl part. So we are giving instruction toe the It'll be after, in fact, that you Muar logo not directly to this final portion, but go a little bit higher. Okay, Goto this four, I think for 48 or 4 47 position and then go back to 5 40 x situation. If you over over your mouth. So this point or this key frame, then you would be able to see what exact point is. So it shows me exactly at 5 40 pixels, and if I drag or over my heart mouse over here, you can see it shows me 1271.41 pixels. Okay, so our animation travels from this to this on this What? THC. Well, but animation 6. 5 speed Graph Editor how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation part 1 : as I feel that our animation is too slow. That means our logo is taking too much off time toe appear in the middle OK on it's not looking that good or pleasing. So what we can do? First of all again, we need to create Click this graph editor option over here, huh? I think since our key frame second key for him this is the final portion which is at the two seconds. So that is why it's taking too much of time. So let me click on drag it back toe one second And now if I press it and play, you can see now it's coming a little faster OK on let me drag it over here and yes and now it's a little faster but we can even make it more pleasing by selecting both the difference . And now we want to added these speed value this time so well again. Select this graph Editor Butter on from this option will click on select this speed graph OK? And as you can see, we have different speed rough this time. So what we can do we need to right click and select separate dimension unchecked So this will be having Ah, simple graph editor. Okay, now what we need to do meaning to select this Eazy e's from here on. That way it will make this as a car vicious civil. Select this one first selection toe view. Okay, As you can see, our 50 graph toe the editor. It was like this one. Fill all graphs to review. Okay, now we can clearly see that it has created a co. Okay, so this covers the auto busy, but we want are lower to move faster and then slower on this situation. So we need to many plate these this Gove, but OK, so what we need to do we can use more these handles to create that civil Direct this this site. Okay, so it is going toe go. Sorry at me. Show you once again click on drag it this way. That means you can see it is going slow and then faster and then slow. So let me show you by playing this animation So let's press the space bar and you can see slow on, then a little faster. But we want it to be other way. So what? We can do will click this handle on, drag it into the A position, direction, opposing direction. Okay on, drag it away. Under ripped. Okay. As you can see, this is the shape we are getting. And now we need to click this handle again. This one second one on drag it as much as we can. Okay? And let me show you on the graph. Operation on This is the graph. Now we have got So that means our animation would go faster from here and then slower. And it would rest on this. Portia. So will press play. You can see fast and then slope. Okay. And if you want, you can manipulate the potion again. I feel that it is going little bit less upside, so we need to again go back toe the value graph editor. OK, on this time again, we need to go back on right click and select separate dimensions. Okay, on this way will be having the are handles back. And now let me June out on. Okay, June in. If you will drive this handle, you can zoom in and zoom out this timeline. Okay? So let me German here a little bit on this time Let's a the vibration descended on Click on drag A little bit more downside. Okay, so let's see. And now I feel it is bouncing toe the appropriate operation. Okay, so animation is ready, but we can even make it more pleasing. So because select this one graph aerator again, it will take away that from the screen or of you. Okay, now we'll have the normal timeline. And now what we can do We need toe select this one unable motion blur button. Okay, That way it will give us the motion blur in the effect. As you can see on before we do this one, we need to select this one also. This one is also for the motion blur for this layer. So if our logo would move from talk to bottom or bottom to top, or any emotion there would be in our logo that would show us a motion effect or the motion blur that would look more realistic. So if I'll press play, you can see now you can see the motion in this animation on. If I turn it off on this one, inject and if I play now, you can see you don't see that motion blur over here. Since motion blood takes lots ofa ram and consume loads off rammed on, it creates more soft load on your CPU. It is always recommended that you turn or jack this motion blur option on Onley and the end off your animation or when you want toe go and render that fine. OK, so click click only after you are completed with the animation, All right. 7. 6 speed Graph Editor how To Create Simple Popup Logo Animation Part 2 final Cut : So once it is done now, you can render this animation by going to the file and select export on select. Either you can send it to the media and quarter Q. Where you can render it all you can select Add to render queue. Okay, on Ben, it would be over here on from here. You can choose the settings on this drop down menu. You can select different options for the out foot. Okay, so if you choose custom, we have the option to choose a V i d bag and all these formats. Quick time on. Unfortunately, after effects render does not give us the auction to render in 2 64 format or MP four format, which is a very compressed form it on, which gives a smaller size and high quality videos. Okay, but since it does not have that option, we can choose the quick time on leave everything as it is. Okay, on press, okay. And no. From this render setting, you can choose best setting, or you can choose off third quarter. Okay, resolution. If you want to get or create or render a sample video for your animation, then you can check the lower settings half third or quarter. Okay. And then you can render it out, and then you can check it, whether it is looking good or not. Okay, Once it is done, press okay. And from here, you can choose the output on you. Convey elves. The folder very want this to be. Let me put it on the deck. Stop press safe. And thereafter you just need to press the render water and once will press the render winter, it will start rendering GTI. And once it is finished, it will give you this little don't that it has completed rendering. And now, if you go to the operation here it is depression. Here we have saved. And now this logo pop up animation appears over here. And as you can see, this is very simple. Small file off 21 2nd or two second animation, and you can see the size to 44 m. V, which is way too much. If had be rendered this in tow to 64 format or the MP four format, it would have been not more than two or three m v. So that is way toe, much compressed form it and before is always good for sharing your videos or animations on online okay or anywhere else. Or that is also even good for the stories. Purpose. Okay, so once it is done now you can is double click it and see how it looks. So this was our animation. You can see simple pop up logo animation. You can create anything using this technique and and if you want, you can create or any made different elements using this technique, and that would give you lots off. Good result. So thank you so 8. 7 Enhancing Animation with Opacity Parameters final: welcome to this lecture in this lecture will be enhancing this animation even further. As you can see, we have already created this animation and let me show you the review. OK, But I want this animation toe appear not from the bottom toe here, but it should be visible only when it comes here on here on its final resting position. So what I can do? I can experiment with the capacity off this animation, okay? Or this layer? So what we can do here? We want this logo to appear 100% visible. Okay, so here will choose the opacity. If you'll click this transform option off this local air, it will give you other options on. You need to come over here on the opacity on click the stopwatch to create a key frame for the 100% opacity. And now let's go back on. Bring it here on. I want this logo toe be visible only when it appears over here. Okay? Or when it arise over here. So here, I'll make its opacity toe 0%. Okay. So you can drag it with your mouse, the side or this site. Okay? All you can click on. You can type with your keyboard. Three opacity. Okay, so now we have created to keep frames. One is for the D rapacity off the local, and one is for the 100 of battery. So it will hover over your mouse on any of the key frame. It will show you deep, second all the time and the capacity or the value of that key frame. So here you can see it's has one second and 100% capacity, and it will come over here. It shows you 16 seconds off wine, 16 seconds on Jiro percent capacity. So now if we'll play this animation, you can see that it appears from the middle off the screen. So that looks even further. Amazing. Okay. Earlier, it was looking like it was coming from down and then going up and then coming down. And now it is appearing from the screen itself or middle of the screen itself. Okay. Now, you can even further make it smooth by selecting body key frames on right clicking and selecting key frame assistant and select Easy east. Or you can press the shortcut keyboard command after nine. Okay. And now, if in C you can see now it looks more smooth on professional. So thank you so much. See you in the next lecture. 9. 8 creating Animation On Text In After Effects : Welcome to this lecture in this lecture will be creating this pop up effect on our text layer. Okay, first turn it off quickly that we turn this logo layer off. If you click this I Aiken, it goes invisible on. If you again click it, it will be visible. So if I turn it off and if I play my animation, you can see there is nothing on the screen except the background. So now let's create our new next layer so you can right click and select new and select our text. Okay. And on the text you can type next but up, OK. And now you can align it in the center by clicking this Aiken on this one. Okay, now it is in the center. If you want, you can change its color to anything like your life. Okay, let's make it white. Ok, on now we have this text layer, and if I'll play, you can see that there is no animation on this text of text layer. So now let's again create the pope of effect on this text layer using the same technique we have already learned. So click this triangle arrow. Okay, all you can simply press B for position. Key frame. Okay, An operation key frame is here. So on the move Your play hand on the one second. Okay, so on one second we want it to be 100% visible on this. Is this operation final operation? So we'll click the stopwatch. It would create a key frame for it. Okay, on, then we'll go back on then. We'll this time will drag this this layer on the left side. OK, let's see what happens this time. Okay, I know. Select the capacity question. So I will click. This triangle will come toe the capacity. Okay, over here. So let's bring your play hat on to the final portion. So this is our final operation here. We want it to be visible 100% and more little bit back world on a more this and make the opacity to around 0%. Okay, so now it's moving from this direction from this direction. And if I'll play this animation, you can see it is a simple animation. It's coming from this side and coming over here, and it is being visible only from this area. OK, and now Let's select all the key frames and right click Select Key frame assistant on Choose Easy East and now it will play. It looks more smoother, all right, And now let's select the portion ki frame on Goto the graph editor. By selecting this button on from here, you can select this fit graph toe the entire screen. Okay, let me right click and select separate dimensions. On that way, it would separate all the dimensions X and y pushin Let me show You are there. We were having only the one pusher on. After that, we have heavy all the different equation. OK, so right click until accepted dimensions and select this key frame on bringing it. Let's say a little bit off all on, Let's play the animation. Let's see how it looks. It's now it's going up and then it's coming back. But let me Greg it even further. That made you out on flick on. Drag it even for the okay. And now you can see it's looking perfect. Or give once we are done. And now let's go back and select this graph editor. And now let's play our animation press the space bar on your keyboard on. You can see. Now this animation has been applied to the text layer. All right, so you can change these text. Any time on that will give you the same result. Okay on, Let me check the motion blur own or this layer on. Let me play it. And now you can see that little bit motion is added to this text. So thank you so much. If you like the course, please give it a thumbs up. And please do leave your feet bags and reviews. And if you have any question, you can leave that in the comment section or the question section. And please don't forget to create your product and share your project with us in the pros extraction. So thank you so much. See you in my next class.