Logo Lettering: Hand Letter an Effective Logotype From Sketch to Vector

Nicolas Fredrickson, Letterer & Designer

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9 Videos (41m)
    • Intro

    • Tools Of The Trade

    • Start Concepting

    • Select Strongest Concept

    • Revise Chosen Concept

    • Vectorization

    • Texture

    • Final Critique

    • Go Be Great!


About This Class

It's the details that matter. And working with your hands forces you to pay attention to even the smallest ones. When I'm lettering, I know every imperfection, I know every flourish. There are countless decisions to be made and I'm aware of each and every one of them. That's the beauty of hand lettering. When you know your work, it's inevitably going to be much stronger.

You probably see hand lettering all over the internet nowadays. But it's not always as simple as it seems. There is a tedious process behind effective lettering, which I am going to share with you. In this class, you will learn how to apply hand­crafted concept roughs, into a refined scaleable logo. I will teach you how to create a finished logo using my very own process. You'll learn about my thought process when starting a project, all the way to how I plot my vector anchor points. The best part is, no prior experience or training is required! By the end of this class, you will be ready to contribute to the world of custom lettering!

Check out some of my work on my website and Instagram!

Videography: Suit & Tie Films

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Great work, Great advice!
Well executed and not a long drawn out course. I really enjoyed some of the tips and methods. Just trying to pick up some extra skills.
This class was SO helpful! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with such clarity! This class has been very valuable to help me elevate my branding skills. Thanks!





Nicolas Fredrickson

Letterer & Designer

Hi, I'm Nicolas Fredrickson, and I draw letters for a living! I do this full time as a freelancer. I got my biggest exposure from a project called "Omatype". I live in Omaha, so Omaha + Typography= Omatype. This was a 365 day project I did with my good friend Erin Pille (Instagram @breathoffresherin). We hand lettered a piece every single day and uploaded it to Instagram. Yea, this was intense. But I really wanted to step up my game in lettering and decide if it was just a fad, or something I was truly passionate about. 

Turns out it's a passion! I no work with companies all around the world to help build them success through branding, apparel design, etc. I am extremely thankful for what I call the best job in the world!