Logo Design Theory: Color, Layout, Styles and Anatomy of Strong Logos | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare

Logo Design Theory: Color, Layout, Styles and Anatomy of Strong Logos

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Logo Design Basics and Anatomy

    • 3. Logo Design Styles

    • 4. Characteristics Of Strong Logo Designs

    • 5. Color Psychology and Theory

    • 6. What's Next

    • 7. Logo Design Mastery 5+ Hour Course Now Live!

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About This Class

Logo Design Theory is essential for anyone interested in creating strong logos that stand the test of time. 

This logo Design theory class guides you through basic logo anatomy and terms. We will review all the different logo categories and show stellar examples of each.

We will talk about proper logo balance between logo marks, symbols and type. 

We will review concepts like the golden ratio and grids.

Next, we will look at many different logo design styles and what makes them successful and what are their possible downfalls are. We will go over flat, polygon, geometric, handwritten styles and many more.

We will go over the main characteristics I see in strong logo designs and use several real-world company scenarios.  

Lastly, we cannot talk about logo design theory without talking about the power of color. We will review basic color psychology and the emotions and effects it can have on a viewer. We will talk about how to properly use color in logo design including when to use it and how often.

There are plenty of awesome downloadable resources that come along with this class, so what are you wanting for let’s get started learning what makes strong logo designs. 

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