Logo Design Theory: Color, Layout, Styles and Anatomy of Strong Logos

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Logo Design Basics and Anatomy

    • 3. Logo Design Styles

    • 4. Characteristics Of Strong Logo Designs

    • 5. Color Psychology and Theory

    • 6. What's Next

    • 7. Logo Design Mastery 5+ Hour Course Now Live!

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Project Description

Make sure to download the resources in the project section of this class! 

Also the full 5+ hour Logo Design Mastery Course is now on Skillshare! 

Your class project is to find and post 6 logos that have all of the qualities of great solid logo designs (Make sure you provide a link to the original artist or designer when you post your project!)

That means they have strong balance, layout and use of color (even if black or white!). 

When you post your logos, tell me in one brief sentence or two, why you think that logo is a strong logo design. 

If you can find one strong logo in each of the following main categories for some of your top 6 choices of logos, bonus points! (make sure you download the Resource guide for some great websites to help you locate strong logo design examples!)

1.) Circular, Badge or Seal Logos (Emblems)
2.) Type Only or Logotype Logo (Wordmarks)

3.) A Combination Mark (Both symbol and type)

4.) Abstract Logo

5.) Mascot Logo 

6.) Monogram Logo


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